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tv   Campaign 2018 On the Phone with Bob Cusack  CSPAN  November 6, 2018 2:25am-2:36am EST

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>> c-span's "washington journal" live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up day tuesday morning come university professors from florida gulf coast university, west virginia university, in the universities of missouri, houston, and arizona discuss the battleground states and what to watch for on election day. founder and ceo debra cleaver will join us to talk about her group's effort to
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increase voter turnout. be sure to watch "washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern tuesday morning. join the discussion. >> joining us on the phone is bob to sack, the editor in chief of the hill newspaper and to read let me ask you about former president obama, where he has been, and what impact you think he could have on the vote tomorrow. >> he has been pretty busy in the last few weeks. democrats earlier in the year were wondering where he was. it wanted him to be more active. certainly, down the closing arguments of the party, obama has been in a fair amount of places. he was campaigning in the south for georgia candidate stacey abrams. we had a reporter who was with him and he has a way of electrifying the base. as you know, the democratic party is really looking for leaders now. because barack obama is a former president and he still really is
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the leader of the democratic party. he is one that can really turn out voters and if democrats turn out a lot, basically the more people to vote, the better news for democrats in the election. host: one note as you well know, tim kaine who is running for reelection, hillary clinton's running mate, was among the first senators to endorse barack obama when he was running back in 2007, 2008 before he got the nomination. >> that's right, that's right. obama mentioned that. they all remember who backed them early on, especially when it was brave to back politically speaking obama over hillary clinton, certainly as obama noted that tim kaine was probably advised you probably don't want to be one of the first to endorse obama. they go back a while and kaine is a heavy favorite to win his reelection campaign, as is jennifer what extent, who is
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looking to unseat barbara comstock. most independent handicappers have her winning that race. host: i was talking to sean sullivan of the washington post, but i want to go back to some numbers that the cook political report has been looking at. there are 75 competitive races, 70 are republican seats, five are democratic seat. field, it is a massive especially when you have gerrymandered districts and the battlefields have gotten bigger and that is certainly helping the democrats. there are roughly, the magic number is 23 in the house. really, if you look at some of these open seats, there are about 10-11 seats that are almost definitely going to be going to the democrats. the magic number really is not 23. i think it is more maybe 13, 14 if you assume that those democrats are going to win these seats.
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i just think it is going to be very difficult for republicans to keep control of the house. privately, a lot of them are nervous and are saying, we're probably going to lose it, it is just a matter of how much we lose it by. they are hoping it is a very narrow margin. then again, a lot of the polls were wrong in 2016. but without a doubt, democrats have the momentum in the house. the senate is a different story. host: the president will be at the show me center in cape girardeau, missouri, the final stop for his campaign appearances. in missouri, one of the states we will be watching in the senate races. why is this so close? why is claire mccaskill stillness connect. in one poll, it has are up by three points, if you believe the polls. >> mccaskill is a good campaigner. she has come across as a moderate. she has gone after some other people in her own party as crazy democrats and really tried to distance herself from the left wing of her own party.
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she has done an effective job of that. i think joe donnelly has also done an effective job. a lot of people thought that donnelly would be down 6-10 points, but that is a tossup race. republicans knew early on they would have to get a good candidate. dating incumbents is very difficult. beating incumbents is very difficult. president received a huge missouri. the scene was repeated in cleveland and indiana and georgia. as has the feel of the night before the midterms -- this has
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the feel of the night before the presidential election. midterms don't get to 50%. this will get a lot more than the normal turnout. the president has been tireless on the campaign. he is rallying the base. they did not have a lot of energy a couple of months ago. brett kavanaugh helped that, winning that battle. trump has said, pretend i am on the ballot. he's made it a referendum on himself. will it be enough to keep the control of the house? probably not.
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but the senate for republicans? probably. >> one final point with regard to missouri. sean hannity interviewed president trump. and rush limbaugh? >> massive figures on the right. shows.rated sean hannity talks to the president regularly. this is another good element by the president, to get popular figures on the right to urge everyone to vote. it makes a difference. the left wants this also to be an election about donald trump, but the democratic candidates have not talked that much about him in swing districts. the lessons learned in 2016,
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hillary clinton talked to negatively about donald trump when his approval ratings were at high levels. cusack, one of the races we will be watching is in virginia's seventh congressional district.ongressional for inll you be looking this race as a bellwether for the rest of the evening? bob: it will be fascinating to see if he wins. he mentioned nancy pelosi a number of times recently. if brad loses, it will be a long night for republicans. he has not had competitive
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elections, generally speaking. this is a big deal. he is also a member of the freedom caucus. that would be a big blow. it would signal a weakening of the freedom caucus. this is a very close race. it could go down to the wire. races may not be determined by tomorrow. house races can go on for weeks, with battles and three counts. >> may be the mississippi race will go until late november. and also georgia. a lot to talk about in the coming weeks. cusack, thank you for being with us. >> which party will control the house and senate?
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live election night coverage starting tonight at 8 p.m. eastern. here victory and concession speeches from the candidates. we will get your reaction to the elections, live during washington journal. your primary source for campaign 2018. >> as your primary source for campaign 2018, c-span has brought you a total of 162 debates. we will show you one of those , where from hawaii, next a senator is seeking a second term against her republican opponent. this is about 30 minutes. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018]


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