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tv   Minority Leader Pelosi DCCC Chair Lujan on 2018 Elections  CSPAN  November 6, 2018 10:54am-11:26am EST

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your victory and -- here between concession speeches. we will your reaction and take phone calls live during ""washington journal." we are your source for campaign 2018. talking about midterm elections early this morning. this is a half an hour. good morning, everyone.
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i thought you were telling me. good morning, everyone. thank you for coming by this morning to talk about election day. i will jump into this in turn it over to leader pelosi. the big picture points i wanted to convey -- one, i am confident democrats will win the majority in the u.s. house of representatives. we have anchored our strategy this year around what is the largest battlefield we have seen in over a decade, 111 districts across america and we are investing in over 80 districts across the country. to help with math, that is three times the amount of seats we need to win back the majority. still we understand we are running into districts across the country. it is imperative that everyone across the country still turnout to vote today.
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this morning has been encouraging. long lines across america and people waiting to vote. the rain is not scaring anyone away. we want to encourage people to turn out to the polls. i wanted to give you background on some of the work we have done, mainly on owning the ground across america. investing in local organizers and targeting districts in february 2017. you will remember, four days after the women's march, we had organizers in over 20 republican sticks and that continued to grow across america. i want to share with you some eye-popping polling numbers if you will, pertaining to measurements with what our ground has meant to total voter conversation, 32 million across america. 8 million conversations specifically with voters of color are dissolved in our battlefield. over 2500 organizers currently deployed.
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15,000 people across america with national training initiatives, which began in december 2016. we had 120,000 tv shifts across america. 26 million doors knocked. 30 million calls made. that has been part of our $30 million investment with our voter engagement program. largest voter our initiative to date. 8.4 million votes have been cast in 2018, compared to just 3.9 million votes cast at this time in 4014. again, 113% increase in our battlefield. we have seen exciting voter increase, a lot to talk about of color andies millennials in early voting. we have seen 180% increase in hispanic turnout compared to
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2014. 136 percent increase when it comes to african-american voters compared to 2014. with asian-american voters, 345% over 2014. with millennials, a 261% increase over 2014. we raised considerable resources. leader pelosi has been traveling the country and working with supporters across america. substantial investments in my voter initiatives beginning in december and november 2016. we raised more than $270 million to date, $105 million coming from online donors. mail andcombine the online program, that makes 58% of donors across the country with an average contribution of $19. we built the largest battlefield in a decade. here is something to observe as
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we go into the rest of the day. we forced republicans to spend deep in their map to defend seats. you saw a shift with money being taken out of races like alyssa slackens district -- slot melissa slatkin's place in michigan. shockingly, republicans could out incumbents. in the six district in colorado and the third district of kansas and they moved $1.5 million over to defend seats that secretary clinton one by over 20% -- with over 20 points. down in florida, 27. 2017, two 111. by june 2018, we are going to continue to be aggressive in all
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we continue to be aggressive and all that we do. here is appropriate we have invested. candidates over $63 million. over $39s of color million of investments. over $25andidates million. the republicans attack on the affordable care act began in the house. defining the republican tax cuts that began in the house. you will see how our candidates have been standing so strong. i have been proud to work with our colleagues in this endeavor. i will turn it over to leader pelosi. >> thank you for your leadership. what you have presented and a short paid of time.
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whether it is on mobilization, messaging, lower health care costs, bigger paychecks, clean your government. -- cleaner government. more integrity back to politics. the fund-raising effort that is growing at taking us into the future, crossing the threshold of participation in government and mobilization and standpoint of money. am's -- m's. your management is a tour de for ce. this is a reflection of your leadership. you ended on the note of health care. this is the issue on the ballot. it is about health care.
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the chairman indicated congressional democrats, because it is so important. the financial security of america's working families. the day after the election, two years ago that will be two years from tomorrow, we organize. we went to work saying how do we preserve the affordable care act from the assault we know it will receive. by that sunday, the grassroots mobilizing and were on the phone with us. understood we has to save the affordable care act. we made a plan that would be launched on martin luther king weekend.
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just continuing that. over the course of the next the congressional democrats, house and senate again, 100% and the house against trumpcare. 100% against the tax scam that did serious damage to the affordable care act and they are using to eliminate the pre-existing condition. it is representing -- factpresenting when in they had the case against republican attorney general's and administration is joining them and that lawsuit.
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health for the american people is on the ballot. that means their financial help. do not take it from me, look at what mitch mcconnell said. that medicare was on the chopping block. from the trump assault on the affordable care, the refusal -- to insist the secretary negotiate for lower prescription drugs, their assault on medicare and medicaid. their assault on the pre-existing conditions, the lists goes on. it is not just an legislation but in the tax scam which did serious damage to the individual. that is what is on the ballot. i am happy to salute congressional democrats, house and senate.
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some of you have asked how come health care has emerged as such a big issue? we made our own environment to make sure people knew the difference it to democrats and republicans on this subject and what was at stake for them and their health and the national well-being. i want to salute the outside book goods -- groups. without them, are inside maneuvering would not has been as effective. the list goes on. health care the others in coalition on the health care issue because of the fairness issue. 10,000side groups -- events to protect our care in the course of time this debate was going on during the trump attempts to undermine the good health of the american people. tellingf the people their stories.
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the stories are eloquent and convincing. that's helped preserve certain elements of the affordable care act. it is still standing. the health of the american people is on the ballot. lowering health care costs, by reducing the cost of prescription drugs. bringing integrity to government by reducing the role of big money and politics and going to a place that rewards and recognizes small donors to a party. we have legislative proposals for all that. that is our for the people agenda. win, as the chairman said we will win. day, our democratic
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congress will be open and transparent so that people can see the impact of legislation on their lies and way in on the lives and wee -- igh in on the decisions. guidance was from many one, we could not imagine how many we would be or how different we would be. but they knew we had to strive for one. we talk about the health care inl talk about our founders life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. those with their goals and they are our goals. we had to be inspired but follow their guidance. priority will be those that strive to bring people together and not divide.
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, the drumbeaton you hear across america is people voting. the people voting all over the and.ry to weigh -- in. what happens at the ballot box, what happens in legislation and how it affects you. people are saying that more clearly. elections -- if will refer to the chairman, because we have concerns about it, does not mean people should not go out and vote. the scare tactics frighten you away from the polls. it is a technique. it is not something our founders would approve of. i will refer back with great appreciation to our chairman to talk about the integrity of the election and what we're doing about it. >> i will add, as we open to
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questions. have robust legal strategy associated with making sure we are protecting the integrity of the voting process. transition embraced of power. that is not going to change. i'm confident not just with the work we are doing but from allied organizations with the goal of making sure every poll will be counted and we protect the integrity of the process. meredith, did you want to open this up? seem to express by repeatedly saying -- are you 100% assured of victory is work -- victory? >> yes. listen to the volunteers and politics, the
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people knocking on doors and making calls. every step you take, every call you make, every sign you plant, all of that makes a difference. these individual races will be closed. the outpouring of mobilization by various groups are working together. it springs from the policy of our candidates. they are inspired and getting out to vote. our candidates know they are wide. they know why they are running, they know how to communicate as to how to represent them. ,he quality of our candidates thank you for the recruitment. the path to victory is something we work together on. because of the quality of our candidates that inspires a grassroots operation.
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i feel confident we will win. me, is it a wave or synonymy? i said all those are drops of water. the races are close. whole collection could go on 25,000 votes. every step you take, every call you make. it will be many jobs of water. how many more a wave, how many more a synonymy. fearould the president what democrats would do if they can control of the house? question?s the second message toyour people that do not come out and vote democrat and vote the other way?
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>> as i said, as maybe i was not as clear, we are not going after republicans. we are not them. we are the democrats. we have an open, transparent congress that will strive for bipartisanship and honor the vows of our founders to strive for duty. that is our message for them. we respect everyone that votes because that is responsibility everyone has. i respect my colleagues. interestss, in their and the interests of everyone participating in the prosperity of our country we have to win this election. >> if you were to went the majority, what would be the actual first legislative priority? are you concerned because the rhetoric of this campaign in dealing with president trump?
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what he a concerns of having a majority and dealing with the president who has been relentless and dividing the country against you? >> did you have anything you want to say? >> i want to remind everyone what our colleagues have committed to. we have been clear as have arkansas. -- as have our candidates. we will move aggressively to lower the cost of health care. package infrastructure and cleanup washington, d.c. when it comes to outside money and more disclosure and transparency. each of those areas is something i must believe in something we can work on in the bipartisan basis. i am looking for to seeing how our democratic leaders can work across the aisle. >> we understand our responsibility to the institution.
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after the beautiful preamble to the constitution, article one is a legislative branch. a check on other branches. one of the items is checks and balances and our system. that was the beauty of the constitution. mentioned andcy i the openness will enable us to succeed in a bipartisan way as a public will see what is at stake for them in any legislation. bill that wastax in the dark of night. this when we passed the affordable care act. amendments -- hours of public hearings. in terms of the president, communicating with them is probably best done by way of the public.
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as president lincoln said, public sentiment is everything. with it you can accomplish everything, without it nothing. we respect the office he holds. we respect the offices we hold. we want the public to weigh and on these decisions. as a cherish spelled out, our for the people agenda for health care and jobs and integrity and government as a predicate. hearing, whenre people believe there will be integrity in government. heardne's voice will be and not weighed heavily -- if they believe we can make a difference. not dominated by the nra. that we can pass environmental
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protection is run not dominated by money. everything else we do, people believe that their interests will be served, the people's interests and not the special interest. you said you are 100% confident you will win the majority. -- youalso confident were also confident hilary clinton would be president. they are two different elections. the presidential which she did win the popular vote. but she did not win the white house. i knew she was going to win. this is different. we are one district at a time. this is discreet. about making a judgment one district at a time. the popular vote it does not have to be subjected to
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electoral college. the popular vote rules. so i feel confident. when i'm listening to the grassroots people around the country. they say it is different from before. no ambiguity. democrats are going out to vote. no ambiguity. they are winning over independence. they are winning republicans. i would not take that to the bank, but i think anecdotally people are hearing from republicans that they will vote democratic for the first time. i am not counting on that. we start with one vote. definitewith our district and at one district at a time. we don't assume from the start that we have one. we start one district at a time.
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ago, i first said, we are going to win. let me give you a couple of points. across america, i got these numbers before i came down. 50 -- 80,000 doors is normal. remember the numbers i will give you do not include election day. six, 100,000 doors knocked not including election day. a hundred 5000 doors, new jersey 720,000 doors. maine 204,000. new york hundred 75,000. virginia seven, hundred 31,000. california 25, 200,000 doors.
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california 10, 200,000 doors. we see the level of participation, it is encouraging. max rose on staten island has so many volunteers they lined up across the island almost one person per door. that is the enthusiasm we are saying. the grassroots participation starting from the women's march. no one suggested that energy would continue. we continue to see people gathered and that is the energy we are saying and the confidence the leader and i have an democrat securing the house of representatives. >> and our young people marching for their lies, voting for their lives. -- lives and voting for their lives. it is about the united states of america. -- honoring the vows of
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our founders. it is about the sacrifice of our men and women to protect our freedom. it is about the aspirations of our children and people know that. add, the anecdotal is not data. some of the campaigns have reported there are so many volunteers and you never want to turn a volunteer away. they are double teaming and triple teaming across the country. have, notiasm people agonizing but organizing each district. leader pelosi, are you christmas --
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confident? thing is about winning this election. thank you all. see you later. >> thank you. thank you for asking that question. >> this is the battlefield as you can imagine. potentially here is -- these are the districts across america. and every district across the country. and how we are able to get this done. there is 111 districts in this
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binder, over 85 we are invested in and i can't give away my playbook. we are still hours away from the close of the polls. this is the idea of the work we are doing. the binder has not been this thick in a decade. we are strapped -- confident our strategy that was built on past to the majority was the right decision. investing in over three times a district to secure the majority is why we think we will win. do not forget about our candidates. it was built and anchored on our candidates. so many have served in the military. veterans, fbi agents, prosecutors. republican playbook, they do not know how to run a campaign against our candidates. our candidates are connecting in the inspiring way.
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that is why i have so much hope. >> thank you for that presentation. this is the playbook. it is not the game plan. election, people will read these pages and you will see the game plan for success. taken a lookhave at it, but not now. thank everybody for coming out. resultsr: 2018 election will start to come in as the polls close across the country tonight. the first close at 7 p.m. eastern in virginia and georgia. ohio, west virginia and north carolina close half an hour later. florida closes at 7 p.m. except
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for part of the panhandle where they close at 8 p.m. polls in pennsylvania, new england, and southern states like mississippi and texas closed at 8 p.m. , oklahoma and new york close at nine eastern. montana, nevada, utah and i will post a 10:00 p.m. california and hawaii close at 11 p.m. eastern. there are no polling sites in washington state. ballots are due by 11 p.m. alaska closes at 10 p.m. eastern. announcer: which party will control the house and senate? watch c-span live coverage starting at 8 p.m. eastern as a results command from house,
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senate and governor races across the country. here victory and concession speeches. wednesday morning 7 a.m. eastern we get your election responses during washington journal. foran, your primary source campaign 2018. announcer: former california governor arnold schwarzenegger hosted and returning celebrity -- civility to politics. this is an hour and 20 minutes. [applause] i have a great pleasure of introducing for luminaries. they will deliver the lecture. a lot of people in this room need no introduction. i would like to use this time to


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