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tv   Campaign 2018 Indiana Senate - Mike Braun  CSPAN  November 7, 2018 3:42am-3:54am EST

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to ensure every american has a chance. king saying weer all came here in different ships , but we are all in the same boat together, we are all americans, all have each other's back. [chanting mike]\
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>> what a journey this has been. dare -- d.a.r.e? when i said i was going to run for senate and you remember everybody said, do you need to have your head examined? she did too. i tell you what, so many people to thank, but it starts right here. my dear wife. [applause] we made a big decision many many years ago to come back to our hometown and that was not typical back in 1978. we did it for one reason, we wanted to raise a family, we wanted to have a chance at starting our own businesses.
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very simple plan and by golly, it worked out. [applause] the kids are here on the stage with me. two of my grandkids. truly, dear, we have lived the american dream. we really have. [applause] i see so many of you out there. i see terry, the other terry. these guys, lots of terry's. i have made so many friends and in these 15 months that i have been out doing this, imagine every time i have been on the
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road i have not stayed in a motel or hotel more than four or five times. people have put me up. made friends with hoosiers, the way a campaign like this should be. and i want to thank all hoosiers for giving me a resounding victory, putting your faith in me, and i will not let you down, i promise that. [applause] senator donnelly called me about 15 minutes ago. yup. [laughter] and just like any competition, you fight hard you want to win, , and you want to make your case, and we did. the one thing i would like to change in politics is it has
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gone way too nasty on both sides. [applause] it should be about ideas. it should be about what you bring to the table. both sides and their families have had to carry that burden and the weight. i hope that changes down the road. [applause] and then you look at other things. when i decided to do this i would not have done it and i mention it almost everywhere i go, if it had been president hillary clinton. i would be hunkered down in southern indiana trying to survive. and i make that point because we as conservatives being led by president trump, we have got to prove why our way of thinking, why what works in the state of
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indiana will work for the rest of america. and i really believe i could weigh in on that argument. [applause] because when we moved back to our hometown, we did raise that family, three of my four kids work in my business, and the theme of my campaign is that we need to take to washington what works in the real world, what works in jasper, indiana, what works in warsaw, indiana. what works in this great state where we lead by our performance, just like we did in tackling infrastructure. we are a state that works and i thank my lucky stars that i was born in this state and in my hometown, and that it has worked out. i really do. [applause]
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and we have a narrow window. we have got two years to show that as conservatives we can make things work. we need to get our president reelected. yeah. [applause] and what we are going to do is we are going to get more people from the real world that have had to do things, that can fix things in a dysfunctional system. [applause] you are going to find that other people across this country are going to stick their neck out and take a risk, and try to fix things in washington so the system works for everyone. that is my goal. [applause]
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never in my wildest dreams did i imagine when we made the decision to move back, after serving on a school board -- for 10 years, after being in our state house for three years passing an amazing infrastructure available, i wasn't going to run for a third term. i was going to come back to jasper and do what the founders intended, serve, get back to where you came from. i viewed it as a unique opportunity and i will share some special moments with president trump, i've been with him four times. i have been on the limo four times. yeah. unplugged for 20 minutes on for rides, you're going to learn a lot of stuff. forget, theever
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second subject came up, dear member when he said, do you think we ought to bring bobby knight into your campaign? promises made, promises kept. i told maureen, it could only happen in america and in indiana when you are with the president, the vice president, and bobby knight, all the same night on the same stage. this journey has been 15 months, and you know it has been get up , 14-18six days a week hours each day. when i started this, not many believed it. many thought it was a fool's errand. that,can tell you is
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everything i have gone through, i would do it again, because we have a rare opportunity to make things really happen in d.c.. and i cannot wait to be a part of it. [applause] >> my campaign team, my family, everybody who was with me from the beginning, thank you so much. all i can tell you, i'm not going to let you down. i will go there to represent proud ofand make you me as your next senator from indiana. .hank you so much [applause]
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]get back by the beatles ♪
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>> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy that impacts you. coming up, we will open the phone lines all morning and take your social media comments on campaign 2018 elections and result across the nation. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal, live at seven eastern. join the discussion. election night 2018 continues. republicans have retained having 51 the senate, seats and democrats 43 and two independent's. democrat, won reelection in his race against republican patrick


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