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tv   Campaign 2018 Missouri Senate - Josh Hawley  CSPAN  November 7, 2018 5:00am-5:11am EST

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good night, but it is not goodbye. i love you guys to death. thank you so much for all you have done. thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> claire, claire, claire. [cheering and applause]
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[crowd chanting hawley] ♪ well, tonight the good lord and the people of missouri have given us the victory. we won. [applause] i just had a nice phone call from senator mccaskill. she could not have been more gracious. she conceded the race. i want to thank her for her service. [applause] and i had a very nice call from the president of the united states. thank you, mr. president, for your leadership. thank you for believing in missouri. tonight, the people of missouri have delivered. [applause] the people of missouri said
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tonight is they want a senator who actually stands with the people of missouri, represents our values, represents our voice, and will fight for us in washington dc. and i will. [applause] i have to say this, though. we have heard a lot about how divided the country is. how divided this state is. know thatsay, i don't is really true. we have gone from every corner of this state from the boot to the northwest to central missouri. place that isa incredibly united in the things we hold dear. this has been about our way of life, the heartland way of life. it has been about the way of life that built this country. the way of life that sustained this state. the way of life built around our churches, our neighborhoods, and
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our schools. i said this was about defending our way of life, renewing it for a new day. past, it is the future. it doesn't represent something gone forever. it represents the best of america. tonight, the people of missouri set our values are going to renew this country. that is what we are about, that is what we are for, that is what this race has been for. [applause] you know, now it is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. the hard work begins of going to washington and standing up for our values. i said i would fight to secure our border, and i will. i said i would be an advocate and fight for pro-constitution, pro-america judges on our courts, and i will. [applause]
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to continueld fight to bring back jobs from overseas, to get wages growing, and i will. [applause] said i will always stand, always stand for our farmers and our small businessman. people who have built this state, and i will. [applause] you know, throughout this campaign i have fought many times -- i've thought many times of the line winston churchill said in the second world war, "why is it we think of history is something in the past and forget we are making it?" a criticalnight at moment in our history, this hour at a critical moment in our nation's history. tonight, the people of missouri said we are up for the challenge, ready to answer the call, we believe in america,
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that our best days are ahead. we believe in our future, and we are ready to fight for it. i'm ready to go to washington and fight for you. [applause] want to say thank you tonight, thank you first and most rinortantly to my wife e who is here with me. she is the love of my life. she is the love of my life, the lord's greatest gift to me in my life. to have done this every day of the last year with her is a privilege. to live my life with her is an incredible privilege. i look forward to this life together. i love you, sweetheart. other special guests here with me. my grandmother is here tonight. i want to say thank you, grandma. [applause]
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grandmother is here on behalf of all grandparents. ma, for thegrand example you have set. thatnever known a woman was stronger than my grandmother. farm ingrew up on a central kansas. the values she passed down to us i will value always. grandma, i will make you proud in the u.s. senate. thank you to my parents, my heroes. my mom and dad the hind me. my aunts, my uncles, my cousins. my little boys are supposed to be in bed, but when i left ah was still awake. if you are watching this, i love you, buddy. thank you to you. the work you have
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done. thank you for all of the doors you have knocked. doors in for knocking the rain, thank you for calling your friends, thank you for this campaign. more importantly, thank you for believing in america. thank you for believing in our future. thank you for believing in what we can get achieve. congratulations. this is your victory. your victory. you earned it. you, god bless missouri, god bless america. night. [crowd chanting usa]
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[applause] >> as your primary source for campaign 2018, we brought you candidate debates in the most competitive races. only on c-span. over 160 races throughout the country. the voters have decided on a new
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congress. watch the process unfold on c-span. c-span's "washington journal" live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. this morning we will open the socialines and take your media comments on the campaign 2018 elections and results across the nation. watch "washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern this morning. join the discussion. >> democrats have regained control of the u.s. house, while republicans have expanded their majority in the senate. we will have live coverage as congressional leaders, president trump, and the candidates react to the makeup of the next congress. here is the balance of power in the senate now. republicans hold 51 seats, democrats 43, independence 2. 4 races have yet to be decided.
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republican representative marsha blackburn delivered heard victory speech after winning the u.s. senate seat left by bob corker. we will hear from her first. then democrat phil bredesen who lost the race. [applause] ]crowd chanting corker thank you all, so incredibly much. i tell you what, i think our country has done 2 things loud and clear.


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