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tv   Campaign 2018 DCCC Election Night Watch Event  CSPAN  November 7, 2018 6:39am-7:01am EST

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>> c-span washington journal live every day with news and that impact you. coming up this morning, we will open the phone lines all morning and take your social media comments on the campaign 2018 elections and results across the nation. be sure to watch "washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern this morning. join the discussion. >> democrats have gained control of the is house while republicans have expanded their majority in the senate will stop we will have live coverage today as congressional leaders, president trump, and the candidates react to the makeup of the next congress. we will follow the races yet to be decided. all this live on c-span. leaders of the democratic congressional campaign committee hosted in election night watch party in
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washington, d.c. including minority leader nancy pelosi. this is about 20 minutes. >> how are you doing? good evening, democrats! are you fired up? so am i. folks, it is a great night for democrats and a great night for democracy. let's give it up for nancy pelosi! not only is she responsible for the affordable care act, but for reminding us that when women succeed, america succeeds! thank you, leader pelosi! democrats are a family and i want to give another shout out to someone who has been working tirelessly in recent years, and that is the chair of the
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democratic congressional campaign committee. i will introduce him shortly. folks, democrats put hope on the ballot, and that's why the american people are electing democrats across the country tonight, including a majority now in the u.s. house of representatives! [applause] we campaigned on a clear message -- health care is a right, diversity is a strength, the economy should work for everyone. facts matter, science matters. when women succeed, america succeeds. when unions succeed, the middle class succeeds. folks, we did not only take over the house of representatives, our mission as the democratic national committee is to elect people from the school board to the oval office. and we have flipped the following states from red to
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blue at the governor level -- michigan! kansas! folks, what's the matter with kansas? they are turning democratic, that's what's the matter. new mexico! maine with janet mills. this is truly the year of the woman everywhere. and illinois! and folks, those are five, but we have more races that are in play. wisconsin, tony evers! it's still too close to call. tony evers is up by a smidgen. but it is still too close to call. we have other races in addition. in iowa, fred hubbell is up by
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four points. nevada has not started announcing their votes, but we have a spectacular candidate in steve sisolak. we still have a shot in south dakota with billy sutton. we still have a shot in georgia with stacey abrams, and we are fighting everywhere! we need to give it up for the governor jayga, inslee of washington, who did spectacular work. as a result of his work, jared polis is now the governor of the great state of colorado! and to ensure he can govern, the state senate has flipped from republican to democrat. [applause] ned lamont is now the governor of connecticut. andrew cuomo is reelected.
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every other democrat who ran for reelection. we are making real progress. we started out with 16. we will have at least 21 governorships. these are 12 year cycles. and that is so important. i want to say again, thank you to everybody who has worked. our democracy is on fire. it's a five-alarm fire. you are all first responders. thank you for organizing. thank you for leaving. and give a great thanks to the chair of the democratic congressional campaign committee who did it all. ladies and gentlemen, i present to you ben ray lujan. [applause] >> how are you feeling, everybody? i will tell you what, the american spirit is shining
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bright. it shines bright because you, the people, united by common values, reaffirmed the truths passed down by our founders. it shines bright because even after these last two years, we are able to shake off the traps of cynicism and chart a new path to the future. and now block by block, vote by vote, americans have taken the first step towards renewing our american promise. this election is an affirmation of the values cherished by millions of families in every state and in every zip code. it's a vindication for a vision brought to life more than two centuries ago. a government of the people, by the people! >> for the people! >> to everyone who has participated in this election, thank you for raising your voice. whether this is the first time you filled out a ballot or
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whether you have never missed an election, you make our democracy come to life. no matter who you voted for, now is the time to come together and revive the work of protecting our union, because tonight is just the start. the american people have made clear that washington and congress must now deliver on a platform that puts the people first. now is where the work begins to restore checks and balances, the -- to be able to hold true to our country's founders ideals. the time has come to turn a page on politics fueled by bigotry and hate, designed to pit neighbor against neighbor. america deserves better than that. americans deserve better than that, and tonight you showed us the way! you showed us how to come together, friend and foe, and demand we unite our country, tap into the greater good within, and i'm confident we will get it done. so here we are, folks. candidates from all over america
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that ran people fueled, grassroots campaigns from all backgrounds, every walk of life, veterans, cia officers, small business owners, health care advocates, and local leaders. we saw latinos, asian american pacific islanders, and african-americans. we saw more of our brothers and sisters from the lgbtq community step forward, run for office, and win their elections tonight. we also saw an unprecedented number of women raise their voice, run for office, and including the first to a native american women in our history who have now been elected to the congress. women candidates ran in over half of the most contested races in america. and if you don't know them yet, don't worry, you will. from orange county to the cornfields of iowa, down from miami to the tip of maine, this election was a triumph of
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volunteers knocking on doors and making phone calls. of neighbors gathering, of people who have never been all that political deciding that now more than ever is a time to get involved. tonight the grassroots movement that began with the women's march, continued with the made itst students, decisive jump to the polling place and has finally brought the change that washington so desperately need. i have never been in such a good place where i know that better days are ahead. so as we have heard before, the secret to america's strength is simple. it is you, the people. for the last two years from townhall to town squares, from large rallies to small living rooms, americans young and old, wealthy and poor, teachers, veterans, moms, dads, brothers, , allrs, rabbis, reverends
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of you stood up. you spoke out and this election sends a clear message that is now shaking the halls of congress. [applause] >> i cannot be more proud of what has happened across america all beginsbut it with the leaders. it all begins with someone that holds them accountable and outsmarts them every step of the way. you put your hands together for my speaker of the house, nancy pelosi! [applause] ♪ speaker pelosi: how you feeling? [applause] speaker pelosi: i am going to ask my colleagues to join us here.
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[crowd chanting] speaker pelosi: thank you all very much. thank you all very much. let me salute our chair of the democratic national committee, chairman perez, for all his successes tonight. i also want to salute the chair of the democratic national -- congressional campaign committee. aren't we proud of ben ray lujan? [applause] speaker pelosi: i want to acknowledge my grandsons. as they wave to their other cousins, in california, who are still campaigning up to the last minute in california, because it's all about the
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children. before i think all of you more fully, i want to thank my colleagues and acknowledge their leadership and their presence here. [applause] our distinguished whip from maryland, steny hoyer. the assistant leader of south carolina. assume they're all distinguished. bobby scott of virginia. california. g.k. butterfield of north carolina. barbara lee of california. henry clayor of texas.
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karen bass of california. don beyer of virginia. and brendan boyle of pennsylvania. we all join in thanking all of you. many of you are v.i.p.'s, our volunteers in politics. women and men have mobilized in stark numbers, who saw with his gop congress was doing and refused to stand still. i recall you made, every text you sent them every conversation you had made the difference between winning and losing in this election. thanks to you, we owned the ground. thanks to you. [applause] speaker pelosi: thanks to you tomorrow will be a new day in america. [cheers] speaker pelosi: remember this feeling. know the power to win.
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most of all congratulations to those dynamic, diverse, and incredible candidates who have taken back the house for the american people. let us salute all of our candidates. [applause] speaker pelosi: today is more than about democrats and republicans. it's about restoring the constitution's checks and balances to the trump administration. it's about stopping the gop and mitch mcconnell's assault on medicare, medicaid, the affordable care act, and the health care of 130 million americans living with pre-existing conditions. let's hear it more for pre-existing medical conditions. it's about ending wealthy special interests' free reign over washington.
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but more than anything it, it's about what a new democratic majority will mean in the lives of hard-working americans. that's what it's about. democrats pledge a congress that works for the people. for the people. lower the cost of health care by lowering the cost of prescription drugs, raise workers wages with strong economic growth by rebuilding the infrastructure of america, clean up corruption to make washington work for all americans. we will take real, very strong legislative actions to legislate, to negotiate down the price control of prescription drugs that is burdening seniors and families across america. we will deliver a transformational investment in america's infrastructure to create more good paying jobs, rebuilding roads, schools, water systems, broadband
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networks, schools and housing and beyond. we will drain the swamp of dark special interest money. because when we do, americans have greater confidence in everything there congress works on from health-care to taxes to guns to clean air, clean water for our children when they know that the people's interest will prevail, not the dark special interests. [applause] speaker pelosi: in stark contrast to the gop congress, the democratic congress will be led with transparency. so that the public can see what is happening and how it affects them and that they can weigh in with the members of congress and with the president of the united states. we will have accountability and we will strive for bipartisanship with fairness on all sides. we will have a responsibility to find our common ground where we can, stand our ground where we cannot, but we must try.
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we have a bipartisan marketplace of ideas that makes our democracy strong. a democratic congress will work for solutions that bring us together because we have all had enough of division. [applause] speaker pelosi: the american people want peace, they want results, they want us to work for positive results for their lives. our founders believed in a principle that they knew must guide our nation. first in our declaration, they promised life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. but they gave us guidance. the founders could never have imagined how vast our country would become, how many we would be, how different we would be from each other, but they knew we had to be one, unity. unity for our country. [applause]
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speaker pelosi: and today the american people have spoken to restore that vision. with a new democratic majority, we will honor the vision of our founders for a country having a legitimate debate, but remembering that we are one country. we will honor the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform and their families who have made us the land of the free and the home of the brave. [applause] speaker pelosi: to build a better future worthy of their sacrifice. and we must honor and respect the aspirations of our children. elections are about the future, and what we do for our children's future. so thank you all for making the future better for all of america's children. god bless you. god bless america. thank you all very much.
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♪ now we will welcome the return from the west coast. ♪ >> democrats every gain control of the u.s. house while republicans have expanded their majority in the senate. we will have live coverage today as congressional leaders,
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president trump, and the candidates react to the makeup of the next congress. and next, live on "washington journal," your phone calls and comments on how the elections turned out. of victory and concession speeches. ♪ host: it is the "washington journal" for november 7. democrats win the night as they take control of the house, currently holding 219 seats versus 195 republican seats. republicans holding onto 51 seats with races yet to be determined. those results from last night and other results and what it means for the remainder of the first term of the trump administration up for discussion. a special extended edition -- of as


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