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Charles Schumer
  Campaign 2018 Sen. Schumer News Conference on Election Results  CSPAN  November 7, 2018 2:42pm-3:00pm EST

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president would be a little bit handleand he tries to the press as best as he could, but for two years he has been taking an awful shellacking from the liberal press. i no longer watch any of the main channels. i only watch foxnews because that's where i hear the right -- exactly what is going on. anyway. i listened to the president's speech today and then i listened to pull ocs speech. what jumped out at me was -- nancy pelosi's speech. what jumped out at me was -- host: we have to leave it there and send it over to chuck schumer. mr. schumer: i have been in this gallery for four weeks. it's sort of cold turkey. few i heard the president a hours ago, i could not believe my ears. i thought it needed a little bit
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of rebutting. what about last night? look, last night was a really good night for democrats. what happened last night doesn't bode well for president trump and republicans in 2020 and beyond. theously, we took back house. that is far and away the most significant change. there is now a check on donald trump. that is great news for america. i want to praise all of the menidates, particularly the and women who did a great job. leader policy did a wonderful job -- leader nancy pelosi did a wonderful job in trying and succeeding in creating a majority once again. we did very well in governorships. includingup seven, kansas and wisconsin. wisconsin was especially sweet. we did well in state legislatures, where we picked up large numbers of legislative
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seats. meanwhile, republicans lost women, minorities, and suburban voters across the country by such margins that they should worry every republican candidate in 2020 and president trump. but i would like to talk about what happened in the senate president pundits and trump are claiming more -- sorry. do is rebut the fact that what happened in the senate is equal or even close to equal tha to the losses that the president and republicans suffered elsewhere because nothing can be further from the truth. the president never seems to let reality get in the way of a good story. but when the president says that what happened in the senate more than on does the losses they suffered across the board the losses- undoes
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they suffered across the board elsewhere, he is delusional. i won't mince words. it hurts to lose such talented and accomplished senators, dear friends like where mccaskill, heidi heitkamp, joe donnelly. -- claire mccaskill, heidi heitkamp and joe donnelly. the senate and the country will miss them dearly and be the lesser for their absence. but when you look at the map democrats were facing an 2018, democrats did much better than most expected and president trump did a lot worse than many predicted. if you had said a year ago when many were saying democrats could well drop below the magic 40 number in the senate, if we had told you a year ago we are only going to lose two or three seats, people would have said forget it, what are you smoking? second, as you know, there were
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25 senate democrats up for reelection. states donald trump won. of those 10 states, democrats won six. a majority of senators who ran in states donald trump won in nicewon in 2018, many by margins. and the most amazing fact of all, in three states were democrats ran for the senate, pennsylvania, wisconsin, and michigan, the very states that put president trump over the top in 2016, not only did our candidates run strong races and win by strong margins, two of them double-digit's, but the president could not even set foot in pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin because his presence there was so harmful to republican senate candidates. that certainly does not bode
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well for him in 2020. in the reddestns states, states he won by 19 points or more. you, you cannot win the presidency or run the country by just focusing on a handful of states that you won overwhelmingly. to brag that because he won north dakota that makes him a national strong, political presence, especially given in light of everything else that happened last night makes no sense. crowing thathe donald trump is doing is way overstated. had a muchap, we better night then he is claiming. finally, if you can only campaign in the reddest states that you won by 30 or 40 states
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-- points in the last election and no one wants you in larger parts of america, that does not bode well for your political future. that is what i say to president trump. claiming that wins in the senate offset the devastating loss he phases in in these -- he faced house, the governorships and state legislatures, and to not even win a majority of senate seats in states he won in 2016 is bad math. it's nice spin. no one should buy it. know the president just spent an hour and a half yelling at some of you, but also trying to spin the results by talking about how great he is and how great his party did. but if i am him or the republican party looking at 2020 and beyond, i would be very, very nervous.
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your first. >> what about the decision requesting him to resign? i just heard the news, but i would say this, robert mueller and his investigation is paramount. it would create a constitutional crisis if this were a prelude to theng or greatly limiting mueller investigation, and i hope president trump and those he listens to will refrain from that. let's see what we should do here. i know you will want to have other questions on this but let's do first the subject i talked about and then on this, and then on this, ok? i am going to stick to it. we will get your questions on
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the newest announcement. didn your opinion, kavanaugh negatively impact the numbers, the losses last night? mr. schumer: the bottom line is, we did not move forward and push forward on this nomination. the president did and he has a right to do it. is show they did nation that republicans and president trump want to fill the bench with judges, justices who care,ti-women's health who would side with radicals on no gun control. who would hurt though right's of women, minorities, voting ofhts, -- hurt the rights women, minorities, voting rights, lgbt writes, and i think that did as much to galvanize people to vote democratic as it
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did to vote republican, and in the long run, it is going to hurt them much more. >> on immigration reform, the president throughout the -- pictured the migrant caravan as criminals invading the country and a crisis on the border. first of all, just respond to the statement of whether he used that andf how he used second if there is any chance of immigration reform. mr. shuman: -- senator schumer: this president has a tendency to rely on theater and to try to scare people, and to try to win elections that way. the repudiation he received last night shows that does not work with the majority of americans. immigration reform is something i have been passionate about 430 -- for 30 years.
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comprehensive immigration reform such as senator mccain and i and the gang of april together is something i would seriously look at. it would have a chance in a bipartisan senate for passing. there are a bunch of things i onld want to get done infrastructure. >> what do you think about his language question mark mr. schumer: i answered that question. >> what do you think about the map in 2020? schumer: the map looks much better. we will have a very good shot in 2020. i think republicans thought they could hold us down to 40 or 41. this will ensure that in 2020 our map is better and in 2020 to our map is better still.
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bill nelson in florida, do you think you could win there? mr. schumer: there are a lot of ballots that have not been counted from what i have been told, in the hundreds of thousands. this election is not a foregone conclusion. we are in the recount stage because it's below .5% i believe. there are a lot of votes that have not been counted and a lot of them come from counties that are democrat. >> has anything changed with regard to the border wall? would you still do a daca fix in exchange for a border wall in the lame duck? mr. schumer: as we have seen, the president is a poor dealmaker on those issues. he makes a d.l. and he backs off
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-- a deal and then backs off. general issue of border security, we have had great discussions in the appropriations process. they have been bipartisan. we have come to agreements without any muscle or fuss -- in a bipartisan way. about 70% of the budget has been passed. there are good agreements on border security and other things in homeland security appropriations. a few more have to be done. i would hope the president would not interfere and we would get something done. in order to win a majority, in't democrats have to win states beyond just states that were obama's and clinton's question mark right now i think
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are thend joe manchin only two left? mr. schumer: that's not true. there are several others. >> how do you win in those states? mr. schumer: our focus, which we care,d early on on health proved very, very beneficial to us, because that is the number one issue facing the american people. why focusing on middle-class issues that affect average voters such as health care, drug prices, things like that, i think we will expand our majority. suburbia, which used to be so republican, is now democratic. and by the way, suburbia did very well for us in states like missouri and indiana. we did better than we have ever
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done. our coalition is growing while theirs is shrinking. because in a few states they won doesn't undo that fact at all. >> obviously, 2020 will be heating up sand -- soon. some of your senators will be running for higher office. how does that affect your caucus? mr. schumer: our caucus has shown tremendous unity. just about every single member of our caucus on things like health care, on things like the tax bill, have pulled together. i expect that to continue. some will be interested in running for president.
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has not stood in the way of caucus unity or whatever our caucus,one for and i think that will continue. >> as far as a replacement for attorney general sessions -- mr. schumer: i am not going to say much until i read what they have said and why. i find the timing very suspect, number one. number two, our paramount view general,ny attorney whether this one or another one, to interfere able with the molar investigation in any way. they should not be able to end it, -- with robert mueller's investigation in any way. they should not be able to end it or interfere with robert mueller doing what he thinks is right, and that will help guide us as we go through this process.
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>> is there anything you as do to stop a nominee? if schumer: we would hope there is a constitutional crisis that our republican colleagues would join us in supporting the ting thet -- thwar president from creating that crisis. we don't know because he has not done it so far. a do you have any hope of deal on taxes? mr. schumer: one of the things democrats proposed in both the house and senate was reducing some of the huge tax breaks that went to the wealthiest and corporations and corporations in putting that into infrastructure. hopethat is something i the president will consider. >> democrats campaigned on a $15 minimum wage. we have not heard more about that.
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>> we want better jobs and better pay and we will look at different ways to get there. nancy pelosi said she was calling on the trump administration to with draw their support for the texas lawsuit against the affordable care act. join her in i would that. >> your republican counterparts? mr. schumer: they say one thing, that they want to keep pre-existing conditions. on the other hand, they support a lawsuit that would get rid of them. either come clean and admit you won't protect pre-existing conditions or drop the lawsuit. onwhat are your views working with new republican senators? mr. schumer: i will work with anyone i can to move the country forward but we are not going to sacrifice our principles for that. an