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tv   Democratic Weekly Address  CSPAN  November 10, 2018 6:22pm-6:32pm EST

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and that is what republicans do. thank you. when weat are we seeing put up these hypothetical democratic candidates against president trump? how are they doing in your generic polls? guest: our same-day poll, as i was saying before, independent of who we put, whether it is biden or someone generic, they outperformed trump about 10%. i want to emphasize, that is indicative of today, the electorate that showed up on election day who is much more democratic leaning. the high turnout helped them. we have to be slightly different. we know an incumbent has a built-in advantage. what we saw with this higher turnout was much more democratic profile and about a 10 point on average lead of any hypothetical
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or real democratic candidate. host: we would like to > the white house did not release an address this week. connecticut senator chris murphy deliver the democratic weekly address. he talked about the midterm elections and health care. senator murphy: i'm chris murphy, senator from connecticut. president trump could not even wait 24 hours. wednesday was the democrats election triumph not a day old trump fired jeff sessions setting off a potential constitutional crisis. he named matt whitaker as acting attorney general who has a long history of hostile statements toward special counsel mueller's investigation, including andcating defunding imposing limitations on the probe. than ever a functioning democracy requires democrats and republicans to come together to take action.
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next week to protect special counsel moz investigation because if we don't and donald trump is given license to shut down an investigation into his own potential wrongdoing, then our nation starts to devoleve into a banana republic. we will not let it completely distract from what did happen on tuesday. on election day voters across the country braved the cold and the rain and hours long lines for the chance to fulfill their civic duty. i visited my first polling place today in new haven at 6 a.m. and went town to town all day. i saw passion and excitement for voting that i haven't seen in a long time. checksa good day for the and balances the founders wrote into the constitution. in governor's rations in state legislatures across the country. and held on in the senate battle in the toughest map we have ever seen. we have heard for 8 years that gerrymandering meant it would be
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impossible for democrats to retake the house majority. that was once conventional wisdom. but the voters were not listening. there is a whole industry of cable news spin doctors will have their own installations for what happens. i am here to tell you to tune that out. step back from refreshing twitter and focus on what actually matters. on the ground out here in america. this election was about more than anything else health care. washington republicans spent all of 2017 trying to rip up protections for patients that were put into place under the affordable care act. republicans were blind to the 20 mine people who got health care. all they saw was president obama's name. even though republicans had control of the white house, the senate and the house of representatives for 24 months, they could not do it. why?
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because of people out here in america, the politics don't matter. the affordable care act helped them. and people rose up and stopped repeals. i've never seen anything like it. but, of course, that did not mean the republican attacks on our health care stopped. far from it. donald trump has systematically sabotaged the underpinnings of the american health care system, jacking their cause and cutting benefits for people when they get sick. republicans are still coming after your health care through executive orders, perverse new rules coming out of the department of health and human services and piles of lawsuit in hopes that the courts will do what congress couldn't. lastset the stage for tuesday. people, they are pissed that republicans care so much about taking away their health care. let's face it. there is something so fundamental to daily life they transcend politics and partisanship. health care is one of those things. it doesn't matter whether you
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are conservative or liberal. does not matter whether you voted for trump or clinton. you want health insurance that covers what you need to cover. that would be there for you in an emergency, ,doesn't cost more than you can afford. it is that simple. -- health policies affect people's lives -- this tuesday showed that voters care. eful republicans partying in the rose garden after dancing a bill that would gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions and? premiums for working families. democrats won all across the country on tuesday because voters saw the president and republicans coming after their health care, and they said, hell, no. i heard the same thing at polling places on tuesday. i heard when i walked across connecticut this summer. health care is the most important issue and exit poll
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shows that health care was the number one issue and it was not even close. across thehe figures country, democrats in congress are now in a better position to stand up for your kids, your parents, your neighbors and friends. congressional republicans have a choice to make now -- continue down the path of sabotage or work with democrats to lower health care costs and expand access to quality care. if republicans continue to sabotage your health care, we'll stand up against their efforts to hand control of your health care over to the insurers who frankly see sick people as a liability not as patients who think it better with the right care. democrats will do everything we can to make sure preseason condition protections are here to stay, and we will try to use our new power to take the next on the drugaking monopolies and forcing down the exorbitant costs of prescriptions that still threaten to bankrupt many americans and the u.s. treasury. the success of our health care system isn't just up to us.
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you have a role to play right now. open enrollment for health insurance is here. if you're uninsured or you don't get your insurance through your employer, go to health today to shop around and pick the health insurance plan that fits the needs and the budget of you and your family. do your research. just be sure to pick a plan by the deadline of december 15. everything that i and my colleagues in the senate or the do democratic house majority to defend patient protections will be meaningless if you don't go out make sure that you have health insurance. so do it. it is easy. and it is the single best thing that you can do to protect you and your loved ones for 2019. oh, and one last really important thing. we get to take to the streets to protect the mueller investigation. we did to have these arguments about the future of american
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health care, because we live in a democracy where everyone gets a say. and so, remember that. this sunday veterans day. asdays both were presented shift in power in washington and all across the country but remember the millions of people across the world who never get to vote in an election. thank a veteran this weekend because they make sure that we can. retiree members of congress, orrin hatch of utah and democratic congressman sander levin of michigan talk about their tenure in congress, the trump administration, and what is next after retiring from politics. join us tonight at 8 p.m. for retiring members of congress on c-span and and listen with a free c-span radio app.
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new congress, new leaders. watch the process unfold on c-span. democrats have reclaimed control of the house. republicans retained majority control of the senate. as the parties organize the new congress, watch it unfold on c-span. >> c-span, where history unfold daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and today we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events in washington, d.c., and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider.


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