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tv   Newsmakers Army Secretary Mark Esper  CSPAN  November 11, 2018 6:00pm-6:34pm EST

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states, and the toll that it takes on both the servicemembers and their families. i have long said that we have many, many obligations as a country, but we only have in my view -- and i get criticized for saying it -- we only have one one truly sacred up -- obligation. to properly equip those of the center for care for them and their families when they are the void and when they return. it's not as easy as just picking up where you left off. that is why you created the veterans employment transition roadmap customized toolkit to help service members smooth the .eturn that is why you have made it a point to not just focus on physical wounds, but dealing with cars. with thei just worked
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walking wounded across the united states, 1000 miles, brits and americans hand-in-hand, doing the same thing, trying to level ofaise the awareness among veterans that it's ok, it's necessary, it's good to -- to seek help. is one ofawareness the core issues my wife, jill, and i focus on at the biden foundation. i want to applaud everything we have done, both of you, to care, connect and care, connect providers for the veterans who need help. through the warrior wellness alliance. ensuring our heroes and families can reach out and get help. we have to eliminate the barriers that keep people from seeking and receiving the support that they need. there's no difference between a mental health problem and a
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broken bone. it's a problem, it's a health problem. [applause] as the bushes know, it's about literally changing our culture. our veterans and family are so used to being strong, they have to know it's ok to ask for help. they have to know that when i ask for help, they will be connected to the care and support that is so badly needed. the bush military service initiative has been a leader on these issues for many years, including critical partner in the joining forces initiative with jill, my wife, and the first lady, michelle obama, during our administration. i know that you both feel this responsibility and this mission, personally. it's a personal commitment that
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you have. mr. president, i deeply respect your commitment to team 43, forming these personal relationships with our wounded warriors, honoring their stories the art of portraits of courage. it's incredibly personal for the biden family as well. we learned what it means to be a military family. back to decorated soldier after one year, the main concern his mother that as long as you are involved, please get involved in mental health problems for returning veterans. we saw how difficult this was for two young children. we played -- we prayed daily for his safety and his comrades safety. every family member knows what it is to sacrifice.
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talking about the service of families, they also serve only stand and wait. only stand and wait. for every deployed soldier that was deployed and is deployed now, someone is standing, waiting, and praying. again, it's not about democrats and republicans. it's about who we are and standing up for the men and women who put their lives on the line to defend us every single day. it's about fighting for the soul of this nation that has given us so much. thank you both, president and mrs. bush, for your ongoing commitment and support for the brave men and women who serve in the united states military who is, without fear of contradiction, the finest fighting force in the history of the world. that is not hyperbole. [applause]
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for all of your efforts on their about to say the metal you will be presented with, but i want to tell you, wife, jill,t, my could not be with us tonight, wanted me to simultaneously present you both with a philadelphia eagles jersey tonight. [applause] bush, are you an eagles fan? unless you want to sleep alone, i married a phillies girl [applause] . it is my honor to present you both with the national constitution center 2016 liberty medal.
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you both deserve it. [applause] >> ladies and is time to bestow the 2018 liberty medal. the chair of the national constitution center to join me in the presentation. president george w. bush and mrs. laura bush, for supporting america's veterans and the sacrifices they have made to provide for the common defense and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our
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posterity, for honoring that byrifice and service, helping america's veterans in their transition to civilian life, despite the visible and invisible wounds of war. for your work with gold star families and others who care for those who defend our fill -- alldom and for inspiring americans to educate themselves about the principles of freedom and preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the united states it is our honor to award you the 2018 liberty medal. [applause]
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and it's now my honor to invite to the podium the first of our 2018 liberty medal winners, mrs. laura bush. [applause] >> thank you, all. thank you so much. thanks, everyone. thanks very much, jeffrey. honor.ou all for this thank you for hosting george and me at the national constitution
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center today. thanks to rob rodriguez, leslie zimmerman, and all the veterans. and the acting military here today. and for your distinguished service to our country. [applause] president bush and i are retired , and we are spending our time dedicated to our military service initiative. the military service initiative honors the men and women who served our country. we are working with them to develop the leadership's hills and tools they need to transition successfully to civilian life. at the warrior open golf tournament in dallas, at the warrior 100 k bike ride at a
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ranch in crawford. aree advance, george and i inspired by the strength and determination of our veterans. while george is watching chips and pots or riding with the spend time like to with the spouses and caregivers who accompany their warriors to texas. these are the ones who care for the family and manage the home while our service men and women are deployed. they help their kids with the homework, they oversee the family finances and they pray that their husband -- husbands or wives in uniform return home safely. master sergeant and his wife joined us at our ranch in 2017 for the warrior 100 bike ride. said that i say we served
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for 25 years. i lived every deployment with rocky. every trial and tribulation so that the day that i said yes to the impact't realize that his service was going to have on me. this is the reason it's so important to make sure that our men and women receive the support they need what home, that we are here for their spouses and families, too. november is national family caregivers month. today, on veterans day, we must consider how we can help the caregivers now and in the future. 4 millionover post-9/11 veterans and over one million men and women who are caring for these post-9/11 veterans. and of course all any caregiver
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once is for his or her family to be in good physical and mental health. as veterans transition to civilian life, visible wounds, post, and lack of civility may make a veterans more susceptible to issues like depression and addiction. one familyse, when member suffers, the entire family suffers, leading to an increase in the risk of , anxiety, andues depression in military children. just as veterans need good health care when they return home, caregivers need access to quality care for themselves and for their children. 15% of military caregivers spend 40 hours a week caring for their veterans. and they often spend more caring for their children when
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childcare is unavailable. as a result of caregiving, 48% of post-9/11 caregivers have been forced to take unpaid time and 28% have had to quit working entirely. with these statistics, it's not surprising that many caregivers report that caregiving has caused financial strain. annemarie craig joined us at the bush institute last night for our veteran leadership program. she is a military caregiver and scholars. is a specialand operations veteran and they have three children. for many years, annemarie worked with the department of the intelligence community. , service,ched
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including her husband, return she was inspired to do more. in 2012 she cofounded the commit foundation to help veterans translate their skills into successful roles. and the careers for their service. she says that this is the product of her family's journey with traumatic brain injury. the services as she worked to heal her husband and the many others along the way and that during the conversation about caregivers last month, she told the class -- there's a group of us that of walkingnstead out, building rather than tearing down, watering the plants and tending the garden. our military spouses and
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caregivers did just that. aty tend to the gardens home, creating and maintaining a nurturing place to take care of their loved ones. they have the same priorities as the rest of us and have them with more difficulty and obstacles. ,t reminds me of the old line ginger rogers did everything fred astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels. [applause] so, to all of the government programs, corporate and nonprofit communities and individuals working to improve veteran transition, i hope that you consider the hidden heroes and loved ones that also serve our country. george and i are forever men and for the brave
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women who volunteer to serve our country. our military strength is the strength of our nation. our service members are the strength of our military. and our caregivers are the strength of our veterans and wounded warriors. their devotion to our men and women in uniform and their commitment to their marriage, their family, and our country, is an inspiration to us all. now i would like to introduce the former commander-in-chief, my husband, president george w. bush. [applause] >> thank you all. thank you. sit down. thank you all.
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thank you, laura. laura was a fabulous first lady. [applause] one time i said that and the crowd went wild and then i realized my mother was sitting in the front row. [laughter] she's also a fabulous advocate for military spouses and caregivers. mr. vice president, it's great to be in your presence. ,r. voss, jeff rosen distinguished guests, ladies and proud.en, i'm incredibly i thank the national constitution center and members of its board for this high honor. laura and i are the second and third members of our family to have received this award. the most deserving, of course, was the first and i'm proud to follow in my dad's footsteps once again. [applause]
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in case, in case you are wondering, he's doing alright these days and he sends his greetings. [applause] is -- hisears old and parachuting adventures are officially behind him. at least that's what we keep telling him. my dad and my brother served as the chairman of the national constitution center. a position now held by vice president eitan. joe, you're looking good. it's amazing what happens when you get out of office. [laughter] appreciate your good spirit in presenting this award. i thank you for your public service and i wish you all the very best. [applause] joe and i --
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[applause] joe and i share a love of liberty. to that end, as joe mentioned, the bush institute is partnering and the pen biden center the freedom house on a project to reaffirm support for democracy, both at home and abroad. we aim to inspire men and women in the darkest corners of the world. generationt a rising on the beauty and the possibility of free societies. when the vice president was here last year to bestow the same reward, the percipient was a man who dedicated his life to the cause of liberty. a man that we admire and miss. in who better to keep close memory on veterans day than our friend, john mccain.
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[applause] it was an occasion to recall the bravery and fortitude we have always counted on in the armed services of the united states. been toa man who had the darkest places as a prisoner of war. he returned as a witness to the unbreakable bonds of loyalty and comradeship amongst those who sacrifice for our country. as for the privilege of serving, john said on this stage last year that he was repaid 1000 times over. his modest way of looking at it, that is how it is with so many men and women who wear the uniform and it runs deepest in those who gave the most.
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with thousands of these patriots and they tell me they are proud to serve and would do it again. veterans day is the appropriate time to honor them. 1918, the 11th day of the 11th month, armistice ended the great war. news of quiet on the western front prompted celebrations all around the world this very day 100 years ago. a moment of hope, the delight of liberty can never be extinguished. showing our appreciation to all of those who have stepped forward to take over and live by a code of conduct and except the discipline of military life. a discipline that brought out the best in that which was in them.
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we recall what it means to put country above self. ready with the orders to face forward and everything that goes with it. we think of all of the american soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines. with war fighters that came home to face new struggles as wounded veterans. by far the gravest responsibility any president has is to be a commander in chief. anding the most formidable courageous collection of men and women that you will find anywhere. [applause] we have had the further honor of veterans asany friends.
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especially those who served or enlisted after september 11, 2001. helping warriors and their families move forward in life. it can be extremely tough for our vets. some feel disconnected from the communities or miss the sense of purpose that they found in their military career. we are helping them with health care, career opportunities, and veterans.ship of they are tremendous assets that have so much more to give to our country. [applause] us are members of the warrior wellness alliance. careng more personalized
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that they need, post-traumatic stress and brain injuries. we joined at some of these partners earlier today, where we planted trees in a public park. the mission continues. team rubicon, team red, white, and blue. it is always a joy to be with our veterans and see them helping each other as they help the communities in which they live. not only do we host programs, the mountain bike ride and warrior tournament. these outings underscore the importance of sports as a rehabilitation component for some fats, offering support networks for continuing recovery. the inspiration they provide for
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each other and for those of us there is far greater than anything we could offer them. i aim to keep doing, keep writing mountain bikes until my bike breaks down or my body. [applause] account these friendships among the great blessings of my life. and i have painted quite a few of them. you may have heard that i took up painting a while back. i'm pleased to say that some of my paintings are on public display. if you happen to goad to an art museum where they are, just look for the sign that says gallery of the masters and go the other way. [laughter] the good news is that even my toughest critic says i'm kind of improving. [applause]
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you know, i think the turning point may have been when i began the painting's or my book, portraits of courage. the participants of our mountain bike rides and golf tournaments were known as team 43 and i wanted to capture at least something of their resilience and greatness of heart on canvas. painted 98 of these remarkable men and women. you heard from two of those subjects tonight. leslie zimmerman and michael rodriguez. i call him rod. when i painted leslie, i painted a compassionate woman who saw firsthand the horrors of war as a combat medic. i painted a fierce competitor on the mountain bike that she has used to overcome the invisible wounds of war.
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i painted a veteran who has become a dedicated wife and mother. a selfless soul who is determined to help others. and i painted a friend. [applause] in capturing rod, i wondered how an artist shows the character of a courageous green beret who saw tough combat against terrorists, sustained repeated injuries and worried only about missing the next deployment. a husband who struggled with post-traumatic stress as he helped his wonderful wife, also a veteran, deal with hers. whose son was born just a few years before 9/11 became the fifth generation of the rodriguez family to serve in the military. rodman mentioned his son, antonio, and the fact that his platoon, the mighty taco vipers, had just returned from
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afghanistan. and we salute him, rod. [applause] i believe leave it for better judges to decide how close my portraits came to the mark. i can assure you only that they were put on campus with my utmost respect and care. the messages and just how honorable and heroic these men and women were in the past. it is that these -- this new generation of veterans has to shine in whatever they do. they number in the hundreds of thousands. and at no group of citizens is more vital to the future success of our country. come to think of it, that has always been true veterans. ever since a former army general presided over the constitutional convention.
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there is no steadier influence in the life of our nation than the ones who defended america and understand what it takes. what would the influence of american self be today without the legacy of our veterans? nationtly speak of our as a force like no other in armies, with liberating moral commitments, and alliances to safeguard peaceful nations from every kind of enemy. generations of statesmen and diplomats have done their part. yet for our peaceful purposes in the world, nothing has ever mattered more than the skill and the courage and the sheer decency of those who served in the united states military. [applause] for my part, to return the salute of such people was the
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highest of all the privileges that came with the office of president. and because the liberty medal was presented to laura and me on veterans day, we will cherish it all the more. to us it will always be a reminder of the people that we deeply admire, including some very special men and women that we know and love. i want to thank you very much. our veterans and continue to bless the united states of america. [applause]
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>> thank you for attending the liberty medal ceremony. some of theeard protesters in the background of this event. a group of veterans gathered at the entrance to the constitution joeer on sunday, where biden presented george w. bush an award for his commitment to veterans. organizers for veterans against the war, a group of post-9/11
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service members and veterans say they seek to end a foreign policy a permanent war and the use of military weapons, tactics, and values in communities around the country. we will show you this event again tonight at midnight, eastern, here on c-span. >> i was thinking about forgotten presidents before i began the book. but it occurred to me that they might have something in common, the on just being forgotten. >> tonight, michael gerhardt talks about two of his books. " andotten presidents "impeachment." >> think bill clinton a lot shall merit his own impeachment. clinton did al lot to merit his own
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impeachment. hemade those mistakes and was later held in contempt by a judge for perjury. bill clinton made his impeachment almost inevitable. at 8 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. >> mr. secretary, thank you for being our guest. >> thank you for inviting me. >> let me introduce the reporters who cover defense and will be asking questions. lucy ryan works at the post as a security reporter and pat tucker withe


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