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  President Trump Departs The White House  CSPAN  November 20, 2018 7:41pm-8:01pm EST

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announcer: in the runoff election for mississippi's u.s. senate race, the republican incumbent faces mike espey in their only scheduled debate tonight. they were the top two finishers in mississippi's november 6 primary. cindy was appointed in march two succeed retiring senator. the winner of the november 27 runoff will serve the rest of his term. you can watch at 10:20 eastern on c-span. before heading to palm beach, florida for
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thanksgiving, president trump answered questions from reporters at the white house. pres. trump: so, we are going now to the southern white house. we have a lot of work we are going to be doing in florida. we had great, some really great
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election results, as you know. georgia just came in, and that was a big success. florida was a tremendous success with both the governor -- ron desantis will be a great governor, and senator rick scott. and as you know, ohio was a great victory. we had a lot of great victories, so we are very happy about that. we put out a statement on saudi arabia, which i guess most of you have seen. and we will see how that works out. it is a very complex situation. it is a shame, but it is what it is. >> [inaudible] pres. trump: because it is america first, for me. it is all about america first. we are not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders and let russia and china and everybody else have them. it's all about -- for me it is very simple, it is america first. saudi arabia, if we broke with them i think your oil prices would go through the roof.
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i have kept them down. they have helped me keep them down. right now we have relatively low oil prices. i would like to see them go down even lower. but i think it is a very simple equation for me. i am about make america great again, and i am about america first. >> are you basically telling us -- are you basically telling us that human rights are too expensive? pres. trump: that what? >> that human rights are too expensive? pres. trump: no, i'm not saying that at all. if you look at iran, just take a look at iran, and you look at what they are doing, they are a terrorist nation right now. although i must tell you, they are a lot better right now than they were when i took office. when i took office they were heading in a very, very bad direction. and at some point, things very positive, frankly, could happen with iran, but we also need a counterbalance. and israel needs help, also. if we abandon saudi arabia it would be a terrible mistake. >> [inaudible]
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pres. trump: i really can't understand a word you're saying, sorry. >> the washington post claim you are putting your personal interests -- pres. trump: i have nothing to -- just so you understand, i don't make deals with saudi arabia, i don't have money from saudi arabia, i have nothing to do with saudi arabia. i couldn't care less. and i will tell you, and as most of you know, being president has cost me a fortune, and that is ok with me. i knew that a long time ago. but being president has cost me a fortune, a tremendous fortune like you have never seen before. but someday i will tell you what that is. and i knew that a long time ago, because i don't do deals. all i do is focus on this country and making great deals for this country. i don't focus on making great deals for myself because i don't care anymore. so, saudi arabia has nothing to
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do with me. what does have to do with me is putting america first. wait, wait, wait. they're buying hundreds of billions of dollars worth of things from this country. if i say we don't want to take your business, if i say we're going to cut it off, they will get the military equipment and other things from russia and china. russia and china would be very, very happy because right now we are doing very well against china, we are doing very well against everybody, including russia, and i'm going to keep it that way. and i am not going to tell a country that is spending hundreds of billions of dollars and has helped me do one thing very importantly, keep oil prices down so that they are not going to $100 and $150 a barrel. right now we have oil prices in great shape. i am not going to destroy the world economy, and i'm not going to destroy the economy for our country by being foolish with saudi arabia.
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so, i think the statement -- wait a minute, i think the statement was pretty obvious what i said. it is about america first. yeah. say it again. >> why was it appropriate for your daughter to use personal emails -- pres. trump: just so you understand, early on and for a little period of time, ivanka did some emails. they were not classified like hillary clinton. they were not deleted like hillary clinton, who deleted -- she wasn't doing anything to hide her emails. i looked at it just very briefly today, and the presidential records, they are all in presidential records. there was no hiding. there was no deleting like hillary clinton did. there were no servers in the basement, like hillary clinton had. him you are talking about a whole different -- you are talking about all fake news. so what ivanka did, it is all in
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the presidential records. everything is there. there was no deletion, there was no nothing. what it is is a false story. hillary clinton deleted 33,000 emails. she had a server in the basement. that's the real story. >> what is your reaction to the fact that your asylum policy has been put on hold? pres. trump: which policy? >> your asylum policy has been him him>> your asylum policy has been put on hold. pres. trump: well, you go to the ninth circuit and it is a disgrace. and i'm going to put in a major complaint, because you cannot win, if you are us, a case in the ninth circuit. and i think it is a disgrace. when people file -- every case him himwhen people file -- every case gets filed in the ninth circuit because they know that is not law, that is not what this country stands for. every case that gets filed in the ninth circuit we get beaten, -- we get b himeaten, --him we get beaten, then we end up having to go to the supreme
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court, like the travel ban that we won. the ninth circuit, we're going to have to look at that. because every case, no matter where it is -- i mean practically, for all intents and purposes, they file it in what is called the ninth circuit. this was an obama judge. i tell you what, it is not going to happen like this anymore. anybody that wants to sue the united states, they file their case -- in almost, they file their case in the ninth circuit and it means an automatic loss. no matter what you do. no matter how good your case is. and the ninth circuit is really something we have to take a look at, because it is not fair. people should not be allowed to immediately run to this very friendly circuit and file their case. and you people know better than anybody what is happening. it is a disgrace. in my opinion, it is a disgrace what happens with the ninth circuit. we will win that case in the supreme court of the united states. >> [inaudible] -- who oversaw that raid on bin laden? is he a hero? pres. trump: go ahead, what do you have? >> will you answer when you will visit the troops? pres. trump: i can't hear your
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question. your voice is not -- >> is admiral mcraven -- pres. trump: i don't know admiral mcraven. >> [inaudible] pres. trump: what? no, they are all finished. the written answers are finished. i don't know, the lawyers have them. i don't know. they will. they will. the written answers to the witchhunt that has been going on forever. no collusion, no nothing. they have been finished. finished them yesterday. the lawyers have them. i assume they will turn them in today or soon. >> [inaudible] pres. trump: no, i am going to a war zone, yeah. >> [inaudible] pres. trump: what? >> are you happy with the sanctions on iran? pres. trump: yeah, the sanctions on iran are very strong, very powerful. they are sanctions i think that have had a tremendous impact. more sanctions are going on. we have a lot of tremendous support, and iran is not the same country it was when i
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became president. it is a much different country. and hopefully at some point we will be able to make a fair deal and help iran and help the people of iran. >> when you talk about the markets today, do you really believe the dems are behind the market drop today? pres. trump: well, i know that schumer's daughter works for facebook, which i just found out today. and if you look at what facebook has been doing, they have some real explaining to do, how they are so democratic-oriented. all of them. but i hear schumer's daughter works for facebook, and i was very surprised and disappointed to learn that, because nobody knew that until now. yeah, go ahead. >> should julian assange go free? pres. trump: i don't know anything about him, really. i don't know much about him. i really don't. go ahead. >> what do you want pakistan to do in the fight against terrorism? pres. trump: i want pakistan to help us. we are no longer paying $1.3 billion to pakistan. we are paying them nothing, because that is what they have done to help us, nothing. and i cut those payments off a
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long time ago. we are not paying pakistan any money because they are not helping us at all. and we will see where it all goes. i hope to have a good relationship with pakistan, but right now we are paying pakistan nothing. i cut them off. they were getting $1.3 billion a year. they are not getting anything now. >> [inaudible] -- who aren't spending the thanksgiving holiday with their families? pres. trump: don't worry about the thanksgiving. these are tough people. they know what they are doing and they are great and they had done a great job. you are so worried about the thanksgiving holiday for them. they are so proud to be representing our country on the border, where if you look at what is happening, mexico, the people from tijuana are saying, wow, these are tough people, they are fighting us. they are in fistfights all over the place. these are tough people that are coming in. now i understand they have 500 people that have been designated as, let's put it in a nice word,
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criminals. and these are the people that are coming in? no. you don't have people that are coming in. the order today is not, we can get around that very easily. what i do say, ninth circuit is very unfair when everyone files their case in the ninth circuit. they file it for a reason. as far as the troops, they are proud to be on the border. they are proud to be defending our nation. and we are not letting people in. it is called catch and detain. it is not called catch and release like it has been for many years. for many years they called it catch and release. they don't call it that anymore. and our soldiers are doing an incredible job. and if you look at the walls that they are building and if you look at all the barricades that they are putting up, they have done a great job. >> do you have any reaction to michael avenatti being arrested for domestic violence? pres. trump: no. i wish him the best of luck. i wish him the best of luck. >> what about the markets? do you agree with larry kudlow that we are not heading to a
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recession? pres. trump: no i think we are doing great. i mean, as a country we are doing great. our unemployment is at a record low. if you look at all of the different statistics, i think the tech stocks have some problems, but that will come back. but no, i think we are going to do very well. i would like to see the fed with a lower interest rate. i think the rates are too high. i think we have much more of a fed problem then we have a problem with anyone else. we are doing very well with china. china wants to make a deal very badly. they might not say that to you but they want to make it very badly. i have another $250 billion worth of tariffs to put on if we don't make a deal. and believe me, i will be putting them on. because china has been ripping off our country for many, many years. and they do not rip us off with me. we made a great deal with canada. we made a great deal of mexico. i appreciate the help that mexico is giving us at the border. you see that people are not coming through. all of the fistfights and the fighting that you see are done on the mexico side.
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they are not coming in here, but i appreciate what mexico is doing. they can do more, but i appreciate what they are doing. >> how can you say for sure that all of ivanka's emails were preserved -- [inaudible] pres. trump: well, they were preserved. the lawyer told me they were all preserved. historically, they are preserved. >> what about the cia? [inaudible] pres. trump: they didn't make it a determination. and it is just like i said. maybe he did, maybe he didn't. they did not make that assessment. the cia has looked at it, they have studied a lot, they have nothing definitive. and the fact is maybe he did, maybe he didn't. if you look at iran what they have done, they have been a bad actor. you look at what is happening in syria with assad, with hundreds of thousands of people killed. we are with saudi arabia, we are staying with saudi arabia. and by the way, just so everybody -- i have no business whatsoever with saudi arabia.
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couldn't care less. >> are you letting the saudis get away with murder? pres. trump: no, no, no, no. this is about america first. they are paying us $400 billion plus to purchase and invest in our country. that is probably the biggest amount ever paid to the united states. this is over a long period of time. it means hundreds of thousands of jobs, billions of dollars of investment and product. and if you think i'm going to let russia have that money or those things, if you think i'm going to let china make the military equipment -- hey, china and russia would love to make $100 billion worth of military equipment for saudi arabia. we have the contracts. they wanted those contracts. that would be a big, fat, beautiful gift to russia and to china. they are not going to get that gift. just so you understand, it is about make america great again,
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it is about america first. we're going to stay with saudi arabia. the other thing, saudi arabia is probably the second biggest oil producer. him him they have worked with us very well. we have kept oil prices down. if you want to see oil prices go to $150 -- by the way, russia would love to see that -- all you have to do is break up our relationship with saudi arabia. >> [inaudible] pres. trump: what? i don't know if he is going to be there but if he is, i would. >> [inaudible] are you concerned about her? pres. trump: cindy is a spectacular woman. she is a great senator. she has done a fantastic job in a short period of time. she made a statement, i know she feels very badly about it. it was just sort of said in jest. she said it.
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she is a tremendous woman. it is a shame she has to go through this. i think she is going to do very well. i really believe she is going to do well. i have gotten to know her well. she is a person who loves mississippi. she loves the people of this country. she is going to do a great senator. i'm going to do two events in mississippi on monday. one near jackson. one in the gulf coast. and we're going to do one in to below. gulf is definite. cindy hyde-smith is a tremendous woman, who truly loves the people of mississippi and our country. and i think she is going to win. >> [inaudible] can. trump: oh, ivanka handle herself. these are all in the historical records.
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there was no deletion whatsoever. unlike hillary clinton, who deleted 33,000 emails. unlike hillary clinton who had a server in the basement. ivanka didn't. this was just early on when she came in. it is all fake news. any holiday pardons? pres. trump: i love the pardon for the turkey. >> are you going to pardon any people? pres. trump: i have not thought of it. >> [inaudible] pres. trump: no, i think what assad has done is really horrible. >> [inaudible] pres. trump: it is called person of the year, right?
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no longer men of the year. i don't know, that is up to time magazine. i have been there before. i cannot imagine anyone other than trump. can you imagine anyone other than trump, huh? have a good time, everybody. announcer: coming up tonight, a washington. form -- after scottcer: now, dr. gottlieb had a washington post event on cancer research. he spoke about a number of treatment advances through the years and what the agency is doing to help move forward clinical trials and help cancer drugs moved to market