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tv   Turkish President Erdogan Holds Press Conference  CSPAN  December 2, 2018 6:06am-6:50am EST

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and we will continue to work with american members of congress and members of the administration to try to have those tariffs lifted. alsoter: president trump says he's thankful for low oil prices. do you have a response from canada? pm trudeau: i'm obviously concerned with the situation, particularly around the price differential facing canadian oil from alberta. we know one of the best ways of reducing that differential is to get a pipeline built to new markets, done in the right way. that is why we are following the blueprint put forward by the federal court of appeals. as always, our heart goes out to families and communities that are suffering because of the challenges around oil prices. thank you. >> turkish president erdogan
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held a 40 minute press conference marking the close of the g20 summit in buenos aires. pres. erdogan: [no audio]
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we are trying to contribute to
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the energy supply. in the next few years, -- hand, in the eastern mediterranean basin, it should not be snatched away from the northern cypriots with fears accompli. we need to strengthen our presence in the northern mediterranean basin and it is exemplary of our resolute stance. the rights of the northern cypriots should be recognized so as long as a different direction occurs, we will be taking
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parallel measures. i feel the need to underline one aspect in particular. leadt one billion citizens their lives fully deprived of electricity. 150 years after slavery was officially ended and 60 years ended,he colonialism was quite actively, these ideologies visible although not officially. that does not respect fundamental rights and liberties is bound to fail. in buenos aires we have focused on the prosperity of 7 billion people around the world which can only be rendered possible with the prevailing of justice.
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we underline the need for this to happen within the structure of the united nations and we have also pointed out the importance of fundamental eight. instead of fear and focustionism, we need to more on humanitarian values and equal prosperity right next to the syrians, we are housing more than 4 million refugees in turkey coming from all around the middle east and turkey is the country with the highest number of refugees. owngees are using our resources. so far, we have spent approximately $33 billion and as such, as a country, we are not confining the refugees inside concentration camps which would take us nowhere. we are not sending people the
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concentration of refugee camps. campse built container for them and for their needs and we have supported the refugees all around turkey so they can leave -- so they can make their own accommodations. no one can be better off by shutting down their borders and taking policing measures. and no one has the right to condemn the refugees who are fleeing bombs and oppression and tyranny and no one will be relieved -- and no one will be able to find a solution to the refugee problem around the world by taking policing measures or else they will one day face their responsibilities. this is where we need to rise to the occasion and deliver our promises.
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around 8.2 billion development assistance was extended by turkey and turkey as a country that makes the highest rate of eight compared to to its gdp. and i am sorry to say that apart from a few close friends, we have not received any kind of help from other countries. and not just that, but the 3ropean union has pledged billion euros of assistance and so far we have had great challenges in availing ourselves of that assistance. and let me also tell you that so far around 2 billion euros of assistance have arrived, not into our gdp but into the budget of the international
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organization. in the upcoming periods, we believe that the g20 summit has to attach more importance to the question of refugees. summit has taken place -- when tradeere wars are being discussed rather than global cooperation and the ,lounder of the wto unfortunately the founding principles of the wto have largely been eroded. the predictable structure is no longer among us. there are problems in the world are aorder and their series of fake talk on please -- and there are a series of fait accomplis.
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turkey is the 17th largest economy and the world and there is no doubt that we argue for the reformation of the wto as required by the times. arecertain arrangements required for the wto however the should not the destructive or chaos inducing. in ashould be taken circular manner. issue that has great importance is the question of refugees and also terrorism. questions are in direct association with global security and it is pleasing to see that they have started occupying a larger portion of the g20 agenda. regret, i might also and that there is a certain perspective prevailing that
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a connection among certain terrorist organizations. have suffered greatly from terrorist actions and we have witnessed the outcome of such actions in neighboring syria as well. the militants that are engaged in terror, who kill people in turkey and elsewhere are free in certain western countries and they can even collect some fees. , 2016, theref july was an attempted to in turkey and the members caused to enter 51 lives to be lost in certain countries are sheltering these people despite the evidence against them. 2193 of our citizens were wounded that night. bute world knows that
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unfortunately they continue the sheltering behavior. are also hiding under the pretense of fighting against isis and they support the activities of the terrorist organizations by assisting them with weapons and other equipment. such behavior will do nothing but encourage terrorism. and the bitter experiences of the past have shown that one terrorist act cannot overcome others. fightersgn terrorist were a big challenge and turkey has taken important steps toward solving such problems. individuals, up to 70,000 in number have in band from turkey for having been proven to have associations with isis and 7000 individuals have been extradited
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from turkey or do from turkey back to syria. alsolive branch operation 4500 pyd terrorists. and we also dealt a very heavy and we will continue our fight. in the north of syria, there may be certain threats against turkey but we shall not allow those. the euphrates as purged the east will be from the occupation of the terrorist organization as soon as possible. we do not want our allies to show double standards on the country. we want them to show sincerity. ladies and gentlemen, for the past four years there has been a
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and itng yemen crisis greatly requires an urgent solution. and unfortunately, the world has remained silent for too long and likewise, about -- has been silent around the world. and the humanitarian crisis in that country does not only affect the muslim population there but really breaks the hearts of all of humanity. there are children suffering from starvation and there are innocent bodies being taken out from among the rebels -- among the rubble and certain members of the international community have turned a blind eye toward this and they have a responsibility. a region that-- does not have the resources does
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not get the required attention from the world and yemen must have a solution to the crisis. the independence of yemen, it's territorial independence must be preserved including a political solution is necessary for permanent peace and stability in the region. the negotiation process is very important and the efforts within the un's framework need to be supported and we do support them. werewo sides -- the sides united in sweden where they have not gotten in touch for the past two years and now we hope it will bring peace to yemen. ladies and gentlemen, as you know there was a murder committed in the saudi consulate in istanbul. in the past few weeks, it has occupied a big place in the world agenda.
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a saudi arabia and citizen, andl khashoggi was murdered this really became a test of the whole world. since that law, ethics and conscience has been -- have been the principles that turkey has observed. ever since we learned about this incident, we mobilized all of our resources in order to help solve the murder. the saudi regime first denied it and then tried to distort the facts and then finally admitted to the murder. and turkey has adopted a very determined attitude which has helped disclose the issue. we have never seen this as a political issue and we shall never do so. prius, it is a her rent us act of murder and will remain so.
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us, it -- for us, it is a horrendous act of murder and will remain so. received the required support from the saudi officials. the crown prince has stated that we cannot blame anyone unless the crime is proven. we do know that 15 people have arrived in istanbul on two separate aircraft and in in abul they have acted "planned operation" as they themselves admitted. but now, we see that they have decided to deny this also. that the foreign had made certain -- the
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foreign minister had made a this.ent denying and saudi officials have indicated that jamal khashoggi had left the consulate building but, how can this be? his fiancée was waiting for his exit outside and they have not fiancée inside so wouldn't jamal khashoggi have gone to meet his fiancée without just leaving the facilities? not possible. all of these are certain contradictions and lies by the saudi parties and they have now in disk host. furthermore, we have the recordings proving that the documents showing that jamal
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khashoggi had been murdered in a time period of seven and a half minutes and we shared this information with the whole world. and we shared the documents with anyone that requested them. clearrkey has been very about these documents. the united states, the saudi's, the u.k., the french, whoever requested these documents, we have submitted those documents to those countries. and we are ready to continue to do so. --s is not only something this is not only an issue for turkey. on the contrary, because the istanbul,committed in the criminals or perpetrators have to be returned to turkey. we made an official request though the saudi's have not returned them and have declined our request.
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and they say there are over 20 people arrested in saudi arabia right now and some of these individuals will be tried with capital punishment. askeden the crown prince whether they could stand -- send their chief prosecutor to us, i said indeed they could why not? and the chief prosecutor was sent from saudi arabia though he declined to share their documents and information with our chief public prosecutor. the only requested our documents. and our public prosecutor, the chief public prosecutor. we submitted whatever information we had to them. thei also spoke to medinaor of mecca and about this issue. and at one point which is very
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important for you, members of the press, let me tell you that this is not an issue only for turkey but for the whole world. requested information from saudi arabia about the whereabouts of the body and when they made a statement about local accomplices or -- or collaborative years -- or collaborators, we said we wanted information about their identity. we also have questions about from whom did they receive their orders but no answers have been provided. and our public prosecutor carrying out the investigation has had no access to the subjects currently detained in saudi arabia. and it is essential that these people are tried in turkey in order to eliminate any question marks that the international community may have.
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whoever has ordered and implemented this violent crime should be found out at once unless the perpetrators are found out, the whole world and islamic community shall not be satisfied. cause anywish to damage on the saudi family. that theo make sure murder is revealed in all of its aspects and the perpetrators are tried. we believe this is in the interest of the saudi family. ladies and gentlemen, g20 is a critical organization, not only for its members but for the whole world. and it is important that the strength of this platform is increased further. this will be for the benefit of the whole of the humanity. -- it represents a large
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proportion of the world economy and its population. or eroding the credibility of such an organization will not benefit anyone. in its current structure, it provides a platform for consultation and a liberation. must beelieve that g20 strengthened even further. the summit in japan, we hope that g20's capacity for taking concrete decisions will be strengthened. this is our recommendation. all kinds of issues from terrorism to women's issues to the question of youth etc. can ofefit from a larger idea the g20. givent to see g20 more act
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and turkey -- more active and turkey will be very happy to hold its permanent secretariat or any other duties that shall fall upon that -- shall follow up on it. so with these thoughts, i would like to reiterate once more that the g20 summit in argentina proved beneficial for the whole world and i would like to thank the people and president of argentina for their hospitality and thank you very much for your attention. stay well, thank you. reporter: [speaking foreign language] summit,cope of the g20 you have had a talk with mr. trump. what exactly did you discuss? made a general call to
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the international community last week saying that you were fromtted to eradicate dash the whole world. did you discuss these issues? discussore, did you your fight against --and any positive steps? pres. erdogan: i would like to thank you. the relations between the united states and turkey depend on a strategic partnership. as to strategic as two strategic partners, right now, especially in northern syria and the eastern parts of euphrates, around the region, as well as offensive,es shield
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we have had the opportunity to discuss all of these issues in the recent developments including --. but, right now, on the table we have essentially the question of --. we have discussed it with him spoken aboutlso our stance vis-à-vis pyd and other terrorist organizations and we try to explore new ways to work together in order to eradicate the terrorist presence around that region. previously, the prime -- the foreign minister of the united states pompeo and that a turkey sat down to develop a road cap. however, it has been months since that map has been drawn and it is now time for a student
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revive this roadmap. ago, theof weeks turkish foreign minister paid a visit to the united states in order to do so. i hope and pray that this consensus upon the implementation of the roadmap will remain --. we have also discussed another topic. about it andd discuss it and we have once .gain conveyed the information the officials in the united states are monitoring and following up on the developments. the other issue had something to do with the leader of the terrorist organization. well and about him as i am still hopeful, i do not want to lose my help. that positivey steps will be taken forward against that organization.
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thank you. trt, arabic. you have garnered a special accomplishment which was highly praised as it prevented a huge tragedy from breaking out. and it conveyed a beautiful message to the rest of the world. what do you think that message was? and can we talk about the prospective accomplishment around syria? pres. erdogan: because of the population, it is a major settlement. if that problem had not been eliminated once and for all, hundreds of thousands of individuals would have to march towards a city entering turkey from the border. and we would have to bear the burden of another refugee influx. all over again. and thanks to the consensus we have with russia and thanks to
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the saatchi agreement, only to be supported by the istanbul summit where germany, france, russia, and turkey united to undertake a quadruple summit primarily focusing on this as a top priority on the agenda. the discussions we have had ofir and as a result because the concrete steps and resolute steps we have taken forward in the aftermath, despite certain challenges, we have accomplished our targets. moves on in some parts of the country. but our solidarity with russia and our resolute stance against terrorist organizations and russia's resolute steps against the regime, we have finally managed to control the situation on the ground.
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and the sustaining of this control will provide a huge sigh of relief to the local inhabitants leading them going back home quite comfortably and the people are respectively going to go back to their own lands and homes. and the more that can do that, the more accomplished we will have felt. and this process will be sustained in a very resolute fashion with russia. reporter: mr. president, as a journalist from russia, i have been closely monitoring your relationship with vladimir putin for the last 10 years. your relations are much better when it wasthem shut down. but things have not been relieved between the two countries yet. the second question is trading in national currencies.
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has the infrastructure been laid and what will the consequences be on the global economy and global trade? yes, ourogan: deliberations with president in partially focused on the liberalization issue and i think to a certain extent the president decided to lift off the visas. i have personally asked him to take such a decision. that relevanty decisions will be taken as soon as possible so the visas will be eliminated between the two countries once and for all. in terms of transportation, certain positive measures have been taken but more than 5 --ing else there are 5,700,000 tourists that come to turkey.
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by the end of this year, i think the number may go up to 6 million. and we may exceed that figure potentially. lovehe russian people coming to turkey as tourists. they have a different perception of turkey. they are very loving vis-à-vis turkey and the turkish people affection andving hospitality vis-à-vis the russian taurus and travelers which will increase in the future more and more. and we've also taken joint steps forward in the defense ministry cooperation. we have a strong solidarity unfolding in an admirable fashion. the trade problem identified with russia is quite ambitious. reachingn objective of a $100 million threshold in terms of trade volume.
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and as vladimir putin once said, we are doing pretty well as we ieak and quite expeditiously think the trade volume will grow. thank you. reporter: i would like to ask a question especially about the refugees. about rumors of discrimination and the protection of the minorities in the southern parts of turkey. what kinds of measures have you taken? i also would like to mention of a familymember that was subjected to the armenian genocide and it is not just about the economy but about other measures that you might
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have taken. have you taken any measures for the protection of minorities from other religions? pres. erdogan: i would like to be very frank and sincere in my following remarks. cannot be blamed for having performed genocide upon the armenians. do you know how many armenians live in my country right now? 100,000. and about 30,000 of them are citizens and the rest are undocumented. settleed armenia only to and we allow them to do so. so 100,000 armenians live in our country. we never discriminate on the basis of citizenship. we never deport any armenians on the grounds of not being that this is very we were very humane
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in our conduct as we will keep on doing. showcased by turkey quite clearly. and in the question of genocide, please let us leave these discussions to the historians and let us listen to what they had to say. who performed genocide on him? hom?n w this is not a part of our history and i'm very confident in saying so and i am ready to be in any discussion. reporter: i am from trt world. the tensions as collating areeen russia and ukraine being closely monitored by the global media and i know you have contacts with ukraine and russia. would you be so kind as to brief us on the possible topics you are discussing with the russian president?
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are you going to be mediators between the two countries? is that a possibility? pres. erdogan: prior to coming telephonena, i had conversations with the leader of ukraine during which we reached a certain level. four countries, russia, ukraine, france, and germany -- a quadruple. they will organize a summit. they will hold a summit at the end of which i hope and pray bet a new phase can initiated so that the tensions will not further escalate and a more negative picture will not emerge. reporter: press society. if i am not mistaken i would like to ask you about the jamal
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khashoggi murder. you said it was not a matter for turkey but for the rest of the world as well. during your negotiations with the world leaders, were all of the leaders aware of the severity of the situation and this matter was of a close concern to not only turkey but the entire world? are there any elements in terms of what needs to be done? pres. erdogan: i need to be very sincere in my remarks. can confidently say that it was not a part of the agenda to discuss the jamal khashoggi murder. summit,he leaders' only prime minister trudeau of canada discussed this issue and made an introduction and the crown prince made an unbelievable explanation. up on hisg to follow
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remarks but as the second session was going to be inaugurated by the argentine president, we did not have enough time to do that. but, during my discussions with this topic i raised to the extent possible. is intelligence agency conveying the relevant messages to the rest of the world about this murder and we will keep on doing that. the western media including the u.s. media are quite closely monitoring the developments. we whatever the request might receive, our intelligence agency will honor them. and the relevant information will be conveyed to those asking for it. thank you. you duringay i ask your discussions with president
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trump, did you raise with him his continued support for the current prince even though your intelligence agency has provided his intelligence agency with everything that you have? you have a diplomatic dispute with saudi arabia. the g20 economic power is more important. could you elaborate on your comment and you said that the crown prince dave and unbelievable explanation when discussing the death of jamal khashoggi. thank you. pres. erdogan: when i say unbelievable i mean the following. unless the crime is not blame saudi arabia. that was the statement. madef course, what he said
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the valid from a legal point of about all ofalked the evidence proving the crime actually. and his own officials said that they admitted that this was a planned operation. prosecutoref public istanbul come of the crown prince himself asked if he could come and i said yes and they met with our public prosecutor. public turkish prosecutor gave all of the documents to them while they refused to share any documents or information that they had and this is how the process continues. and one important point here is that 22 individuals are currently detained in saudi arabia. five of those are being tried with capital punishment they are saying. we will see the outcome.
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and in the near future, we will the sharing any kind of information or documents which we may receive with them. we are ready to do so. and we expressed this to them and to the whole world. thank you very much for your questions. see you all in africa next year. maybe some of you will be there. if not, other members of the turkish press and the japanese press. thank you very much and have a good night. before he returned to washington, president donald trump attended a dinner with the chinese president at the g20 summit. the two leaders spoke briefly to reporters as they arrived. >> thank you very much. it is a great honor. this is


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