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tv   Sen. Bob Corker on Saudi Arabia Briefing  CSPAN  December 2, 2018 3:22pm-3:28pm EST

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book -- assemble? >> they have made several grievous errors. the action taken against cutter, there is a long list. we can work with them as long as they are honest in the relationship. >> we had a briefing. i appreciate the service of secretary of state pompeo and secretary of defense mattis provided. like most of the room, i was disappointed that gina haspel was not there but we appreciated the fact that they were.
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i tried to express as clearly as i could that we have a problem here. we understand that saudi arabia is an ally. and a semi-important country. we have watched innocent people be killed and we have watched people die of diseases and yet we continued to not want to cut off our nose to spite our face by doing something that is in our national interest. we also had a crown prince out of control. the arrest of a prime minister in lebanon. the killing of a journalist. and whether there is a smoking gun, i don't think there's anybody in the room that doesn't believe he was responsible for it and just as a secretary pompeo if somebody in the state department kill somebody he is responsible for that. nbs is not taking ownership of the death, whether he directed, it's his agency that killed this journalist and they've taken no ownership of that.
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the lease sanders bill is amendable with 51 votes. the first vote is only to get on it. then it can be amended. what i've asked secretary of state pompeo and secretary mattis is is there something that is appropriate that congress can do to send the right signal to saudi arabia since thus far the administration has been unwilling to do it. the response from the administration is unbalanced and i think they know that. the response by saudi arabia is not in balance. the question is will the administration try to seek that balance in the next hour or two or three? or will congress be left to blunt object to try to respond itself? i'd much rather see them do it
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and do it in the appropriate way that has not been done yet. but short of that, i laid in the railroad tracks to keep us from doing things that i believe are against our national interest as it relates to saudi arabia. but i may now be willing to get on the lease sanders vehicle knowing it can be amended to figure out some way for us to send the appropriate message to saudi arabia that appropriately displays american values and american national interest. with that i know secretary pompeo is coming, i had a nice conversation with him this morning. i respect him greatly as i do mattis, but i think i 80% of the people left the hearing this morning not feeling like an appropriate response has been forthcoming. >> [inaudible]
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>> i'm not trying to in any way insinuate nefarious reasoning for our lack of appropriate response. the fact is, there hasn't been an appropriate response yet. i would much rather see the administration respond appropriately then us in a -- than us in a normal legislative way that ends up not being perfect responding ourselves but i think that's what's gonna happen unless they do. >> does that mean [inaudible question] >> it's very likely i will support getting on it. let me say one more time that doesn't necessarily mean that i support the substance. you can amended with 51 votes. -- ammend it with 51 votes. once you get on the lease sanders vehicle for our conversation for the parliamentarian, you can then amended with a different type of legislation that speaks to this and a little better manner. it will be the wild west if we get on it. >> [inaudible] >> the only solution is the
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administration forcing saudi arabia to take ownership over what has happened with the journalist. and putting in place appropriate policies relative to what they are doing as it relates to innocent bbi don't want them --innocence. -- innocents. i don't want them using dumb bombs and killing additional civilians. i've been supportive of that, i don't want people killed unnecessarily. but at present, there is a disconnect between the u.s. policies and values being communicated properly to the world, not just the saudi arabia and secretary pompeo, my friend who i respect, could address that this afternoon, the president could address that this afternoon or tomorrow and possibly legislation might be necessary. >> [inaudible]


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