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tv   Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Press Conference  CSPAN  December 3, 2018 10:14am-10:29am EST

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we will have it back in washington at sometime in the near future. sometime after the funeral service. do you regret any of your comments? >> thank you very much, everybody. thank you. we will be meeting with president she tonight. i will be and my group. small group. he will have a small group of representatives. we will be talking about trade and probably other things also. primarily trade. and a very important meeting. aain, the fact that we lost president, who truly was a wonderful person, a wonderful , it really puts a damper on it, to be honest with you. we will have to meet tonight. and then i will be going back to washington to we can all meet sometime during the week or shortly thereafter. thank you all.
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thank you. >> and the family of george h w bush. he was a great friend of canada. i like to also begin by congratulating president of argentina for his leadership and stewardship of the g20 over the past 12 months. it has been a very productive year. argentina focused on priorities, which are priorities for us all. the future of work, infrastructure developing. and sustainable food. these priorities aligned well with those of the g-7 summit in quebec last june where we worked hard to create economic systems that benefit everyone and strengthen the middle class.
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i would like to congratulate argentina for bringing a perspective of gender equality to our talks. we know that our economies and society are stronger when women are full and equal participants.
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over our today's here, i have reiterated canada's commit bits to multilateralism, on trade, on climate, and other challenges we share. indeed, no country can solve global problems on its own. we need to work together. offers us a critically important forum for doing so. as you may know, canada played a leading role in the creation of the g20 as well as its elevation to the leaders level in 2008. in the midst of the international financial crisis. over the years, this form has repeated be demonstrated its worth as we seek to build a more stable and prosperous world. objectiveutset, our here was to make progress on the big challenges we face as a planet. economic growth, the benefits everyone, protecting the environment, and the peace and security in the world. i am happy to say, we reached consensus on a communique with
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important commitments and key areas. creating jobs and preparing people for the future of work by focusing on skills and education. fighting climate change and investing in clean energy. investing in infrastructure to foster sustainable economic growth. fair, open trade that creates good jobs and grows the middle class. , girls andlity education, and women's economic empowerment. as you know, yesterday, we took the opportunity here to sign a new free trade agreement with mexico and the united states. negotiations were not easy, but canadians worked together and put their country's interests first. we did so because we know economic stability, trade and growth come are the best interest of middle-class families in all three of our countries. they also met with my counterparts from argentina, south africa, france, the united kingdom, germany, spain, and
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japan to name just a few. speaking into business women's leaders task force panel, i was proud to share the podium with miss -- an incredible canadian entrepreneur and pioneer. who works to put ideals into action each and every day as canada's representative on the business women leaders task force and as ceo of a major canadian company. and we must, do more to help all people adapt to changing economic realities and make real meaningful investments in their futures. canada believes creating new opportunities for the middle class is the single best way to restore people's confidence in the future and stem the uncertainty that often accompanies globalization and technological change. our citizens have asked us to work together to ensure a better , safer, more secure world. that is the message that i brought to the table that we renewed our commitment to do just that.
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[speaking french] bloomberg news. six months ago you led talks to get a consensus at the g-7. this communique includes quite a few comprises. there is no mention of ukraine. no mention of the death of jamal khashoggi. there is no mention on yemen. there is no mention of protectionism for the first time in the history of the g20. and what domerit you say to people who think that it is so watered down that there is no point? first thing to understand is g20 is a gathering that the primary response ability is to bring together the large economies of the world and talk
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about economic issue. obviously, we are very different countries with a broad range of issues facing us in different spheres. the focus is that and always has been on how to create economic growth that benefits the largest number of possible of our citizens and citizens around the world. when we came together with commitments to reform the wto as mentioned in the communique, which is something that canada has taken a front row lead on over the past month in terms of trying to move forward in a way that will strengthen the role-based order around the world with the wto. where we have got commitment on gender. whether it is involving women and girls, looking at education, looking at opportunities for economic empowerment, there are significant moves in a broad range of areas. we also committed to the challenge that is both social, planetary, and economic of
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addressing climate change. and the changes that are part of the paris agreement put forward their he strong language in the communique committing ourselves to action and leadership. the world is looking at the g20 to address the big issues that we are facing and these are things that we have done in that communique and around the table. [speaking french]
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>> would you say you are happy? >> i think anytime the major economies of the world can come together and commit to work together on the big issues that matter to canadians and two citizens of the world, that is a good thing. people look to this extraordinary, disparate group of nations and when they see that we are focused on the issues that matter to them, and to their families economic future, that is a good thing.
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>> yesterday morning our first event was a leaders retreat. moment to took a speak directly to president putin. concernsg upon him our with the situation in the see of as us and the ukrainian sailors that have been taken prison that
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prisoner act -- asking him to release those ukrainian sailors and remit re-passage into the sea of as us. spoke directly to the crown prince to highlight our concerns and our need for better answers on the killing of khashoggi. also, the need for an immediate cease-fire and humanitarian aid theo to yemen, which is largest humanitarian catastrophe going on in the world right now. and is a subject that we brought up repeatedly in various conversations throughout this g20. yesterday evening, in the margins of the dinner offered by took the, i opportunity to have a conversation with the crown prince directly in which we discordd the diplomatic
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between canada and saudi arabia. that has been going on since august. highlighting that canada would always and up strongly and clearly for human rights in and around the world. i highlighted canadians preoccupation with the continued imprisonment of -- and expressed hope for release soon. we also discussed a number of economic issues between our two countries. is exactly axt context where we can have these direct conversations amongst leaders. was pleased to be able to take this opportunity to do just that. more g20; john on we are live here today in hon


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