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tv   President George H.W. Bush Funeral Home Departure  CSPAN  December 3, 2018 10:28am-10:45am EST

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discord between canada and saudi arabia. that has been going on since august. highlighting that canada would always and up strongly and clearly for human rights in and around the world. i highlighted canadians preoccupation with the continued imprisonment of -- and expressed hope for release soon. we also discussed a number of economic issues between our two countries. is exactly axt context where we can have these direct conversations amongst leaders. was pleased to be able to take this opportunity to do just that. more g20; john on we are live here today in houston as of the body of former
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president george h.w. bush is prepared to depart houston for washington dc. departing the airport in houston at about 11:30 eastern time. in texas over the weekend, thousands of people paid their respects at a candlelight vigil at the president bush library on the campus of texas a and m university. the president died late friday at his home in houston. he was 94 years old. a number of people here inside the lewis and sons chapel just a waiting to take the president from here to the airport.
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announcer: here, a look at the airport, the plane, that will be taking the former president george h.w. bush from houston. here in houston, to washington dc. we will be live again for the departure of the president from the airport in houston about 11:30 eastern time. members of the house and senate in washington will take part in an arrival ceremony at about 3:30 eastern for the former president in the capitol rotunda. it will be this afternoon. a tweet from paul ryan pointing out this is only ever been done 35 times over the course of the country's history. the ceremony with lawbreakers, the public will be able to pay their respects starting this evening and continuing until wednesday morning. live coverage starting with the
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arrival ceremony at 5:00 eastern. the state funeral for former president george h.w. bush will be held at the washington national cathedral on wednesday at 11:00 a.m. eastern. afterward, the remains of the former president will be returned to texas for a public viewing in houston wednesday night. thursday, a funeral at st. martin's episcopal church with a burial that afternoon at the george bush presidential library museum in college station. we spoke with a reporter who covered the president for many years. joining us on the phone we have usa today's washington bureau chief. talk to us about president george h w bush. caller: great to be with you. host: what would he be remembered for? rememberedwould be for a president for being the father of another president. and for being the leader who
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negotiated the perilous and of the cold war. i think that really stands as the real pillar of his legacy. he was the perfect man with the perfect background to handle those very difficult days. also, for marshaling an international coalition to expel iraqi invaders from kuwait on both -- he was a consequential president. host: during his one term as president he had one of the most highest approval ratings directly after operation desert storm. by the end of his term, his ratings had gone down because of the domestic economy. what caused that huge swing in popularity because -- during his term? caller: he did have that record popularity after the war that lasted just six weeks. a very commanding victory. it was a time when people were feeling uncertain about their
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own lives, about the economy, but the future of jobs and education for their kids. george h billy bush had difficulty pivoting to a domestic agenda. he was facing this charismatic younger politician. as young as his son. bill clinton. who was focused entirely on people's lives in america and anxiety they were feeling. .e was defeated for reelection that was a really painful defeat for him. it took him some time to get over it. in one of those remarkable turns he and bill clinton later became such good friends. of timeu has been a lot with the bush family. you have a book coming out soon about former first lady barbara bush. what role did barbara bush play during the george h w bush presidency?


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