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  President Trump White House Departure Remarks  CSPAN  December 7, 2018 10:29am-10:46am EST

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important for my business. it's time for us to wrap up, and dr. walker needs to get to another event. this reinforces my impression that darpa is the coolest job in the government. when i grow up, i want to work at darpa. if you would like to highlight , youiscussions we have had can watch it live online. thanking dr.e in walker. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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trump is on his way to kansas city. before he left, he spoke with reporters and announced cabinet nominations. pres. trump: i'll be going to kansas city. we'll be traveling to missouri. speech on law a enforcement. barnt to confirm that bill highly respected attorney general under the bush administration, a terrific man. i did not know him until recently when i went through the
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process of looking at people. he was my first choice fromd ay one, respected by republicans and democrats. he will be nominated for united states attorney general. hopefully that process will go quickly. i have seen very good things about him, even over the last day or so. barr will be nominated for the united states attorney general position. i also will inform you that heather nauer, somebody we know very well, who has done a great job at the state department, heather nauert will be nominated. will work with nikki haley
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to replace nikki haley at the united nations. she is very talented, very smart, very quick and i think she will be respected by all. those are the very big ones. i have another one for tomorrow that i will announce at the army navy game. i can give you a hint. it will have to do with the joint chiefs of staff and succession. i will tell you later.
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>> president trump speaking later today at a conference in kansas city. we are live now in washington at the center for new american security. secretary vice chair, mark warner of virginia, will be speaking. it is set to get underway shortly. [indistinct conversations] >> thank you for your patience,
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senator warner is running a few minutes late. we will get started in about five minutes. we will have a little time at the end for a q&a session. bear with us. [indistinct conversations]
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[indistinct conversations] is the center for new american security in washington. from fromwaiting to hear committee vice chair, senator mark warner. before we are from that, part of this morning's washington journal.
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>> president trump first wrote about it 18 years ago. it is called the america we deserve. he said china is the greatest challenge our country will face. but he is not angry and hostile in a military manner, he is talking about trade and the economy being ripped off. it is quite prophetic. >> have you spoken to him? >> i wouldn't say spoken to him. he questions me. he has a lot of great questions want toill basically want
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know how the chinese think about various subjects. on other networks i have talked about the chinese saying to me, partly that they are afraid of him, because of the tariffs, and part of what they have read. they have translated his past books. there is more than one. in one of them he says, to get leverage on one of the world's best negotiators, i need to be unpredictable. he has been doing that. they often say things like he is the smartest president we have had to deal with. they give their reasons why. i tend to see this phase as unique. it is quite different than the original opening with president nixon and dr. kissinger. thereere is a new period,
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is a lot of national security cooperation with china, the economies are close together, but now the american side is feeling exploited. me, this isaid to like going on a date with a known rapist. technology theft, bugging phone s, putting people under surveillance, having one million muslims put into concentration camps. this is being covered by our newspapers. strong bipartisan support for what the president is doing -- >> to discuss a new u.s. doctrine for cyber warfare and operations information. discussing our elections -- shall i start again? all right. we'll start again.
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, to the everybody to t center for new american security. our russian friends are at it again. maybe our chinese friends. are we good? you want to do this one? you want to bring me a new one? right. that this is a pretty good symbol of what is going on around here. learned too sing, i dance. we will do that. all right.
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i do myst it before song and dance. are we ready? yes? was that a yes? >> [inaudible] [laughter] >> all right, welcome, everybody, to the center for a new american security. i am the ceo here. we are delighted to have senator mark warner to discuss a new u.s. doctrine for cyber warfare