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  President Trump Remarks at Safe Neighborhoods National Convention  CSPAN  December 8, 2018 6:27am-7:01am EST

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general for the george h.w. bush 1993,istration from 1991- and prior to that, he worked in the office of legal counsel. heather nauert, whom the president has nominated to be u.n. ambassador to the united nations has been the state department spokesperson for the last two years. before that, she was a journalist on abc and fox news. both nominations require senate approval. hearings are expected to be held next year. now, president trump talks about his support of local law enforcement efforts at the safe neighborhoods convention in kansas city, missouri. this is 30 minutes.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the acting attorney general of the united states, matt whitaker. [applause] acting ag whitaker: now i have the honor to introduce a leader who supports law enforcement officers 100%. donald trump ran for office as a law and order candidate. the american people responded to that and they spoke out loud and clear that he wanted to restore rule of law and they wanted to be safe. now he is governing as a law and order president. let me say, it's a personal point of privilege that the selection of bill barr as the next attorney general is a continuation of this law and order presidency. bill is supremely qualified, highly respected at the department of justice, and he will continue to support the men and women in blue. i commend the president for this excellent choice. [applause]
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much progress has already been made under the president's leadership. crime is down, and police morale is up. and we're just getting started. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our nation's highest law enforcement officer, the president of the united states. [applause] ♪ >> ♪ i'm proud to be an american, where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the man who died who gave that right to me♪ there is no doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the usa ♪ president trump: thank you very thank you. thank you. i appreciate it very much. i want to also thank matt for
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the introduction. he's doing an excellent job. really a leader. strong leader. i was also thrilled to announce earlier today that i am nominating william barr to take the helm as the new attorney general. he's an outstanding man. bill previously led the justice department as attorney general under george h.w. bush, following his unanimous confirmation by the united states senate. during his tenure, he demonstrated unwavering adherence to the rule of law, which the people in this room like to hear. there's no one more capable, he deserves overwhelming bipartisan support. i suspect he'll probably get it. i'm honored to be in kansas city with the incredible men and women of law enforcement.
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i've been here a lot the last couple of months. the u.s. attorneys, state, local prosecutors, police officers, sheriffs, deputies and federal agents who keep our countries safe, you keep america safe, and you maybe don't hear it enough, or sometimes don't feel it enough, you do an incredible job. the people in this country know it and love you. just remember that. [applause] so true. on behalf of a grateful nation, i just want to say that we thank you. we salute you, and we stand with you 100%. all of us. me, and all of us. we're here to restore one of the most effective crime prevention strategies in america -- project safe neighborhoods. this initiative brings law enforcement, community groups, and community leaders together to get the most violent criminals off the streets and behind bars. after many years, we are
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bringing back this life-saving program stronger than ever before. today is the first nationwide meeting of project safe neighborhoods in eight years. and here with us is the man who started this visionary project, all the way back in 2001, former attorney general, john ashcroft. where is john? [applause] there he is. [applause] president trump: i've been here a lot lately, john, huh? been here a lot. thank you. thank you for a great job. i also want to thank to members of my administration, who are doing excellent work. the head of the a.t,f,, thomas brandon, and the acting d.e.a administrator, uttam dhillon.
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thank you. thank you, fellas. we're also joined by a great representative of the stage, -- of the state, congresswoman vicky hartzler. helps me a lot. thank you, vicky. thank you, vicky. and we are especially excited to have with us the man who is your state's current attorney general and newly elected united states senator. that's why i've been here so much lately, josh holly. thank you, josh. [applause] president trump: and i will tell you, josh really stepped up to the plate. in life, you never know. you pick somebody who looks good, sounds good, you think he is smart, and then they choke. they choke like dogs.
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[laughter] and you say, what did i do? i picked the wrong person. well, we saw a lot about josh and we thought he would be great, and i will tell you, he had a tough race. against the very tough competitor. you know that. and he was absolutely fantastic. so i just want to congratulate you. i keep listening to the fake news that -- they won the house, house, house. nobody ever talks about the senate. we won the senate, easily, in fact, we picked up 2. that hasn't been done in a long time. for a person as president, for whatever reason that doesn't happen very often. the senate is now 53-47. and we're very proud of that. but you never hear that. you onlyhear the house, house, house. when you have the senate, your judges -- we have appointed many, many judges. we're just about at a record clip. ever. by the time we finish, we should have the all-time record.
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except, of course, on a percentage basis. you know who the best of all time was, right? george washington. 100%. he picked 100% of the judges. [laughter] that's the only record i won't be beating. i can never beat george, it's tough. 100%. you ask the question and say, who had the greatest number of judge picks? so far i haven't had too many people guess that but as soon as i say this, they say, can't believe, i never think about. finally, we are grateful to the u.s. attorney for the western district of missouri, timothy garrison. where is timothy? timothy. [applause] thank you. great job. [applause] president trump: along with a very well-known person, kansas city police chief, rick smith, for hosting today's event. thank you very much fellas. thank you, rick. everyone here today is committed to the same goal, liberating our
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communities from crime and securing the right of all citizens to live in safety and live in peace. in the two years before i took office, the violent crime rate increased by 7%, and murders were up by over 20%. but we're turning it around very quickly, much quicker than anyone ever thought possible. at the core of our strategy is restoring respect for law enforcement. there's nobody that deserves respect more than you people, that i can tell you. for too long, many politicians and radical activists have been smearing and slandering our police, making life easier for criminals and harder for law-abiding americans. we will not tolerate attacks on the heroes who protect our streets and defend our communities.
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we will not allow it to happen. [applause] president trump: my administration has also made the officer safety a top priority. we will protect those who protect us. and we all believe the right punishment for cop killers, is called the death penalty. [applause] president trump: and you know in some circles, that's very controversial to say that. you have all of the television cameras rolling back there. for me, it's not even a little controversial. you kill a cop, and it's called the death penalty, ok? at the same time, we're ensuring you have the resources you need to do your job properly. we have made more than $600 million worth of surplus
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military equipment available to law enforcement, that as you know, the previous administration would not allow you to have. it was sitting in storage houses and warehouses around the country, getting old and gaining dust. beautiful stuff. and they didn't like it because it made you look too strong. i like it because it made you safe. now it's being subverted all over the country to police, and you're using it very well and very judiciously, and we appreciate it. we increased funding for project safe neighborhoods to $50
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million this year and we're asking congress to add an additional increase next year that will happen. we secured $6 billion in a new funding to combat opioids. the most in history. and speaking of that, kellyanne conway is here, a very special person. is she around someplace? stand up, kellyanne. she's worked so hard with melania, the first lady. they're working very hard. thank you, kellyanne, great job. we have increased the average sentence for drug trafficking to its highest level since 2013. i signed landmark anti-drug legislation that included the stop act to help prevent fentanyl from entering our country through the mail service. and at my recent meeting, that you all read about three days ago with president xi of china, it took place in argentina at the g20, president xi agreed to criminalize and make all fentanyl in china, controlled. meaning it's a controlled substance, such a big event. [applause] and it was really considered an industrial agent. it was not criminal at all. he's agreed to make it a controlled substance, and the
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highest criminality. that would bring into play, again, the words, death penalty. death penalty. from no penalty to death penalty. and that's the way our meeting went. and i appreciate president xi doing that very much, because we lose about 80,000 people a year to fentanyl. so now they can send it, but they get caught, they'll get the death penalty. i have a feeling you will see it go down very rapidly. very, very rapidly. this year, thanks to the efforts of everyone in this room, i am proud to court and all new long-term record for the prosecution of violent crime. you also prosecuted 15,300 defendants for federal gun crimes, almost 20% more than the previous record. in partnership with the federal government, local law
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enforcement is also making tremendous historic strides. here today is wilmington police chief, bob tracy. where's bob? hi, bob. thank you. [applause] president trump: thank you, bob. when a vicious gang member shot and killed two people in wilmington last february, investigators used the atf's ballistic database to match the shell casings to another shooting and bring the killer to justice. amazing job, thank you, bob. over the past year, shootings in wilmington are down 60%, and firearm murders are down over 35%. thank you, chief tracy, for your unbelievable work. we're reading about it, we're seeing it, and it really is exceptional. thank you very much. [applause]
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thank you. an important milestone for our campaign to make america safe again is the reduction in the murder rate. murders in america's largest cities are projected to drop by more than 8% compared to 2016. a remarkable turnaround in just two short years. and you are the ones who have really made it possible. we've given you certain advantages you didn't have before this administration, but you have made it possible. with us today is the u.s. attorney maria chapa lopez. maria? maria, where is maria? thank you, maria. [applause] president trump: maria assembled a team from the irs, the fbi and tampa police, to take down a violent street gang in tampa. thanks to this collaborative effort, 11 gang members are now facing hard time in prison.
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maria, great job. we've all been reading about it. very, very exceptional. thank you. thank you very much. [applause] president trump: james lark with the better family life initiative is here, as well. james, thank you very much. [applause] president trump: james works with schools, churches, family members and friends to deescalate conflicts and stop violence before it happens. a very dangerous thing he does. but he's not afraid, you're not afraid, are you, james? it's just a day in the office, right? stand up again, james. that's not easy. [applause] president trump: that's not easy. and james and his team have successfully ended more than 50 ongoing escalating gun battles between rival gangs right here in st. louis. james, great job.
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it's really incredible what you do. and everybody in this room appreciates it. thank you very much. and all over the country, they appreciate it, james. as part of our comprehensive crime reduction strategy, we are reforming the prison system to help more former inmates get on the right track. we all benefit when those who have served their time can find a job, support their families, and stay the hell out of jail, right? that's what we want, stay out of jail. that's why i have called on congress to pass the first step act, so that more inmates gain the skills they need to become productive, law-abiding citizens. and we've helped them a lot by creating one of the greatest economies, maybe the best economy this country's ever had. our jobless rate is now down to 3.7%. and by the way, in missouri, i was just told by josh, missouri is at 3.2%, the lowest in the
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history of the state. so now when people get out of prison, rather than not being able to find a job, some of them -- some employers frankly, are forced to hire people that maybe they wouldn't normally do. and the reports coming back are incredible. i have one particular person who says he's hired seven people, and he just is thrilled. he cannot believe it. we're giving them a chance. and the economy is a beneficiary, but it's also one of the reasons it's working so well, so we are very proud. a lot of good reasons to have an economy that's so good, but that is maybe too were the top of the list, as far as i'm concerned. we know that it's possible for former prisoners to turn their lives around, because the safe neighborhoods partners really make it happen every single day. deborah daniels is the cofounder of "offender alumni association" in the great state of georgia.
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[applause] president trump: hi, deborah. [applause] president trump: through peer-to-peer networking, coaching and support, deborah and her team have helped more than 650 former offenders start new lives as law-abiding members of society. it's an incredible story. i've read the story, i've seen it, many of you have seen it. thank you, deborah, for giving these americans a true second chance. and in some cases, a third chance at a good life. thank you, deborah very much. thank you. [applause] president trump: the amazing results of project safe neighborhoods prove just how critical it is to foster cooperation with law enforcement
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at every single level of government. nowhere is this cooperation more important than when it comes to enforcing our nation's immigration laws. been reading a lot about immigration, haven't you, folks? but we're getting it. we're really getting it. we are strong on the border. we could use a little help, but we are strong on the border. a lot of brave people working with us on the border. every day, i.c.e. officers are working with local partners to get some of the world's most violent criminals off our streets. and we get them the hell out of our country. we get them out. since i took office, i.c.e. agents have arrested over 235,000 aliens with criminal records. think of that, 235,000. and then you have a lot on the democrat side saying we don't want to respect ice. we want to get rid of ice. we are not getting rid of ice. they are going to be with us. they are heroes. they are heroes.
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-- to it ort though 35,000 and that includes -- 235,000 and that includes over 4000 murderers. last year alone, ice and border patrol seized more than -- million pounds of narcotics and we have quadrupled the seizure of fentanyl. and now, that we have discussed things with the chinese president, those numbers will come down. deadly poisons and vicious predators from our neighborhoods depend on partnerships with our local communities and their a letter did leaders and officials. unfortunately, there are extreme politicians around america, i am sure you have not heard about this, that have issued policies
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for bidding their police departments from working with federal immigration authorities. hard to believe, isn't it? these outrageous sanctuary cities are a grave threat. each year, sanctuary cities release thousands of known criminal aliens from their custody and right back into the community so they put them in and they have them and they let them go. and it drives you people a little bit crazy, doesn't it? but it is changing. all changing. look at what is going on in california. many people are demanding that they not be a part of a sanctuary city. sanctuaryt want cities. american politicians should protect american citizens not terminal aliens. not one more american life should be stolen because of radical politicians pursuing their open borders agenda. nearly 100% of the heroin in our
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country comes across the southern border killing 300 americans at least a week. a week. according to the council of this illegalsers, heroin would cost our country to enter $38 million in 2016 -- $238 million in 2016. we are talking about a wall at -- and i can even do it cheaper if i have to. think of that, talking about hundreds of billions of dollars and then a fraction. you could make that up in a month by having a proper wall. you see where they are surging and our great people are easily able to handle it. without the wall, it is tougher but they will still handle it. illegal immigration is the threat to the well-being of every american community
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overwhelming public resources and draining the federal treasury. congress must fully fund border security in the year ending funding. we have got to get this done. they are playing games. political games. i think the politics of what they're doing is very bad for them and we will soon find out. maybe i am not right. but, usually i am right like i said i was going to win for president. and some people said --that will not happen and guess what? look who is a. here now,ok who is up folks. this includes fully funding our , ice ofe officers attorneys, border agents, equipment, technology and life-saving border wall. which we need more than ever. we need it more than ever. when you see these caravans of
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thousands and thousands of people. they like to minimize it on the fake news but there are tremendous amounts of people coming up. it is incredible. i know every trick. they have taught me. they will put women and children in the friend zero and they will have those cameras nice and low so number one, it does not look like a big crowd and number two, all you see is women and children. and they say i am such a bad person. but behind those first couple of rows, there are some tough people. you saw them in tijuana. you talk to them and we end up in fights. these are tough people. we do not want them coming into our country. we want rate people. -- we want great people. we need people. companies are coming in. a big announcement from fiat chrysler the other day moving into michigan with a massive new
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plant. we need people at 3.7% unemployment but they have to be brought in the legal way. and we'd talk marriage. we want it to come in through marriage. merit.we talk we want them to come in through merit. here in the audience today are three trailblazing leaders. to dismantle ms 13 over the past two years. they have done such an incredible job. members -- 29 ms 13 members have been convicted lately. these three patriots are u.s. wilijil. zach tru
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i have heard great things about you. claudia. thank you, claudia. and fairfax county police the decorative ray betz -- the tech detective ray betz. president, nothing is more important than protecting our nation and its citizens. to every law enforcement officer on the front line of that mission to the u.s. marshals, atf agent's come immigration agents,, fbi nda -- atf immigration officers, and atf officers, i say, keep up the great work. you know my administration will always have your back and will
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never let you down. moments in hazardous the high-speed chases and high-stakes courtrooms, in and late-night stakeout, you are always there and always keeping watch over us. our people love you. they love you. it, but theyar love you. us down and we will never let you down. you bring criminals to justice and peace to our streets. you are the reasons americans sleep soundly in their beds at night and you are the ones making america stronger, prouder, and greater than ever before. we are making america greater than ever before. we are respected as a nation. we love our law enforcement.
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all foro thank you being here. it is my great honor to be before you. god bless the united states of america and not bless you all. all.d god bless you thank you. [applause] ♪
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>> next, live, your calls and comments on "washington journal ." that a look at the results of the midterm elections. after that, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky talks about the election results and judicial nominations. tonight, at 8:00 eastern, two retiring with members of congress including lamar smith of texas retiring after 32 years in the house democratic representative o of massachusetts did in the democratic primary. >> you faced a contentious primary this year. did that surprise you? >> no, i have been telling people that my constituents are very angry. they are angry at the democratic party. they were angry that donald trump got elected and the way he
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has governed. everyone wants to say it is partisanship because it is easy but they forget that we have a republican governor in one of the most democratic states of the country. and he is one of the most popular governors. and he just won and overwhelming victory. partisanship is part of it. it is how you do it. my constituents are angry and want change. and i knew it would be a tough run. >> you are a "mr. smith goes to washington" argue --aren't you? >> i shamelessly played on that theme when i first ran for congress and we had bumper stickers that said "sent to mr. smith to washington." we also thought it would be an interesting idea to try to auction off a poster from the
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, "send mr. smith to washington." and hed jimmy stewart autographed a poster for me. a auctioned it off at fundraiser in san antonio. i had a friend pay $1000 for the poster. he has the autographed jimmy stewart poster at his house today. that brings back happy memories. >> representatives lamar smith at michael capuano tonight 8:00 eastern on c-span and and listen on the free c-span radio app. >> this morning, roger johnson, president of the national farmers union talks about the farm bill and u.s. agriculture policy. then bloomberg news reporter zeke foxe discusses how a loophole in the cash advance industry is affecting small business owners.
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talkster, tony payan about the future of u.s.-mexico relations. as always, we will take your calls and you can join the conversation on race book and twitter as well. "washington journal" ♪ host: good morning and welcome journal."gton investigators working on russian meddling in the united states government, several prosecutors filed papers implicating , accusingdonald trump his former campaign manager of lying to federal prosecutors about his contacts with the trump administration and with a man with ties to russia intelligence. this comes as the president's former personal lawyer michael coco faces sentencing