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tv   Sen. Rand Paul on Not Receiving CIA Briefing on Saudi Arabia  CSPAN  December 9, 2018 4:33pm-4:44pm EST

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that he monitored it. these are all people that are very close to him. and that is not acceptable for american standards. and going out and getting other people in other countries and rendition in them back and torturing them just because they happen to have a different point of view is also inappropriate. -- look,ge to them is this is something that we can get away with. the greatest country on earth and its leader has said it is ok for us to get away with it and we will continue. reporter: does it make you sad? sen. corker: i do not want to use the word sad. i am emerging in a positive way that they take action themselves. i don't know, we will see. reporter: [indiscernible] sen. paul: good morning.
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i think the very definition of the deep state is when the intelligence community withholds information from congress. today, there is a cia briefing members from which most have been excluded. i think it is wrong that the cia has expressed the conclusion that the crown prince was involved in the killing of jamal khashoggi and then with all that information. i know about the information of the cia's conclusions only by reading it in the media. if i were in the briefing today i would ask the cia director several items. brothercrown prince's communicating with jamal khashoggi telling him it was trying to go to the consulate in istanbul? were there text messages sent -- were there text messages sent back from the
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killers to the crown prince's office? some are saying that there is no smoking gun. what is being reported is that there is a smoking gun. communication directly from the killers back to the office of the crown prince. it is time that the senate grabs back foreign policy to say -- you know what, no president, this one or the previous one has the power to take our country to work. without the permission of the senate. is the white house preventing the cia director from briefing the course senate? arguingl: i have been for probably nearly a decade that with intelligence, it is only given to a few people within our system. that is more like an oligarchy. -- only eight people in congress get briefings on intelligence. that is not democracy.
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i think the information needs to be shared widely with those unelected. why should someone elected in california that the information and someone in kentucky not get the information. is the leader saying that you're not getting the information for? i am concerned about the public statements from members of the administration saying there is no direct evidence. to me, it sounds fairly directive there was communication going on between the killers in istanbul and the office of the crown prince in saudi arabia. here is the question that the media has missed. sayingand mattis keeps that there is no evidence. they are answering a question they want to answer. not the real question. if the cia has look at all of this information and says with a high degree of probability that we think the crown prince is involved.
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and secretary pompeo and secretary mattis disagree with that conclusion. reporter: did you ask them? is that ifmy guess they are honest they will tell you that they do not disagree with the conclusions. that the compilation of the facts are that he was involved but we are playing a game of words. no direct evidence. no smoking gun. that is open to argument. i think if there was direct communication -- the media has reported that the brother of the crown prince directly communicated with jamal khashoggi and that there were communications going from istanbul to the office of the crown prince at the time the killing. i would want to know more about that. the definition of the deep state is that rank-and-file is excluded from the oversight. the intelligence community has too much power. they are independent of representative oversight.
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it does not have anything to do with the president. the specific information here right be that the secretaries of defense and state can speak broadly about it but to get into the specifics is a different scenario. there are different reasons why you would not want to get into the specifics. theve not been in intelligence briefing. why that should not be presented because it reveals our abilities to eavesdrop but i would say that now that the information is out there, the conclusion should not because i. for example, the newspapers have written that the cia has concluded what high probability that the crown prince was involved. that does not sound to me like something classified. that, theme to details should be classified but the inclusion -- not only is a classified, it is being
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prevented, rank-and-file members are being prevented from hearing it. reporter: how does not having that information make it harder to make policy decisions like the yemen resolution? thatpaul: it is important we discussed the fact that the cia has concluded that a high-ranking person in a foreign country has killed a journalist. whenme on other time someone was killed and dismembered in a consulate where you're supposed to have international protection. it is on the heels of that behavior by saudi arabia. an unjust warf killing civilians in yemen. on the heels of irrational behavior blocking -- blockading qatar. saudi arabia has a young man who was 17 when he was picked up in a rally and he is on death row.
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there is a game being played. we will let women drive but we are still going to execute and crucify people. sen.ter: [indiscernible] paul: i was not notified of the hearing. i just passed a democrat senator on the way here and he had not heard of it. we are reading about it in the media. i could not ask to be included. it shouldt the way be. she should have come to testify in front of all senators. if you have some that are more powerful than others, that is not equal representation. reporter: [indiscernible] >> this week on the , christina chaplin whose government accountability office report says that the pentagon's weapon system cyber security is vulnerable. they do not even
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test systems for the kinds of threats you might see from russia, china, and north korea. they are not allowed to in terms of testing. they do not want to potentially disrupt the system. >> watch the communicators monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span two. >> coming up this weekend on book tv, today, at 7:00 p.m. eastern, the national review's richard burr kaiser discusses his book on the career of supreme court chief justice john marshall. >> marshall was always the smartest man in the room. and many of his colleagues were brilliant jurists themselves but they all acknowledged his superiority. >> tonight at 9:00 eastern on host words, fox news tucker carlson talks about his book "ship of fools." he is interviewed by the chairman of the american conservative union. >> if you give everyone the vote but only a small percentage
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share and the spoils, everyone else is going to be angry and they want to punish you with the political power they have and they will elect populists. populism is a red alert that something is wrong in your democracy. the election of donald trump is a warning, whatever you think of him, to the rest of us that this is going in the wrong direction. get thelation could not attention of policymakers of the elected donald trump. >> watch the tv this week and on c-span two. --tonight, on q&a >> i have worked with four people who once and future presidents, jimmy carter, bill clinton, barack obama, and to my surprise, donald j. trump. --peter osnos >> i also came to understand about donald trump and this is profoundly important -- donald
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trump in his heart of hearts believes that he always wins. here is a guide that has been in new york real estate, gambling, boxing, beauty contest, television, construction -- never been the target of a criminal investigation and that is astonishing in new york city. a conversation with longtime journalist and publisher peter tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. week, generals joseph dunford, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff talked with washington post columnist david ignatius about how the pentagon is using technology to modernize the armed forces. this hour-long conversation happened before president trump announced his pick to replace general dunford sometime next year.


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