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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Tribute to Pres. George HW Bush  CSPAN  December 11, 2018 3:48am-4:51am EST

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a.m. eastern for general speeches with legislative business. members will continue several bills, including one that condemns russian aggression toward ukraine. c-span2, the senate continues debate on the nominee picked to serve as deputy treasury secretary. then, the house judiciary hearing with the ceo of google testifying on the tech company's data collection policy. then, a women's leadership summit, with the white house press secretary among the speakers. >> when the new congress takes office in january, it will have the most diverse freshman class in recent history. watch it live on c-span,
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starting january 3. >> several members of the texas delegation paid tribute to former president george h w bush, who died at age 94. this is one hour. peaker, few americans will ever rival the depth and breadth of the service to our nation exhibited by george herbert walker bush. today i join the bush family, my colleagues, fellow texans and a grateful nation in remembering and honoring the life of president george h.w. bush. he was a courageous war hero a key member of the committee on ways and means, while he was here in congress, an ambassador, director of the c.i.a., vice president and president of the united states. that is remarkable and historic level of service to america but i still think his favorite title was that of husband to his
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beloved bar and i believe his greatest accomplishment was in raising children and grandchildren who served their nation with dedication and patriotism. i believe our country and our state can agree we've lost a man of honor and character. who leaves a legacy and las vegas of service to his nation and family. so today we all want to share with you a little bit about our relationship with the beloved president bush. i consider myself a proud part of the bush legacy, on the ways and means committee i hold the seat previously held by pest president bush, then a member of congress, and bill archer of houston, later the chairman of the ways and means committee from texas, i am truly blessed to be part of a legacy on this committee that has achieved so much. in fact, my interest in major issues from trade to tax reform to health care is due in large part to president bush. after i became elected to congress rning -- to congress, i
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spent a lot of time visiting president bush and secretary james baker, asking their advice on these issues and in fact, one of the reasons i'm involved in 12 of the 14 american free trade agreements and led the central american free trade agreement was directly because of my discussions with president bush and secretary baker. president bush was incredibly supportive of me both in my early campaigns for congress and once i started serving. there was always an open door. talk about issues dealing in tax and trade, health care, welfare, social security, medicare. i always knew i had someone i could lean on. for sage advice. because i used to represent college station, i had the pleasure of being in office when president bush's library was open in a&m and worked closely with the foundation for the eight years i represented it. the library is remarkable, but it goes beyond the bricks and mortar, it's a tangible reminder of the impact president bush had
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on college station and the state of texas. the library brought world leaders to college station, allowed young men and women from small towns in texas to interact with president bush as well as united states and world leaders on a one-on-one, close, personal level. an incredible legacy for those young people that will last for ages to come. i'll finish with this. one of my favorite moments with president bush came just after i was named ways and means chairman. president bush's office reached out and said the president wanted me to come down to his office in houston and visit about ways and means issues. as you'd imagine, i was thrilled about it. i went to his office, my staff urged me to take a pair of crazy socks to president bush because he loved them and wore them. i decided instead to bring one of three specially made ways and means ties we had just created. i brought that to the president and he seemed thrilled. but it was barbara who was most
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excited. when i presented the tie, she exclaimed, thank god. no more socks, please. i'll finish with this. every veterans day, memorials day, as i address events in the eighth congressional district of texas, i often conclude with my most memorable quote from president bush. a quote emblazoned on the his library in college station in letters 10 feet tall where the brazos county sun can catch it every day. let future generations understand the blessings and burdens of freedom. let them say we stood where duty required us to stand. that quote embodies president george h.w. bush and it's a call to us as well. to stand where duty requires us to stand today. mr. speaker, ind yield the balance of the time to the gentleman from texas, mr. --
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congressman roger williams a dear friend of president bush for more than three decades. a partner and a colleague and a huge admirer. i yield to mr. williams. thank you, sir. mr. williams: thank you, mr. chairman, thank you, mr. speaker, for allowing us this time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman will suspend. under the speaker's announced , the of january 3, 2017 chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. williams, for the remainder of the hour. mr. williams: thank you, mr. speaker. i'm reminded of a time when in texas we were at a breakfast and we had two groups. we had a group that was very close to jeb bush, the governor of florida, and one that was close to george w. bush, and mrs. bush was our guest speaker. and she spoke and when she opened up for questions, one of the questions was, mrs. bush a lot of us know jeb better than
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george, or george better than jeb. how are they alike? how do they tiffer? and mrs. bush said she's been blessed to have a great family but she said these words. she said you could put all my boys together. and they would not equal their father. i thought that was powerful. so on november 30, 2018, america lost a great servant and i lost a great friend. president bush epitomized everything wonderful about america. and like his country, he was tough, strong, and kind. over the years, i was able to get to know the president and his family very well. my family and i had the opportunity to visit them in kennebunkport many summers. our days were spent playing basketball and sailing on the water, sharing and listening to president bush's stories until the sun went down. remember one basketball game , my daughters were playing, they
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didn't have tennis shoe, mrs. sh went and got her tennis shoes to give to my daughters. and when they started to shoot, there were vines growing on the basketball pole and she made the president get the hedge clippers and get the vines down before they could shoot baskets. i'm grateful for those moments. in addition to traveling together as friends, we shared a love for baseball and i was proud to be awarded with his award, the george h.w. bush distinguished alumnus award, by the national college baseball hall of fame, and to this day i wear a ring that has his name on it. it was during our baseball days that something very interesting happened. we were having lunch one day in his office at college station and it was myself and president sh and gene vicer, his chief of staff and jake mcclain who owned the astros. and president bush said, i need
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to bring something up that i've got no credit for. mr. becker said i'm not going to -- said, don't go there. he said, yeah. he said there's a statement i get no credit for. and that statement is you da man. he was at a game, the colts, back in 1961, rusty staub wanted to meet president bush. a the game, staub came toward president bush heck was not president, president bush said i on't know why i said it or came toward me and i said you da man. they i would say to the president, we would all agree. mr. president, you, da man.
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he served as a mentor to me and had a huge impact on my life. he is the reason i'm standing before all of you today. when i was contemplating to run, i called president bush for advice. he encouraged me to run and gave me the push that i needed. i'll never forget it. years ago i announced my congressional campaign in his office with him sitting next to me and the rest in my world is history. i'm forever grateful to president bush. he has been inexpireational and been like a father, whether it be in my faith or public service, he was very kind to me. he was the first person to call me while i was in the hospital after the baseball shooting back in june of 2016 and he said he was praying for me and praying for our team.
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and two days later, he called to check on me again. he offered always called to give me his advice and i miss him ter apply. over a week has gone by and our country has been without one of the debatest americans to ever live, this is a measurable loss for america, but i'm comforted knowing he has been reunited with his beloved barbara and their daughter robin. it has been a true honor to experience president bush. our country is better because of him. and i am better because of him and our family is better because of him. and he once said and we have all heard it, public service is the most noble calling of all and he answered that call. so each and every day i'm praying for the entire bush family and i hope they find peace during this difficult
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time. one more story, we were in forth worth and found out that one of our civic leaders wasn't doing well. we got in the car and he had his cell phone and dialed the number and the lady that worked in the house and asked to speak to this gentleman. she held a minute and the wife of this gentleman said, he said this is president bush and she said he cannot speak. he said well, take this phone into his bedroom right now and i want to tell him i love him. that's the kind of man president bush was. god bless president bush, god bless his family and god bless america. i yield my time back. i now yield two minutes to congressman culberson, who i think -- represents where president bush lives. mr. culberson: i thank the gentleman for yielding. it is 18 years, it has been my
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extraordinary privilege to represent district 7 and had the best role model. predecessor was the first congressman to represent district 7. just as he was to kevin, has been a role model to me and adviser to help guide me when i first decided to run for office and offered me advice every step of the way. extraordinary role model and everyone who knew him understood immediately they were in the presence of someone extraordinary. mckinion, george h.w. bush will be remembered as an extremely public servant. we will remember him for his uncommon grace and love towards family and friends. he editor-in-chief of "texas
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monthly" said there is a narrative that runs through the bush family, treat people decently and came from his father and mother and passed it on to their children. and as they passed it on, he remembers that every encounter i ever had with george w. bush,, he was the same guy. he was very much his father's son and all of us who are parents hope, that if we don't do, we convey the values of who we are and who we are supposed to be. one of the things that survives about bush, the elder, he passed along that are same decency, that same line of decency he learned from his parents. when jeb bush once said, how great is this country that it could elect a man as fine as our
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dad to be president. if i could have extra 30 seconds. remember what george w. said as he accepted the presidential nomination in the year 2000, president bush 43 said my father was the last president of a great generation. a generation of americans who stormed beaches, liberated concentration camps and delivered us from evil. some never came home, those who did put their medals in drawers and went to work built highways, universities, great cities and grand alliances, the strong foundation of an american century. george h.w. bush brought the cold war to a peaceful conclusion and saw the downing of the berlin war without provoking violence. in the first gulf war, he
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accomplished that on his watch america would not retreat on the world but would intervene when the global balance of power was in jeopardy. he spent his life in the service of his nation and common sense and love of country will stand him in strong sted to the ebbs and flows. on that score that george h.w. bush was a good man and good men are hard to come by. there was bipartisan consensus. we will miss this good man. we are far, far better that he lived and served our nation so well. yield back. think of him as a personal friend.
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mr. barton: he had tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of men and women who considered themselves personal friends. i felt i was very close to the president, although obviously not as close as mr. williams who went to kennebunkport and knew the family. i knew the president first as vice president when i was a white house fellow. he was vice president bush who had a reception in the white house and gave my class the white house class fellow certificatetive indicates. as a candidate, he took a personal interest in me. we had an event that we had planned for myself in forth worth but the nrcc decided i couldn't win but gave that date and time to dick armey and did it in denton, texas and i was so mad that i crashed his event.
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and i went up to the security checkpoint and they wouldn't let me in. and i asked to speak to the advance team and the head of the advance team was a man named ron could have man. he said this is pretty unusual. this is for dick armey but he talked to the vice president and he said sure. i got on the stage with the vice president. and i was only there for three minutes, but my picture and the video was in the tv market that night and the vice president sked me to go to houston and i had montgomery county. he flew, but i drove and i got to be in that rally that night. when he was going to texas a&m as president, i represented a&m and i got invited to fly on air force one with senator gramm and
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i wore my texas a&m tie. as we were sitting in air force one, he had on a beautiful silk tie. and senator graham had on an old cheap tie. and he said joe, you ought to give your tie to the president. and i volunteered to give my tie to the president, which i did, but then senator graham took the president's tie and i ended up with graham's tie. and the president said, well, joe, you are the junior man here, you just have to suck it up. later that week in fort worth, senator graham and i were at a fundraiser for the republican women and he was wearing the president's tie. at the end of the event, i said, ladies, we need to raise some more money and auctioned off the
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president's tie and i think we got $2,000. when bush was president, he was a proud supporter of the project in my district. i got to ride on air force one and marine one and show him the project and he had on a hard hat that said president george bush. and when he went back to the helicopter, as he got out of the presidential motorcade, he threw his hat on the back seat, and i said, can i have that hard hat. he said keep it for me until i come down here to open the s.s.c. he got defeated and president clinton didn't support it. but i still have that hard hat. after he left office and the
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decision was made to put the bush library at texas a&m i put a bill on the floor to set up the bush fellows at texas a&m and i'm very proud that -- the last story, in my re-election in 1986, i was the number one target in the state of texas and one of the top 10 targets in the country. vice president called me and said would you like me to do an event. of course, i said yes. we did that event in fort worth. d we raised i believe over $200,000 which in that time and era was a lot of money and the vice president spent a lot of time there and was very gracious to my family, to my parents. he invited my mother and father to the white house when he was
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president at the white house christmas ball and that was one of the highlights of their lives. thank you for sharing the president all of these years and as i said at the start, it is a measure of an individual when he has so many people that consider themselves to be personal hasnds and my guess is bush more of those types of individuals than just about anybody else in the country. god bless the late president bush. with that, i yield back. mr. williams: next is chairman lamar smith, san antonio. smith smith -- mr. smith: i would like to commemorate the life of president bush. he was simply one of the most
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honorable people i have ever met in or out of politics. as a fellow text ann, i worked with him over -- texan, i worked with him over the years. i was invited by the president to accompany him on air force one and we went down to my hometown of san antonio to sign the north american free trade agreement. the president asked me to join him and the first lady in the forward cabin. i expected the visit to last about five minutes. but instead ended up spending the 2 1/2 hour flight with them. i felt a twinge of guilt because i felt like he should have been spending his time making phone calls or writing those well-known personal notes that he was famous for. this was an election year and he could have taken my support for depranted. instead, his gesture on his part
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showed his big heart and how gracious and friendly he was. i arranged for a tree to be planted on the capitol grounds to honor president bush. it was the first tree to be dedicated to a president. his selfless public service and commitment to family continues to be a worthy example for all of us. and i yield back. . mr. williams: next is congresswoman kay granger, fort worth. ms. granger: george h.w. bush was a giant of a man, flew in world war ii, nearly lost his life, ambassador, director of the c.i.a., vice president, and most notably president of the united states. more than that he's someone to ad mire because he spent his
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life dedicated to serving his country and his fellow man. his dedication to his country was rivaled only by his dedication to his family, marked by his 73-year marriage to his wife barbara, his loving relationships with his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. as important as he was he took time to great people who came to see him. he knew the value of a written note of praise and a hug and a handshake. he laughed as well as he led and knew the importance of relationships. those who didn't have the pri ledge of knowing president bush personally were given a glimpse of his character through the words of his loved ones wednesday during his memorial service. as his son, president george w. bush, said, who has the same sense of family and ted case to the nation, he said of his father, your decency, sincerity, and kind soul will stay with us
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forever. so through our tear, let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you a great and noble man. george h.w. bush' greatness shows in the strength of his family and he's given us all a lesson in how to be a good friend. president bush accomplished much in his long life. he epitomized what it means to be a public servant and i'm honored to recognize this disting westerned texan today and thank you for his service to our country. mr. williams: next is congressman michael burgess from denton county. mr. burgess: thank you. i thank the gentleman from texas and i thank him for bringing us together for this hour to pay tribute to an american hero who served on the front lines of our nation's history for really almost a century. from the skies of the pacific to the yale baseball diamond to the oil fields of texas to the floor of the united states house of representatives, to the streets of beijing and the hall os they
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have white house, president george herbert walker bush led a life of humble leadership, courage, and conviction. over five decades , he built an unmatched resume. his accomplishments while im-- his accomplishment, while impress i on their own, are extraordinary when bundled together he left his new england home to move to west texas where he pursued an oil career and later served the people of the seventh congressional district here in the united states house of representatives. as a leader, president bush faced some of the greatest challenges of his time he worked to open new paths of diplomacy in china, help red store confidence in the central intelligence agency and he worked alongside president reagan to make america great. though he's perhaps better known for making waves oversees -- overseas, our 41st president achieved new heights at home when he opened new doors for americans with disabilities. while president bush had a robust resume, stacked with
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prestigious jobs at critical times in american history, most of us will remember him for the role he is held most dear. for 7 years, president bush was a devoted husband of barbara pears, a legend in her own right, with whom he built an honorable family of children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. together president and mrs. bush wove their own story of the american dream. there's no doubt that president bush made the state of texas, the united states of america, and the global community a better place to live. on behalf of my constituents in the 26th district of texas, i thank him for his matchless service for our country and i join a grateful nation and thank the bush family for sharing him with us. i yield back. mr. williams spks next, one of our great veteran, congressman ete olson.
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mr. olson: i thank my friend from texas 25 for setting up this special order for a great american. george herbert walker bush. back home, known as bush 41. there are many words which describe his life. statesman, dignified, hero, father, husband, devoted leader, and human being. i met him twice in very relaxed settings in houston, texas. we loved how funny he was. he loved to make people laugh. e and i talked about being
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naval aviators, running back home in the houston area for congress. both of us had a big problem with our first campaign. we weren't brn in texas. we weren't native texans. some called us carpet baggers. president bush had the best reply i've ever heard. to paraphrase , he said, it's true, my friends, i wasn't born ittexas, but on my birthday, was very important that i was with my mother, and sadly, my mom was not in texas on june 12 of 1924.
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i wish i'd had the wisdom of hat line when i ran in 2008. he loved having fun with his soul mate, barbara bush. married for 73 years, the first woman he ever kissed. check out this photo. that's president carter and rosalind, president ford and betty. lady bird johnson and president george h.w. bush and barbara bush. guess who has rabbit ears? our first lady, barbara bush. job e bush never let the take over his humanity. a final story about president , back in houston
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, they had a photographer. as president bush's health failed he went to take some pictures and i asked him, how is the president doing? he said, he's doing fine, his brain is great but he can't work anymore. he's wheelchair bound and we take a photo every year with the first lady after they come back home from kennebunkport for photos for christmas and the entire year. those shots -- shoots have become very, very tough. i can't stand him up, he has to sit down in his wheelchair. he was 6'2", 6'3". barbara was probably 5'7". he towered over her in real life. in the wheelchair she towered
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over him. o how do you fix that? i work the first lady out hard, is what he said. i had her squat down, on her knee, so she's below him as they've been their whole life. and try to hide that wheelchair for the photos. i put her up left down low, behind to the right down low, moved her all over. they started laughing. said, what made their love so special, so dear, they both at , as i walked in front of the president 10 times, she said stop that. george, stop that. our president was pinching her
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ehind out of love. there's good news today for the bush family. president bush and barbara are walking hand in hand with their daughter robin in heaven right now. i'll close by saying, the last four words president bush said when he was with us. said these words to our president george w. bush, so-called, bush 42. -- 43. he said, i quote, i love you too. he said that to george w. but we all know he said that to every american, every person in this world.
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this man loved life he loved america. he loved humanity. he's a great man. rest well in heaven and have fair winds and following seas. i yield back. mr. williams: next is dr. brian babin. mr. babin: thank you very much. our nation lost a true patriot on november 30 with the passing of george herbert walker bush. our 41st president ascended to the office with an impeccable resume for this position -- for the position. having served as congressman, ambassador to china, c.i.a. director, vice president to our 40th president, ronald reagan. his service as a navy pilot during the second world war during which he was shot down over the pacific cemented his status as an american hero. but the humble bush rarely referenced his war experiences. indeed, president bush rarely
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discussed his own record. his accomplishments as president particularly on world stage seemed more impressive with the passing of time and historians and scholars hold his administration in increasingly high esteem. i met president bush only once but still treasure the photograph that i had taken with him. he was a real gentleman, despite a life spent in public service at the highest levels, president bush was a devoted family man. he was constantly surrounded by his loved ones. his children adored him and his relationship with his wife barbara has long been celebrated for his commitment and warmth. the people of texas which became his adopted home after his service in the navy, will forever hold president bush in special regard. george bush led an exemplary life. his service to his country and his kindtons his fellow americans ranks him among our most beloved of presidents.
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his reputation as a loving husband and father will persist and i believe that his legacy as president will continue to grow after his passing. thank you for your service, rest in peace, mr. president. mr. williams: next is the gentleman who represents a very large district in texas, congressman will hurd. mr. hurd: i want to thank my friend and colleague for arranging this conversation. i want to join my colleagues and omourning nation as we continue to honor the legacy of president george h.w. bush, a giant of a man we should all aspire to be. he's also a man of integrity who focused on his family and faith. he was a loving and caring husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather who treated his friends and his foes with kindness, humility and respect. i will be forever grateful that he fell in love with texas a&m university, my alma mater,
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because that's where i had the opportunity of meeting and becoming friends with the late president. he encouraged me to join the c.i.a. and had a lasting impact on me and many of my peers to answer the call to service and work toward causes greater than ourselves. i will be forever grateful for him instilling this spirit in me. 41 was the epitome of public service and beacon of light in this world embodying america at its best. rest in peace, mr. president. thank you for your selfless service and thank you for being an example to us all. i yield back. mr. williams: next is jody arrington, lubbock, texas. mr. arrington: i want to thank the gentleman for hosting this special order, my friend, roger williams, fellow texan, to honor the life and legacy of president george herbert walker bush. mr. speaker, i rise today to honor the life of a great
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american and a proud texan. president george herbert walker bush. this past week, we as a nation said good-bye to a true statesman and reflected on a life of duty, honor, and above all service to others from one of the youngest navy pilots in our nation east hiry, to the leader of the highest office in the land, our 41st president's life was defined by service to others. and his dedication to our country was matched only by his love for and devotion to his family. throughout his life, president bush taught us that public service is a noble calling and that being a politician and a gentleman aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. . he inspired countless americans to get involved in public
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service which made a tremendous impact on many lives and has no doubt had an impact on this country. and has made it a better and brighter place to live. mr. speaker, president bush once said that he saw life in terms of missions. missions defined and missions completed. well, today george herbert walker bush's mission on earth is complete. and i join my friend, president george w. bush, the entire bush family, and all americans in celebrating a life well lived and rejoice with them in the promise of life everlasting. god has no doubt blessed this great country. in many ways. but not the least of which is with men like george herbert walker bush. god bless the bush family and god continue to bless america. i yield back. mr. williams: next is congressman doug lamalfa from california.
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mr. lamalfa: i thank my colleague from texas, mr. williams, for leading this tonight. you finally ran out of texans to present here. so we're now up to california. so i'm honored to be able to be here tonight to join in the commemoration, the celebration of president bush, 41. when he was looked to for leadership, he came through in spades. i recall mostly, i think, one of the strongest moments indeed was during the gulf war. desert storm. his steady hand was what was needed at a very perilous time for our allies and neighbors in the middle east that were counting on us, but also the ility to keep the coalitions that had been built for so many years and formed us the coalition that helped us be successful on the world age? that effort. -- age in that effort. so that leadership.
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he exuded the leadership. i love the photograph, i think, best of him, he's standing there in that bomber jacket looking off in the distance. and just that photo exudes confidence and gives us confidence in him as a leader at that time when it was so very per lowls. -- perilous. he was a good man. he learned from mistakes that happened and he built upon them to be successful. as a president, and i think most importantly he would say as a family man, indeed when we all viewed the service for him last week here, that beautiful family that he's so proud of really is a legacy that he can be proud of , along with barbara. that's the most important legacy. but also, and what he brought to the office, civility, something that might be a little shorthanded in the dealings in
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washington, d.c., these days. brought civility, he brought respect. for the office, for the institution, and the interactions, indeed, his ability to work across the aisle and post-presidency, work with people who had been his opponents previously for causes that were bigger than all of us. he showed the way, he showed the light when he talked about the thousand points of life and being able to accomplish and help others post-presidency. his sense of adventure. jumping out of perfectly good airplanes at each birth date or landmark and birth date. that's something else. it makes me smile. and i think mostly, he had a sense of humor. saw it in his son, george w. as well. you see it all the time he could take a joke and give one out. i always -- one of my favorite things will be him interacting with dana carvey on "saturday night live" skits there and him playing along. because he saw the fun in it.
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he saw the humor in it. when people chalked him up as a combination of john wayne and mr. rogers and how he carried himself. and the whole na-ga-da thing that he interacted with dana carvey. it showed a well-rounded great man, this man was and is. and that we're appreciative of the opportunity to commemorate him and his service in all capacities and all phases of his life. so god bless him. god bless the whole bush family. and thank you for this time. mr. williams: next is congressman french hill from arkansas. mr. hill: i thank my friend from texas for coordinating this opportunity to stand in solidarity on the house floor and memorialize a dear family friend and my former boss, george herbert walker bush, our 41st president. president bush was a great
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sportsman, a man of warm and goofy humor, a man who in every instance put himself in the position of serving others. from his willingness to enlist and become the navy's youngest aviator, a brave aviator he was indeed, flying some 58 combat missions. but at every stage of his life, until he passed on to be with bar and ron at the age of 94, bush 41 continued to put himself in the position of serving others. that is his legacy. from helping spread 1,000 points of light, americans helping americans, americans helping the less fortunate, americans reaching out across the ocean and helping those in times of need. as i noted, he was a great sportsman. he loved speed. fast boats like the fidelity. fast planes like his avenger. the barbara iii. that's right. iii. it was said to be grum on the's best customer after losing three planes as a naval aviator.
4:34 am
and even in sports that were known for being relaxing, mr. williams, he made them fast. 18 holes of ready golf. or cart polo, as it was referred to. in minutes, not hours. super competitive doubles tennis. fishing, always loving fishing. that is, when he wasn't sky diving. but this sportsman-gentleman-servant-lead er has a portfolio of successes in his single term of four years as our president. called upon by the media and many to dance atop the crumbled berlin wall, president bush did not dance. but instead put his shoulder down and produced an agreement that in turn produced the extraordinary growth and prosperity among the peoples of europe. no greater mevpl to the success than to walk down -- memorial to the success than to walk down the streets today of warsaw, prague or budapest, and see the economic vitality of free market
4:35 am
capitalism at work. but there were other exceptional moments in the international portfolio, including the completion of the north american free trade agreement. the reinforcement of the monroe doctrine by ejecting a threatening thug from panama. the delicate punishment of china, while balancing our relation during the regime's horrible murderous actions at tiananmen square. and ending the years of tension between the united states and our ally, japan, by creating the structural impediments initiative that opened japanese markets by removing nontariff barriers to american exports and service. on the domestic front, this man of the house, bush 41, was an outstanding creative agenda, starting by cleaning up the failure of the s.n.l. crisis of the 1980's. he proposed the americans for disability act that was accepted by congress and has provided millions of americans with more opportunities for work and
4:36 am
access. his clean air amendment set the sttstd in the world for cleaning up acid rain challenges using market mechanisms benefiting not only america but our neighbor to the north, canada. he left office with a reputation of constraining government spending and responsible budgeting. but of course along the way there were heartbreaks, beginning with the failure to have his close friend, senator john tower, confirmed as secretary of defense. for a ridiculous partisan reason. on capitol hill, president bush 41 struggled with the incredible partisanship from the senate leader, george hitchle, and house majority leader dick gephardt. but he treasured his friendships of cooperation and success with members like john murtha, and speaker tip o'neill. mr. speaker, george bush 41 treasured god, faith and family, he prided himself in the army mantra of duty, honor and country. in his memorial service at
4:37 am
washington national cathedral, hiser toial john meachle stated he believed bush 41 was striving every day to justify why he'd been saved that day. that's his focus on -- thus his focus on service and his commandments, don't blame oh, always share the credit, warm admonitions from his beloved mom. so, mr. speaker, i stand today with my friends from texas to absolute george bush, a good and faith -- salute george bush, a good and faithful servant. i was lucky to know him, work for him and recognize him for being the exceptional man of character that he was. our country is blessed to have him as our commander in chief and our 41st president of the united states. i thank my friend from texas and yield back. mr. williams: just for the remaining speakers, we have 12 minutes left. next is rick allen from the tate of georgia. mr. allen: thank you so much for this opportunity to come and talk about someone who we've
4:38 am
talked about, but -- for some time now, but we could talk about for a very long time. it is with a heavy heart that i rise this evening along with my colleagues to recognize the life and legacy of a true american statesman and patriot, our late president george h.w. bush. my association with president bush was through my hometown of augusta, home of the masters tournament, founded by the greatest amateur golfer of all time, bobby jones. the walker cup, played by teams of the best amateur golfers from the united states and great britain and ireland every two years, was named after president bush's grandfather and his namesake. i got to know president bush, he was the first honorary chairman of the first tee organization. the sole purpose of the first tee organization is to give
4:39 am
those young people who do not have otherwise the economic means to play the game of golf the opportunity to play this great game. president bush is also only one of two presidents to be inducted into the world golf hall of fame. he led a life of utmost distinction and the family and friends he leaves behind will always cherish the time spent with this american hero. as he has reunited with his wife and their daughter in heaven, we will continue to learn by his example always. and tell you, those young folks who are playing golf now, learning those values, much appreciate it as well. rest in peace, mr. president. and i yield back. mr. williams: congressman randy eber from texas. mr. weber: thank you. i thank the gentleman. mr. speaker, george herbert walker bush. ask all of us to be light in this world.
4:40 am
to be gracious. to be diligent. and to be honest. and then he led the way by example. his patriotism was innate, it was his guiding light, mr. speaker. and barbara was his soulmate. his compass. part of his true north. mr. speaker, george h.w. bush was one of our last great statesmen. a member of the greatest generation. his love for his nation was bested only by his love for his family. this enduring love for both is how we will long remember george h.w. bush, mr. speaker. and oh, that we would emulate him. president bush could walk into a room and make everyone feel like they belonged. he was the epitome of the true southern gentleman, even though he wasn't born in the south.
4:41 am
the south did adopt him, however, i might add, mr. speaker. his mannerisms and his convictions gained him respect far and wide. worldwide. this great and good man brought us together and led the way once again in that during our time of mourning his passing, his example quieted some of the divisiveness which is on display all too often, mr. speaker. we have a lot to learn from his mission and his life. oh, that we would emulate him. and that. last week george h.w. bush kindest, his final, gentlest resting place with
4:42 am
.arbara and robin he is home. mission accomplished, mr. president. george herbert walker bush, mr. speaker, is worth emulating. oh, that we would all do so. mr. speaker, i yield back. mr. williams spks next is congresswoman sheila jackson lee of texas. ms. jackson lee: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise to join my colleagues to ght in what is a tribute george herbert walker bush and barbara bush, a tribute of which i hope we will continue to live. it is my great honor to salute president bush and to be
4:43 am
reminded of the beauty of his love of 73 years, a partnership of service, raising a family and serving a nation. last week's tribute of mourning, memorials, and funerals was an opportunity for not only the to learn ofhe world the depth and the level of the integrity and honesty and statesmanship and leadership of our 41st president. i'm glad to have known him as a houstonian. delighted to have worked with his wife, barbara bush, on her great commitment to everyone should have the ability to read. literacy was a standard bearer by which she guided her later life and so many people learned to read and cherish books because of her service.
4:44 am
i got to know the president more closely because of his relationship with my husband, dr. elwin c. lee. at most people don't know is preceding the honorable barbara jordan, there was a young congressman representing this district by the name of george herbert walker bush. african-americans in a segregated houston, beloved because of his eagerness to treat everyone as a human being. one of his dear friends who turned -- who will turn 90 in a couple of week, reverend dr. f.m. williams, the pastor of the ant oklahoma baptist church, hill stil their pass foring i remember standing next to him in acres home when then president george herbert walker bush landed his big helicopter right there in our community, showing
4:45 am
and affirming the friendship. we further enjoyed the pportunity to know him, my husband through his assisting him to his own high school, andover academy, and how kind he was to send from china a gift for our wedding. so he is morn the president of the united states. the congressman this chair of the r.n.c. this eenvoy, among others. the vice president. the president, the director of the c.i.a. and most of all, the hero of world war ii when he in his effort to fight for this nation also as he was shot down looked to save his colleagues. he is a hero, she a friend, he is a man that we will honor and continue to honor and by our lives and by our service we hope to affirm both the wonderful
4:46 am
life of his lovely bride as well as himself and to say to his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and others, rest well, thank you for sharing him with us, for he did serve his nation and by that, he has served the people of this nation. may god bless. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: congressman ted yoho from the state of florida. mr. yoho: thank you. -- mr. williams: congressman ted yoho from the constituent of florida. mr. yoho: thank you for putting this together. i want to express our condolences to the bush family. president bush accomplished many objectives in his 30 years in government but i believe his greatest legacy is his devotion to this nation and its people. in and out of office he dedicated his life to public service and helping others hsm eblnged to that era of americans
4:47 am
known as the greatest generation. whether it was serving in the u.s. navy in world war ii or achieving the highest office in the land. president bush never failed to generate selflessness and compassion. when faced with conflicts and adversity he always responded with griss and honor he lived at a time when americans and america knew who we were. his lifetime of service was rightfully recognized in 2011 when he received the presidential medal of freedom, the nation east highest civilian honor. even though he's no longer with us, his legacy of kindness and self-sacrifice will live on. as we transition into the 116th congress i'd like to remind -- like us to remember president bush for his complete devotion to this country and its citizens. it's an honor to have a career in public service and i'm grateful our country had a role model like president bush and i hope my colleagues in congress feel the same. at a time in history when the mation feels divides -- divided,
4:48 am
we must remember those who stood before us and bring the american people together for the goofed the country. the alignment he had in life is a simple one. in fact, our nation would be better served if we followed it. it's god, country, and family. i ask that we honor the late president bush, we remember his encouragement to work hand in hand with our neighbors to give back to our communities and our country, the american people are lucky to have such a compassionate and honorable leader and will forever be grateful for his service to this great country. mr. williams spks we may never see the likes of george h.w. bush again, although we hope we do. praise the lord for the president, praise the lord for his family, in god we trus
4:49 am
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1:15 p.m. eastern on c-span3. >> french president emmanuel macron spoke monday about the yellow investigators protests across france that began last month as a result of rising few prices. in response, the french president called for unity and called for tax relief measures. he also blamed much of the unrest in france on an influence campaign from russia, which kremlin officials later denied. pres. macron: my fellow citizens, we are together to talk about our future. the events over the last few weeks in france and overseas have deeply disturbed the nation. they include legitimate claims and expressions of violence that are unacceptable, and i would like to say so immediately this violence will benefit from no intelligence on our part. we have seen the oppni


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