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Nancy Pelosi
  House Minority Leader Pelosi News Conference  CSPAN  December 13, 2018 1:41pm-2:14pm EST

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ms. pelosi: yesterday, we passed
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the farm bill, the bill that really is brought together in the senate in a bipartisan way. unfortunately, the republicans almost loft it on the farm bill because of some of the provisions they had for feeding the american people, nutrition programs and the rest took democratic votes to help them pass the farm bill. and it is a bill that is much needed for our farmers and ranchers. it has a strong nutrition part to it and it has strong bipartisan support. there were only 47 votes against it in the house of representatives. unfortunately, we are hearing now that the president may undermine the will of congress by doing executive order to take food out of the mouths of babies and families in our country as well as undermining the forestry
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parts of the legislation. again, we tried to make progress in a bipartisan way and the president will try to undermine that legislation. on a separate note, we have had some success in our me too legislation and house and senate have come together and still have things we want for the house. but we have a great compromise. i'm proud of jackie spear, bod brady and congressman harper in a bipartisan way putting together that legislation. today or was it yesterday in the senate, they passed a c.r.a., a congressional review act to reverse what internal revenue service had determined. they determined that if you have nonprofit organization that are
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engaged in political activity, you don't have to report the source of the money. this c.r.a. passed the senate that said reverse that decision, that you do have to report the money. this is very, very important. because a lot of this is very dark tax deductible in some cases money that the american people should know the source of it. again, we are engaged in a year end -- i don't know if it's possible for us to have an omnibus bill. we offered the president two options. one was the six bills as negotiated by -- in a bipartisan way by the house democrats and republicans and again bicameral agreed-upon legislation. and one continuing resolution, sure d security i'm not
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that was to the president. the second choice was to have a continuing resolution that contained all seven bills until september 30. that may be the livelier prospect in which is this going to be in, that going to be in? no. because we won't have that omnibus bill. it's unfortunate that the president has decided that he would shut down government at a time when the markets are in a mood where people are losing their jobs in some industries, the auto industry, where there is uncertainty to ensure that the financial security of america's working families and holiday season that the president would say he would shut down government. that's a drastic thing for him to do especially as we leave the congress for the holidays because it means it would be
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shut down for a while. he said, i'm proud to shut down the government. i'll be the one to shut it down. he went on further to say, i'm not going to blame you for it. he's taking full responsibility for the trump shutdown. perhaps he doesn't understand people need their paychecks. maybe that's not the life he leads. in january, when people have to make ends meet in december. if he went down that path as took over the congress, we would pass legislation to open up government and send it to the senate and we think it would then go to his desk. but we don't want to go to that place. now what's important is, as i said, they didn't even have the votes to pass the rule for the farm bill, a bill that was widely popular. it didn't have the votes to pass
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the rule without our help for the farm bill. they do not have the votes to ass the president's proposal for the wall. i don't know why -- nothing is going to change in that regard. i don't know why we just don't proceed to keep government open so people can be home for the holidays and enjoying all of that. the trump shutdown. we're very excited about our for the people agenda. lowering health care costs, increasing paychecks, infrastructure for america and we think it can be a bipartisan initiative working with the president and again, cleaning up government. we will have h.r. 1 as one of our earliest passes of legislation. an open congress, there will be a town hall meeting with
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openness, bipartisanship and with our proposals starting with the most unifying and broadest support in the public. any questions? reporter: have you spoken to the president again since he called you on tuesday afternoon? would you describe it as part of the negotiation or waiting to see if he accepts the offer you and leader schumer gave him? ms. pelosi: no, i haven't since i have spoken to him since the other day. and i talked to chuck last night to say, we haven't had an answer, what might the answer be? some of what i'm hearing on the hill is that we might be more likely to have a c.r. until seven bills until the end of september. that change goes back and forth.
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so right now, chuck and i are not in negotiation -- we are not going with $5 billion for the wall. reporter: what about the idea here that you and chuck will be going for a while. u take the gavel on 3 of january. and does that impede your agenda at all of trying to re-open government and get something through the senate if there is a lengthy shutdown over the holidays? ms. pelosi: it is the hand that we have to do, but let's hope that we don't or hope there won't be a shutdown of government. that's a bad thing to do and maybe the president doesn't grasp that about but that is harmful to our country at significant costs. another day, i'll go into when the republicans shut it down before. on the 17th day we finally
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pened and cost billions of dollars to our economy. we had a large number of republicans voted against opening up the government. reporter: what do you think -- if you are able to pass a bill under your watch on 3rd of january. why would he sign that bill? ms. pelosi: does he want government closed forever? what's this about? i know he doesn't believe in government and i know he doesn't know that much as to what is at risk shutting it down. let's not talk about what might happen. let's talk about what we can do right now to keep government open. there is strong bipartisan support to do that. the only obstacle is the president of the united states. and by the way, he said mexico is going to pay for it? he said when we have a new fair
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trade agreement -- and that money. what money? that money will be used to pay for the wall. the money that bringses make? what money is he talking about that is going to pay for the wall? doesn't measure up. any other questions? an ter: there was an cation implication of the president for essentially breaking campaign finance laws. yesterday, prosecutors also said that the parent company of the "national enquirer" was in concert with the trump campaign -- ms. pelosi: and the question is -- reporter: woo should the repercussions be for the president assuming these allegations are true? ms. pelosi: it's interesting that these allegations against the president are coming from
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his own justice department and not just mueller. but from our standpoint what we are interested in meeting the needs of america's working families. to spend our time lowering health care costs and costs of prescription drugs, increasing paychecks by increasing infrastructure both of those things the president said he wanted to do. so this is common ground. and reducing the role of big jar money in politics. i wish, i wish the press would spend a lot more time of what we need to do here to meet the needs of the american people instead of morning, noonan night allegations against the president sm the justice department and the mueller investigation will work their will, but there are other things that are going on that are news worthy and i think you would
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have more viewers and readers that address concerns that people have rather than just coverage g, ongoing of what's current with the president from one day to the next. reporter: the house committee isn't going to investigate? ms. pelosi: the committees will have to make a judgment at that time as to where we go. but again, the committees of jurisdiction have important work to do. we want to pass our h.r. 1 to clean up government and judiciary committee pass voting rights act. that's really important to us. that same committee is the committee of jurisdiction for commonsense gun violence prevention. that same committee is the same committee for protecting our dreamers. the list goes on about the priorities that the committees have to establish. reporter: on h.r. 1 wouldn't
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compel presidential candidates to make their tax returns public. do you think house investigators should seek to obtain the president's tax returns when you take power in january? ms. pelosi: that's a ways and means committee decision they ave to make. i see a path in that direction, but you have to talk about that. [indiscernible] reporter: are you not concerned that the house and ways and means committee trying to get the president's tax returns -- ms. pelosi: little more challenging. but they are going to try to make sure that the pre-existing condition benefit is solidified. they are going to be sure that the issues -- the work of the ways and means committee are addressed. we'll have a trade issue that is there as well. yes, there is popular demand for
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the -- for the congress to request the president's tax returns. they will have their path as we go forward. i'm sure the white house will resist. so the question is where do we go from there. you know what? i went to this event the other night to honor tom lantoost, a human rights event at the willis hotel and joe biden was being honored and i was introducing him. and when we were in the kitchen talking with the staff as we do, we go through the hotel and see the staff and thank them, the service staff, the busboys, one of them said to me, here's some advice i give you. may i ask about the president's tax returns and he says -- they talk about -- when they talk
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about this is a newcomer to america in the back of the staurant, restaurant, of the hotel restaurant saying, when the president says the mueller investigation is going on too long, just tell him not as long as your audit, mr. president. [laughter] ms. pelosi: which is come from the kitchen of the willard hotel. reporter: you have spoken about not putting term limits on your leadership, but last night you said no more a maximum of four years. ms. pelosi: that is a long time. i see -- feel comfortable with what they are proposing and i feel very responsible to do that. whether it passes or not, that's what i will say. reporter: back on the border wall, the president said the new negotiation for the trade deal with mexico paying $5 billion. did he argue for that?
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ms. pelosi: yes, he said that. but it doesn't make any sense. does that sound familiar to you? it doesn't make any sense. basically what he is saying, any benefit our economy might have from a trade agreement, a revised trade agreement with mexico or canada would be spent on the wall instead of growing our economy and increasing paychecks for our workers? the american people are still paying the price. mexico is not paying for this wall. maybe he doesn't understand how a trade agreement works for him to say such a thing. you asked the question so you must have thought it had some sort of merit. i mean really? first of all, he doesn't have the trade agreement. let's see the enforcement in the agreement for environment, for workers' rights, for some of
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is pharmaceutical issues and and other health-related provisions in the legislation. let's see the enforcement there. i'm hoping to a revised trade agreement formerly known as nafta, but we're not there yet. and for the president to say mexico's paying for this because we revised nafta, that money will be used to pay for the wall is an opportunity cost for our untry and if it were so, but but it isn't even so. i think the oval office is an evidence-free zone. you've got to have facts, data, evidence, truth in order to make an agreement on how you go forward. and that's just another example of what we had as a problem
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wanting to discuss in public some of the representations that the president was making, was simply weren't true. but out of the respect of the office he holds, not to keep saying that in front of the american people. but in this case, i don't -- maybe he could find somebody who would support that and say probably that's a good idea. not anybody with knowledge of trade agreements, but somebody who might agree with him on that. in any event, we have important work to do. we want to keep government open for what it means to america's working families across the kitchen table especially on on the holiday time so they have cash to do their christmas shopping, but in some cases, it is just a question of survival. so for the president to be valier about cash flow and paycheck-to-paycheck families is
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something that we hope -- i pray that he will resist. and i did tell the president that i prayed for him. he said that's news. go tell the press. so i am. >> the niners are in last place, are they going to get a irst-round pick? [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] >> and we take you live now to a house oversight subcommittee hearing about to get under way. they'll be looking at the oversight of nonprofits and restrictions on nonprofits' political activities. the leadership of the subcommittee has decided to focus specifically on the bill hillary and chelsea collin -- bill, hillary and chelsea clinton foundation.
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