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  President Trump at Arlington National Cemetery  CSPAN  December 15, 2018 6:09pm-6:26pm EST

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go ahead with the continuing resolution or even longer. basically, these committees are preparing options. they want to have something ready in case the house needs to pass something quickly. they could also come back on monday and case there's going to be a protracted fight and they want to send some bills or if there is an appetite to deliver that $5 billion in a separate bill. right now that's not the plan. it's not clear they would have the votes to do that. leader mccarthy didn't leave the schedule open, in case they decide to add additional votes next week. >> sarah ferris reporting for politico. you can find her articles at and also her tweets. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> president trump today made an
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unscheduled visit to arlington national cemetery to meet with volunteers laying wreaths on headstones. we'll watch his visit for a few minutes and then speak to reporters about striking down the affordable care act.
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president trump: good afternoon, everybody. we do a great job, really great job. reporter: mr. president? -- --esident, have using have you seen --?
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reporter: mr. president, comment on the court ruling? president trump: there was a big
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.uling a great ruling for our country. we will be able to get great health care and sit down with the two democrats. we will sit down with the democrats and get right health care for our people. let's say repeal and replace went differently but it was a big, big victory by a highly respected judge. on the assumption that the supreme court upholds, we will get great, great health care for our people. i will sit down with the democrats to do it but i am sure they want to do that also. thank you very much. >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. created as aan was public service by americans -- america's television company. we bring you unfiltered coverage
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conversations with three retiring members of congress. democratic mccaskill and republican mark sanford and dana rohrabacher, all discuss losing their reelection bids and their time in congress. >> experience is now not a positive thing and government. i like to make the joke, imagine if they're wheeling you into the operating room and says i've got really good news for you. this surgeon has never done this before. you would go ohh, back sigourney up. -- back the gurney up. but in government, that's what people want now. they become so cynical that anyone who has chosen this for a career is not looking after them. is, and thisld say was part of the blessing of having a second chance of politics after blowing myself up
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in 2009, is that i have seen and experienced firsthand people's grace, which is a reflection of god's grace. incredibly an humbling journey to walk, particularly in a public venue. >> i had the bolshevik billionaires, who i've probably stepped on their toes a number of times who decided i had to go. 10-1 that i know now it might be more than that when you look into it. by people who are worth billions of dollars and don't live in california. >> watch conversations with retiring members of congress tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span and you can also listen with the free c-span radio app. >> the white house did not release an address this week. california congresswoman lucille roybal-allard