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tv   Government Shutdown Day 6  CSPAN  December 27, 2018 3:29pm-4:00pm EST

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and previously run for virginia governor but dropped out of the race prior to the republican primary. he other republican is ben kline served as chief of staff to the man he succeeds in the 6th congressional district, bob goodlatte. also once ran a sales and margetting firm. he is served in the virginia ouse of dell gates since 2002. ms. spanberger is a former postal inspector and c.i.a. officer. and helped colleges and universities to develop more diverse student bodies. and jennifer west ton was legitimated to the 10th congressional district and served as a public prosecutor.
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elected to the virginia senate in 2013. new congress, new leaders. atch it all on c-span. >> two days after christmas and day number six of the government shutdown here in washington live on the east front of the u.s. capitol. the side that you would go into to go into the capitol visitor center. who is at the capitol, visitors and tourists, not many members of house and senate. they are in session. good afternoon, welcome to our cran span radio listeners, c-span 2 and half hour ahead of the two bodies coming into session. and we are not expecting much to happen in either the house or the senate. we would love to hear from you and open up our phones for the next half hour ahead of the house and senate coming in.
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or republicans use 202-748-8921. democrats, and here are the numbers up on your screen. tell us how it is affecting you, your holidays and plans. host: look for your calls and comments shortly here on c-span. again, we don't think there will be a whole lot happening this afternoon on the floor either the senate or the house. we'll have it live for you. the house here on c-span. what could happen, what might happen ahead of the new congress coming up? john harwood political reporter for cnbc, he sees this logical end game, the house on january 3 passes a senate-approved bill
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for nonwall border security and the senate sends back and president trump calls the extra $300 million a huge win. the president tweeting this afternoon saying the democrats' obstruction of the desperately needed wall where they almost agreed to it has. and exceeded by obstruction of people host: the president saying the reason daca-for-wall deal was that a ridiculous court decision from the 9th circuit allowed to remain setting up a supreme court case. after the ruling, the democrats dropped the deal. democrat obstruction of the needed wall. david drucker, senior political correspondent from "the examiner." the whip in the house, members are advised no votes are
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expected in the house this year and happy new year. the house will be live here in c-span. the senate on c-span 2. and we most recently saw the senate in session on saturday at noon. they came in after the government had partial -- part of the government had shut down. 25% of the government. i want to show you the comments of mitch mcconnell setting up what we will see that nothing will come to the senate floor unless it is agreed to by all parties. here's some of what he had to say. >> the next scheduled session will be on the 27th of december. as i said earlier today when we opened, i'm glad that productive discussions are continuing and these negotiations produce a solution that is acceptable to all parties which means 60 votes in the senate, majority in the house and a presidential signature.
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at that point, we will take it up on the senate floor. senators will be notified when a vote is scheduled and in the meantime, the discussions and negotiations continue. host: and the majority leader mentioning the next session today, the 27, coming in at 4:00. the senate on c-span2, the house here on c-span. your calls next. go ahead, ann. caller: what departments in the u.s. government are shut down because i have been getting my mail. host: are you a federal worker? aller: i am not.
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host: it's a self-funding agency. caller: i did not know that. thanks for the great programming the last few days. i appreciate it. host: glad to hear you. brian in melrose, new york, democrats' line. brian, go ahead. caller: the shutdown is over the wall. during the campaign that mexico was going to pay for it, why are we even debating it? why isn't the president mentioning that at all now? host: the president and some of the administration have linked the trade deals, the revised trade deal, u.s.-mexico trade agreement as an avenue perhaps, a way that some of that gets funded, what do you think of that?
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caller: it's very clear during all the all campaign rallies that mexico was going to pay for it. i don't know why we are debating it and why the american people have to foot a bill that was never the plan. it was always mexico was going to pay for it and the president was emphatic about it. ost: one snapshot, who tweets. host: norfolk, virginia, democrats' line. caller: i'm trying to figure out the oldup about being up wall. hy are we being hypocritical when reagan told another country to tear down this wall.
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that's my concern. why are we being hypocritical? host: particularly hypocritical towards which other countries, which country are you referring to? caller: reagan told gorbachev, tear down that wall and now we are building up one. that is hypocritical to me. host: phoenix, arizona. caller: i think government shutdown is a fantastic idea and i cannot wait until the 2019 congress can come in so we can older men deas and don't know what is going on. until we get the new congress in, this is new age, times have changed. thank you. host: we are a week away from
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that new congress coming in, the 116th congress gaveling in as prescribed on january 3 with live coverage of the house here on c-span and the senate on c-span 2 next thursday. taking your calls and comments reaction to the government shutdown and we have a line for federal workers. we wait for the house and senate to come in. to california. and katie is a government worker. caller: this is katie i'm part of the shutdown. i don't live paycheck to paycheck but i worry about my co-workers and the work that's not being done. so i'm hoping there will be a decision. i'm very much against funding the wall personally. i'm not speaking on behalf of the government but personally, i don't think it's good use of the
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money to build a wall. host: what kind of work do you do? aller: usda. host: you guys are completely shut down or personnel manning essential duties in your offices? caller: there are people that do essential duties but i'm not one of them. host: yuma, arizona, on our democrats' line. caller: i voted for these folks to run the government not to shut it down. those who shut it down should be kicked out of congress. i'm tired of this nonsense. see how i cleaned up my language there. i could have put in something else. host: we're glad you didn't, thank you. thanks for calling. host: larry, your thoughts on
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this shutdown. caller: i'm 71 and been a republican since i could vote. the democrats want me to be one but i don't think that will be happen. i would like to know if something likes this occur. with a democratic president. do you think they will turn against him? i think it will happen. i think what's going on right now in government it's not going to change and so many bad feelings that our government will never run proper again. host: this is the third and -- the third shutdown of this year, certainly the longest. couple of minor shutdowns. looking live on the east side of the u.s. capitol. we have cameras up on capitol hill. inside as well. trying to track down and see where members are. this is the senate subway, the two subways that service the
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russell and dirksen office building. there may be a member or two around. we'll find out at 4:00 when the senate comes in. this has been going on long before trump. doesn't matter what party it is. i voted independent, democratic off and on. there is hypocrisy. the intersention by the c.i.a. in central. another thing that i know, i was raised down here on the border. all my life i grew up. the border was absolutely pourous and hiring people left and right. they hired people.
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they have people come over. they create the conditions and now they don't want them here. they spray tear gas at them and put walls and put troops here and i think that's ridiculous. and the only time these politicians come down here is when they are running for office. when they come down here, they hold closed meetings. there was a politician from here who had an open meeting and invited every party. i find a lot of hypocrisy to this. host: who is the politician? caller: beto o'rourke. i voted for him. i was beginning to lose hope in the democratic party. and i hope there are more people like beto o'rourke who speak up. i grew up. i can remember the times people with their lunches waiting to go
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to work and go back and forth to work and work as gardeners. and this and that. it was pourous then. nobody ever said anything. host hoast tell us what you mean and what did you notice. caller: not only in central america but in chile. and gone on during the reagan administration. here was a great influx of eople from salvador. we create the conditions down there. host: taylor, michigan, next and here from art on our republican line. caller: hi, how are you?
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let's try to put this into perspective here. i'm 62 years old. i can remember back in reagan's day to giving amnesty. that amnesty was to do one thing and eliminate having this immigrant crisis again. and we have had seven. it wasn't the first one wasn't good enough, two years later, those who didn't receive the amnesty said we were scared to come out of the woodwork and now we want it extended to us. seven amnesties. make sense.'t host: what's the solution to that, do you think, art? caller: my ancestors are immigrants, but what we have to put in perspective as well,
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there is a difference between an immigrant and illegal alien. right now -- and nobody touches on this. right now, according to the u.s. customs immigration services, there are 4.5 million people from all around the world, all different ces, ethnicities that filled out the proper documentation. have paid the required fees and waiting in their home country to be processed. now with all this business going on with flooding the country, they have created a blackflow, you can verify this. i don't expect you to believe me. it is easily verified. 4.5 million people have gone about it the legal rightful way.
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host: we are 15 minutes away from the start of the session for the house and senate. the house will be here on c-span and the senate on c-span 2. president trump just tweeting about our topic. we look at the capitol center, a replica of the statue of freedom. this is live. and we will look at this and show you the president's tweet. a nice look at mainly visitors there. not seeing many members there. democrats' line. ller: i'm one of those millenials. and this is our third shutdown in the past year? some form of immigration. billion latest over $5 for a physical barrier, what i
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don't seem to understand, why can't that money -- why isn't a physical barrier, most of the drugs that are coming from the southern border are coming through ports of entry. what is this physical wall -- how is that going to stop any of that? some of the arguments coming from this administration, they don't seem to make any sense. you know, with the backlog of lack of judges and why not go through immigration courts and get people through to become citizens and stuff. i just don't understand why that money could be better spent bringing in more judges or expanding these ports of entries, getting more border patrol agents to vet more people as they come through. those are some of my thoughts. host: we appreciate that. we take your calls and comments.
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the president just tweeted about the wall saying border patrol agents want the wall. democrats say they don't want the wall even though they know it is really needed and don't want i.c.e. and don't have much to campaign on. and the large scale crime that comes with such stupidity. your calls and reactions here on day six of the government shutdown. daniel is a federal worker in rochester, new york. caller: i'm very upset about the shutdown because i'm a post office worker and very familiar with how new york state goes. and the issue is basically, we need make sure all of our borders are safe, not just that board he. and i feel if we spend too much money on that border, we will be in the same situation right now with dangerous drugs coming
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through the post office from is a and india and fentanyl killing millions of americans. and i'm at the post office. so i people getting arrested at the post office. and it needs to be stopped through other ways. host: thank you for your call. mark meadows from north carolina and head of the freedom caucus, one of the key members that president trump has been working with here in the last couple of weeks refweeting this afternoon saying -- host: that is mark meadows that passed 217-185. we go to van buren, arkansas and
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marsha on our republican line. caller: i'm 70 years old but i'm a tooth less old woman and tooth less old hill byy. i was raised in arkansas. my daddy was a democrat and worked on the railroad and he was a democrat. democrat was the working man's party. a congressman change daddy's mind and he told the congressman one time, you are a good democrat, you just don't know it. well, i voted democrat most of my life, but i was hooked in 2016 by the first question to donald trump in the first presidential debate. i thought, if he can stand up to
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a woman like that, that's what we need in office, not someone who is going to pussy foot around. and he has been exactly what he has said he would do. and like his visit to afghanistan and iraq, he did not telegraph his movements like other presidents have done. i love the fact that he is keeping it close to his chest. i'm a confirmed republican because of donald trump. host: thanks for calling in. we are less than 10 minutes away from the house and senate. here's our plan. we'll show you the house and senate coverage. we don't expect it to be long in either body. in a couple of sessions, democratic leader, the democratic whip steny hoyer trying to bring forward legislation that passed in the senate and this deals with
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retroactive pay for government workers when a shutdown ends. leader hoyer tried to bring that forward the other day, but they gaveled out the session. we expect a fairly quick session for the house and senate. and after the bodies gavel out, we'll continue with your comments and calls. we'll go to norfolk, virginia nd hear from george. >> this is george, thank you for taking my call. thenth or so ago, i went to web site for hills delnch dale college and i order the declaration of independence and the constitution of the united states. and reading in the second chaptter of the declaration of independence, i will just read this brief statement and then
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have you respond offline. i'm a registered democrat but really an independent because they don't allow you to change in virginia at least as of 1998. the history of the king of great britain is history of repeated injuries and usurpations all having direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these states. to prove this, facts must be submitted, end quote. aboutxt 2 1/2 pages talks king george iii, the king of england at the time of the declaration of independence. we tie this in and
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encourage folks to read through those documents. tie that in to what's going on today. what are you reading that feels similar, if that's what you are getting at. a ler: i think mr. trump tyrannical person. e wants to control everything. my parents wore immigrants. i was born in america. i believe in immigration. that's what has made our country great. host: i didn't mean to drop you like that, but thanks for your observations. we are showing you a moment ago inside the capitol. that was the old house chamber and statuary hall. all the statues and many of the statues up on capitol hill.
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dan versus, massachusetts. bill on our democrats' line waiting for the house and senate to come in. caller: thank you for taking my call, how do you believe the wall before you secure the property by eminent domain and that would take a lot of time. you may not build the wall for two years unless you get the land to put the wall on, is that right? host: you may have a very good point. big long border. caller: you need to secure the border and you have to use eminent domain. host: there may be spots where they would have to do that. i can't tell you for sure. thanks for calling. a couple of reporters tweeting, this shutdown is bizarre. neither of the parties are doing messaging, no press conferences, no signs of anybody coming in for tonight's session and just the president talking about it
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right now and no talks between both parties. house republicans saying no votes expected for the rest of the week making it likely that the government shutdown will continue. the 116th congress continuing a week from today. republican line, andrew. caller: my brother used to work on the southern border as a border patrol agent. the obama administration, he had to do what they are doing right now with the families and everything. he told me it costs $120 billion for that. so what is $5 billion to wall. it's not going to hurt our budget that we already have in this country of trillion dollars. not going hurt. you can end that by building a wall and $120 billion that it takes to house those people down
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there. host: to similar own in jacksonville, arkansas on our others line. caller: just one point that i haven't heard a lot of people speak about, i have a lot of empathy for anyone, especially these people that have been misled into coming here thinking was going to be an easy flow-throw and brought your children probably as a parent i would never do my child. but it's not sustainable to our country. we have a homeless problem. it's not sustainable. our immigration is something that our country is based on. at this time, we can't sustain it. i also think they should take up into a workers and look that and basically, there's a
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lot of other things, people who hire illegal immigrants should be fined or should be -- have some repercussions. but it should be a combination of some kind of barrier, technology and whatever it takes, because everyone is suffering here. host: do you see issues with immigration, illegal immigration where you are in jacksonville, arkansas? caller: actually, yeah, there was a shootout, we just moved and not too far from our house. there was some cartel activity not far from here. and it doesn't involve just the border states at all. and i don't think people realize that.
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another thing they could do is build the wall funding that people have done on gofundme, people in the border states would like to have some protection and allow that money to build some kind of fencing or wall on their property, if they chose to do it, because i'm sure people would appreciate that. host: you may be familiar with it. trying to raise $1 billion for the wall. it's around $20 million. almost 4:00 in the east coast and the house and senate are gaveling and take you to the house floor. and back to you for your calls on c-span, c-span 2 and c-span radio. ee you in a few minutes. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] captioning performed by e


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