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tv   White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney Talks to Press  CSPAN  December 28, 2018 12:46pm-12:55pm EST

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>> him today is day seven of the government shutdown. what has budget director of any of with reporters outside the white house about the shutdown and money. border wall. >> i will just take a few questions. what's up? yeah.
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absolutely. all options are on the table. it is the only way to get the democrats' attention. the vp, chuck schumer and i met on saturday. we came down off our $5 billion offer. hey were originally at $1.6 billion. heyi not going to tell you whatt is. say i wasn't going to say with the number was? we were fully expecting them to come back and continue those negotiations. last night, they told us they were not going to counter that. this all comes down to mrs. p
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elosi's speakership. i think left to his own devices, chuck schumer and the senate democrats would cut a deal. they are protecting mrs. pelosi. if they cut any guilty for january 3, she is at risk of losing her speakership. are not working without pay. that is not true. paychecks go out today. the ordinary pay cycle would go out today. those paychecks are going out. is next paycheck cycle january 11. absolutely, it is. the folks that are really are at risk are the folks that are furloughed. the folks that are working will get paid absolutely. nobody works for free for the federal government. folks that are furloughed will
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need legislation in order to pay for them. they are due to be paid for the work today on the 11th. if not, they will not be paid until after the government opens. >> why did the president say that people not getting paid are democrats? >> i think he was trying to point out a political reality. northern virginia, southern d.c., these are heavily democratic areas. virginia has two democratic senators. maryland has two democratic senators. why did they leave? these folks are impacted, and there is no one negotiating on the democrat side. [inaudible] >> i will answer your question if you let me answer hers first. that is why he is here. he is here working for everybody. he cannot understand the folks that are from heavily democratic
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areas who are on not talking to him. there is not a single democrat in the united states talking to the president. >> why does he believe most federal workers support him shutting down the government? >> he thinks a lot of people believe in border security. i have gotten a lot of messages my friends saying i am a democrat, but you're right. too often border security is critical. we think we have agreement on what we can build, a still barrier. the democrats will admit to you. do they think that is a wall? the answer is no. in their definition, as long as it is not concrete, it is not a wall. they have told us building that is appropriate and necessary. it is the appropriate barrier on the border. this is all about money and nancy's election. we were meeting on the hill. the vice president and i thought it was more appropriate to go
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down to the hill. that is where we went. we are here. they know where to find us. we put the last offer on the table. negotiation, anyone who has done this, you don't make an offer and then make another offer and another offer. we made an offer saturday night. they got back to us last night and said that is it, no more discussions. the discussions have broken down. we expect to manage it. the smithsonian has been open all week. it will be closed after new year's. the shutdown does look different under a republican administration. we will not be weaponizing the shutdown to make it hard on people like we believe the previous administration does. is closing the border really on the table?
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>> in the newly elected congress on january 3, democrats will have a majority in the house of representatives. nancy pelosi has been nominated by her party to be the next speaker of the house while steny hoyer will become the majority leader. hakeem jeffries will be democratic caucus chair. on the republican side, kevin mccarthy will be minority leader with steve scalise as minority whip. liz cheney the republican caucus chair. january 3, watch the house on c-span and the senate on c-span2 . new congress, new leaders. watch the process unfold on c-span. sends for new members to the house of representatives for the 116th congress, all of
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them sees previously held by republicans. michael cheryl will represent new jersey. she talked about her time as a federal prosecutor during the debates. >> i began my service when i was 18 years old when i joined the naval academy. i served 10 years as a helicopter pilot. i served in new jersey at the u.s. attorney's office. service, ietime of decided the best way to continue my service to my country in new jersey was to run for congress because i am not just concerned about what is happening now. i am concerned about the future of new jersey because i have four kids. i think we need to work in a bipartisan manner to get good legislation passed in congress. a tax plan that does not attack new jersey. quality and affordable health care for everyone in this country.
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infrastructure spending so we can grow our economy now and well into the future. countrylways put this first. i have worked with people from across the country and across the world to get the mission accomplished. >> she is joined by jeff payne drew, who will represent the second district of new jersey. he was elected to the new jersey state senate in 2007 after previous terms in the general board,y, on the county and as mayor. he is a dentist by profession. andy kim will represent new jersey's third district. he served on the national security council staff during the obama administration. he was previously a civilian advisor to generals david the trieste and john allen -- petra eus and john allen in afghanistan. -- having served as assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights, and labor through most of obama's second term.


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