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tv   White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney Talks to Press  CSPAN  December 28, 2018 11:02pm-11:09pm EST

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the white house remain at a standstill as president trump billions to call for $5 in border funding, which democrats object to. commerce needs monday at 10:00 are eastern, but no votes expected. you can follow the house on c-span and the senate on c-span two. >> white house budget director mick mulvaney gave an update friday on the state of negotiations to reopen the government while speaking to reporters outside the white house.
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dir. mulvaney: we came down off of our offer. the senate appropriations committee passed a bill funding the border wall, but 10 democrats voted for that. to democrats went from 1.6 1.3. we sat down with senator schumer and gave him a number below five. i will not tell you what it is. we were fully expecting them to come back and continue negotiations. last night they called us and said they will not counter that. this comes down to ms. pelosi's speakership. the senate democrats would cut a deal, but they are protecting mrs. pelosi, she does not have the votes, and if she cuts a deal before her election on january 3, she is at risk of losing her speakership.
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we are in this for the long haul. a lot of folks reported people are working without pay. that is not true. go out today. the ordinary pay cycle will pay people today. those checks are going out. the next payroll affected will be january 11. >> [inaudible] folks who are really at risk and the folks furloughed, when they get paid is a function of when the government opens. they will get paid. no one works for free for the government. the folks furloughed would need legislation to pay them for the time they were furloughed. paychecks will go out today, and folks will get paid. they are due to get paid on the 11th, and they will not get paid until after the government opens. >> [inaudible]
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tarleton: he was trying to point out -- dir. mulvaney: he was trying to point out a political reality. many of the government workers live in democrat areas. why did they leave? most impacted, yet no one is negotiating on the democrats side. >> [inaudible] dir. mulvaney: i will answer your question if you let me answer hers first. he is not here working for republicans, he is working for everybody. he cannot understand people from heavily democratic areas are home. there is not a single democrat talking to the president of the united states. --most federal workers dir. mulvaney: a lot of people believe in border security. i have a lot of messages saying
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you are right about border security. look at what is happening in california. border security is critical. we think we have an agreement on what we can build, steel barriers, the democrats will admit, do they think that is a wall? they do not believe that to be a wall. their definition, if it is not concrete, it is not a wall. it is the appropriate barrier to have on the border. this is about money and nancy's election. the vice president and i thought it was appropriate to go to the hill, that is where we went. we are here, and they know where to find us. we put the last offer on the table. you have done this for your sellers. we made an offer last saturday
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night. they told us they would get back to us. they got back to us last night and said, we are leaving, no more discussions. we expect this to go on for a while. closedthsonian will be after new year's. a shutdown looks different under a republican administration. we will not weaponize it in the way we believe the previous administration does. thank you very much. >> is closing the border really on the table? >> c-span's "washington journal," live every day with news and the policy issues that impact you. saturday morning, active , then thend veterans
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book "the view from flyover country, dispatches from forgotten america." journal,"hington joined the discussion. >> next, portions of this year's atlantic festival in washington dc. speakers include chef jose mckessan.eray


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