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tv   Viewer Phone Calls on Goverment Shutdown - Day 14  CSPAN  January 4, 2019 3:00pm-3:27pm EST

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week's pay, or the following week's pay, i think if you ever really looked at those people, i think they'd say, mr. president, keep going. this is far more important. i want to thank you all and we'll see you soon. they'll be working very hard over the weekend. thank you very much. >> will you turn down the raise? [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> president trump there with congressional leaders speaking
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for just over an hour and a half and taking questions from reporters for about half that time here in the white house rose garden. started his comments talking about the economy and business in general in the united states and then transitioning to the shutdown on this 14th day of the shutdown. we're going to take your phone calls, want to get your thoughts after president trump met with democrats coming to what looked like no further agreement on ending the shutdown and building a wall on the southern border. for democrats the number to call 202-748-8920. for republicans, 202-748-8921. we have a special line for federal workers, 202-748-8922 and for all others, you can join us at 202-748-8923. of course we're@cspan on twitter and a few tweets during the
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meeting. from bloomberg, no apparent progress after the white house meeting that was with democrats earlier today. trump still wants $5 billion in wall money as a condition for reopening the government. democrats say no. reopen the government now and debate the wall later. frank from nbc writing -- >> a look as democrats came out to speak. senator schumer saying the president told lawmakers in their meeting he would keep the government shutdown for months or even years. let's take a look exactly what the democrats said as they came out of the meeting with president trump. ms. pelosi: good afternoon. we completed a lengthy and sometimes contentious conversation with the president. we agreed we will continue our conversations, but we all -- we
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recognize, on the democratic side, that we really cannot resolve this until we open up government and we made that very clear to the president. services are being withheld from the american people. paychecks are being held from people who serve the needs of the american people and our border security will suffer if we do not resolve this issue. we are committed to keeping our borders safe. that has always been our principle, to honor the oath of office we take to protect and defend our country and our constitution. we can do that best when government is open. we made that clear to the president. mr. leader. senator schumer: same thing what the speaker said. we made a plea to the president once again. don't hold millions of americans, hundreds of thousands of workers hostage.
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open up the government and let's continue the discussions. i pointed out to him, for instance, a call i got in my office this morning. a fire dispatcher from upstate new york. wife is pregnant. signed a mortgage. can't get the f.a.a. to approve it now -- f.h.a. to approve it because the government is closed. this kind of situation is happening in millions of instances across the united states in one way or another. so we told the president we needed the government open. he resisted. in fact he said he'd keep the government closed for a very long period of time. months or even years. the discussion then -- we discussed a bunch of issues, as the leader said, that were somewhat contentious and we'll continue discussing, of course, but it's very hard to see how progress will be made unless they open up the government.
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[speaking simultaneously] [inaudible] reporter: have you made progress on the dollar figure what the president wants or what you all want from him? ms. pelosi: how do you define progress in a meeting when you have a better understanding of each other's position, when you eliminate some possibilities. if that's a judgment we made some progress. reporter is that a potential opportunity for a daca deal? what about a daca deal? senator schumer: yeah. thank you. >> remarks there from democrats right after their meeting with president trump at the white house. scott wong with "the hill." the appropriations chair of the house, nita lowey, said president trump's threat to shut down the government for years is highly irresponsible. she said the president needs to take the shutdown seriously and not sleep in until 11:00 a.m. every day.
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this is not a sitcom. and one from kelly donell here. the president said he had a god and productive meeting with democrats. supports strengthening resources at ports of entry. meanwhile, brook baldwin saying speaker pelosi says the meeting was lengthy and contentious. president trump said they achieved progress. we've come a long way. so which is it? marylou has been waiting on the line. independent. go ahead. caller: hi there and thank you. good afternoon. to the listeners and watchers as well. i want to say thank god for donald trump. it's about time. i am 70 years old, and i have seen this issue of illegal immigration mushroom totally out of control ever since ronald reagan gave amnesty to three million illegal aliens. and the thing that makes me feel good is the american people are waking up now and seeing how disastrous illegal
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immigration is on our country and the people that are trying to get in here. this is such a sad situation and the only one that's had the guts to take care of it is donald trump. people need to call their congresspeople and their senators and tell them to give donald trump the money for that wall. until we get a barrier, whatever you want to call it, concrete, steel, i don't care, we are not going to be able to stop this serious issue of illegal immigration. thank you very much. have a good day. >> thanks for calling, marylou. uniontown, ohio, lloyd is on the line, republican. lloyd, go ahead. caller: yes. i'm not -- i don't quite understand why the democrats are so opposed to a wall right now when they had control of the house and senate, they were all for a wall but they didn't do anything. and now all of a sudden since donald trump wants it that they're opposed. and then when you hear pelosi and schumer get on there and
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talk they say the american people don't want this. 68% of the american people want a wall. do they really actually represent the people? >> lloyd, how did you get the numbers, 68% seems high. caller: i heard that through -- the other day on the radio. >> ok. thanks for weighing in, lloyd. caller: rush limbaugh. >> ok. thanks for weighing in. onto bowy, maryland. federal worker. we have edward on the line. edward, can you tell us what you do with the government? caller: yes. i work for the department of homeland security in washington. and i am a nonessential employee so i am not getting paid. and i fully support president trump. >> now, how is this affecting your life and how are you moving forward daily and where does that support for the president come from now that you're not working, you're not getting paid? caller: well, i'm cutting back on a lot of activities and all
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that. don't have to pay for metro and all that. going to movies and just enjoying every day, but still in the back of my mind i'm still nervous about not getting paid but i fully support president trump with the wall. >> interesting. well, edward, thanks for the phone call. edward being part of the department of homeland security, some of what the house worked on yesterday was trying to move forward with funding certain parts of the government for about a year. that did not include department of homeland security, which will be responsible for wall building, border security. so that is the part of the government there edward's calling from. theresa on the line, democrat, calling from pennsylvania. theresa, you're next. caller: i'd like to say this is one of the most disgraceful speeches a president has ever given in the rose garden and i am absurd of the people that have called and have supported this man. he's been involved in all kinds
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lawsa -- lawsa fair with porn stars and it's appalling and it breaks my heart. >> thanks for the call. president trump speaking and taking questions for about an hour. once we wrap up your phone calls we'll take a look back at his remarks. sylvia calling from pennsylvania as well. republican line. hi, sylvia. caller: hello and good afternoon. i support president trump 150%. i am an immigrant myself. i came legally. i had a green card before i applied for citizenship about 14 years ago. and all these illegal immigration and letting them stay here devals the process i went through -- de values the
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process i went through. i had background checks like you wouldn't even know. i had to pay. i had to take tests. and i waited my line -- my turn in line -- i'm sorry. i'm a little nervous. but i don't understand why the $5 crats argue over a billion amount for the wall when illegal immigration clearly costs us much more every year than the $5 billion. i don't understand the hypocrisy. also, if it were any other president but president trump, i think they wouldn't have a problem. if i sylvia, do you mind ask where you came from and when did you -- . i come from germany
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we got married in 1977. i had to ask my husband. i had a green card. in 2004 i got my u.s. citizenship. and it's something i'm very proud of. but i did it the legal way and i think everybody should. maybe it's true that people from other countries might have more problems, i don't know. but legally, legally is the key word. >> all right. thanks for the call, sylvia. appreciate it. fulsom, louisiana, lisa is on the line. hi, lisa. caller: hello there, happy new year. >> thanks, you too. caller: i want to say i am so proud of our president and he's doing an excellent job with all of the communist conflict on the left that's coming out and pouring upon our land. but i wanted to say absolutely i'm in support of the wall and i would make a strong recommendation. i would recommend that since
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the nafta deal with the clintons and even after more, millions of jobs left our country with obama in office, we have so many americans that could share their experience on how they survived losing their jobs, some for years, in poverty-stricten detroit and all over our -- poverty-stricken detroit and all over our country, maybe they can pile up voices at a helpline to make suggestions for the wonderful federal workers that get paid whether they do their jobs for america or not. that's my number one suggestion. and number two, there seems to be a theme in this democratic party of not caring about american lives but caring about everyone else outside of our country. d that's very sad because --
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i'm sorry. judicial watch received the fisa papers proving that obama and hillary denied chris stevens and our american workers down there with security detail. ery little operations in benghazi. the democrats kept -- hillary and obama kept ignoring, ignoring their pleas for security, to please help protect them, please give them more security, and they denied it and let these men die. >> lisa, appreciate the call. i want to get a couple people in here. kevin on the line, federal worker, middletown, maryland. hi, kevin. caller: hi. hello. good afternoon. i just have a comment about the government shutdown and federal employees. we are -- and i work with a whole bunch of federal workers.
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we are in full support of what president trump is doing. it is high time that we start protecting our border. so when you hear the democrats get on tv and say this is hurting federal workers and they're not going to be paid, well, it is hurting us when we know we're not getting paid immediately but we do know once the government reopens we will get back pay. that's the way it's always done for the last few of these shutdowns that happened. we support our president. this is high time this gets done. >> kevin, can i ask what part of the government do you work with and have you been working or are you a nonessential? caller: i'm nonessential and i work for the department of defense. but i also work with people from the national cancer institute, national institute of allergies and infectious
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diseases, and a lot of those are contractors. they're not being paid either. and they are in full support of this, but when you hear schumer and ms. pelosi say federal workers are not supporting the president, they are dead wrong. where i'm working at they do support him. keep in mind we did just lose a 2.1% pay raise that was frozen by president trump on i believe it was christmas eve. and we're not even going to get a raise or cola at all for 2019. and we still support our president. >> and also, too, kevin, i know that the senate's been working on back pay legislation. they had passed something before the new congress was seated yesterday, but because the house did not take action on that legislation they're having to start that process over again. again, that's legislation to pay federal workers back pay during the furlough. want to get some more calls in
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after president trump's remarks in the rose garden. we got jesse on the line calling from florida. jesse, you're on the line for independents and others. what are your thoughts after hearing the president speak? caller: my thoughts are i support the president on a couple of things. the impact of a wall for financial purposes -- hung up -- >> no, jesse, we're there. we got you. caller: the impact on this wall to stop people from coming in will stop the economy in california with the medical problems with all -- with all of the -- the bankruptcies and that kind of industry. we can finally take control over it. and honestly, all the money that would be saved from all of the people that are not here illegally from the wall would have a larger financial impact from all of knows other services that are overextended at the time. and i don't represent myself as
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a republican or democrat or another, but i know one thing for sure. there was 100,000 people that voted for donald trump who one of the things he wanted was a wall. these people need to be heard. and the other thing is that congress is there to keep in check the presidency and the presidency is there to keep in check the congress and the judicial system is supposed to look over everyone. but the number one person should be the voters and they said they wanted a wall. give them the wall. >> all right. jesse on that point, i'll show a tweet here. this is from robert costa from cnn during his remarks in the rose garden, the president said i can do it if i want. hen he was asked if he considered using executive authority call a national emergency and start building the wall without congressional approval. we'll show his remarks soon as
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we're done with phone calls. texas, federal worker, jeff is on the line from houston. jeff, go ahead. caller: good afternoon. thank you for taking my call. i work for nasa, the national aeronautics and space ministration, nonessential worker. i haven't been working this entire time. and i like what -- one of your previous callers said. there's no guarantee we will get back pay although historically we have. i do not as a federal worker do not support the president's decision that he's keeping us all held hostage to help build his wall since -- whatever he wants to call it this time. >> now, what do you see as far as an out? it sounds like it could go months or years for a federal shutdown, he's willing to do that and democrats also came out and said they want the government back open. caller: he's a -- he was the one that just weeks ago had the
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opportunity to pass -- sign off on a bill so we'd continue to have government funding for a period of time while he could still then negotiate with members of the house and senate. he refused to sign that bill and put us in this position. so as he said before, he's willing to own the shutdown, and i find it highly irresponsible to go on television and say this could take weeks, months, or even a year or more. >> all right, jeff, thanks for your call there from houston. another caller from houston on the democrats' line. hi, benjamin. caller: yes. how are you doing today? >> very good. how about you? caller: i'm doing fine. thank you very much. just want to say a couple of things. hello. >> yep. go ahead, benjamin. we hear you. caller: i just want to say a couple of things. president trump had two years. he had the senate and the
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representative house. if he wanted to build that wall, he had both houses to build it. now it's on the democrats' side. e wants to bring the democrats. you know what i say, to heck with him. he should have gotten the republicans to build it. also, he's not doing a very good job. everything that president obama one for good, he trying to hear the -- he's not doing a good job for american people. >> benjamin, too, quickly from caitlyn collins from cnn saying, vice president pence says he will not accept his raise if the government is still shut down. again, pointing out, as this came up during president trump's remarks, he and several cabinet secretaries are scheduled to get a raise
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tomorrow. so we'll see what happens with that. delvin calling from allentown, pennsylvania. democrats' line. go ahead. caller: how you doing? >> good. what do you think about the president's remarks? >> well, i mean, he's just an embarrassment. a total embarrassment to the united states. i feel like the wall just don't make no sense. we need to focus more on veterans, the ones who fought for this country and we are totally ignoring. it's all about, whoa, whoa. people come here and work. here are few that create crime. whether there are illegal aliens or americans. this whole thing about the wall has created about racists into the country, hardships in the country and it don't make no sense. let's take of our own, let's
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take care of those who put their lives on the line instead of building a wall. >> thanks for the call. republican line now, jack is calling from montclair, new jersey. caller: hello. my name is jack and i am on the republican side of the government shutdown. i believe immigration in today is a very difficult topic and -- but we need to get better policies on it. the democrats want open borders , a large part of hillary clinton's failed 2016 conventional campaign. donald trump has agreed to build a wall and it is not that expensive. it will only take $5 billion out of the country's treasury and budget which is not that much compared to other bills like the recent $3 billion tax cut bill that was passed about
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a year ago. and $350 billion buyout of the auto industry that took place in 2009. tried donald trump has to rebuild the awful policies that barack policies has put in during his presidency and his ideas are better than obama's but everyone agrees that he has worse policies. obama called on liberty island for -- >> jack, appreciate the call. i want to try to get one more caller in here before we show the president's remarks in the rose garden again. we have rose on the line, temple hills, maryland, democrat. rose, go ahead. rose, are you with us? caller: yes, i am. >> go ahead, rose. what are your thoughts? caller: yes, i'm from maryland. i am a nonessential government
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worker. raised 12 children. 70% works for the government. i would say to the president personally, the border, you know, do you really think the border is going to really work? my personal opinion with everything is the border should be lined up with -- he can send a man to the moon, think about it, we should have technology where it works like anything else. this is really sad that the government workers is out of work, worrying how they'll pay their bills and what they'll do next. that's really the most embarrassing thing for the united states of america to have someone to put in place, t in office and tell someone workers leave, we don't need you. it's really sad for us in the united states to have any workers to be off work. the president is [inaudible] do they really think the border -- 50 times high -- [inaudible]
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>> all right, rose, thanks for the call there. this will be the last one during our session of our phones. we are going to show the president's remarks. he spoke about 20 -- wrapped up his comments about 25 minutes ago. he was in the rose garden. these are his remarks and he took questions. we also hear from congressional republican leaders as well. after his meeting with democratic leaders in congress. here's a look. president trump: thank you very much. we had a very, very productive meeting. and i think we've come a long way. i'll discuss that in a second but first i imagine


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