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Charles Schumer
  Congressional Leaders Remarks after Meeting with President Trump  CSPAN  January 4, 2019 9:03pm-9:08pm EST

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>> before the news conference, democratic leaders spoke the fleet to reporters about their meeting with president trump at the white house to discuss border security funding. speaker pelosi: good afternoon, we just completed a lengthy and sometimes contentious conversation with the president. we will continue our conversations. on the democratic
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side that we really cannot resolve this until we open up government. we made that very clear to the president. withecks are being help from people who serve the needs of the american people. our border security will suffer if we do not resolve this issue. we are committed to keeping our border safe. that has always been our principle, to honor the oath of office we take to protect and defend our country and constitution. we can do that best when government is open. same thing as what the speaker said. the bottom line is simple. we made a plea to the president once again. don't hold millions of
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americans, hundreds of thousands of workers hostage. open up the government and let's continue the discussions. i pointed out the call i got in my office this morning. a fire dispatcher from upstate new york, wife is pregnant, signed a mortgage, can't get the fha to approve it because the government is closed. these kinds of situations happening in millions of instances across the u.s. in one way or another. we told the president we needed the government open, he resisted. he said he would keep it closed for a very long period of time, months or even years. we discussed a bunch of issues. they were somewhat contentious. we will continue discussing, of course. it's very hard to see how progress will be made unless they open up the government.
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[indiscernible] how do youosi: ?efine progress in a meeting when you have a better understanding of each other's position, when you eliminate some possibilities, if that's a judgment, we need process. [indiscernible] leader schumer: thank you.
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announcer: democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer coming out of their meeting with president trump. we saw the president's remarks right before that. we will take your phone calls, we want to hear what you think about what the members of congress or president trump had to say after their meeting. isocrats, the number to call 742, 748 8920. for federal