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tv   Viewer Response to President Trumps Oval Office Address  CSPAN  January 8, 2019 9:19pm-9:54pm EST

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and we can welcome legal immigrants and refugees without compromising safety and security. the symbol of america should be the statue of liberty, not a 30 foot wall. so our suggestion is a simple one -- mr. president, reopen the government, and we can work to resolve our differences over border security, but end this shutdown now. thank you. >> live from the u.s. capitol, and the democratic response by the two democratic leaders, chuck schumer of new york and house speaker nancy pelosi, virgin president trump to -- urging president trump to reopen the government. the president earlier today telling reporters he would not go along with that, feeling he has the upper hand in negotiations. we want to hear from you.
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tell us what you think about the president's first oval office address as well as the democratic response. 202 is the area code in washington dc. the numbers will continue to be at the bottom of the screen. some reaction from members of congress. we begin with senator john cornyn of texas. "shame on those scoring political points instead of solving problems." there is this from senator ben cardin of maryland, "at no point did president trump address why we cannot open part of the government that have nothing to do with border security. why is he holding the state department, department of justice, national park service and the americans they serve hostage?" senator ron johnson, "the president made a strong case for
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securing our border and fulfilling our responsibility to protect fellow americans. time to end the politics and properly fund border security." from democratic senator bob menendez, "the president said nothing in his address to justify holding 800,000 federal workers hostage. the american people deserve better." on your phone calls, from pasadena, california, our line for independents. good evening. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am a son of immigrants. ,panish was my first language and my parents came to this country to flee the socialist and communism that overtook these -- many of these countries south of the border. the people that come to this country, they come here to flee
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and, to flee the oppression --that said, my heart has always been with the immigrant, yet it is so important for us to know who and what is coming through our border. host: marianna, florida, republican line. what did you hear tonight? caller: i support the president. there is a crisis on the border. i welcome the people that come here legally. i know some of them. the president is correct. schumer and pelosi live behind walls, people in washington live behind gated communities. why can't we have a wall on the border like they have walls
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around their homes? we support the president in florida. we need this wall. democrats will never negotiate with him if he opens the government. he has to hold something over their heads to make the negotiate. they refuse to go to the white house. he has offered to compromise. they did not even come there monday or tuesday. i hope they will compromise with the president. if they just give president trump a chance, and i ask the people to give him a chance, he is trying to protect the american people. host: thank you. the president will travel to capitol hill. he will meet with senate republicans. vice president pence meeting with house republicans earlier tonight. according to the white house schedule, at 3:00 in the situation room, the congressional leaders, democrats and republicans for their third session to discuss border funding.
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the president saying he would be in favor of steel slats in exchange for a wall. the president saying he will not negotiate a number below $5.7 billion. democrats line, fresno, california. good evening to you, sir. caller: trump did nothing but lie for 12 minutes in the people's house. the only national emergency now is donald trump. he has two years of gop control to get the wall. why didn't he get it then? he cares nothing about the u. s., nothing about himself. -- but himself. host: let's go to david on our line for independents from chicago, illinois. thank president trump for trying to address illegal immigration over the border, but
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when i failed to hear is the economic effects of legal cheap foreign labor dumping, visas programs, that have severely affected the tech workers in this country. 70% of the tech labor force in silicon valley is foreign-born. we are allowing hundreds of thousands of foreign workers. that has just as much of a devastating effect economically as the humanitarian crisis on the border. i wish the president would stick to his promise to hire america first and listen to american tech workers, and not just the billion or oligarchs he met with in december. host: reaction from senator dick durbin, "what we heard from the oval office was a desperate attempt by the president to gain support for his medieval border wall. it won't work." the president traveling to texas thursday for what he describes
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as a photo op and to describe firsthand the situation along the border. we will be covering the on the c-span networks. the president's address tonight and democratic response you can check out anytime on thomas is joining us from rio rancho, new mexico. so you are along the border -- what did you think tonight? >> i am an iraqi war veteran. i am really fed up with these democrats. my family has been democrats for a lifetime. we are all fed up with the democrats. they have shown their true colors with obstructionist tactics. i am sick of seeing my own country. i fought a foreign country to protect american citizens, and i come home and i have to deal with these democrats. it is pretty damn pathetic is all i have to say. i am an oathkeeper.
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i stand behind president trump. there is a lot of corruption in washington dc. . they are the ones that funded the fake russian dossier with fusion gps. they are not going to get away with it. it is only a matter of time. i live in a veterinarian. -- in a veteran area. we are fed up with this. the democrats better start going straight soon, or is going to be a mess is all i can say. host: a statement issued on twitter by the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell. it reads in part, "like president trump reaffirmed his commitment to addressing the humanitarian crisis at our nation's southern border. his proposal to increase border security, the reality on the ground is what border security
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experts agree on and builds on legislation that then-senator obama and senator schumer previously supported with enthusiasm. the past 18 days has shown the democrat's refusal to negotiate is not due to any principle objection, but partisan spite for the president. the men and women of the border patrol, safety for all americans who deserve a fully operational federal government, i sincerely hope my democratic colleagues come to the table and deliver a solution." a statement from the republican senate leader mitch mcconnell. tell us what you think about the president's first address from the oval office and democratic response. independent line, good evening. caller: thank you so much for having me on your line. i just recently moved to tennessee from california, so i
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can speak to the crisis. i lived in california for 27 years and just recently moved here. it is remarkable, after 27 years, and watching how much a , from an change thriving economy to a sanctuary state. i actually was in a city that passed as a sanctuary city. it is a crazy, crazy place. the reason i moved here is because president trump told us as a nation that he would protect us. i knew california would not follow along, and here we are. they have decided -- their governor decided they will still continue on as a sanctuary state. i am hoping and praying president trump still follows
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with his policy and sticks by and saysicks by this i'm going to keep my word, and keep our sovereignty, and defend this nation. hem very happy to hear what said tonight, and i am sorry, democrats, that is not going to work for the american people. we voted this man in office to defend this nation. steve: thank you. the president, saying this is a crisis of the heart and soul at the border. this tweet a short while ago, i share the president's concern about the escalating border crisis. federal security is the government's number one priority, and increasing resources for border protection must accurately reflect this obligation. we can do this if everyone comes to the table. pamela from virginia on the , goodican line
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evening. >> i would like to say i support the president fully and what he is trying to do. i have many friends that are immigrants. my husband's great grandparents were immigrants to this country. thismily has been in country since the 1700s. if your first steps coming into our country are made making the law by crossing the border illegally, what is your motivation to abide by any other laws in this country? it is not fair to the people who have made sacrifices. tois not fair to the people, so many military families who paid the ultimate price to protect our rights and to protect those laws. and your very first moments in this country are made breaking the law. there is no motivation to follow
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any other laws. so i support this president and support i politicians that support him. pamela, thanks. checking tweets from members of congress. this is from washington senator patty murray, a democrat. she wrote, the only thing the american people learned tonight is that president trump is willing to say and do anything in order to justify spending taxpayer money on its -- on his wasteful border wall. the shutdown is reckless and wrong. after this friday, it will be the longest shut down in u.s. history. during the 1995 clinton administration in a showdown with house speaker newt gingrich. saturday would make it the longest, if it extends to saturday. mitchell joins us from texas, the democrats' line. go ahead, mitchell. in houston,o jack texas, independent line, good evening.
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as someone in the middle, it appears both parties are interested in protecting the border. we know the president's position with the wall, and from the address given by senator chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, it seems democrats have repeatedly shown they are willing to fund various border security measures, just not a wall. maybe that is the correct course, and maybe that is the wrong course. either way i support a debate on the border wall and other security measures. i don't understand why this issue should be coupled with the government functioning and opening back up again. if the border wall is the answer are the things are the answer, those things should be assessed on their own merit. one shouldn't be used to leverage over the other. steve: thanks. tim is joining us next from las vegas. good evening, tim.
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good evening. i think trump should build the wall. that should let him build the wall. -- they should let him build the wall. if you look over the years, the democrats said we needed border security, obama said we needed border security, and the man i support, president trump, he gets into office and all the present -- and all the democrats want to do is stop him and be obstructionist. they talked about trump being deceitful about telling the truth. well, obama said, if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. nancy pelosi says, we have got to pass this bill to see what is in it. well here now, we want something done and all they want to do is be obstructionists. we need to protect this country. i am a veteran. we need to protect this country. if you want to come to america, you are more than welcome.
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just do it legally. the whiteyou are in house tomorrow with the president and democratic leaders, clearly there has to be compromise on both sides. how do both sides come together on this issue? i wouldif i was trump, have to show them the videos of pelosi, obama, schumer, things that have happened in the past. yes, we need this, this isn't right, and this isn't right have these open borders. steve: but they point. president trump insisted mexico would pay for the wall. now taxpayers are paying for it. i could go back and forth on each side. caller: yes. steve: how do they reach an agreement? i wish i had a good answer for that. i support trump building the wall. we are one of the few countries
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in the world that doesn't have some type of barrier, and drones thosettle bitty, hand-controlled many drones, things like that are not going to stop them. steve: kamala harris, democratic senator from california come out , says the book president did nothing tonight to offer a solution to families who will miss their paychecks on friday. he needs to stop this self-made crisis and open the government. from senator kyrsten gillibrand, democrat from new york, president trump is misleading americans and stoking fear. the only crisis on our southern border is the humanitarian when he has created. any funding for a border wall would divert needed resources for health care and education. on this tuesday evening, the
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president delivering his address at the top of the hour, running under 10 minutes, followed by the democratic response. we go to sarah in oklahoma, good evening. caller: good evening. , i for one do not support the actual wall, only because of the cost, litigation, eminent domain. security,tter border i absolutely degree. i think most americans agree that it has to be tightened, but our country should not be held, yes, hostage because someone is not getting what they want. my dad has worked for the faa his whole career, has retired, went back as an instructor and now he is possibly going to face foreclosure on his home.
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they have zero dollars coming in. and he has worked his whole life for his government. and now he is faced with the situation we would never have aought possible, to see president hold everything at a standstill because he is not getting what he wants when there is the ability to work together. he is simply not going to allow it. steve: how do they get there? both sides are dug in? but, does the president where do democrats budge? if there is bipartisan bills that are ready to go, they have been working, they have been talking. honestly, if you have a president that is vowing to veto any bill that comes to him that does not give him what he wants, then you are pretty much in a
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standstill. i think it would be, the people of this country have to stand up, people in congress have to stand up, this is not a showing of muscle. we have people hurting. if food stamp programs stopped, stop, if people working for the government, the military, just because you want a wall doesn't mean that you hurt so many people in our country just because it is something that you simply want. steve: thanks for the call. let me go to martin in los angeles, line for independence, go ahead, please. caller: thank you for this opportunity. i want to thank the lady from virginia, because i have come from a family of veterans that fought and defended for this country to be safe. but at the same time, i am very worried about trump because when
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he was campaigning, he would say mexico is going to pay for the wall. but now he is reversing course, saying we are supposed to pay for it, and inadvertently mexico is supposed to pay for it. so the credibility of him has really gone down. and it sounds like the democrats and republicans have been working together to try and solve this problem of a government shutdown, which i believe they should talk about and that they should do, so that is where i currently stand. democratic senator chris coons of delaware, the president's continued insistence to build a wall which he justifies with misleading information is not productive. it only serves to further divide our country. on our line for republicans, jeffrey is next, saint augustine, florida. what did you hear tonight, jeff? trump'si did listen to speech, and i have to be honest,
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i hear a lot of people saying in the news and on this line that trump manufactured a crisis. no, no, no. the crisis was manufactured by people illegally crossing over a border. and if you don't have a border, you don't have a country, so i wall is needed. i totally think it should be built. these peopleestly, think, trump said mexico is going to pay for the wall. let me tell you, they will pay for the wall. here is how. if we don't stop these individuals from coming into our country, we will bankrupt this country and we will be just like venezuela. this is bigger than allowing every person to have a life in america. this is about turning america into socialism. that is where we are headed to. they won't tell you that dirty secret, the bernie sanderses,
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the kamala harrises, i can't even pronounce her name, from new york, the new lady. steve: alexandria oak osseo casio-cortez. is there a sweet spot where democrats and republicans can come together on this? yes, i think he can give some, and here is how. you have a lot of illegals in this country right now, they are daca. these individuals have built a life here. a lot of them are abiding citizens. his way ofnt, compromising is to give them citizenship. the ones who have a criminal record, who aren't abiding by the laws of this country, they would need to go. but the people who have
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contributed, paying tax and all that, by all means they should stay and i think he would be willing to do that. steve: remember president obama tried that, and so did george w. bush in 2005? congressional republicans said that was a nonstarter. can he get support to go along with that idea in his house and senate republican conferences? people employed with the government being out of work right now, i think those individuals would use common sense to say, that is the right thing to do. we are going to have to give a little to get a little. if you don'tlieve, build an obstruction, call it whatever you want, a wall, a barrier, if you don't build that and you have a drone flying around, we have somebody on quadrant number six coming through, quadrant number eight, a drone won't touch these people
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once they touch our soil. you need a physical barrier. call. thanks for the tomorrow congressional republicans and democrats meet with the president tomorrow at 3:00 in the situation room. the president travels to capitol hill during the noon hour, and president -- and vice president mike pence on capitol hill earlier today meeting with house republicans. aaron is in pompano beach, florida. good evening, your thoughts about the president's speech and the democratic response? caller: thanks for having me on. it is getting exhausting at this point listening to this man present manufactured, i was going to say facts, that is not the right word, to a base that is happy to eat them up without question, without hesitation, and more than happy to reject
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anything to the contrary because it involves confronting this reality they have constructed for themselves. the previous caller said the democrats accused the president of manufacturing a crisis, where the reality of the situation is the crisis is being manufactured by these illegal immigrants crossing the border. is,reality of the situation illegal crossings over the mexican border are down consistently since 2000. the president said most drugs come into the united states through the southern border, when most drugs, in through legal ports of entry. most immigrants enter the country legally and overstay their visas illegally. so i have reached a point where i no longer understand or know how to deal with these trump supporters, how democrats in general are supposed to approach
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this when i heard you say previously to another caller can'twhen the two sides come to an understanding, what are we supposed to do, how are we supposed to solve this crisis? what it comes down to is the republicans enabling a president to is very clearly facing severe, serious legal ramifications for campaign finance violations among other things, who is desperate to rather thanhis wall face the consequences of a spurned base of republicans who are no longer willing to deal with him, in order to reap the benefits of having their agenda easily passed. steve: it is a political issue for both parties, for the president in his reelection bid, for democrats in 2019 and as they prepare for 2020 presidential politics.
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not a question, just a statement, this is a political issue for both sides. caller: of course it is a political issue. i think it comes down to complicit republicans. republicans are standing by and allowing the president to do whatever he wants because it allows them to get his agenda pushed through. steve: we will show you the president's speech and just a moment, followed by the democrats' remarks. wrote, just hawley cast my first vote in the senate to protect our ally, israel. because theyo, want to punish donald trump for seeking more border security. so they are against protecting israel and against protecting americans? the swamp at work. senate democrats are blocking
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measures on anything until the federal government reopens, put forth by senator ben cardin of maryland. from orangeburg, south carolina, the independent line, good evening. caller: good evening. i'm tired of hearing president trump lying about who is going to pay for the border wall. did anyone actually believe they were going to write us at check upfront to pay for the wall? they will pay for the wall, quit calling that a lie. far as compromise, president trump is already compromised from a 25 billion dollar wall to a $5 billion wall. any american who does not want secure borders to make americans safer is not an american at all. socialist,mmunist, a whatever, but they are not true americans.
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the wall will stop 90% of illegal immigration. it won't solve all the problems, but it will leave it down to a few loopholes that can be more closely monitored. thesteve: how long is this goino last? caller: i hope he holds out as long as he has to. $5.7 billion is a crumb, it is not a big expense. it will pay for itself in just the cost of illegal immigrants every year. it will pay for itself in a few years. they just make a political issue out of it like every thing else. when you have a president that has got to fight the press, the democrats, people in his own party just because he is not part of the swamp, give him credit. he has a lot of perseverance. an independent from vermont, bernie sanders, 30 million americans have no health insurance, climate change threatens our planets, half of all americans have no retirement savings, 40 million are dealing with outrageous student debt.
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claire from san francisco on the line for republicans. tell us what you heard from the president, and the democratic response? caller: thank you for your broadcast. it is nice to hear just the speeches without a lot of commentary from talking heads. theave in san francisco and president's speech was good on substance, but i think he could have put a few more things into that speech that would have been helpful. he is the greatest president in my lifetime, and i am up there. unfortunately, nancy pelosi my representative. let me say, in san francisco we have lost four citizens to murder by illegal aliens and our elected officials do nothing about it. i felt president trump should more to talk about
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corporal singh. here was a classic example of a legal immigrant who did wonderful things, wanted to serve this country and did serve this country, and was murdered by an illegal alien who didn't have anything he wanted to do other than come across the .order and create havoc he benefited by our sanctuary laws. he was hidden. there were a number of people that had to be arrested with him because contrary to what sanctuary laws are supposed to do, they did not cause people to come forward and help the police in this hunt. they had to be hunted down, and the accomplices who hid him were also arrested. i hope they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law but i doubt they will be because this is california. i hope the people out there will understand that what is happening here is on its way to every other state in the country. it is shocking and horrifying,
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and it is every day here in california, for those of us who see it and are horrified but who are outnumbered. and now that they are harvesting ballots in southern california, defrauding the elections and there is no oversight, we are in a world of hurt in california. don't imitate us. steve: you have a new governor, your former mayor. who is going to make the next move? how do we break the impasse? caller: the polls have shown the people of this country are overwhelmingly against illegal immigration. democratsso that the are the ones who the people are increasingly seeing are the obstructionist, not president trump. i think they will buckle. steve: thanks for adding your voice to the conversation.
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we appreciate it. colleen again. fromll in again, claire san francisco. continue with your tweets at c-span or on facebook at / the first oval office address was herbert hoover in 29 -- in 1929. president nixon had the most and second was president ronald reagan, who had 40 during his years at the white house. talkrow, nicole briscoe to about the impact on federal workers, and two members of congress, gerry connolly, democrat from northern virginia, and congressman don bacon, republican from nebraska. from the oval office as we move into day 19 of the shutdown tomorrow, the president's dr


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