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tv   President Trump Receives Border Security Briefing in Mission Texas  CSPAN  January 11, 2019 6:40am-7:01am EST

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thank you, everybody. >> one last handshake. [applause] >> got it? >> thank you so much. >> thank you.
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>> this is the bearcat that we use -- [indiscernible] you,. president, thank sir.
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>> thank you very much, everybody. >> thank you. see acontinue to humanitarian crisis. that, 133 some countries other than [indiscernible] -- other than central america. >> people from all over the world. >> so far, we have apprehended from 41 different
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countries. south texas continues to lead in apprehension. mr. president, senators, we could not do it without you. we appreciate you coming down here. thank you. they apprehended people from the middle east and they do it all the time. we are not talking only mexico. all of the world, they come. and they havety
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what they need more than anything come of the wall, concrete, you don't care. we need a barrier. it could be a lot easier and you could spread your people out to different areas which would be helpful. >> we started a job in 2006. we need to finish that job and we need the resources. inneed that infrastructure order to control this porter and manage it. part of this is covered on the 60% side and accounts for of the traffic. over 90% occurs in those areas. anymoreon't have to say
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. sense, they need a barrier, they need a wall. if not, it is going to be hard work and grueling problems and death. a lot of just. death.t of >> thank you. >> thank you. >> how close are you at declaring a national emergency? , but we shouldn't have to. this should not be happening in .ur country
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iowa, newave crime in hampshire, new york. you will have cried you don't associate -- with places you don't associate with at the border. as well as we are doing, a lot is coming to the southern border. if we had the barrier, it would not happen or they could have your people and put people at other places. it is all common sense nancy and chuck know that. they are losing the argument badly. it is not about an argument or politics or it is about doing the right thing. i can do a lot easier things. i said forget this with everyone else. this should have been done 30 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago and five years ago.
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i could've done like everyone else and said forget it. a lot of the crime is caused by what is coming through here. these people do an incredible job and they are not given a full and because they need the barriers. they just said it better than anyone else who could say it. the problem is they go to the barriers and now they go around the barriers. it is a much different day. -- it has been going on for
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about 30, 35 years. we have to create a barrier. that we can do quickly. we could help the dreamers. i was ready to help the dreamers and then we got a decision that the folks representing the dreamers very strongly, which is us also, they said we don't have to do it anymore. we will see what happens and if againsteme court rules the president obama decision, we will have a deal with the dreamers. mexico is going to pay is going to pay -- >> do you think they are going
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to write a check? no, they are paying for the wall in a great trade do. you have the worst trade deal in nafta. -- millions ofds jobs. now, we have a great trade deal billions of dollars a year will be made now as opposed to nafta which was a disaster. everybody knows that. >> [indiscernible] impressive than anything are the agents themselves. these people are incredible. when you meet them, it is different. they are a great group of people. they happen to be very good-looking i have to say. they are smart, tough and have
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the whole package. they are impressive. i have met a lot of them. loaded left a big room up with ice. these are incredible people. when i meet them here as opposed to the white house, they do an incredible job. [inaudible] have you met with any of them? >> we have. most people want them. there may be some pocket were people disagree. to see how we do through congress.
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is so clearit, it and perfect, i would rather not do it. this should be easy to get approved through congress. the same people holding it up have approved it many times a four. they approved it just a few years ago. the reason is because of me, i hate to say. they know they will lose in 20 tony -- 2020. they will do anything they can. >> are you going to see the detention facilities? >> i don't know what they have planned. . would do it i would certainly stop there. i would not mind. it is not a bad idea. >> [indiscernible]
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movingink they are theirs. if you read one of your competitors, the democrats are starting to say this is not an argument they can win are some of the young and smart democrats that just got elected to congress. i don't know if you saw the same torry i did, but they are saying this is not an argument we will win. ande do not get this going they do not mind debt or crime, then you will see what happens with national emergencies, which i can do very easily and it was approved by congress or to as the act itself was approved by congress. i think the republicans are very happy. i have two of the most respected senators behind me. , i think we are
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unified. we had close to 53 people and we used to have 51 and a couple of one's on the difficult side. we had 53 great senators. i think there is great unity. basically, i think we have four more unity than the democrats. >> realistically, how long? >> i can't tell you. i feel badly for people that have had family members that have been killed. those of the people i'm thinking most about. >> [indiscernible] it simultaneously, but i would like to see them move fast. thingcing -- the nice
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itut the wall is i can have under construction in 15 minutes. how quickly could construction actually begin on the wall? >> very quickly. i think someone would sue to stop it, but we would win that quickly. lawyers tell me once percent. that is not stop people from suing. if you look at various things and we ended up winning a couple of times. that lessen the idea that you would use the national emergency? >> if it was something we all agreed with the everybody liked,
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it is common sense. most of this is common sense. i'm all for it. you have some things having to do with immigration that are horrible. i don't know -- don't care if , they areberal horrible. if they want to do something with that, it would be all right. michael cohen testified next month. when you think of that, are you worried? >> i'm not worried about it at all. >> [indiscernible] me when i looke at the family nc imminent
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domain. he is actually one of the ones that wants to do something about it. he wants to see the wall. this going to get straightened out and hopefully democrats will come to the senate -- senses and they don't want people killed. a caravan is forming right now in honduras and it is theosed to be bigger than one that just came. thank you all very much. peopley concerned about that are being badly injured and killed and family members. a lot of the people we are talking about in terms of pay, they agree with me. many of the people we are talking about, they agree.
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thank you. this.t do it because of we are going to say here for a minute. >> today on c-span, "washington journal" is next with your phone calls, followed by live coverage of the house as they work on bills over the interior department and national parks. in about an hour, we will talk to libre initiative daniel garza about an effort by
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conservative groups pushing for a deal that would give legal dreamers" so-called " in exchange for border security funding. later, a discussion about the border -- republican shutdown with maryland congressman jamie raskin. [video clip] >> the president repeated over and over, i am not going to sign a funding bill until it adds additional border security and for some reason, half of this hill ignored it and said he is just kidding. >> these people cannot go to their fathers to cover their payment, their cost. can you? can any of you if this happened to you? ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] host: federal workers only this morning on this january 11, the 21st day of the government shutdown. it is payday for hundreds of thousands of federal workers with no pay. how is


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