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  President Trump Holds Border Security Roundtable  CSPAN  January 11, 2019 6:16pm-6:56pm EST

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we he was manufactured scooters. pennsylvania's 13th district and john joyce, he is a medical doctor who won a practice with his wife. he was previously a state senator and a judge. earlier, earlier, severed as eas attorney in the attorney. new congress, new leaders rpgts watch it earlier. >> president trump held a round table with local law enforcement officials. the meeting took place on the request over his his for a barrier over the u.s..
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this is 35 minutes.
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>> we pray for the victims' families and lott loved once because of the crisis. .ive us president trump i thank you. we are here to address the humanitarian and security crisis. i just got back. it was a site to behold. drugs are flowing across human traffickers. ou think of that as an ancient crime. it is more prevalent. it is a world crime. given to us by the internet. the spret has made things belter and much worse.
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women and children. keeping them up. mouthng tape around their so they mouth so they can't shout or scream. and even their legs and putting them in the back of a van. they don't go through check points ar don't have a wall or steel barrier. they go up to the check point. they make a right or a left and they go out into the dezz effort and find the first area that is olympicing its way and they have many highways all over the place. and it's not good. and the only way you are going to stop it, om way you are going to stop it is with a very powerful wall or steel barrier. this is part of what we just
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finished. this is a section that we are doing what we've designed since i have been in. some of the wall they have put up over the years whether they looked good. inherited a lot of problems, whether it's north korea, whether it's the middle east whether it's a lot of other things. one of the big problems is our southern border and we are going to take care of it. the easiest solution is for me to call is an emergency. but i'm not going to do so fast. and we are waiting for the democrats to vote. hey should come back and vote. and nancy and chuck and all the folks that could settle it in 15
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minutes, it's so simple. we need money for a barrier. we are wasting all of the money. there is no technology. and you know that is problemly better than anybody. without the barrier, you have people loaded up with drugs, with smuggled people, with all sorts of things you don't want to know about. we need a parrier. we could do a major form of immigration, reform, and i look forward to doing that along with many of the people fee table including our vice president and i look forward, we need a barrier. it doesn't work without protection. the rio grande yesterday, you have to look at it and see how
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dangerous it is. el paso, texas went from one of the cities of the united states to one of the safest as soon as they put up the wall. they built up the wall and apparatus. they went from one of the most angerous cities to a safer cities. it's common sense. everyone knows it is not expensive. they say it is med eveal. i look at the equipment they secret service, secret service the police, i.c.e. they say wheels are --
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[no audio-j >> they haven't found an alternative. so we want congress to do its jobs and want the dem can cats to vote. i haven't left the white house except to go to iraq for a very short period of time. i met great people and great generals. it's working out very well knocking the hell out of isis and we will have a presence and it's working out very well. north korea is working out very well. but the southern border is something that should be easy. what we are not looking to do is national emergency. what we want to do is the absolute right to do. but this is up to congress and
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should be up to congress and if they captain do it and yell that we can't do it, there is no way to vote to security. there is no way to vote for security. all nancy and chuck have to tell me and you know what? we will think about another alternative. it is very simple and go on to major reform. because after 50 years of talking about it, they should have done it. and frankly, previous presidents should have done about the wall. the problem is they come around t.
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we are building the wall. we have a lot of rn vacation. some of the renovation, we have know choice and had to build new wall and build it in san diego. it was almost better and cheaper to in some ways in trying renovate old garbage and you had a good structure and less expensive to renovate, germly
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speaking, and we have done a great scob. we have done new wall. and building the null wall. and the money they said we haven't spent hasn't been paid. big difference. when the contractors, they get paid and doing the second section. army corps has been working. the new wall that we designed is really beautiful. it's visual and see through it. and in another way it wouldn't be effective because you captain see to the other side. these are steel walls and steel walls of steel that has concrete inside. and pumped into the steel. hollow. and pumped into the steel. so a combination of both, which isn't bad. i want to thank very special
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and what i thought i would do is go to my left and say a few words and we can all start talking about what we andl be talking about, ok? and you have been a friend of mine and i appreciate it and i start with you and go over to a.j. chester, sheriff in pennsylvania of the it is loathed southwest of philadelphia. an area you are familiar with. b.c.he home of que and i want to share with you a short story of a young boy named ben who took a trip into philadelphia where he aquird heroin. he brought it back and within an
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hour he was dead. i spoke to his father yesterday and told him i would be seeing and i asked his father if there was anything he wanted me to share. i gave it to kelly an nmp e. i wanted you to read the last ben. ben. ng to his son his body was exposed to a heroin substance and stopped his heart and grabbed us of robbing. drugs that came over our southern border and traced it to a cartel. and millions avoc of loved ones. about to do something this. pleas, mr. president, please do
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something about it. >> mr. president, from the men and women law enforcement, we thank you for standing tall for us. let me address the word manufactured that we keep hearing. very demeaning to law enforcement. there is not any agency in this oupt try that isn't country by the metric tone of heroin, cocaine and mearn that each agency in our nation has to fight every single day and it is extremely disappointment to about a the rhetoric
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manufactured about a manufactured crisis that we have been fighting this every day, that affects every law enforcement agency every day. so again, sir, thank you for your position on this and standing tall. president trump: you probably heard a very young person with a great life ahead was stabbed, ms-13 gang by a member who came through our southern border. he had a friend, both came in together. here for a short while, killed somebody, that wouldn't be the first. we have him locked up in pretty tough conditions. came through the southern border. please. >> president trump. thank you for having me here. thank you for doing everything for america. as you know, we are in
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california, las vegas as. and many who are being brought in are coming through las vegas. and we are coming in are and we are the churcheses and find their daughters that are kidnapped [indiscernible] >> but the problem is we are having it more and more and more. and what happens with the arents they are afraid to call law enforcement. as a safe as a safe place for them to come but they are connected with the police department and educate the hispanic community that we are
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not going to -- president trump: you are seeing human trafficking with young women? >> yes. president trump: pretty sad. >> mr. president. ean jones, chief of the with the texas department of public safety. as you well know, in texas, we have been dealing with it for a long time mpingts unaccompanied children. some of the children in texas. the last seven years we have over 4,000 people that are incarcerated in texas jails for sectional assault. the sad things, 6 % of them are sexual assault against texas children.
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those are our children. and for mib to put a price on any child's life, that is our most precious national treasure and we must do everything as parents as leadership to protect hose children. president trump: that would be a great thing. thank you. >> mr. president. >> i'm the sheriff. and just north of corpus christi and got damage and appreciate ou coming to see us. because of the rest of the story , basically, we are the rest of the story. in 2003 there was a national incident in our county with
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regards to loss of life. 9 people lost their lives in a tractor trailor tractor trailor lost their lives. and i walked around -- indiscernible]
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>> if we tell our fellow sheriffs on the border, if we can help you fix your problem, that will help us. ur deputies are in pursuit dealing with one thing or another with transnational criminal activities. but i want to comment one more thing and move on, i appreciate -- aking on
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indiscernible] >> but until we have this meeting after of of a barrier wall, you have got to have that that before we can solve our problems. about the big about the big trailers and loaded up with
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people and the doors are locked in the back and they looked a band dond, they are suffocating. they come from the other side of the border. they open up the back doors and take a look and go out in different areas and what check . ints most. most of the problem, we have a lot of drugs and things at the checkpoint -- -- [no audio] president trump: and the trailers come in with people. they don't give them a chance. and the drivers are running away. it's a disgrace. all of this comes in between the checkpoints where there is no wall. but in but in between checkpoi
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you may have 50 miles, 100 miles -- -- [no audio] president trump: fairly close to where i was. and gang members and gang members were killed. next to where i spent quite a bit of time. you know about that. you heard about that. no publicity. i didn't see it. they are not telling you the truth and doing a tremendous disservice and the criminal activity and the crime. 26 people or therebs. 26? 26 people were killed over the last couple of days. nobody talks about it. i haven't heard about this young person killed brutally murdered.
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the media is not telling the american public how dangerous it is. i read a little story. i said how can that can be a small story. crime and the crime and the dr smuggling, women. but probably the biggest victim of everything we are talking about is children. children are used to get people across because they have an advantage because of the stupid ity of what we got and laws we inherited. ey have an and they walk across. they get across. they are using the children and tell they them to get out of here. the wovert victims and you don't
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write about it. you write about nonsense and write about nancy pelosi and all these people being killed and you don't report it because you are fake news. you don't report it, many of you. 26 people killed. nobody even knows about it. and how close that is.
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and remember el paso and remember what i said about el paso. yes, ma'am. >> [indiscernible] crossing the busiest and we do rely on our borders to have that economy and we lie on our border to keep us safe. and a young person in san diego who was murdered came. i would like to share with you an alarming trend what is happening with insecurity of our order when it comes to the exploitation. our young teens are being ecruited by violent drug
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artels and drug mules. in addition, san diego is america's finest city. it is now to the second large elft second human trafficking country. our children are being exploited. san diego, that billion dollars last year.
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there are 12,000 human trafficking in san diego. the average age, 16 years old. 16 years old. a third of the trafficked pom you lation who have come to the united states who make a better life. 2200 miles from washington d.c., epresentatives are health held accountable accountable. so i challenge our congressional members to meet with these families and victims to look them in the eye and tell them this is not a crisis. president trump: thank you very much. this is why i asked the democrats to come to washington and vote for for the wall, the
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barrier, whatever you want to call it. they can name it peeves. but we need money for the barrier. the republicans have been rock solid and want it to happen. they wanted it to happen a long time ago. and for many years. i'm talking about years. i gave yesterday an example. for years, they were going to jerusalem.bassy to this went on for many, many presidents dating all the back to who was the first. and they never did it. same words, same campaign. and people are very happy.
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jewish population and he van leg gals. it was very tough to do. it was a jewish lot of nasty talk before i did it and difficult it and it was done. and we opened up the embassy long ahead of budget. y ahead of budget, and existing building. and the fact is for years and years, i heard about the embassy in jerusalem and it was campaigned and never got it done. i got it done. i have been hearing about putting a really good wall and i would like to say a beautiful wall. i seen some of the wall they put it up but i can understand they don't want it. but this is a great-looking
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structure. will do the trip far beyond relief. and much lower cost. and it is better, stronger, better. get it get it done. and compare that to the embassy because they talked about 40, 55 years. and we are going to get it done, too. republicans are rock solid. mitch mcconnell, every one of them, keffcrin, they have so strong on this, i'm very impressed, the republicans are following politics. we can hurt trump and this isn't about winning an election, but very, very simply about doing
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what is right for the country. this isn't sending rockets to the moon, this is common sense. the country has to have it. they have been talking about it for 5 years and do little pieces, little piece here, the people go around it. we have to have it. going to get it done now. congress has to do it duty and the democrats have to help us, have to come back to washington, have to vote for security and national security, too. they have to come back and vote. take us 15 take us 15 hipts an will get become to much
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immigration reform. we will have the rest of the meeting. media, thank you very much. chatter] president trump: i appreciate their service, the federal employees that we are talking, whatany of them agree with i'm saying. they don't want to see people killed because we can't do a simple border stur. yesterday, i was watching this morning and reading this morning that so many people are saying the president is doing what's right and even it is affecting us, short-term, a bill was passed and i will sign in congress making sure that everyone will be paid immediately upon when this is
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over, i appreciate the fact that they have handled it. we have no choice. >> 24 hours ago, you said you until emergency. president trump: it's the easey way out. too too simple and too baveng. and congress should deal with this. if they can't do with it, this is the 15-minute meeting. if they can't do it, i will declare a national emergency. i have the right to do it. what will happen? i will be sued and will be brought to the ninth circuit and unambiguousrding is and will be appealed to the
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ninth circuit and hopefully we will win in the supreme court, that's what happens. and you can take the perfectly worded document as we have in this case and will bring it to the ninth circuit and you never know. and you never know what is going to come out of appeal. so, i rather not do it because this is something that congress should do and something that the democrats should do and i don't want to give an easy way out as simple as this. not only simple. it's easy. we have a country that is under siege. lot of people lot of people do
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word invasion of the. we have pan country that is being invaded by drugs and criminals. thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much, everybody. ndiscernible [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] nick ick >> here's a look at our prime time schedule. arting at 8 p.m. espn, house debate that re-oips.
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span 2, in a case on whether sue sue in state courts . and c-span 3, a discussion on american exceptionalism. c-span's "washington journal," coming up on saturday morning --
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