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Charles Schumer
  Senate Democrats on Government Shutdown  CSPAN  January 16, 2019 8:47pm-8:59pm EST

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the national security council, and the state department. representative haley stevens started her career working for the obama administration's auto industry bailout and later worked on ways for small and midsize manufacturers to adopt digital manufacturing method, including creating job-training programs. her colleagues elected her as one of the two copresidents of the house democratic freshman class. new congress, new leaders. watch it all on c-span. >> with the government shutdown now in its 26 day, a group of democratic senators gathered outside the capital to draw attention to its affect on federal workers and americans who rely on government programs. we hear first from senate minority leader chuck shumer.
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>> thank you for coming. so many of us have stories to tell about the people who are hurt. as the shutdown drags on, more and more americans are getting hurt. 800,000 federal employees are without pay. each one of these americans has a different story about how the shutdown is hurting them and their families. everyone of us here is over and over again -- here's over and over again how many people are hurt. i want to show the story of a federal inspector -- federal food safety inspector for the department of agriculture and works in cicero, new york, a suburb of searches. -- syracuse.
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usda 46 yearsthe ago. you know why he signed up to work for the government? he heard president john f. kennedy ask americans what they could do for their country. as soon as he got out of college, he signed up to do his part. he suffers from a heart ailment that requires treatment over christmas -- required treatment over christmas and he missed a paycheck and does not know have he is going to be able to afford the medical bills on top of all the other bills. i want president trump to see his face in the face of all these others. i want president trump to look into these faces and see what he is doing by using these men and women as ponds. -- as pawns. using them in an extortion game saying, i will hurt these people unless i get my way.
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mr. president, president trump, look at the pain and suffering your cousin. -- you are causing. we have one simple message today, three words, open the government. two senate republicans, open the government. two leader mcconnell, open the government. two president trump, open the government. -- to president trump, open the government and start paying folks for their work. senator mary -- murray? this trap26 days into shut down, the longest -- trump shutdown, the longest of down in the history of our country. 26 days of uncertainty for the workers and their families. 26 days of missing a paycheck and missing your rent payment. growing bills. 26 days of chaos and dysfunction
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at our airports, national parks, and more. 26 days of the president of the united states having a temper tantrum and playing politics. 26 days of people across the country paying the price. that is why we are here today. alluse to us, this is about of those people. it is about their families, their communities. the people that we represent were being hurt for absolutely -- who are being hurt for absolutely no good reason. people like shirley, from my hosted of washington, -- home state of washington, she is a for load employee -- for load employee from the faa. hers is a single income family. not knowing when her paycheck will come is very stressful to say the least. she is not sleeping at night. she is worrying about how she
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can cut expenses to pay her bills as the shutdown continues. she does not know how she is going to make it, and she told me she knows so many others in the same position for desperate -- who are desperate for their country and government to fix this problem. this is just one story. look at all of these spaces. there are so many more. -- look at all these faces. there are so many more. people just like them whose lives have been upended, and in some cases destroyed, because the persons elected to serve all of the people is focused on serving himself and playing political games. and, because republican leaders here in the senate are refusing to stand up to prison -- president trump and their constituents and refusing to allow us to even vote to take a vote to open the government. a vote they know would pass. it is shameful that we have
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gotten to this place is a country, and we have got to get out. democrats are going to keep sharing the stories of real people. we are to keep lifting up their voices, the people that are being hurt. those impacted by president trump and republican senators' shutdown. we will not stop until the country is back open. open the government. open the government. open the government. you. >> we are just going to take a brief question or two. >> the president is always willing to negotiate when cameras are rolling. low intoe willing to a the white house if there was another discussion? >> that is their choice. whether the cameras are there or not, president trump has said he will not open the government. he is just sticking to his position and will not budge.
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when even some of his representatives undercut him, cameras are not. -- or not. he responded immediately with an offer and the president rejected his offer an hour after he made it, plain and simple. he rejected pence's -- president trump rejected vice president pence's offer an hour after he made it to me, but we rejected it in the room. thank you, everybody. >> what is your offer? will you tell us where you are right now? >> thank you, everybody.
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washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. weing up thursday morning, look at the impact of the government shutdown with california democratic congressman carbajal, and later with the washington examiner's jason. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal live at 7 a.m. eastern thursday morning. join the discussion. >> watch c-span for live coverage of the nation's capital. friday, the march for life starts at noon eastern. saturday, the women's march beginning at 1:30 p.m. eastern. this friday and saturday, live on c-span. q&a, author and generous -- journalist patricia miller and her book on the late 19th century's sex scandal
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including a congressman sued by his former mistral -- mistress. middle names he has should signify that he was in the southern elite. he had been a confederate colonel and respected cavalry man in the confederate cavalry. , hehe time of the lawsuit is in his fifth term in congress, he was by contrast nobody -- she was by contrast nobody. she was a poor girl from kentucky with literary aspirations and very hungry for an education. she was this hungry young woman who ran into reckon rage at a time when she was really desperate. -- breckenridge at a time when she was really desperate. >> sunday night at 80 stern on -- eight eastern on c-span's q&a. >> in the second day of the judiciary's hearing for william barr, they question the nominee's colleagues in public service. ca