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Mitch McConnell
  U.S. Senate Sens. Mc Connell Schumer Announce Next Steps  CSPAN  January 22, 2019 9:48pm-10:00pm EST

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have two votes this week, one will determine whether border wall funding and a temporary daca fix our to be included in legislation to reopen the government, another would have the senate proceed with the house passed measure. those votes are set for thursday at 2:30 p.m. eastern and will require the support of 60 senators to advance. >> in order to move to proceed hr 268. >> is there objection? >> without objection. o proceed to h.r. 268. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: calendar number 15, h.r. 268, aen act making supplemental ahe appropriations for the fiscal year ending september 30, 2019, and for other purposes. mr. mcconnell: i know of no further debate on the motion to proceed. the presiding officer: is
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there further debate? hearing none, the question is on the motion to proceed. all those in favor, say aye. those opposed, say no. the ayes appear to have it. the ayes do have it. the motion is agreed to. mr. mcconnell: i call up -- the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: an act making supplemental appropriations for the fiscal year ending september 30, 2019, and for other purposes. mr. mcconnell: i call up the shelby amendment at the-esque did. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: mr. mcconnell for mr. shelby proposes an amendment numbered 5 to h.r. 268. mr. mcconnell: i ask the reading be dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. schumer: mr. president? the presiding officer: the minority leader is recognized. mr. schumer: i ask consent that the pending amendment be set aside and call up my amendment, number 6. the presiding officer: is there objection? without objection. the clerk will report.
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the clerk: mr. schumer proposes an amendment numbered 6. mr. schumer: i ask the reading be dispensed dispensed dispense. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. mcconnell: i further ask consent that notwithstanding rule 22, it be in order to file cloture amendments a and 6 during thursday's session of the senate and the clotures filed on those amendments during thursday's session of the senate be treated as though they were filed during today's session of the senate and ripen at 2:30 p.m. on thursday, january 24 in the order filed. the presiding officer: is there objection? without objection. mr. mcconnell: i ask the senate resume consideration of the motion to proceed to s. 1. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: motion to proceed to calendar number 1, s. 1, a bill to make improvements to certain defense and security assistance provisions and so forth and for other purposes. mr. mcconnell: i ask unanimous consent that when the senate completes its business today, it recess until 11:00 a.m.
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wednesday, january 23. following the prayer and pledge, the time for the two leaders be reserved for their use later in the day. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. mcconnell: if there is no further business do to come before the senate ask it stand in recess following the remarks of the democratic leader. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. schumer: thank you, mr. president. i thank the republican leader. the republican leader has just announced an agreement we've reached about the schedule for thursday's votes. two votes. and both of which will be amendments to the house-passed continuing resolution. first, the senate will vote on the president's proposal and then we'll vote on an amendment that is identical to the underlying bill. now, the president said his proposal was a reasonable compromise. in fact, it is neither reasonable nor a compromise. there was no serious negotiation with any democrat about what
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went into the proposal. that's because the proposal was never intended to pass. it's only a thinly veiled attempt by the president to save face. anyone who looks at the legislation can tell it was designed to fail. in exchange for the wall, a the president offers only limited, temporary protections for daca and t.p.s., protections he single-handedly removed. so it's sort of like bargaining for stolen goods and then on top of that, he has proposed new, radical changes to our asylum system, without consulting any democrats, changes that convert our nation's -- that controvert our nation's most fundamental and precious values. i hope it will roundly be defeated on thursday. the good news is, after that vote, we have a second amendment that could break us out of the morass we are in. the senate will proceed to an amendment to the house bill that is identical to the underlying
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legislation. in other words, for the first time, we will get a vote on whether to open up the government without any decision one way or the other on border security. the proposal also adds necessary disaster aid to several states that were recentry ravaged by natural disasters. people are sailing, isn't there a way out of -- people are saying, isn't there a way out of this mess? isn't there a way to relieve the burden on the 00,000 federal workers not being paid? isn't there a way to get government services open? first and then debate what we should do for border security. well, now there is a way. and that is the second vote that will occur on thursday. it would renew all of the portions of the government until february 8, open them briefly but open them it will, allowing workers to get paid and to get
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their back pay. and it will allow us to then debate, without hostage-taking, without temper tantrum, without anything, how we can best do border security, get that done hopefully by february 8 and keep the government open. so if you're looking for a way to open up the government, this is the way. and i hope my republican colleagues, many of whom were circulating a letter that does basically the same thing as this proposal, without the disaster aid, to sign, to vote yes. the american people are looking for a solution. i am glad that we will have a vote that will bring us near that solution, much close to that solution. and that is the second vote here, which will open up the government and then allow us to
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debate border security and, again, i urge enough of my republican colleagues to join we democrats in voting toker that proposal. it's already -- in voting for that proposal. it's already passed the house. it could open up the gov >> florida has six new members and its congressional delegation for the 116th congress. scott.voted rick earlier in his career, senator scott was a health care industry executive. later, he was a venture capitalist. shalala was elected to the house. since serving in the clinton administration, she's been president of the university of miami. debbie mucarsel-powell was born in ecuador and immigrated to the u.s. as a teenager. while attending graduate school,
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her father was shot and killed in ecuador. after graduate school, she worked at a number of local nonprofits before joining the administration of florida international university. 240 republicans also join the house. ross spano served six years in the florida house of representatives. he was an attorney in private practice. greg steube started his law career in the army's judge advocate general court. serving three years in iraq. he was later arrested to the florida state house and state senate. new congress, new leaders. watch it all on c-span. >> here's a look at our live coverage wednesday as the partial government shutdown enters its 33rd day. , the house is back for legislative business at noon is to consider a bill that would reopen the government through september 30. members vote on another spending bill debated last week that would fund government agencies
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through february 28. takes questions on brexit from members of the house of commons, followed by the u.s. conference of mayors holding a news conference ahead of their winter meeting in washington. at 11:00 eastern, the senate returns to debate whether to fix in a temporary daca legislation to reopen the government. on c-span3, a review of the selective service system which maintains the information of people eligible to serve in the military. after that, the u.s. conference of mayors has its winter meeting with nancy pelosi among the participants. aught shafer moderates discussion on the plane to withdraw u.s. troops from syria and afghanistan. he was this bad kid running waterfront.
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he never lived on the waterfront of baltimore. , younk he internalized don't want to do too much psychobabble. he internalized the idea that he must be bad. whilst would neither of his parents want him? a book on babe ruth. >> 1932 world series. babe ruth gets into this back-and-forth with the picture for the chicago cubs. it becomes a legend that he's standing at home plate, the cubs are yelling at him. the inky's are yelling back at the cubs. he raises one finger for one strike, for two strikes. bleachers,ut to the allegedly saying i'm going to
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hit the next one. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. coming up next, c-span's road to the white house 2020 includes a stop in new hampshire with washington state governor jay inslee. later, npr legal affairs correspondent talks about her experience covering the supreme court with political commentator and radio talkshow host bill press. washington governor jay inslee told a group of college students tuesday he was seriously considering a run for president in 2020. he made the comment while talking about climate change and how it should be a priority for candidates in the next election. from saint anselm college in manchester, new hampshire, this is one hour and 20 minutes. gov. inslee: hey, guys. how are you doing? how you doing?