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tv   Reaction to Deal to Fund Government  CSPAN  January 25, 2019 3:55pm-4:26pm EST

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different ways, including differences of opinion. that's our strength. but our unity is our power. and that is what maybe the president underestimated. mr. schumer: thank you, everybody. [talking simultaneously] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] host: congressional democratic leaders reacting to the news today. the government shutdown apparently ending after 35 days. a rose garden announcement from president trump, which we will show you shortly, we'll take your phone calls up until then. 202-748-8920 for democrats. 202-748-8921, republicans. independents, that line is 202-748-8922. and for our federal workers line, that line is 202-748-8923. we'll get to your calls momentarily. again, we'll show you the president's comments. the senate is in session. we heard from leader mcconnell and from senator chuck schumer, the democratic leader.
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we're expecting that the house will come into session. c.q. roll call tweeting this about what may be ahead. the speaker herself saying we'll probably get it in a half an hour, talking about the bills for the continuing resolution, and going to conference with the senate on homeland security. the hill tweets this moments ago saying that mitch mcconnell will be announcing members of the border security funding conference in about an hour, according to a republican aide. the senate's live on c-span. -- c-span2. president trump also holding out the possibility of an emergency declaration at the very end of his comments today. "the washington post" tweets this, he took one question on the shutdown and whether he'll declare a national emergency. quote, we'll work with the democrats and negotiate and if we can't do that, and then we'll do obviously we'll do the emergency, because that's what it is, a national emergency. to columbus, montana, next up, we hear from brian.
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thanks for waiting. on our democrats line. caller: yes. thank you. first of all, i'm a veteran and also i spent years in law enforcement. down south in georgia. i've dealt firsthand with ms-13, norte 14. a lot of the different gangs, trafficking drugs, the different things. and i know that we have major problems in our country dealing with illegal aliens. but i also feel that we desperately need just as much as a lot of the immigrants are trying to come in, those workers. because a lot of our unemployed workers in this country don't want to do the jobs that are available, that a lot of those immigrants will fill the needs for.
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i don't see that many of our american citizens wanting to go out and work in the agricultural industry, picking fruits and vegetables out in california. or working, you know, in some of the real dirty industries. and different companies throughout our country. so we do have a great need for the immigrant workers to be able to come in. in regards to the wall, i don't agree with it. you start building that wall and history tells us that it might not be in my lifetime or my children's, but it could be in my grandchildren's, that we'll eventually have a wall all the way around our country. then it won't take long before the machine guns go up, they tell us that they're trying to
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keep us safe, before you know, the guns are turned around to the inside and we've got the biggest concentration camp that the world has ever seen. host: that's brian in montana. we go next to nashville, and nashville. dathany. caller: yes, i support the wall. and i feel that it has to be done. i myself would be a federal worker for the sake of your children, our children of america. or the health. because it's common sense. just like the president said. it's common sense. and it has to be done. host: ok. joe's next up on our line for federal workers.
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joe's in california. caller: hi, hello. i just want to say i am one of the federal employees affected by the shutdown. i'm one of the federal employees that has to keep working during the shutdown without pay. so so i hear the stories, luckily i had a little money in savings, is, so far, so good. but if we got to the point where we got to march it was going to be scary. but it was good to hear we'll open the government and hopefully in the next three weeks they can resolve their issue over keeping the government funded at least through september, 2019. host: i think that is legislation that has already passed in both the house and senate so that may happen concurrently with all the other legislation happening. go ahead. caller: now i have worked for the government for approximately 20 years. i have lived along the southwest border my whole life and i worked along the southwest
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border for the past 20 years. i've even worked on the south side, i'm not going to go into detail on that, but i have done work overseas. moat of the people that come, have stayed in the country illegally, they come through the ports of entry. very few do come in between the ports of entry. there are some places that might need a wall, might need reparable wall, but for the most part, most of this comes through the ports of entry. i guarantee you, with my experience, most of the markets do come through the ports of entry. they do come through the cargo facility they come through the airports they come through the mail. they come through tunnels underneath the ports of entry. they come through tunnels underneath in between the ports of entry, which a wall will not do anything. so being here, listen to people say they need -- say we need a wall who have never been to the southwest area, they need to do more research and listen to the
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-- and not just listen to the news. host: thanks, joe. we have a line for federal workers, 202-748-8923. we'll play the president's remarks here shortly and we'll show you the response on the senate floor from mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer. and this tweet -- because of the president's actions, federal workers will be paid in coming days. for those who have worked without pay, we thank you. it is time to address the crisis on our borders once and for all. charlene on the democrats line in indiana. caller: i do not support a government shutdown for any reason unless there's a national disaster. i am for border security. i agree that we cannot shut down the government or the american -- or the americans be held
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hostage. every day when i'm making dinner, i think about the many, many people, the federal workers, do not have food. as well as my own brother who is on food stamps and we all have to help him because he's disabled. the president could have had this deal a long time ago. he knows the american people are not for it. we're all for border security. and under president obama, he wanted more border security. and was denied that from the republicans. i believe to the president this is just a big show to take people's minds off russia and the other things going on. if we're so concerned about border security, we definitely need to inspect more at the ports of entry. most people are coming with a bag or very little and we need to be humanitarians, yes, we can't feed everybody, we can't feed the world. we do need to take care of america. but i believe we need infrastructure, the number one
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thing with most americans is health care. my own son had to have a kidney transplant six years ago an had he not had medicare and another insurance he would have died. and children are dying every day. i support the wall in some areas. but i believe we need more judges, more border security, and under no circumstances ever be another shutdown like this. as a matter of fact i'd like to see a law passed. er appreciate seeing democrats and republicans coming together. we -- i used to be a republican until mr. bush came along. americans need to work together, love one another and not just have this fear mongering because after that all that's what hitler did in germany. host: let's go to the republican line next, hear from frank in walden, new york. caller: how are you doing.
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i can't believe i'm on tv. i just -- i'd just like to say i support donald trump. the security of our borders. we need to be worried more about america. we're such a generous country that we take care of everybody in the world. why can't the democrats sit down and say it's time to take care of our own? why can't they just say, you know, there is a problem down there? you've got new york city where i live, you've got a governor who just gave the rights for abortion at the ninth month. that's crazy. where are these liberal democrats coming from? you know? i just like, you know, to get back to where it used to be, where kids were safe walking the streets.
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families were nice to each other. and not having to worry about, you know, drugs coming across ur borders or sex crazies. host: frank in new york, thanks for your call. we go to our independent line next and hear from an dia in herndon, virginia. -- from andrea in herndon, virginia. caller: i want to say for the last five weeks of ending up in the same place we were five weeks ago, i have a daughter who works for the federal government, she's been on furlough. who started son with the federal government hrough pathways. he rents an apartment, has rent payment he is has to make and left not knowing when he would
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start. this is a horrible way to treat oung people. those supposed to onboard in the last five weeks, they have no income, they have no prospect of back pay. hey're -- this is a horrible hostage taking and i hope we never do this again. host: here's our federal workers line. we hear in michigan, darren, welcome. caller: yes, thank you. thanks for putting me on. i am a federal worker, i'm also a 20-year army veteran. i retired if the army a few years back. and i currently work in the bureau of prisons. and i don't know that i talked to anybody that doesn't support border security or anything like that. i think the major problem that everybody i talk to and most of the people i know is the way that our president went about
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trying to make a point about this. to shut down the government, to put 800,000 workers either in furlough status or like myself have to come to work without being paid, is absolutely appalling. and you know, the job that we do in the bureau of prisons is very dangerous and not only that, the coast guard recently, a unit from the coast forward is deployed they went out on deployment with no pay, having to worry about how -- how to pay their bills and what's going on in deployment and worrying about their family back home maybe not being able to eat or pay rent or things like that. and the president goes on tv at the border a couple of weeks ago with members of c.b.p. and i.c.e. and parades them in front of the cameras and you know, all
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to make a big show of how badly we need the wall, all the while these guys down there on the border are doing this dangerous job, aren't getting paid but he wants to parade them out to make his point. so i don't know that, like i said, anybody is against border security, you'd be crazy to be against border security. the problem is the way that our government has gone about this. and what they're going to find out hopefully in upcoming elections in the next couple of years is that people aren't going to stand for this. not only have the 800,000 people that were either furloughed or made essential workers made to work without pay, not only have they been affected negatively, families have, and the businesses, businesses where those people spend their money have been negatively affected. they're not going to recoup that
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money. so in the grand scheme of things, not only would 800,000 people's lives negatively affected, multiply that by probably three or four. 2.3, 2.4, three million people affected by the decision of somebody who wants to make a political point to his base. host: that's darren in michigan. the news this afternoon, president trump about two hours ago announcing a deal had been reached between the president and members of congress, leadership in congress on reopening the government through february 15. the wheels are in motion in the house and senate, certainly with the senate we may see action in the house as well. the senate in session now, follow that over on c-span2. and we will stay here with your calls and comments and show you the president's remarks shortly. reaction from some members of the senate so far and 2020 presidential candidate, elizabeth warren tweeting this after the president's announcement.
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federal workers standing in food lines, medical care put off, credit ruins, contractors who aren't guaranteed back pay, so much suffering caused by the trump shut dunn. a freshman senator from missouri josh halsey saying after the president eas announcement, democrats have a chance to show they're truly serious about securing the borders. -- the border. and this one, shutdowns are bad politics, democrats say they're for stronger border security, it's time for them to get to the table. here's donny of louisiana, republican line, go ahead. caller: good afternoon. host: good afternoon. caller: yes, i was sitting here listening to the -- i do agree that this shutdown should not be , that was to me asinine. the thing about it is they should stop playing with each other like little children. we come to a conclusion on all of this.
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when we talk about people coming right.the border, come as to the way they're treated when they come here, it's been said that some are given mass amounts of financial aid and government aid. that is a thing that i believe is true. now, on the other hand, at one point, my mother went to apply for food stamps on a temporary basis. ll they offered her was $16. yet today you go in the store and you're looking at basket loads, basket loads, basket loads. of food that's been given these people. to come here in this country. and the majority of them here are illegal. and that hurts a lot of people. it causes a lot of people to disagree with government.
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not want to vote. not want to have anything to do with it. but i say stand strong. stand strong. and speak to the senators, the government has a whole. president trump, and say, put the american people first. ut the walls second and third. build security to a point and pay security to do the things that need to be done other than hurt anybody. i'm going to say this and then i'll end. this is truly what i believe. it's of my heart and the heart of many people here in louisiana. there should be prayer on a daily basis, continue ewed prayer and supplication for this nation to come as one and those that come in here and come in right, to come as one. and do right in this country.
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rather than criminals slipping in and killing and stealing and don't hear ere, you much about itful. host: donnie, we appreciate your view from kenner, louisiana. we go to our independent line, in florida, this is michael. caller: thank you for taking my call. i just really wanted to say, it's so good to know that they have finally come to an agreement and stopped this nonsense and stopped hurting people. people don't deserve that. people work hard, they take care of their families, and here are people who don't have any idea what it's like to get from the next week to next week. when you struggle, really struggle. my question, maybe you can help me, i know i'm making a bad question, i was watching this last week, how many of people
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people get a paycheck? and how is it that their money, all three of the branches, how do they get paid? and how is it not that they get furloughed? and they get to be essential? and the people who need it, to put food on their table and to take care of their children, can't get $1. i just don't understand that. i hear some constitutional tie. host: the president calling for the restitution of back pay, in terms of part of the deal, praising federal workers in his comments, at the rose garden this afternoon in terms of the mechanics of that, i'm not sure of but the effort is under way on capitol hill to pass the legislation necessary to reopen the federal government. the president will sign it. when it passes through the senate and then the house, some reaction from the conservative
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side of the political spectrum. ann coult we are this tweet about the president's decision today. good news for george herbert walker bush, as of today he's no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as president of the united states. that's from ann coulter. bill o'reilly, former fox news host, tweets this. political chess game continues. president trump reopens the government, a good thing. gives democrats three weeks to make a border security deal, reasonable. advantage trump today. and from our republican line in florida, burt. caller: it's kind of interesting to me when the democrats talk about a wall, nancy pelosi has a wall on her house. chuck schumer has a fence around his house. most of the republicans and democrats all have borders around their homes. that's kind of interesting because they don't want a border around my home.
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maybe pelosi can -- and the other thing is, we need term limits in this country. these people have gotten out of hand. staying there for two, three, four, five terms. it's ridiculous. host: talking about nancy pelosi, we showed the news conference a while ago, eliza tweets this the state of the union is not planned now. when the government is open we'll discuss a mutually agreeable date. it had been set for next tuesday. january 29. we'll hear next from vincent, a federal workers in brooklyn. caller: good afternoon. host: go ahead. caller: i'd like to see the coast forward being exempted from this shutdown permanently. because they should be part of and gular active force they should be included as the active force and included in the
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shutdown. i'd like to see congress come together to pass a bill for hat. host: are you part of the coast guard? caller: no, no. i'm not part of the coast guard. host: sorry about that. we lost you there. e'll hear next from renee in cape creek, arizona. democrats' line. caller: thank you for this opportunity. i'm hoping that all of my facts will be correct here. first and foremost i'm so thankful that the federal workers are become, going to get their checks and going to hopefully have some control over their own lives since they haven't for the last 35 days. i'd like to say that being that there has been so many tunnels found, it would seem to me that the intelligent thing to d is not to put up wall bus to invest the money in the ground, in seismology, into detecting
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what's being done and where. ky not understand this las vegas for walls when it's not going to do any good whatsoever when they're tunneling under the ground. i also would like to say that if the republicans wanted this wall so bad, if it was so critical for the national security, i'd like to know how come it wasn't wasn't passed in the first two years. it took until the democrats took office and took other the house that then it became a national emergency and was dumped in the democrat's lap. i just don't think that's fair. as far as talking about the immigrants taking the jobs, i have to say, without the immigrants in this country so of them start on the bottom rung and go on to become doctors and lawyers, i don't understand the hatred for people who come into this country since they turn out to be so much more. and since the republican party has become so cold-hearted,
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putting children in cases, i don't understand what the hold is that this fellow has on the republican party. i thought they were stronger. it took today until flights were threat and yesterday with people crying in hallways of a lot of officials to finally wake up and realize that this was wrong. the last thing i'd like to say is it just make our country look terribly weak and it puts our national security at risk and i just would like to never see this happen again, much less in three weeks. the last thing i'll finish with is i'm so sick and tired of twitter i could smash every one of those little phones i think people are tapping on. host: thank you, renee. one more from marcy, in chesterton, indiana, democrats line. caller: hi, thank you, good afternoon, thank you for allowing me to participate. i think c-span does a great job keeping the public debate on so many important issues. i just wanted to mention, living
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in the great lakes for friends and family members who have worked in government or currently work in the government, we're very grateful that they'll be going back to work. we have a lot of different agencies that were impacted by the partial government shutdown. but i would also like to share with other shoers and listeners today that i i think one of the biggest issues in our country that we need to grapple with an hopefully we can regain some constitutional knowledge of the process is that this shutdown wouldn't have occurred if the normal appropriations process would have been followed in the last congress. and i think we've talked about that often in the last 10 to 15 years, meaning eight or nine congresses, we have not had a normal course of business moving thru, 13 appropriation bills to fund all the relevant agencies. in this situation, for those who weren't familiar with the
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process. we had effectively held hostage these agencies through the partial government shutdown. obviously very important for department of homeland security and related enforcement agencies. their budget and their ability duties, out their full i think it's important for everyone here in the country, to give their views to our members of congresses and our districts in the house and senate to encourage them in this new congress, irregardless of party affiliation, to work together and to understand the process that was provided under the constitution and thestest -- and was established in our democracy. i think people were missing that point. i also understand there's a lot of political dialogue involved with regard to border security and i'm very -- and i think it's very unfortunate. with eknow most americans today in our young history as a nation
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come from immigrant families from other parts of the world. so we've always been open to folks coming in. and i think we need to put that aside and create a coop -- create the kind of momentum the federal workers did in their own right to encourage members of congress to work together. we have members in the house and senate. some serving for their first time in the national legislature. host: thank you, marcy. the president announcing this afternoon the deal, the tentative deal between the president and leadership in congress and work is under way in the u.s. senate. we expect it shortly in the house. on a three-week deal to reopen the federal government. backpay for federal workers and a three-week time frame to negotiate border security issues still outstanding including obviously the president's request for border wall funding. we'll see where that goes. word from the speaker that they -- on the state of the union that they will find a mutually -- a quote, mutually agreeable
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date. it had been set for january 29, next tuesday, but as of this hour, anyway, it hasn't been anouned from the speaker. karen bass of california, congresswoman of california, tweets this. speaker pelosi should give the state of the union since she's obviously the one running the country. the view from congresswoman bass. we're going to take you back a couple of hours and show you how this unfolded this afternoon. with the president in the rose garden and his 20-minute speech, his comments to reporters there and others. all the cabinet members were there, the vice president as well. following that the immediate reaction from the senate floor from mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer. [applause]
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president trump: thank you very much, my fellow americans. i'm proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government. cheers and applause] president trump: as everyone knows, i have a powerful alternative but i didn't want to use it at this time. hopefully it will be unnecessary. i want to thank all of the incredible federal workers and their amazing families who have shown extraordinary devotion in the face of this recent hardship. you are fantastic people. you are incredible patriots. many of you have suffered far greater than anyone but your families would know or nderstand. and not only did you not complain, but in many cases, you encouraged me to keep going because you care so much of our country and its border security.


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