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tv   Washington Journal Jason Dick and Sarah Ferris  CSPAN  January 29, 2019 2:54am-3:54am EST

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committee gives an update on global security threats from the head of the fbi, cia, and the director of national intelligence. the congressional budget office director goes before the senate budget committee to talk about the u.s. economic outlook. days post shutdown, 18 days until the government could run out of money again. post-shutdown and 80 days until the government could run out of money again, we take a look at the week ahead washington. we do that with jason dick of rollcall and congressional reporter sarah ferris. the clock is ticking on the sea are keeping the government open for three week spirit what is scheduled to happen in washington to move the negotiations along? guest: i bet there was a lot of scrambling on the weekend on behalf of democratic leaders because they had already teed up a series of votes on spending bills that they do not need to vote on any more. the conference committee working on the new deal trying to get something and get -- together,
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that will kick off very soon. they will work on that behind the scenes. housekeepinglot of for democratic leaders, as far as setting them -- getting them together for the next three weeks at home. they're united after a pretty big win for them on friday. host: i want to come back to the conference committee but the spending bill teed up front -- by democrats, one got lost in the struggle by negotiations of the shutdown kicked into high gear on friday. democrats were moving toward an offer for the president. what was that? rolledgoing to see that into what will happen in the next couple of weeks question ?ark -- weeks sayingtheir members were
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we need to show we are for border security so they started thatng together a proposal had over $5 billion of border security and it. it is clear there was new technology and some additional staffing at points of entry where illegal drugs are coming in. democrats were excited to have the proposal out there. you could see a bad their own ideas mmx is the party of the wall. the white house started to have some conversations with senate. we will not that the details on if we don't have to yet. it is pretty much in -- shelved until the conference gets going. 18 days until government runs out of money like you said. after the 11 hour, do you think it goes right until the 15th? >> i would be surprised if it does not. it seems the president is staking out his position.
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chief of staff mick mulvaney went on the sunday shows yesterday and said of course he could still declare an emergency to get this done. then the president himself talked to the wall street journal and said he did not think highly of the odds. that does not seem to jive with what we are hearing in congress which would really love to talk, the next fiscal year. we're almost in february and still talking about the fiscal year that started in october, it is a little wearying i think for members of congress. back in the old days, february 1 is when the budget, the new budget was submitted. we will still be in the middle of this debate. surprised if it makes any headway early on. acting chief of staff mick mulvaney, here he is sunday. classy go to the democrats and say look, are you telling people the truth?
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when you look at constituents back home and say you agree with the president that we have to do something about security in southern border, are you telling a truth or doing some politically expedient? this is a chance for them to let actions speak louder than words. the last time democrats followed nancy pelosi blindly on a path for policy would and that up with obamacare and bailouts and cap a trait and they lost control of the house. is nancy really leaving the democratic party or issue being led by the hard left wing and will the democrats follow her. this is the next step of the negotiation. judged by, he'll be what happens at the end of the process and not what happens next week. back to the conference committee and the structure being set up for the negotiations over border much input andw
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how much the leadership gets. guest: this is the process appropriators wanted from the very beginning. when they were working on their bills,meland security this is going to be now the same members that essentially would have negotiated on that months ago, they're putting it together in a series of closed-door meetings. these are those who like to make deals. they have been able to keep the government-funded time and again until leadership gets him away or president trump gets in the way with his demands. specific deadline, the leadership will be hoping that topline they will be the ones to determine at the end of the day whether they can get their party to support additional fencing.
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-- speaker pelosi on friday night set as the government was being reopened, reporters asked her do you see yourself putting any more money toward the wall. she said have a not been clear about that, we are not going to do the wall. that said, talking to democrats away from nancy pelosi, they will say we're willing to negotiate on basically anything out of the government is open. they have said for weeks or they do not want to seem like they are not willing to negotiate. the topline of our discussion in the weeks ahead in washington, if you want to join the discussion, demo rats -- republicans -- democrats -- republicans -- reporters that of the like the back of their hands are with us until 9:00 this morning. tomorrow originally was supposed to be to scheduled state of the , delayed until
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after the shut them's overpeer the shutdowns overpeer do we know when it will be? guest: the state of the union is in flux. we still do not know when the orte of the union will be what form it will bp or from the president will deliver a details of the state of the union. whether nancy pelosi, she cannot cancel the state of union, she ,an refuse to pass a resolution but we don't know what point we might see a state of the union. certainly the president is sort of poking democrats and democrats opposing the president on this, it makes it more get around and say
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oh yes, let's have everyone over for a nice chat. another scheduling item this week was supposed to be the republican retreat to strategize about legislative agendas. what is the state of that? guest: as of last week, that was postponed. the big deal is the trump administration will come to this retreat with house republicans and minority, they will look very hard on what to focus on in the next two years. hearing from president trump himself at the retreat would be a very important thing for house republicans to do. does look like that will be postponed a little bit pear we will see if president trump must to meet with them separately or his -- or if you want the menstruation officials as the has tumbled four, the department of homeland security, to help republicans refine their own message. they have been worried about the
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shutdown. several have broken rice with republicans so they have to get everyone on the same page. we will see some sort of -- from the white house down toward capitol hill, but the retreat right now is not on. democrats also do these and for both sides it is a fancy resort and conference center. when is it scheduled for? right around the time of the next deadline in leesburg, virginia. that will be an important time for democrats in early weeks. really be a time they get to decide on agenda items. -- committee is almost of almost set. do about want to impeachment enterprising and immigration bills, there will be a lot of strategizing. let us know you want to talk about. phone minds as usual. bill is an independent in
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florida, good morning. guests i would like your to a dress the difference that areg the children in these detention camps and manufactured trauma that they are going through and what the country intends to do about these children, the predicament they are in, and that they will continue to suffer from due to our depraved in difference. i would suggest that america has a retreat for these children to have a break from the from a that they are going through. host: got your point. let me start on the issue border detention. guest: certainly house democrats have expressed they will have in
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no shortage oversight hearings and holding the administration's feet to the fire on the spirit i would expect that the homeland security secretary, she is our fairly hostile questioning from democrats when they were the minority. i would expect particularly the house committee would have her in front of them fairly soon. speaking of border oversight as well, a big one hearing that will set the tone a little bit for the coming week is definitely going to be in the house armed services committee on tuesday, that they will look at the reasons for the military being deployed to the border right now. newsmakerswas on with your all's program earlier this weekend. he is a democrat from washington and the chairman of the committee and was the ranking member of an top democrat and he
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said that is the very first hearing they will have on they will be talking about justifications administration used for deploying active military for border security down there. a lot of this oversight is kicking in right away. hearing about families coming over the border with children, the numbers are staggering come the increases over the years. this is a message house republicans have picked up the cousin of the children coming over, that is the way a lot of moderates are talking about this issue now. are trying to use that as a way to avoid discussing the wall and have a humanitarian decide -- side of it appeared as the president declares a state of emergency, something he has really put on the table on the last couple of days, congress will discuss the humanitarian crisis they say that the border.
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-- 70 --co rubio's marco rubio was on the floor yesterday talking about the clearing a national emergency, this is what he said in response. said youio: you have are opposed to the emergency option but i know in three weeks i know you do not want another shutdown. if that is in the way to keep the government-funded, national emergency, how defiant are you on this option? will you fight the president or not? >> i do not think it is a good idea, i think it is a terrible idea and i hope he doesn't do it. i am not sure they will end up doing that it i know it is an option they looked at but now you're at the mercy of a district court somewhere and ultimately an appellate court. it may not even withstand if you look at the others we have seen. thatther is the precedent is set. it is not a good precedent to set.
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does not mean i don't border security. i do. it is the wrong way to achieve it. you could very well wind up on one end and not get anything done. a law passed to fund border security so we know it will happen. this national security option and how much president trump is really considering it. guest: he keeps saying he is serious about it. when people theorize about what is trump's endgame and his negotiation style, it is exhausting to try and figure out. i just take him at his word that he is serious and is seriously considering it. reports that the white house legal counsel has drafted some of these emergency declaration drafts, i mean the shutdown was not even over until there was another shutdown threat from the president in which he said he could declare a national emergency. think it is very much serious
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or at least it is a part of the equation they have to consider. host: you mentioned the wall street journal interview of president trump took place yesterday. the lead story in the wall street journal. some quotes from the president, assessing the chances of whether the new conference committee could create a deal before the next government funding lapse. he set personally think is less than 50-50, a lot of good people on the board is what the ofsident said from the page the story today in the wall street journal. less than $5.7 billion in the next round of negotiations, mr. trump said i doubt it, adding that he has to do it right. one more, present chumming it clear he was skeptical of any deal for a wider immigration overhaul. he doubts it, he said, when he was asked of the citizenship for daca recipients, jim mattis, in exchange for border funding. the story getting a lot of attention this morning.
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from just across the river, alexandria, virginia, democrat, go ahead. is, well, letment me go with my question. does president trump have a plan written down for the border wall , somewhere that someone can see? when he does get money for the border wall? does he get to raise the money anytime he wants or what? covering the appropriations process for congress, i will let you. guest: what is interesting is the $5 billion request was not outlined in the white house former -- formal budget proposal last year. that is reason senate appropriations did not put out all of that money. they agreed to fund much less than that because they did not
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know $5 billion is what the president wanted. in recent weeks, the white house wrote a justification for the budget. i do not believe it is public. lawmakers got to look at the language and see exactly where -- it wanted to go. if congress decides to allocate money for the border wall, it has to be spent. it becomes an obligation of the u.s. government to spend how congress decides. president trump cannot go in and change his mind." up the homeland security secretary and say, i actually want you to spend it this way and that of this way. once it is into a funding bill, it is the letter of the law for the next year. that is why appropriate is will spend time figuring out how they will spend it. seeink we will definitely over five the dollars and border security. always willing to spend the money. the question is how much of that is dashcam president trump message it as a win?
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>> republican, good morning. caller: good morning. know, camilla harris, since her parents are foreign-born, she is not -- foreign-born, she is not a natural born citizen. how is she even eligible to be president under the constitution? actually, because camilla harris was born in the united states, she is a natural born citizen. where she is from, so she can become president -- regret is where her parents are from, she can become president. host: the claim that she would not be -- is a pants on fire true -- untruth. some of the comments he made last week. mark is next in englewood, florida, a democrat, good morning.
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caller: good morning. i would like to ask the question of why isn't anyone holding child or his and administration to criminal charges for kidnapping the united states of america and holding his people hostages? will somebody put a stop to this guy man? broachn 18 days as we the government shutdown comedies it will be right back at another government shutdown? caller: it is very possible. it is probably what will happen. he will probably try to use the emergency thing. if someone would go up against to criminal him charges, like kidnapping and holding the united states that shouldtage, be, i mean, if anyone individually would do that, just
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somebody taking people hostages or kidnapping him, they would go to prison for a long time. host: got a point. republican, go ahead. about the wall, i have a son who is in law enforcement and thus far as i'm concerned, we need the wall because he has to deal with all races of people , i do not want to have to worry about his safety or my safety. got your point. on law enforcement and border patrol specifically, and sort of, their inputs in this debate and the impact they are having in this discussion. borderthe union for patrol has been pro-trump all along. the 2015 presidential campaign. they have been willing to put their weight behind whatever
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president trump has proposed, basically. there are still not many details of exactly what the law would look like and where it would go. there are a lot of places where there are a lot of legal issues about putting fencing on property that belongs to u.s. citizens. a lot of options there. the president has made clear what he wants in general and the union has been willing to back that. looking at the week ahead in washington and focusing on the ongoing negotiation on border security, i want to go back to the conference committee talked about. 17 members of congress on the conference committee. who are you most interested in watching amid this debate? it was someone you think might be a bit of a surprise? >> i have been talking a lot with david price, a longtime appropriator. i have asked them basically on a daily basis, are you owing fencing toward this, and he is a diplomatic appropriator. that is their breed on capitol hill.
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he has not ruled out putting money toward additional fencing. he speaks for a lot of democrats who are willing to put additional money there if they get here a justification or something from dhs that doesn't seem to have a political bias of trumps right-hand person up there. that is one person i will definitely be watching. of the more interesting people in the process, she is not new to it, but a republican from texas, she is the new ranking republican on the house appropriations committee. i think because she is from thes and cut she is new to top slot of republicans on the house appropriations committee, she will be interesting to watch and how she approaches this and how she works with or around the white house. on there the folks conference committee either appropriators or members of leadership? is there any other committee getting input in the process? yes.:
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is basically appropriate or zen members of leadership that will be on this. if this negotiation is successful, what will it mean for the committee process, the comes fromf a deal this, this is a place to emerge some debt from? right. they really have no choice here. they have to come up with something or the white house will be hammering them. it is not just democrats but republicans and congress also taking flack from a president when they cannot come up with the legislation he wants. both parties are under fire here. the president could tweet at them at any point about not producing or not meeting enough or not being public enough about what they're are planning. they will be under intense scrutiny -- screwed and tea. is this a time where regular order could succeed? possibly.
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it is important to point out we are at the most irregular of times. i do think the people at the conference committee, whether it is the top democrat on negotiations or both an appropriate or and member of leadership, the person people go to to find out what is actually theseon capitol hill, people you would want in the room to try and figure out what such ag on, but it is strange situation to find ourselves in, that they have your work cut out for them. host: back to your calls on the phone, carol is an independent. it morning. appropriations, in 1986, there was money appropriated and if i'm not it was supposed to have been a secure border at the time. every other time this has been voted on, and funds have been
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appropriated, it was supposed to .ave ran a secure border now, how do we find out where that money that has been appropriated, if it went to where it was supposed to be a probe rated and used for, my, is, if any of the democrats put the to nancy pelosi freedom caucus did to paul ryan, and overstep him and go ahead and throw it on the floor, whether she wants it on the floor or not. i will let you start with a question about past standing on the border security. tost: of course, there has be a follow-through. these are multiyear, multiyear programs, the money has to be continually revisited. it is something congress has not been willing to do.
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the secure fencing at a few thousand six, it was a politically viable issue at the time. over the next few years, 2000 eight, a new president came in and democrats changed their priorities. all the money from the secure fencing act of two than six did not come through. is -- chuck schumer and seminar leader both voted for that and it has become a big talking point for republicans on capitol hill. on the emergence of something like a freedom caucus but on the left? guest: i do not see it. people love to talk about alexandria ocasio-cortez. she had a couple of interesting votes patient voted against one of the funding bills last week but it does not seem like it does not seem like there is anything as hard-edged as the freedom caucus.
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one huge difference, and this is no sign of disrespect for paul ryan, but nancy pelosi had a of dealing with the differences in her caucuses in finding a way to get a win. i would expect especially coming out of her own successful negotiations, she would still have her own powers at her disposal. host: republican, good morning. caller: i would like to know from your guests come with the appropriation committees, like to know how they are influenced as far as funding and spending goes, how they are influenced by the lobbyists and everything, you know? people need to wake up and realize part of border security includes putting up fessing --
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fencing but also includes technology and everything. they all work hand-in-hand, ok? i came from a construction industry, ok? it is beyond my comprehension. i thought e-verify was a law to check congress these people that come in, ok? come to find out, e-verify is optional, ok? worker on a job that i thought he was, i thought he was legal but come to find out, when i saw him a couple he is down the road, and another job site, he used a different name. first on the influence very .luid
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there is deftly a lot of pressure from each party's political commentators. we have seen a lot of influence on the conservative side, talk show hosts rush limbaugh and ann coulter have it the president terms of giving up on the border wall. there will be republicans thing attention to what the commentators are saying and how much money they will try to get for the fencing. democrats have groups like the aclu fighting very hard not to give of a single dollar for order fencing. principalt as a issuance of the you cannot be willing to simply meet in the billion, terms of $2.5 five somewhere in the middle, there are people on both sides saying you cannot give up one dollar. that will be something to watch in the next couple of weeks. coulteru mentioned and specifically describing the president as a wimp on twitter after he ended the shutdown will late last week, the president
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was asked about her, and wall street journal interview. he said i hear she has become very hostile. maybe i didn't return her phone call or something. host: on e-verify, does this somehow get included on the larger immigration deal? this is one of the more interesting issues that does not get talked about enough. is notcaller noted, it something that is a uniform practice across united states. you polled the hardliners, they would all take e-verify over the wall any day of the week. motivator fort people to come to the united states. just, employment. employersa number of
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who are certainly willing to take advantage of someone that they don't necessarily have to pay the full benefit for, who will work cheaper. e-verify would address a lot of those. that was the original intent years ago, when they started to talk about this. host: what is the roadblock on capitol hill then? i don't want to disparage anybody's opinion on it, but it would be quite costly. you would see probably an immediate hit in places like construction, hotels, any number of industries that typically employ people who are not here illegally. there is a huge hit that they would take if they all of a sudden had to transition wheatley to a workforce. people do not like to talk about this that much on capitol hill but it is out there.
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host: taking your calls this morning, houston, texas, good morning. caller: how are you all? host: doing well, go ahead. caller: my brother is an engineer. that, it would be technology put there and have all these people with border control there, and that would make them pay more taxes. and everything else. now they have to build that while and it will take a while to build that wall. out of both of those, if you put there, they will pay more tax, bring more money in. now, again with trump. now he want to build this wall, take so much money, you still got a have security. there, mye security
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husband was a well decorated vietnam veteran p you could not get by him because he was a sharpshooter. this is what they need. bring more money into the united states. host: got it. for structure project, the building of the wall and including technology as well. is anyone making that point? agot: we heard many months that they were really trying to make the case for this, the very beginning of the trump administration's term. bills early on, they were trying to say this would be a major infrastructure project and may be putting it into an infrastructure bill. i have not heard it recently but i think the issue would be very salient with a lot of people who are out in these districts, either in texas or california were some of the projects at been built. i do not think members of capitol hill are hearing that
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much. democrats want their own jobs project to they want their own infrastructure project. they have very different ideas for that. i do not think that will get very far but i wouldn't be surprised if i heard bit of a comeback. host: independent, good morning. caller: hey, what are you guys going to do when none of what you're saying really matters. yourivil war and all applications and jibber jabber and your sweeping dialogue, none of it matters question mark -- matters? host: why do you think the is heading toward civil war? caller: are you asking me just journalistically? search your thoughts. things are out of hand. applications and just talking, it is just nothing. is there a news outlet that you truck -- trust? where do you go for your news? caller: online. the media is dead.
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host: where online? caller: anywhere. you start googling, pick a subject. is so much confirmed -- information. the internet just spews the information. some right and some wrong. up on thist to pick we found out last week that here in washington dc on the street between the capital and the white house, the museum will close at the end of the year. what do you think that means and the larger discussion about the state of the news industry and journalism? guest: it is a little scary. and it serves more as -- of a symbol than the app -- actual epicenter of it. very valuable real
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estate, the foundation that his hadthe museum all trouble with sure all the bills were paid in the building. to me, it is not surprised in the johns hopkins university would make it offer -- make an offer and they want that space parents certainly, there is not a day where we do not hear about another outlet that suffered some job losses. quite a few. buzz feet and the having can today, i mean my hometown newspaper in phoenix laid off their pulitzer whichwinning cartoonist, is more symbolic than anything. he has been around for four decade. is a part ofvoice it where they announced he did -- they didn't have any use for that there, it states industry is in trouble palin is crazy is journalism as a business is not a bad one. it's just that if you expect if you are a hedge fund who owns a
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newspaper and you expect 30-40% profits, it is probably not going to happen. if you are in it for the business and the mission and to make a little money, you could probably do that. but where we are going is sort of unclear. it is a little discouraging to ,ee something like the job pets it is kind of tough. but i hope the things bounce back. the cause that was just on come you pressed among where he got the news. he is obviously partially getting it from c-span which is a good sign. he is still engaged. i understand how frustrating it can be to follow politics right now because we do that for a living. it is frustrating. but stay engaged in the process and the people who reflect what is going on in the process will help make sense of that. did you want to jump in on the journalist discussion? is a frustrating time to file the news in washington
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and even if you are following long-term outlets with political reporters who have been here for even talking to reporters on capitol hill, we have never seen this before. it is obviously the longest shutdown but also the time where we do not see a leader of a of things, the kinds with the investigations coming a difficult time to have a political discussion and to try and absorb all of the news. in the hobby way that used to be easy for the average american public to do. host: one day we absorb the news in this day and age is to twitter. tweeting about the news, the 2020 election, the president three minutes ago tweeting howard schultz does not have the guts to run for president. watched them on 60 minutes last night and i agree with him he is not the smartest person. besides, america already has that.
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i only hope starbucks is still paying me their rent in trump tower. me this is ams to fairly classic way to beat someone to actually run. think most of the consider howard schultz if he ran as an independent would probably take more votes away from democrats than republicans and this would benefit the president particularly in the general election, if he was able to consolidate his own base. dareems to me it is a host: teresa is waiting in new york, a republican. used to be a democrat i changed to republican. i am ashamed of these democrats and what they are doing to our country. i agree with the guy a couple of that thels earlier
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democrats are doing nothing but starting a war within the country and if our president trump, i would tell nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, you're fired -- you're fire! d! we have a 17 person conference committee making a deal here. look to see what nancy pelosi is saying. they will look to her for general guidance before they sit down and say, yes, this is a deal we will put our stamp on and go ahead with it. speaker nancy pelosi is not a memberocratic congress and she has really collect -- grab the spotlight and has been able to decisively get members on her side and she kept the party united throughout this.
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it was starting to fray at the very end. a lot of moderate democrats were getting nervous and starting to talk publicly about maybe they thought democrats would just come to a deal, but it is a big reversal for the last several years were senate minority leader chuck schumer with the most important democrat in washington at a time where republicans controlled the house and senate and the way that the senate knew to sign onto any piece of legislation. we're seeing a shift in power from chuck schumer to nancy pelosi, and the two of them have been doing joint press conferences, they have been appearing together and want to show complete unity. and not an inch of daylight between them. nancy pelosi as we saw friday night, we -- she had a ceremony, to have a big show of getting it signed in the house of resolution, chuck schumer is not there. we see president chef not willing to go in the way he has against chuck schumer, called he doesng chuck, and
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not have a name for nancy pelosi. it is something he truly does , a dealmaker, decades of experience and really keeps her members in line. same question but when it comes to majority leader mcconnell and kevin mccarthy. guest: it is an interesting dynamic because they have something that, mc can actually set the agenda in the senate here chuck schumer i think one of the reasons he opens himself up to criticism by the president 's he doesn't have as much influenced by the senate. he can organize a filibuster but mitch mcconnell really sets the agenda. an interesting case because he has a good relationship with the president. the four groups, house democrats and republicans, senate republicans, the house
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republicans have the least amount of influence of all. they cannot stop legislation or delay it like senate democrats can. but they can certainly attract a crowd. they can push the president in ways he likes to hear. he certainly likes the rhetoric that can come out of a rowdy minority caucus. one thing that shows how diminish the house republicans are, and this is kevin mccarthy's challenge, is in the previous two years, we had joint retreats with senate and house republicans. they were planning a majority agenda with the president of the united states. so the president went in virginia,ia and west and kind of like the state of the union, we do not know when it will be on if it will. it will be the house republicans because senate republicans have their own way of doing things now and it doesn't involve
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coordinating with the minority at least legislation. politically, it is a different topic here in mitch mcconnell does not need to coordinate much. he let things work themselves out like a splinter almost. it only felt that slow. why something chuck schumer has more power than he does. he was right there. and right next to nancy pelosi, whereas mitch mcconnell was just like, i'm going to let you guys figure this out. host: north carolina, independent, thank you for waiting. caller: yes. i have got a question. why are we not using the drug money and stuff? here,ould say, let's see
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2017, i probably did not say the name might but anyway, why can we not quit bickering and fighting, and use the money to secure,e borders more have everything the democrats and the republicans are wanting, for the money they brought in through the drug trade. guest: money is not an issue it comes to building eyewall and anymore sensing. here.not really the issue democrats are willing to put more money toward technology and willing to hire as many customs officials as needed. they're willing to staff up the immigration courts. that is why democrats are refusing to budge an inch per they say putting up a wall is completely the wrong message that the president of the united states should be sending.
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are a lot of legal issues involving putting up the wall. that is why there are miles and miles of the border in particular that do not have sensing. also the river runs through the border. it would be a tricky thing to actually put up the fencing. money andof the putting up the fencing, we wouldn't see the debacle we have right now. abouti wanted to ask you the lead editorial in the usa today, the editorial board calling making government shutdowns a thing of the past. some of potential recommendations they make, moved to a two-year cycle to force members of congress to forfeit pay every time the government closes to continue funding agencies when the budget fights happen and continuing resolutions. they get funded or they were until the budgets work out.
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expecting things to happen this week now? answer is noort last year, there is a special committee charged with ending shutdowns. basically a whole bunch of people, senate democrats and republicans in a room and they congress had just had to shutdowns within months and they were tired of it. the group got to work and within nine months, they put up a proposal and ended up not doing any of the no budget, no pay. ideas, they extreme have a very narrow set of budget procedural fixes. by the end of the nine months, the committee could not agree on any of it here they ended up voting on their own proposals. the committee to end the government shutdown collapsed.
3:42 am
followforget this but i the committee very closely and known was optimistic about where this would go. effort.ymbolic a lot of them are true believers who really want to fix the budget office. really wanted to have a no budget no pay law, and this is something that really kind of changed everything in the last couple of weeks. i agree. you heard nothing about how great things were going in the summer and the perp rations process was going swimmingly, happy, haleople were rogers always seemed to have a smile on his face, and then crash and burn at the and of the year. withhing i have noticed is a particular rank-and-file republicans starting to file legislation for automatic government funding.
3:43 am
in the event that they do not get some sort of deal. people like a republican from wisconsin and a republican from , these are people who probably are like, really, to have to do this every year? we keep on going the process of having shut down after shutdown after shutdown. theoretically you want to start landing for the future. they cannot even plan retreats for the state of the union now. a conversation for another day, the 2020 fiscal year. republican, go ahead. caller: i have written a few things down so i stay on track. will start by saying i do not have any reliable information to help me or solutions to all the problems. it is something i would like to talk about.
3:44 am
number one is borders. american indians have no borders, what happened to them? we killed the most of them and the rest we drove that -- drove them to pasture. it did not work out well for them to have no borders. the next thing out which talk about his for some information about campaign talks. you heard trump say they would be a wall and mexico would pay for it. it has not happened. during the 2008 campaign, obama troops home in 90 days p that change to 180. he did take troops out of iraq in 2011 on the 21st. yet put them back in 2014. on top of this, he put u.s. military and libya in 2016 and syria in 2014. they raised cain about trump missing the mark with the law but he missed the mark by a
3:45 am
mile. obama missed the mark by 100 miles. let's focus on campaign promises and what they mean heading into 2020. guest: i think the meeting has down a bit. particularly with this president, he has made and broken so many promises that i think it has taken people's natural cynicism about promisesns and the they make, we used to joke about two chickens in every pot and a car in every garage sort of thing. people havehat most a natural discounting of what a politician says on the campaign trail. in some cases, the facts on the ground change. border hason on the changed remarkably in the last three years. we have seen an evolving process that is difficult to take stock of peers same thing with the situation on the middle east, afghanistan and libya and so
3:46 am
forth. you want to build a change what your strategy is to make sure people do not get hurt or make sure your own interests are protected. it is tough to divorce campaign promises from actual policy, but i cannot help but think some people just naturally are discounted. host: one or two more calls. republican, kentucky, good morning. go ahead. i would like to start off by saying you do not hear a heckuva lot, trump inherited this problem. we had a border crisis in 1992, 2016,2000, 2006 kate -- there is a crisis today. trump is trying to fix the whole problem. he agrees with the democrats and
3:47 am
democrats agree with him, new technologies, but the rest of it is the same old same old. fences for illegals to so we can, drones take their pictures if they climb over the fences, more security guards. the border guards greet them. they come over and say we want asylum. if they are processed. all of this costs money. workers00,000 federal went to pay periods without pay. i feel bad for those people. what i don't here is numbers
3:48 am
year are00 people a dying from drug overdoses. shutdown, 8500 people died from drug overdoses. nancy, 800,000 people -- 800,000 people went without pay. why don't they talk about the people who were dying and suffering? let's hear from steve in arizona. thank you for c-span. my question is pretty simple. in the past, you had grover norquist. he wanted to shrink government to the side that you could drown in a bathtub.
3:49 am
and all thehutdown goings-on with it be part of the plan to shrink the government? i will take my answer on fear. host: whatever you want to pick up on. it seems to me a lot of the funding questions like when people see that flights aren't taking off at laguardia, it's important for government in their lives. with drug overdoses, it is horrifying. we lost 56,000 people in the vietnam war total. we lost more than that to drug overdoses last year. government has a role in trying to solve some of these problems. this is a thing we see with appropriations. they want to be part of the solution and not just be
3:50 am
involved in a policy fights. guest: the congress has tried to act on the opioid overdoses. it's easier in a lot of ways treatmentng together centers across the country. it's money to have beds in rehab centers. what we have seen on capitol hill and the reason the immigration fight has been so hard to resolve is there hasn't been a solution that policymakers can come together on. there are fundamental differences about how to address it, the influx of people who want to come to the united states and dealing with them once they have been here for decades. the issue for dreamers is so fundamentally a political issue. now it's tied up in the courts. it doesn't look like a resolution anytime soon. something that
3:51 am
addresses the economic mechanics of the border, there won't be something they can agree on. host: we will check with both of you as we move forward in this process. >> c-span's "washington journal" live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. this morning, michigan democratic congressman and pennsylvania republican congressman discuss their new task is on clean drinking water. then, new york democratic congressman joins us to talk about border security negotiation. and a discussion of the u.s. missile defense review "rollcall."
3:52 am
join c-span's "washington journal those quote live at 7:00. join the discussion. >> florida has six new members in its delegation for the 116th congress. to thelected rick scott u.s. senate, coming off of two the governor. earlier in his career, he was a health care industry executive, raning a company that hospitals around the country and later a venture capitalist. and the former health of human -- and human services secretary was nominated at house. serving in the clinton administration, she has been president of the university of miami and president of the clinton foundation. democrat debby powell was born in ecuador and immigrated to the u.s. as a teenager. while attending graduate school, her father was shot and killed order -- ecu worked inol, she nonprofits before joining the
3:53 am
administration of florida universal international. -- previously served six years in the florida house of representatives and was an attorney in private practice. congressman greg steube started his law career in the judge -- army's judge advocate general corps, serving three years in iraq. he was later elected to the florida state house and then state senate. new congress, new leaders. watch it all on c-span. >> acting attorney general math whitaker held a press conference with other trump ministration -- administration law enforcement officials including a guy director christopher wray to announce a federal grand jury eidictment of wall way -- hauw technologies. this is about 30 minutes.


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