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Nancy Pelosi
  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Addresses Christian Colleges Universities...  CSPAN  February 2, 2019 10:51pm-11:08pm EST

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of the united states' students so that our lives can be better under her leadership. all this we pray in jesus' name, amen. >> amen. shirley let's thank secretary : devos for being here today. \[applause] \[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] \[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] shirley: let's welcome speaker pelosi. [applause] speaker pelosi: thank you very much, shirley. thank you for your introduction and thank you for the invitation to be here. i'm pleased to welcome all of
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you to capitol hill. so many of you, familiar faces, back to capitol hill. certainly among them, galen carey. thank you, galen, for your leadership, being a wonderful representative of the values of the evangelical community, for being here today, and our wonderful people from christian colleges and universities. as shirley says, cccu. shirley, thank you for your leadership as president. my apology for running late. votes on the floor. i don't know who's in charge there. \[laughter] whatever it was, the votes came sooner than expected and prevented me for being here from the start. but i truly do welcome you here. i believe that faith is so much of this support not only the , aspiration for many of us, but the support that gives people hope. from time to time people say, where is hope? i say, hope is always where it's been, sitting right there between faith and charity.
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faith, hope, and charity. because people have faith they believe, and they believe in god, they believe in themselves, they believe in the goodness of others, the charity of others it , gives them hope. so faith is the strength, has always been the strength of our country. and it is also a country full of love. i believe america's heart is full of love, that the american people care about each other and believe, as many of us do, certainly all in this room, that we are all god's children. there's a spark of divinity that exists inside of each of us. at the border, in each of us including ourselves. , and we have an obligation to treat people with respect, but we have a responsibility with that spark of our own to act
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upon it. when people talk about gospel of matthew as being an inspiration to so many of us when i was , hungry, you fed me. when i was naked you clothed me. when i was homeless you sheltered me. when i was in prison you visited me. i always want to remind them that the rest of that gospel is the converse. when i was hungry, you didn't feed me. see, because at that stage god separates people. when i was hungry, you fed me. when i was hungry, you didn't feed me. when i was homeless, you didn't shelter me. and that second part of it i think is very important for us all to remember. because the responsibility, the challenge is there, both to respond positively but not to respond negatively. and i can't find it in the bible , but i quote it all the time and i keep reading and reading the bible.
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i know it's there someplace. it's supposed to be in isiah. but i heard a bishop say, to minister to the needs of god's creation is an act of worship. to ignore those needs is to dishonor the god who made us. it's there somewhere in some words or another, but certainly the spirit of it is there, and that we all have a responsibility to act upon our beliefs and the dignity and worth of every person. now, of course, i worked with some of you in this room over time on the immigration issue and the evangelical community , has been in the lead on it for a long, long time really being , there for so many strong initiatives for comprehensive immigration reform respecting , the dignity and worth of every person. and i will thank you and thank galen for his beautiful testimony when he came right
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around the time of the muslim ban and we had diplomats coming in saying this is harmful. we had the military coming in saying this is harmful. we had people of faith coming in saying how inappropriate it was to single out one faith for discrimination. and galen came and he said to us, and galen, correct me if i miss a word or so here. he said that the refugee resettlement program of the united states is the crown jewel of america's humanitarianism. is thisright, galeon -- right, galen? i quote you all the time because , this is really true. and what we're talking about when people seeking amnesty, refugee status, well-founded fear of persecution, it's an obligation of our country to be responsive to that.
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other countries are, and we do a minimum. and it's just not right. so in the current challenge that we have, one of the things we had to convey to the administration is that these people do have a right under international law and any sense of decency, to seek refuge in our country. and we have a responsibility to question whether it is a well-founded fear of persecution. but it isn't against the law for them to come into america, to have that test made. the large number of the people come through the ports of entry. overwhelmingly. but if they were to cross the border in another place because they are fleeing danger, that's ok too. and then they are subjected to the test of whether they meet that standard.
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so one of the things we are hoping to do in our negotiations here at 1:30are today they'll go into conference and we're hoping we can find , common ground as soon as possible so that we can not only meet our responsibility to protect our border, to treat people coming here with dignity and respect but also to keep , government open, some of the things we have in there i think will be very acceptable. to those on both sides of the ledger. we both care, all of us on the wallde of question, we all care about treating the people who come. so there will be sizeable funding for food, clothing, medical care for immigrants coming across our border so there won't be people dying, -- dying in our custody, children.
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there will be sizeable funding for additional judges to more quickly adjudicate these cases so that it doesn't become, well, they are here such a long time. it's because we have such a backlog. so we would have that, there would be funding to send money to the countries where most of these people coming from, the northern triangle, to try to alleviate some of the conditions that have exacerbated the situation there, to mitigate for the horror that some of them face. and we have to see how that money is spent, but a recognition of that, if we can solve some of the problems at home then people can stay home. they come here because they have they come here because they have no choice. it's just a matter of life or death or danger for their families. there are other areas where we can find common ground but those three are very personal in terms of the adjudication of the case of them coming and try to help them stay at home.
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always like to place us in time. you come at a time that's very interesting and, again, the respect and dignity of the evangelical community that always contributed to newcomers coming to our country. it might be interesting that the president i quoted most in the campaign trail was ronald reagan. ronald reagan said this. imagine almost as memorable of galen's statement that day. he said, this is the last speech i will make as president of the united states. does that get your attention? ronald reagan, this is the last -- oh, you are all too young. this is the last speech i will make as president of the united states. and he talked about the statue of liberty and what it meant, what it meant to families, to look there and say, that's what my parents, my ancestors saw when they came to america.
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and there she is. and what it means to newcomers still coming to america to see this beacon of hope to the world of welcome to newcomers to america. then he goes on to say, you have to read this speech directly, because i most certainly will not do it justice. but then he goes on to say, the vital force, america must recognize that the vital force of our preeminence in the world is every new generation of new immigrants coming to our country. and once america fails to recognize their contribution, we will fail to be preeminent in the world. ronald reagan. recognizing that vitality, the optimism, the hope, the courage, the determination to make the future better for their children and the next generations, and those are american traits. those people, all of our ancestors, parents,
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grandparents, maybe some of you in the room, make america more american with that optimism, hope, courage and determination. he goes on to say, we must not close doors. you really have to read his speech. it's just remarkable. and he, george herbert walker bush, president clinton, president george w. bush in his heart, in his head was all there with immigration but we couldn't convince others in his party at that time. he really -- maybe the best in terms of his full appreciation personally as a representative, as a governor of a border state and, of course, barack obama. and so this administration is a departure from the bipartisanship that has always existed, the recognition of who we are by and large a nation of immigrants unless we are blessed to have been born into a native american family which is a blessing as well.
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so we have an -- we have important decisions to make relative to the dignity and worth of every person and who we are as a country acting upon our beliefs. i just close by saying, when i think of all of you, i think of one time i was someplace and somebody said, what is your favorite word? what is your favorite word? what is your favorite word? it was kind of not a particularly religious group but i said to them, my favorite word is the word, "the word" and the word was i think of all that that implies. and whatever your beliefs -- i know yours -- for those i say whatever your beliefs in life
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after death or whatever, eternity and the rest, if you don't share the view that many of us have about eternity, then at least recognize the word was made christ and christ is our savior and his example is such a blessing to the world. so thank you for being people of faith, recognizing personally what it means to you but what it means to the strength of our country. i'm so honored that you're here. welcome. thank you for your friendship. thank you for your leadership. thank you so much, shirley, again, for your hospitality. [applause] shirley: speaker pelosi, we thank you for the references from matthew 25. this is something that's near and dear to us.
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we're grateful for your heart for the immigrants and we're grateful for your service, a long service. we believe in the two-party system and we're glad you're here with us. galen carey will pray for you because wisdom is something we all want and we know it comes from god. speaker pelosi: thank you. galen: let us pray together. gracious god, you have brought leaders to our nation to guide us into justice and righteousness and we pray right now for your guidance, for speaker pelosi as she leads the house of representatives. we pray as well for the other leaders in the congress and president trump as they meet together to negotiate even in the next days, may they have your guidance to come to resolution that is good for our nation and especially to our nation's history of a welcome to immigrants and refugees. we pray for those who are right now seeking refuge.
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may you meet their needs and may you provide for them the solution that you have for them. as we go now to meet with our representatives and our senators, guide us. may we be articulate advocates for your heart, for those in need as we receive refreshment and lunch and other things, may you also provide for those who right now are without those basic necessities. all these things we pray in the name of our lord and savior, jesus christ. amen. >> thank you for coming. speaker pelosi: thank you. [applause]
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>> on newsmakers, the conservative union chair talks about shutdown politics and whether they will support the president for reelection. i am absolutely behind our incumbent president and overjoyed he has governed as a conservative. conservativecated president we have seen in my lifetime. saint reagan was a patron of conservativism. trump has been more conservative. a lot of reagan alumni admit that. they were dubious donald trump would govern in this way. as far as our event, what makes america great? it is not maga. it's an event where we talk about policies and the conservative solutions.
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our theme is not going to be make america great again. what makes america great. >> willdan group endorse and when? >> the conference won't do that. that is not the purpose. as far as the group, our c4 we have 30 board of directors ask the question. endorsefident we will the president again. i am positive i am going to do that. here's what i know, anybody on my board, i've heard from nobody who has any reservation about how donald trump is acting as president. our board is excited about the policies he's implemented. i have not heard from a single board member out of 40