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  President Trump Announces World Bank President Candidate  CSPAN  February 6, 2019 8:00pm-8:11pm EST

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he later went to law school. his father, is a member of the kentucky supreme court. the congress, new leaders. watch it all on c-span. >> coming up next, president trump announces his pick for world bank president. that is followed by members of congress discussing the latest on border security negotiations after a classified briefing on capitol hill with customs and border protection officials. lindsey graham talks about his priorities as chair of the senate judiciary committee. judiciary house committee holds a hearing on gun violence prevention. on was a, president trump dominated -- nominated david malpass. he currently serves as treasury secretary for international affairs. you must be approved by the world bank's 12 member executive
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board. president trump: high, everybody. everybody. we are dealing with a very special man, a very special person. it is my pleasure to announce my choice for the next president of the world bank, mr. david malpass. i have known david for a long time. very extraordinary man. with us today, are his wife, adele, as all of his -- as well as his three children. i want to thank you all for being here and i want to congratulate you will. thank you very much. [applause]
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where please to be joined today by secretary steven mnuchin, wilbur ross, alex acosta, ben carson, as all --ambassador bob lighthizer, as well as ambassador bob lighthizer. how are you doing, bob? how are you doing, china bob? it is going well. and treasurer jovita, thank you all for being here. and, ivanka trump, and kellyanne, and a lot of great people. of theng the resignation former president of the world , ik, dr. jim young kim launched a broad search for a replacement. i knew that david was the right person to take this incredibly
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important job. in addition to his current andice, overseeing the imf actually overseeing the world bank as undersecretary of international affairs at the department of treasury, david brings 40 years of experience in economics, finance, government and finance policy to his name assignment. after receiving a degree in international economics from davidtown university, served as deputy assistant secretary of the treasury under president ronald reagan and deputy assistant secretary of state under president george h w bush. asdistinguished himself staff director of the point economic committee of the united states congress. ofwas named to the boards many notable institutions and charities. highly respected man.
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including the council of the americas and the economic club of new york. the wall street journal just said today in an editorial that david malpass is an excellent choice, which is true. america is the largest contributor to the world bank, giving it over $1 billion every year. my administration is -- has made it a top priority to ensure that u.s. taxpayers, the dollars are ,pent effectively and wisely serve american interest and defend american values. david has been a strong advocate for accountability at the world bank for a long time. david was also critical of the creation of the world bank's women's entrepreneur, and they
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know, you know about the world bank's initiatives, he will make it a priority to continue empowering women all across the globe. it is very important and very important if it is properly handled. done by the world bank. i am certain there could be no better candidate to lead the world bank than david. we want to just think david. he has been with me for a long time. he has been a supporter for a long time. -- i ran, heran liked the job i did. he is a highly respected man, a brilliant man, and he will do very well. we will be very proud of him. i want to just introduce to the media, say a few words, david malpass. [applause] malpass: thank you so very
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much, president trump, for your confidence in selecting me to lead the world bank. the world's premier development institution. it's an incredible honor. i would like to thank my family that is here today, adele and my terrific children. i would like to knowledge all my friends and colleagues here, everyone, and especially secretary mnuchin, there a kudlow, and -- larry kudlow, and ivanka trump. i am proud to say that under your administration mr. president, we negotiated a major capital increase and reform package for the world bank. shareholders and dedicated staff, there's a great opportunity now to implement these constructive reforms that will eat to faster growth and greater prosperity. i want to also note that a key goal will be to ensure women
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achieve full participation in developing economies. i know ivanka has been a strong leader on women's economic apartment, and i look forward to -- economic empowerment, and i look forward to continue our work together on the prosperity initiative. mr. president, i am very optimistic that we can achieve breakthroughs to create growth abroad, that will help us come -- combat extreme poverty and increase economic opportunities in the developing world. thank you again mr. president, for this great honor. [applause] reporter: in your speech last night, you cried about ridiculous political investigations.
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they were going to launch a deep investigation. not only into russia, but your personal financial transactions. what is your reaction? president trump: he has no basis to do that. he is a political hack. that is what they do. there would be no reason to do that. no other politician has to go through that. it is called presidential harassment, and it's unfortunate, and it really does hurt our country. i was very honored by the statements made about the speech last night. we worked hard on it, and we love our country. -- it a very important was very important for me to get up and say powerful words, also loving words and some words of compromise. and, it's been very well received.
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the speech has been very well received. i just want to thank all of those people that said such nice things about the job we did last night. thank you very much. thank you. chatter]ct >> tomorrow, the house mates to consider proposals that would require the release of presidential and vice presidential tax returns. that is live at 2 p.m. eastern on c-span three. you can also watch online at or listen on the c-span radio app. also this week, acting attorney general matthew whitaker appears
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before the house judiciary committee to talk about the special counsel investigation into russian interference during the 2016 election. this'll be his first him testifying before congress since taking over for jeff sessions who resigned in november. that is like that friday at 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span two. >> house and senate negotiators have a little more than a week to come up with a bipartisan border security proposal before temporary funding expires for the homeland security department and several other agencies that could result in another potential government shutdown. on wednesday, negotiators have the chance to question customs and border protection officials during a classified briefing on capitol hill. some of the lawmakers spoke to reporters afterwards. >> --