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Nancy Pelosi
  Speaker Pelosi News Conference on Legislative Agenda  CSPAN  February 7, 2019 6:56pm-7:17pm EST

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revealing rich architectural details of the senate chamber, its or nate hallways, private workspaces and elaborate historic meeting rooms. this keepsake is filled with beautiful color photos of the art and architecture that pervade the senate space. and offers lots of information about the senate's rich history. to order your high-quality paperback copy of "the senate" for just $18.95 plus shipping, visit >> at her weekly news conference, house speaker nancy pelosi spoke about some of the democrats' top legislative priorities. she also talked about ongoing congressional budget negotiations and was asked about the possibility of another government shutdown. ms. pelosi: good morning. it was a big crowd at the
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prayer breakfast this morning. lots of friendses to see. so apologies for running later today. we've had quite a week. here we are now one month into our majority. our committees are appointed. they have reorganized and they're having hearings. for the people's agenda, we've started hearings on lowering health care costs by reducing the cost of prescription drugs. that was one of our opening hearings yesterday. the energy and commerce committee did an appropriations and in labor held hearings protecting the pre-existing condition benefit and reversing the g.o.p.'s sabotage of the health care bill. part two of the for the people agenda, one was lowering health care costs. the other is raising paychecks of america's workers and by building the infrastructure of america and yesterday the transportation and infrastructure committee held its first hearing in investing in roads, bridges, mass
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transit, port, airports, schools, water system, energy grids. the mayor of los angeles participated in other -- and others with experience in this. again, number three of the for the people agenda was h.r. 1, cleaning up corruption and restoring integrity in overnment. yesterday. the second hearing was held on h.r. 1. which will reduce the role of big dark money so the people's interests, not the special interest, will have a stronger voice. in addition, we had two hearings, really, the first in health years on climate change. one in the committee of energy and commerce. first time they had a hearing in eight years, natural resources as well. now that the democrats are in the majority. i was pleased yesterday to appoint the select committee on climate. before i go to that i was very disappointed in the state of the union address there was no mention -- violence in our country caused by the proliferation of guns.
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we have h.r. 8 which we will be bringing to the floor. we had our hearing this week on that legislation. it will be marked up and it will be sent to the floor, hopefully this month. yesterday, as i mentioned, i appointed the select committee on climate. there's lots of excitement. i said the select committee will have a leading role in taking testimony, building current information on solutions to the climate crisis. but it would be a congresswide initiative. as mentioned, two of our committees have already -- subcommittees had already had hearings but we hope it will be -- all of the committees of jurisdictions will be very nvolved in it. that's the impression i had. we welcome all the ideas as they highlight the importance of this existential threat to he planet. in our committee, the work will be to address to find
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solutions. it's not a legislative committee. it will be -- its recommendations, as other recommendations, will be referred to the committees of jurisdiction, legislative ommittees of jurisdiction. but it's a public health issue. clean air, clean water for our children. it's a national security issue when it comes to preventing climate-driven instability. it's an economic and jobs, jobs, jobs issue of -- good-paying jobs, making america -- keeping america keeping america in green technologies in the world and my view a moral responsibility and this planet is god's creation and we have a responsibility or if you don't share that religious view but we have a moral responsibility to pass the planet onto the next generation
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in the best possible way and has that standing as well, health, security, jobs, jobs, jobs and preserving god's creation.
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there is legislation that would give him even more authority and i don't support that. the concerns that we have about
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and hopefully they will be solved and i'm optimistic, known ico and formerly as nafta. the concurrence the environment the prescription drug prices. those are some of the subjects, but the overarching issue is enforcement sm if you don't have the enforcement provisions very trongly spelled out not as a side letter but when there is a problem, i believe that the trade representative has been most accommodating and available for members. hopefully he will come toll aps some questions soon but which had a good rapport with mr.
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height lieser. having questions with members so that members can see what is in the legislation, what we would like to see in the legislation. i have always thought that is one of the easier trade agreements to come to agreement on, but we are not there yet. >> the president said the committee is going nuts and unlimited presidential harrisment. the speaker: but i'm not commenting on what the president has to say about our work. i always think what the president says about us he is projecting his unruliness. i'm proud of the work of our
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contest and they have complimented on the committees proceed. in how they we will not surround our constitutional responsibilities. that would make us delinquent. i will not sond of the president who -- i'm not going there.
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ms. pelosi: it's not a question of just sending a letter and the chairman of the committee will be doing that. i know there is impatience because people want to know and answer the question, but we have o do it in a very careful way.
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>> when i was speaker under president bush was climate, adjusting the climate crisis and ncreasing energy independence. we passed one of the biggest energy bills in the history of our country.
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like taking millions of cars off the roads and many good features in it and including the compromise. i wanted renewables, we came to agreement. the many of the authorities that president obama used as president to address the issues of pollution and climate were authorities in that legislation so i'm very proud of that. technology has advanced and communicated in more readily.
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we will have to be up to date in terms of hearing from our national security experts and the most bold
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initiatives. and interest in again, saving the planet, protect the health
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of our children and pass the planet. i'm very excited about it and i welcome a new green deal. thank you all very much. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> here's a look at our prime time schedule, beginning at 8:00 on c-span our road to the white house coverage continues with remarks from howard schultz at purdue university. the house and ways committee holds a hearing a tax returns. d 8:00 p.m. on c-span 3, the impact of the recent 35-day shutdown on america's small businesses. >> c-span's "washington jourm" with news and policy issues that
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impact you. coming up on friday morning, tennessee republican congressman discusses news of the day as his goals. >> first appearance before the committee. watch live friday at 9:30 a.m. or c-span 2 or listen live with the c-span radio app.
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c-span's road to the white house continues with two events starting with sherrod brown taking part of a round table to discuss jobs and the u.s. economy. he will talking to voters in new hampshire. and that starts at 5:00 p.m. and following that, the emocratic mayor of south bend, indiana, entered the presidential race. see his comments live on friday on c-span. this weekend on book tv, look at he use of cyber weapons. hoover institution fellows with their latest book. >> artificial. we are going to have leaders
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and this our children are talking to. and is actually picking up the the dialogue of our children. those, quote, dialogue terms and were being september to a mpany which sells dialogue terms on to other organizations and companies and institutions including the c.i.a. and who are developing the software. this is coming from you