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Nancy Pelosi
  Speaker Pelosi - Bill Signing Photo Op  CSPAN  February 15, 2019 2:16am-2:31am EST

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announcer: next, house speaker nancy pelosi and democratic leaders hosting is signing ceremony for legislation passed thisnd government funding past to find border security. tot funding that was passed fund border security. this is 15 minutes. [chatter] [laughter] >> oh, my gosh. what a beautiful sight to behold. to see atty exciting bill that has passed the house of representatives and the senate and now will go over to
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the senate to be signed by the less by thent president of the united states, or his designee. i am happy to sign it in honor of our conferees. they did a spectacular job. [applause] >> in the chair of the appropriations committee, the chair of the homeland security appropriations, , all cuellar from texas ,embers of the committee barbara lee, leadership member --the contrary, david price leadership member of the contrary, and david price. he had to go to north carolina earlier today, but he was a top democrat on the homeland
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security committee and a very strong force for doing the right thing. we are appropriators, so we have confidence as appropriators. as i have said over and over, we had confidence in them working in a bipartisan and bicameral way, they could come up with a compromise that is acceptable and that is bipartisan. that we can all support. 300 votes on the floor of the house, it was quite a remarkable show. just want to say that i thank our conferees for having tohonor our oath of office secure our country and secure the border, and protecting our valleys. where we go from here -- protecting our values.
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we will not have an end-run around the congress of the united states. -- [inat, i am delighted audible] >> ready? [laughter] madam chair, leadership, would you like to say something? we are very pleased that at this point in time. we ought to remind ourselves that this is last year's work. i want to congratulate the chair of the full committee and the subcommittee and the conferees for doing this work done. as majority will be
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effort to make every get our appropriations bill done in a timely fashion, so that we the threatront again of, or the actual shutdown of the government of the united states. that is not a policy that ought to be repeated. we will certainly try not to do that. but, congratulations to the committee and to the conferees, and very much also to the republican and democratic conferees who stood on the floor in support of this, knowing we need to get our work done. >> i certainly associate myself with the comments you just heard from our leader. and i want to add my congratulations and thank you so much for this.
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and my classmates, lucille, i was so proud of her. i thanked her on the floor tonight, just wanted to say how much i appreciate the work we did on this. i spend a lot of time on the phone with a lot of people. and as the leader said, i had a few telephone conversations with the minority whip, steve scalise, and we were bargaining for 70 votes. we came up with 85, 87, so we thank him as well for making this a genuine bipartisan effort. that is what the country works from us. to work together and get the people's work done. and i want to thank these conferees for what they did, creating an atmosphere where we can get the people's work done.
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rep. pelosi: thank you. luhan?entative >> the effort of our conferees, the guidance of our speaker, and the work that was needed, as mr. cliburn and mr. hoyer laid out, the importance of the bipartisan work to get everything done for the good of the country, also looking at important investments when it comes to border security. but the work of the conferees also built on the humanitarian responsibilities we have across the country. nita and lucille are our two chairs, but also there was work done by pete and henry and barbara and david. rep. pelosi: thank you. madam chair? >> i just want to add to what my colleagues said. at a time like this, where public political discourse has
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been so crude, i was so proud as the chair of this committee, working with outstanding conferees, to work in a bipartisan way and really accomplish our goals, serve the people of the united states. i haves hope -- as always been an optimist, that we can continue this tone. .e have a lot of work to do as we complete this bill, we have to begin on 2020, where we have 12 new bills that we have to work on. i really hope that we can work together in a civil way to accomplish our goals and serve the people of the united states of america. that is the way this project should work. rep. pelosi: thank you, madam chair, for chairing the conference in such a distinguished and effective way. [applause]
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congressman robert ballard -- roy bill ballard --? an example ofs is how we can come together and work as a team. i was very fortunate to have conferees who were committed to making sure that this whole process was one in which we can be proud of. be totally committed. we worked together and we focused to make sure that the security of our nation was a priority coupled with the fact make sure that it also represented our american values. we were able to do that in a bipartisan way, with differences of opinion not only within our own caucus, but also our republican counterparts, and because we worked in this bipartisan way, respecting each other with the focus on getting something done to make sure the government was not shut down, but our product was one we could
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all feel good about, this is the result. i can't say enough about the conferees. they were incredible. and in the end, when we have reached about as far as we could go, the four corners met and it was nita who hit that home run. rep. pelosi: thank you very much. before a yield to the distinguished member of the leadership, barbara lee, -- i went to acknowledge that we are met by congressman steve c ohen, thank you for helping us in our efforts. congresswoman barbara lee, thank you for your leadership. lee: thank you.
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congratulations for your tremendous leadership and your attention to all of the members of the democratic caucus, and working in a bipartisan way. these leaders championed the views and the ideas of our entire caucus. that is quite a testament to their leadership, but also to the diversity of our caucus and to the willingness to make sure that all of our voices were heard. i just have to thank you once again. we have a lot more to do, but we came a long way. we did that because of how you worked collaboratively in a with all ofay t our caucus, to make sure that all of our views were championed. thank you very much. rep. pelosi: mr. cuellar? rep. cuellar: thank you again
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for your leadership, for putting this very united conferees committee together. we got over 300 votes today. there was a strong, bipartisan vote. what we did in this committee was very simple. it was a matter of, how do you see the border? unfortunately, there are some people that see the border as a crisis, as a place that is out of control. for us that live on the border, that spend a lot of time at the border, we see the border as opportunity and community. a place where we see trade and tourism, where we want to raise our families and send our kids to school, and start businesses. that is the two divisions that we saw certain from the president, and the opposite that we saw, and from there, we were able to put those visions together and find a balance. we don't believe in open borders. we want to see smart border
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security. not a 14th century wall that the president believes in, but we want to find balance between security and legitimate tourism. this is what the committee was able to do. by getting together, we were in what find that balance. people have asked me, who won? the american public won in this one. so, thank you, madam speaker. rep. pelosi: thank you. >> i just wanted to -- rep. pelosi: excuse me. [laughter] mr. aguilar! [laughter] rep. aguilar: i can yield back -- [laughter] give henry more time. thank you so much, speaker. they understand. [laughter] thank you, speaker, for such a distinguished group. i was just honored to learn from this process.
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this was a collaborative process. we worked well together. we had each other's backs. because we knew we were fighting for the values of our caucus and the values of the american people, securing our borders, honoring our values, and ensuring that we avoid another senseless shutdown. that was our northstar moving through this caucus and i was honored to be on the team. rep. pelosi: thank you so much. we also had six other bills and we are proud of the work our chairs of subcommittees did. many of them spoke on the floor and joined the debate. it was a major accomplishment. these bills dealt with other departments of government and homeland security. so thank all of you for protecting our borders, honoring our values, keeping our government open. thank all of you.
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happy valentine's day. we saluted a victory for the american people with chocolate from california. i call it the champagne of chocolate. reporter: other bills in a bipartisan fashion -- [inaudible] has the smell gonzalez? rep. pelosi: it didn't go south. [laughter] -- has the bill gone south? rep. pelosi: chad, you are always saying -- has the bill gone south? it didn't go south. [laughter] reporter: what is your message? [inaudible] host: jennifer shutt joins us. she's an appropriations and budget reporter. jennifer, how did this bill come together? jennifer: this has been in the making since almost last year when we began the fiscal 2019 oc