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Mike Pence
  Vice President Pence in Colombia Delivers Remarks on Venezuela  CSPAN  February 25, 2019 11:04am-11:14am EST

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a moment live on c-span.
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good morning, everyone. we'd like to extend a warm welcome to the ministers of foreign affairs and we will now continue to continue with the dialogue between the president of columbia and the presidents of guatemala, panama, and a venezuela, along with the vice brazil and united states of america. i'll now turn the microphone over to the vice president of columbia. good morning. to each and everyone of you could allow me -- allow me to extend a warm greeting and thank you for your presence today.
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thank theso like to -- the president of welcome isand also excellently the president of welcome the presidents -- the presence of the u.s. vice president, mr. mike pence. underlineso like to the vice president of brazil. i wish to express the great joining theing here -- as aup as word representative of his people that. i would like to greet him with a show of hands.
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i would also like to thank the presence here of the vice tableer here at the head ambassador andan also to express my pleasure and gratitude for having with us two great friends of the inter-american system. talking about the secretary-general of the organization of american states, thank you for joining us. as well as the presence of our dear friend, the president of the inter-american bank. thank you for your presence. i would also like to thank several of the ministers of foreign affairs of all of the member countries of the lima group as well as countries who have joined us as observers of
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these deliberations. i would also like to greet the representative of the multilateral agencies and to thank the leadership exercised today and throughout our deliberations by our minister of thanks theairs and presence of the vice president of columbia could this morning is a very important morning. today we have gathered here to show that there is a sentiment multilateralism when it is a matter of defending principles, ideas, and democratic values. that theree showing when it isordination
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a matter of helping a people that has been hurt and subject by the brutality and hatred could today we show that diplomacy and the diplomatic blockade as well as multilateral than any stronger threat or discourse that seeks to fracture or break the sentiment of unity that bonds all of the countries gathered here today. areso believe that today we giving things the clarity they deserve because the situation in not as some have tried to say, a dictator's propaganda. we are here because the true
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dilemma is the continuation of tyranny or the triumph of democracy, the triumph of human rights as well as the victory of liberty. i am convinced that what the lima group has been doing by recognizing president juan guaido as interim president as -- of venezuela and the national assembly as legitimate body administering democracy --ressed >> we apologize. we are having technical issues
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,ith our signal from columbia where vice president mike pence was scheduled to speak about the political and humanitarian situation in venezuela. we will leave it at this point. we are recording the event. we hope to bring it to you later on c-span. a look now at some of our live programming coming up today on the c-span networks. join us at noon for a conversation with rob rosenstein on the role of law norms in the united states compared with legal systems abroad, including in china. the center for strategic and international studies is the host of that discussion. live coverage starting at noon on c-span. looking at congress, the house and senate will be back today. this week the house will take up a joint resolution determining national trump's emergency declaration allowing him to build a southern border wall with money congress intended for other purposes. measures to require universal background checks for gun buyers
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and closing loopholes. on the senate floor, senators will take heart in the annual reading of george washington's farewell address and then continue work on an abortion related bill. later, the nomination of andrew wheeler to head the environmental protection agency. the houses back at 2:00 for legislative work live on c-span. you can see the senate live on c-span two starting at 3:00. we mentioned the resolution in the house terminating the president's emergency declaration for the southern border wall. join us later today when the house rules committee meets to discuss that good you can see live coverage starting at 5:00 eastern on c-span three. >> tonight, on the communicators, christopher shelton, president of the communication workers of america talks about their opposition to the proposed t-mobile/print -- t-mobile/sprint merger.
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is a bad idea that will destroy 30,000 jobs in the united states for a german government owned company and a japanese billionaire company. we do not see why the german government or the japanese billionaire should seek to make money off of american jobs. that is with the merger will do. >> watch the communicators tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span2. returning to the program's nina olson. she serves as the taxpayer advocate to the irs. remind our viewers about the role you serve. he national taxpayer advocacy position created by congress, i lead an organization called the taxpayer advocate service and we have been charged to help taxpayers solve their problems with the irs both specific pros