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tv   Washington Journal Darlene Superville Mike De Bonis  CSPAN  February 25, 2019 3:35pm-4:31pm EST

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thing. >> just a portion of what deputy attorney general rod rosenstein had to see today. you can see his entire remarks tonight at 9:30 eastern here on c-span. other primetime programming tonight beginning at 9:00 eastern on c-span, the house rules committee meets to discuss a resolution related to president trump's border security national emergency declaration. and at 8:00 eastern on c-span3, current and former u.s. governors speak at an american investment summit hosted by the u.s. chamber of commerce. on capitol hill and in host: foreign-policy discussions across the globe it will be a busy week for politics and policy. looking at the week ahead in washington, white house correspondent for the associated press darlene superville joins us. mike debonis of the washington post who covers congress. mike kelly will start for you and the headline for one of your pieces.
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house democrats have a tuesday vote on overturning the trump emergency declaration. the reelection gets rolling today with the house rules committee. this seems to be happening faster than originally thought. the house is moving forward on this quickly. what is behind their timing and motivation? they see no reason to wait in moving forward with this vote. this was declared on the 15th, that was the day congress left town for a week. essentially the first time they could come back and vote on something. they have wasted not a moment in taking this vote. that goes to the senate and mitch mcconnell will have to decide when he is going to put this up, either the while he has come a certain window of time to schedule this. he has not announced his intentions. getting ahead of the house
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and senate, darlene superville, the president tweeting minutes ago about how he thinks the senate should handle this thing. i hope our great republican senators don't get led down the path of weak and ineffective border security. without strong borders we don't have a country. smart don'td fall into the democrats trap of crime!"ders and he has a vetoproof majority in the house and senate. what is with his messaging on this? why does he feel like he needs to put these reminders out to the senate? >> there are some republican members of the senate who are not fully on board with the president and the way he went about declaring a national emergency to get the money to build the wall. some of them think it was not the right way to go. with the tweet he is trying to , don'tthem stick with me vote against me whenever this resolution does leave the house and make its way over to the senate.
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host: remind us why the president chose this route? guest: he was asking for $5.7 billion for the wall. what congress ended up giving him was something in the order of 1.4 billion. he has certain authorities as president. one of them was to declare a national emergency which he did a couple weeks ago. to be able tong move some money around from other accounts. accounts for military construction, accounts for counter drug efforts run by the pentagon. he is looking at using a total of $8 billion to build the wall. ofhas somewhere in the order $6 billion and change to bring the total up to 8 billion for the wall. congress wasted no times in getting the wheels in motion in terms of this resolution to overturn the declaration. >> there is not much doubt that
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the president is going to veto this even if it does pass the senate. the majority is not there to override a veto. the widespread expectation is this battle shifts to the courts and it will be litigated in a number of venues. over the course of months. the thinking politically is, let's take these votes and get it out of the way and then this battle will shift to the courts. house democrats are entertaining whether they will intervene in the courts or file their own lawsuit or join any other lawsuit. filing a friend of the court brief. that governstute national emergencies this is the clear option they have to act immediately. is the attorneys general of a number of states, correct? groupse are also other that have either filed challenges or given notice that
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they intend to sue the aclu. the big one is the one with 16 attorneys general challenging what the president did. host: i saw some tweets yesterday from the first lady and the president meeting with the nation's governors, the dinner at the white house part of the governors association meeting in washington. in general how are his relations with state governors? >> it depends. i was looking at the guest list and i saw gavin newsom's name on the list. california and california has been a huge back and forth with the white house over money for their high-speed rail line, environmental issues. and now california is leading the 16 states suing over the border wall. you get in a room with the president and you are in the white house, everyone is on their best behavior.
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in other areas things get prettily. >> our guest this morning darlene superville of the associated press and mike debonis of the washington post are you we welcome your calls and your comments. .emocrats (202) 748-8000 republicans (202) 748-8001 independents and all others (202) 748-8002. we spent the first hour talking about the release of the mueller investigation. it seems like it won't be released this week, but very high-profile hearings this week with the president's former attorney michael cohen. when is he testify and why do committees want to hear from him? guest: he is testifying three times that only once in public. he will be in front of the senate intelligence committee behind closed doors. on thursday is the house oversight committee which is a public hearing.
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that testimony has been circumscribed to matters involving the campaign and the president's business, not having to do with russia and the whole scope of what mueller is looking at. i think there is more than enough material in that realm that there is the possibility and likelihood of some pretty significant moments. i think it will be one of the marquee hearings on capitol hill this year. that oversight hearing live on c-span three. and someng member republican members of that committee casting doubts on why michael cohen is being called at all. because he is already been convicted of a number of issues. casting aspersions on his credibility as a witness before that committee. that is something republicans have been doing for a long time. saying michael: not only has
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motivation to live based on his to wrongdoing and his desire not take accountability for his own acts. in theadmitted now course of his prosecution to having lied to congress. having lied to the house intelligence committee. casting doubt on whatever he said. democrats have taken the view that with it he has been for right about saying he has lied in the past. he has now come clean. he has decided he does not want to carry water for the president anymore. say is what he intends to in public this week. superville, let's touch on the foreign policy issues the administration is tackling this week. very high profile. vice president mike pence and columbia meeting with the venezuelan opposition leader and speaking to people in colombia.
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front page of the washington ,imes and elsewhere expectations for concrete results are high with trump's second summit. what are you hearing from white house advisors etc. on what they hope to get out of this meeting? >> starting with the president himself at the dinner last night with the governor's. he talked about the great relationship that he has developed with the north korean leader kim jong-il. the facta lot about that they have not tested missiles in some time. they have returned american soldiers remains. they have released hostages. the white house seems to have been trying to take down expectations for this meeting. they met in singapore last year it was all about denuclearization. the president now says he is in no rush for this to happen. he is happy that the testing stopped and all these other things have been happening.
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he also couched this meeting as the first in a series of meetings with kim jong-un. it seems as though they are lowering the bar and tried to disabuse people of the notion that some grand deal will come out of this meeting this week. it appears the president is happier in these higher profile one-on-one meetings with leaders. he comes fromt: the world of reality tv. with kimmeeting he did jong-un in singapore was quite a production. i think he is looking forward to re-creating some of that with this meeting this week. host: let's hear from our colors. darlene superville and mike debonis. tricia and minneapolis on our republican line, good morning. go ahead. caller: good morning. first of all -- will hear from wayne in
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alabama on the republican line, go ahead. go ahead, wayne. patricia, goost: ahead. are you hearing the call? sorry about that. we have lost both the colors there. -- callers there. lopez in maryland, independent line. a question for darlene. i am a federal employee and our understanding is that with the funding bill we have the 1.9% increase but we still need an executive order to do everything. and wondering, is that true if so have you heard anything of when this might come out?
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overthis week, it has been a week since the actual funding bill has been put in place. >> thank you for the question. not 100% say i am certain of that and i would have ando back and look into it figure out what that executive order is supposed to pop. >> that was the funding package that passed to end the shutdown. guest: yes. host: jimmy from new jersey republican line. hello and thank you for taking my call. small wanted to raise a point. i think people may have forgotten because of the wall. host: jimmy you have the volume up, turn down the volume.
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trafficking could bye been slowed down maintaining control over the canal and forcing them to go by sea and air. what is our country doing? how stupid is that? controlwe not maintain of that canal? otherwant to raise one point. the aclu by the way for the woman on the show, if she was wondering where that began, it began in the communist party. go back to the wall for a second. talking about the emergency to overturn the emergency order. the president tweeted several photos of the wall under
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construction. they are beginning to use that money then? guest: there was money last year they are already spending. last year it was specifically earmarked to repair existing fencing. there were areas where they were allowed to do a little more .rimary work it is a lot clearer in the new spending bill that there is a mandate to build new fencing into certain sectors. going to take a while for that money to get spent for the -- at the pentagon last week we had defense officials briefed reporters and said it will probably be months at least before you see shovels in the ground, giving the need to shift money into the right accounts and get the army corps of engineers go through the contract. host: there is a report in your
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paper this morning writing that a bipartisan group of 58 former national security officials issued a statement saying that there is no factual basis for president trump's proclamation of the national emergency to build the wall of the u.s. mexico border. include former secretary of state madeleine albright, defense secretary .huck hagel the house inspected the boat again tomorrow. darlene superville, tell us about who is most influential in the president's decision on this national emergency declaration. are some republican members of congress, senator lindsey graham is one of them come of the senator from south carolina who came around and began urging the president to declare this emergency because it became clear congress was not going to give him the $5.7 billion he was asking for. ,here are members of the house
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mark meadows is one of those who is also pushing the president to do the emergency declaration. one of the distinctions the white house made given that you have just mentioned this national security letter, they make the argument that presidents have used these emergency powers, something like 20 something times or dozens of times and the statue became law. opponents argue that yes it has been used a number of times including after 9/11, in some cases after natural disasters. it has never been used in a situation where a president declared a national emergency to go in get money that congress denied him. that is one of the distinctions here. >> let me talk to you about another inside the white house story. this is from the briefing from the washington examiner. they set the number of cabinet
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departments about permanent that the epa nominee would get a hearing on capitol hill this week. what is behind the administration's thinking on slow walking some nominees or not having as many permanent , what is the story? guest: some people i have talked to said it is unprecedented to have this many. the idea of an acting secretary is not unusual. , you have a lot someone tried to get confirmed through the senate and you have someone to do the job until the person you want there is confirmed by the senate. to have six people in his administration in the third year is a lot. when asked about of the president said he liked the acting because they give them flexibility because he is not explained what that means and the white house has not explained. host: is there a common thread?
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are you hearing from potential nominees or people who could be selected that the process self is so difficult and demanding? guest: that is a long-standing issue about the confirmation process. the senate does not move very fast. things get bottled up. there is opposition. the president has been complaining that democrats have been locking a number of his nominees. calls,s get back to the john and florida on the independent line, good morning. caller: good morning. may i comment on the previous issue about the mueller report? host: go ahead. caller: you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. this is far beyond republican or democrat. this is the truth. of course that report should be given to every citizen, taxpayer
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in the u.s.. we paid for it, we should get it. if you hired a group of attorneys to make a report on a project after you paid them in full what they say no? of course that report is going to be missed -- should be made to everyone in the country. host: what moves have democrats made ahead of the release of the report? guest: last week you have the chairman of several house chopperes say, warning the attorney general and the president saying we expect this report to be made public. showad adam schiff on the saying that if it is not made public he is going to subpoena and put robert mueller under oath at a hearing to discuss it. democrats are being very clear right now in the saying they are not going to tolerate any
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circumstance where significant parts of this report are cap secret or redacted or not open to public scrutiny. republicans arguing the opposite. there is a sense of national security items that are going to be at issue here. we need to follow the rules. the rules have existed for some time. respect to the needs of the intelligence services. to protect the way they do business. right now public sentiment seems to be clearly on the side that as much of this report if not in its entirety should be made public. host: aside of what the president may tweet what preparations have the white house and the administration made in advance of the release of the report? guest: it is unclear what they are going to repair and in some senses it is hard to
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prepare for a report like that. the president said all along he did nothing wrong and there was no collusion. clearly they are hoping the report will come out and show that. evidencenot a lot of that they are doing a lot to prepare. what they have been preparing for mostly was the meeting this week with kim jong-un in vietnam. , whatbest case scenario is your thinking on when the mueller report will be released? always been of the mind that no one knows what is going on except for robert mueller. i think it is hard to make any guesses. it is going to come to an end at some point this year. i second her analysis. i'm not a reporter who covers the mueller investigation day in and day out.
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ondoes seem, based circumstantial evidence of that things are coming to a halt. don't ask me to pick a date on the calendar. host: anthony on the independent line. caller: good morning. darlene superville. was advised by a lot of people about the special counsel , kenneth starr had to run a game it. rump said the election was rigged. now that they are investigating a why not have someone that figures out what was done to have the election rigged? host: any comment? let's hear from michael in san diego, california.
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michael? caller: good morning. my republican party is the party of honesty and not of lying donald trump. i can't believe any person who supports this man can call them a true american. this is not what america is about. every single republican politician that spoke out became aim before he republican candidate and now supports in full heartedly is a hypocrite. the man has not changed. he calls himself a nationalist. that is at the end in the nationalist nazi party stands for. can't people see how bad he is for our country? he bankrupted our country. host: we are looking ahead to the week in washington and beyond. mike debonis of the washington post with us. the issues the house will take up this week is the gun safety bill.
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i want to turn to an opinion .iece in the washington post ryan costello and carlos talking at the bill, the bipartisan background check act is not only consistent with the second amendment it is also common sense. any piece of legislation we voted on in our combined eight years in congress. what is this bill aimed at doing? democrats talking about doing universal background checks for a long time certainly to the aftermath of the sandy hook tragedy. it would close certain loopholes where you don't have to do a federal background check. anytime a gun changes hands you would have to go to a federally licensed firearms dealer and have them run a background check. democrats are moving another bill this week, a separate piece
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of legislation that would extend -- but thegun dealer federal government would have to run a background check. right now there is a three-day window in which you do your background check and the red flag comes up at that time. this red flag comes up would change it to 20 days which is a much longer window. something republicans are opposing. that bill is not inspected to have the same type of bipartisan report. support host:. is there any support for the but -- guest: is there any support for the background check bill? --their public inside background check bill on the republican side? guest: there are a number of republicans that supporters of
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this bill are targeting. it is far from clear that there will be a vote in the senate. host: this is the first gun legislation that the new democratic house is taking up. guest: this is the first piece of gun legislation the house has dealt with in years. there was no significant gun legislation of any kind of brought up or at least gun control legislation in the republican-controlled house during the eight year republican majority. efforthis part of a by democrats for more gun legislation? tost: there could be more come. there are a couple of areas where they look right now. there are red flag laws which would give law enforcement and private parties the ability to have someone who has a mental health crisis or some other
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issue, you can have their guns temporarily taken away from them. that is something people are trying as a possibility in this congress. this comes up time to time and that is more controversial. something a lot of democrats think. mental health issue after the parkland shooting and other events, it seemed like the white house was behind additional stronger mental health checks in terms of not specific legislation but the issue. >> that is true. it is a good question. i don't know where that stands right now. they were strongly behind that. the president was behind trying to buck the nra then he reversed course. he created the school safety thatission released a report where they came out with a bunch of recommendations for schools and school districts.
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those are the things he talks about now in terms of what the white house has been doing in terms of the gun control issue. host: before we go back to calls, what is the nra and other pro-gun rights groups lobbying been like before this? guest: as expected they are against it. this is a bill they have opposed for some time. especially opposed to the second bill, the expanded window for background checks. that is an unconstitutional infringement of second amendment rights to make somebody potentially wait 20 days to purchase a firearm. the universal background check bill, they are saying that would keep a family member from -- family members who in the past have been able to give guns to each other, that would be more difficult now.
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jeremy in the nation's capital on our democrat line. i'm calling to thank c-span for this opportunity. arend to say that there definitely a bunch of issues going on, with donald trump being focused on the media and the attention of the public. in losds of people angeles and seattle are living by train stations. the government has pledged to israel0 million a day to -- veterans are begging for food off the street. this is a shame for all of us as americans and it is going to
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stick with us into the future. stop giving donald trump media coverage. cover the critical issues. donald trump has gone around promoting his vanity project .hich is absolutely useless if we can't end poverty in then perhaps you should shut up. charity does begin at home. host: the caller touched on venezuela. pence in aent feature piece in the new york times, they said with mr. trump in the spotlight mr. pence will beast left to test his international clout against the conflict that turned deadly over attempts to deliver humanitarian aid to venezuela. a country reeling from a collapsed economy. today vice president pence is scheduled to visit colombia to
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reinforce the administration's demand. the venezuelan president stepped down to clear the day -- asking the venezuelan president to step down to clear the way for juan guaido. his plane took off at 4:00 a.m. this morning. he is on his way to colombia as we speak. he was overseas last week. he was at the munich security conference. i think what you will see is as the president becomes more focused on 2020 and his own reelection the vice president will as he has already done step up a little bit more in the foreign policy arena. host: busy handling things that normally would have been handled by our secretary of state? how are mike pompeo and vice president pence splitting duties or in approaching our allies or policy issues. >> i think they are working in
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tandem. it is not a situation where the secretary of state has receded into the background. secretary of state pompeo was on two of the sunday talk shows yesterday talking about venezuela, north korea and other foreign-policy issues. i would guess they are doing some coordinating in terms of who does what and who takes the lead on various issues. state is stillf out front and center. the air was on yesterday on the sunday shows talking about foreign policy issues. the president's trip to north korea, let's take a look. >> as you head into the summit has north korea given any indication it is willing now to put meat on the bones. that it will either turn over an inventory of their arsenal or begin to turn over there nuclear arsenal?
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>> last year in singapore kim unequivocally stated he would denuclearize his country. >> but he hasn't. >> there were other pillars we committed to. kim unequivocally we have made progress on some and less so on others. this is a complicated process. the history is difficult. the previous administration's policy was allow the north koreans to test and cower when they threaten us. that has been upended by president trump. we put real economic pressure on the north koreans and have built out a global coalition. we have built up the world's coalition to communicate to chairman kim that now is the moment and we hope to make real progress on that. host: the secretary of state picking up on what president trump often does, compare what they were doing contrasting it with previous administrations
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and their sighting of the failure of the previous administration. in this case in north korean policy. is that a prevalent theme within the administration outside of at the president is to reiterate and hammer home the difference between the two administrations? [laughter] guest: they do that a lot on lots of different issues. the do it on immigration, border wall, health care, iran, all sorts of issues. this administration is always contrasting with what the obama administration did. always couching what they are doing as more successful than what the obama administration or previous ministrations of the. north korea is a top example. host: let's hear from steve in missouri. independent line. good morning. caller: thanks for taking my call. i would like to talk about all
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the money we are wasting in our government. first of all the $2 trillion tax cuts going to the rich. cyber security is a much bigger threat than the wall. military. aircraft carrier is almost obsolete. a million-dollar missile can take out a 20 and billy dollar -- $20 billion aircraft carrier from miles away. if we have world war iii it probably be nuclear. it is better to say trust in god and do the best we can. we don't need all this money. we need to help the poor and worry about that and get trump out of office as quick as possible. host: i will pick up on his comment about infrastructure. that was an area as the new congress came in that the president saw some possibility of bipartisan agreements on infrastructure spending.
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realizing that the 2020 budgets are being formulated now. any indication that there will be come outside of what we know about the green jobs package, from a number of democratic members that there will be a bipartisan agreement or some sort of bipartisan measure on the infrastructure spending. >> there is a lot of happy talk about we are going to do a bipartisan infrastructure bill. we have been hearing happy talk about infrastructure for years now. it has not come together. there are some significant reasons why it hasn't. some major philosophical differences on how infrastructure packages should look. democrats want to spend more taxpayer dollars, hard money, to build things. to recap things and build infrastructure. for schools and communication networks.
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what republicans have floated in the past come a certain amount of hard money for that sort of thing. a lot more incentives for private industry. partiestivize private to do these things. that is a huge philosophical divide that has not been overcome. the caller mentioned the tax cuts. have put out all their proposals, some of the most credible proposals democrats have put out. they roll back the tax cuts and raised the rates on corporate income tax. they are looking at high earners and things like that. those are not things republicans will be eager to do. basically cannibalizing their main accomplishment of the last congress to do it infrastructure deal. a lot of options and reasons were infrastructure is hard. are their deadlines we
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should be aware of coming up this year in congress in terms of things that will slow down the works? is there a debt ceiling deadline coming up that this congress will encounter? guest: there is a debt ceiling said line -- deadline. statutorily it is in march but the treasury will have a lot of let expect -- flexibility. i know we just finished doing the fiscal 2019 spending. now that they 2020 thing is already starting republican members have to agree on budget caps, a huge deal. theine number, forget about appropriation bill at this point. getting that topline number. that will play out over the course of months.
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of little number things that will pop up here and there. sensed is theat i known unknowns that really have people wondering how this year is going to go. the mueller report is one of those things. that could take off a whole series of events that could quite feasibly involve impeachment proceedings. if that happens it will suck up so much oxygen and protection. >> was here from susan on the independent line in fort myers. >> thank you for taking my call. i am calling with a couple of open-ended comments. i did a bit of research on the great wall of china. while we did not keep the adversaries out after the
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huns invaded they built a dirt wall and there are remnants of that. when the mongols came that is when it all kicked in. it took many years for the wall to be built. mongols did not have to cross the wall. they went south and came in from the south. you can check with anyone who knows chinese history to verify that. the other thing i am very disappointed in his both sides. everything is either democrats or republicans. the thing that i think that our politicians need to remember from the presidency down to local is, politicians, people we put into office our employees, not employers. brunt people who bear the
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, who pay for everything are the employers. employees are our doing a rotten job. the other thing i am concerned about is that both sides equally , nothing is for free. absolutely nothing. somebody pays whether it is education or a wall or whatever. nothing is for free. who is doing the paying? host: laura in michigan on the democrats line. caller: i would like to share a few things that have been bugging me with this presidency. i remember when president trump said if i am elected i will stay in washington and work so hard.
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you will see so many great things. i asked the taxpayer object very much to him spending approximately $16 million to travel between mar-a-lago and timeinster -- at vacation most presidents leave the white house. trump spent his christmas vacation at the white house. i also object to the fact that we spend so much money protecting his children and their travels all over the world. you would think that a millionaire would be able to afford personal guards for those people. yesterday you had an interesting person speaking on mar-a-lago and how trump loves to go there because he holds court there like a king. it seems like it is an infusion of whatever you want to call it. you made a couple points
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about the president's travels. asked darlene superville. in terms of travel there is perspective on how often the president travels or doesn't travel to mar-a-lago in the case of the shutdown. he was at the white house for the shutdown. guest: he was at the white house but part of it was the optics. the government is shut down, you 800,000 or so federal workers who are either not getting paid, have to work and not get paid. others not getting paid in. it did not look very good for the president to be jetting off to his palatial estate in florida. that is one thing the white house had in mind. that's why he did not travel at all during that time. presidents are presidents wherever they go. with a scaled-down staff and all the communications
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equipment they need to do the job to get on the phone with whatever foreign later or national security official they need to handle whatever comes up. that have been complaints he has been traveling too much. compared to obama, obama did not have a second home. he basically only travel during christmas, he went home to hawaii for two weeks. summer he would go to martha's vineyard for two or two and a half weeks. this president, it has been his long-standing practice to spend weekends in mar-a-lago and he is continuing to do that even though he is president and it is costing taxpayers a bit of money. collects what of the obligations of the secret service to protect the president's children and for how long. >> my understanding is that it is law for the immediate family to be protected. entitled to are
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secret service protection for as long as he is president. i am less clear on what happens to the children after the president leaves office. he will continue to have secret isvice protection until he host: the longer living. we will go next -- until he is no longer living. caller: i just want to tell you why the california governor newsom is against controlling illegal immigration. it is because of the upcoming census count. the more population he has in california the more power and more congressman he gets for california. he does not want the citizenship question to be on the senses. he once no wall. it is all about the numbers. it is so plain to see. tell that lady just called that trump does not take a salary. we are not building a dirt wall.
4:21 pm
we are building a modern technologically strong wall. we are not building a stupid old chinese wall. you talkedhost: about the governor of california being at the white house. latest point of friction or conflict between the administration is the cancellation or partial cancellation by the governor of california on their high-speed rail line. the president seems to take -- have a great deal of fun pointing out that was government money and demanding some of that funding back. guest: yes. [laughter] another point of friction between the white house and california. california decided for whatever reason after spending billions of dollars, some of it federal money, to cancel the project.
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the president what some of that back. whether they will get back remains to be seen. it may be too fresh with the tweet about the fourth of july, trump plans a grand salute to america. he put out a hold the date tweet , we will have one of the biggest gatherings in the history of washington, d.c. on july 4. is there any further information from the white house in addition to the already scheduled plans that happen each fourth of july here at the nation's capital. what does the president want to include in this? from: nothing additional the white house on exactly how this would all look. going to be at the lincoln memorial which is the other end of the mall from where the fireworks happen. you have a concert at the capitol than the fireworks near the lincoln memorial. maybe he is envisioning blanketing the entire national festivities on4
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the fourth of july. the one thing he did mention in the speech -- in the tweet would be a speech from him. the white house has not given any more information. host: i don't want to put you on your spot. the white house has not given any more information. the president tweeting, you check that because he is a source of news. where theis that president tweet something and you speak to people in the white house that had no idea this was coming and they are playing catch-up with where the president is going. >> it happens quite often. in the beginning when he started tweeting policycoming you wouldk to the white house and the press office for some sort of explanation or background information. the response he would get would be that the tweet speaks for itself. and just go with the tweet. speaking of surprises we hear from surprise, arizona and greg is on the republican line. caller: good morning thank you
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for c-span. you are doing a great job. i have a couple of comments and a question for the people from the press there. do your job. is the second comment is the lady from florida, she hit the nail on the head. she stole my thunder. the gun control issue is crazy. i don't know why congress is quibbling over a problem. we honestly have a crime problem and a mental health problem. we have thousands of gun laws already. if you took all the guns away tomorrow the crime and the violence would be a different vehicle. they would use cars bombs or knifes or whatever. -- knives or whatever. i wish congress -- they wander off into the weeds. they spend so much time on a few
4:25 pm
billion dollars for a wall in a multi-trillion dollar economy. a governmentough shutdown and all kinds of crazy things over 5 -- give me a break. this is not real. my question for your guest is, i would love to see you guys publish more about what congress is not doing and how much time they wasted on ridiculous stuff. it really does not matter. areof our elected officials supposed to report to us and take care of the people's business. i would like to see ap and the washington post report on what they are not doing instead of what they do. realityto get back to and get away from the crazy stuff they are doing. >> let's hear from the washington post. mike debonis covers congress from the post. -- for the post.
4:26 pm
guest: there are a lot of stories out there that i think we could do a better job covering. that thelast week national debt is over 22 trillion, a new high. they went without mention. certainly no one in congress was really reacting to that. 2011 or 2012. this was a top of mind issue in washington. everyone was talking about the national debt. it has fallen off the radar entirely. on the left there is an issue with climate change that people talk about that. this absolutely existential issue. these members of the house democratic caucus,
4:27 pm
alexandria ocasio-cortez talk about this new deal. their kind to shed light on that on underappreciated undercovered subjects. by and large the rest of washington is not treating it as such. it feel like nowadays there are so many topic areas to cover that you can't get around to the number of stories you really want to cover? there isthink definitely the sense of drinking from a fire hose on certain days. a high-profile hearing. the president in vietnam trying to do a north korean deal. i am forgetting something else. it is hard to find the bandwidth you the story that is more perspective and something that is not necessarily right. i think that is something we
4:28 pm
have been dealing with for some time. it has always been an issue for the media to look more than six inches in front of your face. host:it has always been an you a break with the president traveling. you are not on the trip to this time but i'm sure your workload will be just as busy. guest: i am not on the trip but when i am not on the trip, vietnam is 12 hours ahead. i will be working in d.c. going in at 8:00 at night to be at the desk helping out my colleagues in vietnam covering the president. sometimes there are technical issues they have trouble with different things or they are writing the main story and other things are happening that we have to deal with. it could still be a busy week. host: thank you for being here early in the morning throwing up your schedule. to our viewers that those comments and speeches from the summit will be late at night. we will have coverage of many of those here on c-span. a few more calls.
4:29 pm
on the democratic line from new york city, go ahead. caller: hello, thanks. doesieve what donald trump -- only wants to damage our country. they have done a poor job of addressing poverty, homelessness and the mentally ill. wasted and dollars money being sent to israel, nothing but murder and bloodshed . also to end poverty -- host: trying to get a few calls in before we let our guests go.
4:30 pm
fort collins colorado on the independent line. caller: good morning. what i would like to see the press cover more is, how do i articulate this? i watched 24 hour new coverage of r. kelly purs >> going to break away from this and get you live to the floor of the house. d. or votes objected to under clause 6 of rule 20. the house will resume proceedings on postponed questions at a later time. for what purpose does the gentleman from new york seek recognition? mr. tonko: mr. speaker, i move that the house suspend the rules and pass the bill, h.r. 583, the preventing illegal radio abuse through enforcement or pirate act. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: h.r. 583. a bill to amend the communications act of 1934, to provide for enhanced penalties for pirate radio and for other purposes. the speaker pro tempore


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