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Nancy Pelosi
  Speaker Pelosi News Conference on Emergency Powers  CSPAN  February 26, 2019 12:05am-12:28am EST

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senate continues work on a judicial nomination and on c-span3, the senate finance committee examines drug pricing in the u.s. with the ceos of major pharmaceutical companies. >> michael cohen, president trumps long-term personal attorney will testify before the house oversight and government reform committee on thursday. elijah cummings will inquire into his interactions with the president. watch the hearing live wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3,, or listen with the free c-span radio app. >> house speaker nancy pelosi and fellow house democrats held a news conference to discuss the resolution to block president trump's emergency declaration for the u.s.-mexico border. texas a result of authored the resolution and spoke about the need to get it passed. this is 20 minutes from the u.s.
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capitol. ms. pelosi: good afternoon, everyone. we gathered here about a matter of utmost importance to our country. every one of us, every member of congress, every official across officentry in serving an takes an oath to uphold the constitution of the united states. to support and defend it. the constitution which begins with our beautiful with the people. the preamble to the constitution. , the wordsur purpose following the preamble, article
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one, the legislative branch. ,he beauty of the constitution the heart and the soul of the constitution is the separation of power with coequal branches of government to be a balance of power. achieve that purpose, the founders were very visionary. many beautiful things came and follow that bill. but what they wanted to do is to be sure that we did not have monarchy but we had three ,istinct branches of government a check and balance one to the other. and the constitution -- the text of the constitution spells out each,sponsibilities of giving the congress of the u.s. among other powers, the power of the purse. the president's power grab usurped that constitutional
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responsibility and fundamentally violates the balance of power envisioned by our founders. do -- to defend our democracy we will pass the resolution to terminate the emergency declaration tomorrow. i suppose -- salud congressman castro for his work so we are ready and he is chair of the house congressional hispanic caucus, he is a distinguished member of the state of texas which has the longest border with mexico, but this is not about the border, this is about the constitution of the united states. this is not about politics, it is not about partisanship, it is about patriotism. and so, again, once we pass this resolution, we will send it over to the senate. all members have taken the oath of office, we would be delinquent in our duties if we back andesist or fight
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to overturn the president's declaration. to not do that would be to abandon our own responsibilities. we do not intend to do that. with that, i am pleased to yield to this distinguished gentleman from texas, a gentleman who has again in working on this for a while and he has, made sure that we were ready. i want to say that our distinguished chairman of the judiciary committee is in the rules committee on this very subject. or other subjects as well because we have a busy week. but mr. castro will be followed a member ofer and -- freshman class. it is my privilege to yield to the chairman of the congressional hispanic caucus,
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the gentleman from texas, mr. castro. mr. castro: thank you for your leadership and marshaling support on resolution 46. six weeks ago when the rumors started that president trump might declare a national emergency, to build his border u.s.-mexicothe border we started to work to find a way to make sure that congress would have a say in this matter. hj result of that is resolution 46 which would terminate the declaration of a national emergency to build this border wall. our country since its founding has become the most prosperous and powerful nation on earth without any wall. that is why i believe most of the american people and most people in my home state of texas disagree with the president building a wall across our border.
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saysresident consistently that any wall would be paid for by mexico. mexico refused to pay. and congress refused to pay. thano the president rather letting things be decided that he would act unilaterally, unconstitutionally by usurping the power of congress. today, we ask all members of congress to respect the rule of thewith us, to respect separation of powers enshrined in our constitution and to support this resolution. if the president is successful, and getting his way on this, rest assured he will come back, he will try this again. probably on other issues. as will future president. the congress must step up, must reclaim its role over the power of the purse. this resolution is critically important to the future of the
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relationship between the legislative and the executive branches above and beyond any party, above and beyond any president, this will require historic unity among members of congress to make sure that this branch of government maintains its rightful place under our constitution. i want to say thank you to the now 230 members of congress who are cosponsors in the house of representatives. we look forward to picking up more support including bipartisan support when we take the vote tomorrow. i want to thank leader pelosi for moving swiftly to put this on the floor for a vote. i also look forward to the senate taking a vote on this privileged revolution -- resolution. there have been many senators, democrats but also conservative republicans who have sounded the alarm about president trump's declaration. i hope they will vote their conscience, that they, for a moment, will put the country above any worry of their own
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political concerns or futures. that is what is required of us now eerie and with that, i would like to bring up our esteemed leader from maryland, steny hoyer. mr. hoyer: thank you very much, congressman castro. leader posey. who clyburn and the members stand behind me. ms. escobar is here, she and i were in el paso two weeks ago. ochi is know whether x here. we were in new mexico in two days ago i was at the border. just south of san diego. with congressman peters and congressman levin and
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congressman vargas. >> i am here. [laughter] mr. hoyer: i am not taking role. and what i concluded, there is no crisis at the border. tomorrow will be ourher there is a crisis of constitutional adherence. whether there is a crisis because there is a lack of consciousness -- conscience and courage among the members of the house of representatives and subsequently, the u.s. senate to stand up for what the fathering -- finding -- founding fathers want, they did not want king george, they had enough of king george telling them what to do. and so they created this extraordinary government.
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of powers. we are each had their responsibility. -- where each had their responsibility. that is what tomorrow's vote is about, not the wall, but the constitution. the wall is an important issue, but the constitution is a transcendent issue. and the issue will be whether or not the congress of the united states will exercise the authority given to it under article one of the constitution. advocate --l abdicate its responsibilities i hope every member of the congress not -- votes not for a party or a president but votes for a constitutional system that has preserved democracy for over
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two centuries. because of the checks and balances that we talk some much about. and that tomorrow we will have the opportunity to commit ourselves to. not just talk about it. so i pray that the members of the house will have the conscience and the courage to protect the greatest constitution the world has ever seen. the american people will be watching. and now i yield to my friend from south carolina. the distinguished majority whip jim clyburn. mr. clyburn: thank you, thank you very much. hoyer.ou, leader speaker pelosi.
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chairman castro. otherentative dean and colleagues. 58 bipartisan former national security officials issued a statement declaring there is no factual an emergencyuing declaration. there is no emergency. fact, as stated by them and others, crossings at the border have reached a 40 year low. that is a fact. there has been no emergency, no judicial, legal
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determination at the border. fact that over 90% of all the drugs that come into via the southern border comes through the ports of entry. consequently, it was seen it was that the better part of wisdom would be for us to shore up the security at the ports of entry. me that weeems to we are merging -- that we are emerging from one manufactured crisis to another and this president must be checked by this congress in
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order to maintain the stability and the integrity of who and what we are as a country, and with that, i yield. [applause] >> to all of my colleagues, i am delighted to be here with you though i am not delighted at the reason. i'm pleased to stand with you and stand up for the american people and i appreciate my arguments' powerful about the constitutionality about what we have seen from the president's actions. for the past two months, the president has held our political process hostage. he failed to persuade congress or the american people to pay for a costly, ineffective border wall. now he plans outright theft and
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the irony, he plans to steal from the very people who he [indiscernible] the military. the president aims to take millions from high-priority projects, threatening our service members' training, their readiness, their families, and their quality of life. i wanted to tell you a little bit about what is at stake in my home state of pennsylvania. these projects could include $71 million for the navy submarine manufacturing facility and include an $85 million air force reserve construction project in pittsburgh. it could include a million dollars for national guard operations training facilities and dining hall in our town. that is just one state. that is just pennsylvania and some of what is at stake area
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and across the country and around the world, hundreds of more projects are under threat, projects that have been carefully evaluated and voted on by congress and signed into law and appropriated for area these are big projects, they have enormous impact on service members, their communities, our national economy, our national readiness. the federal government including the president made promises to our military and we have no plans to break them. for all his tough talk, the president shows little regard for the people who actually keep america safe. during his record-breaking shutdown, president trump force those are a people, the coast guard, tsa to work without pay. now he aims to take money that congress allocated to support our military, money that does not belong to this president, to spend it to gratify his ego and build a wall that you remember mexico was supposed to pay for syria and here is the bottom-line. this country operates according to the rule of law, when leaders
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go outside the law, when they disrespect the constitution and democratic norms that make america so special, they do lasting damage. it,ica cannot afford congress will not allow it and that is why i am so pleased to stand with these extremely leaders to say we will not allow it. i yield back to the distinguished speaker. [applause] with appreciation to the author of this legislature -- a legislation chairman castro and in recognition of the support he has gathered for an so many of our members showing up even more we -- before we had [indiscernible] i was at the border this weekend and i tell you this for this reason, in laredo, they had the most beautiful celebration of
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washington's birthday. they honor washington, george, and martha and both. and it is a multi-day observance of what our founding father and mother presented to our country, to see 96% of laredo was hispanic, to see the pride of heritage and the deep hatred -- patriotism side-by-side, strengthening each other. it is a joy i wish the entire country could be -- could be held. patriotism of the people who live at the border which we consider a community with a border going through it. -- it is notdent reality. this is not about the wall, whatever you might think about the wall. think about the constitution of the united states. our colleagues have talked about ilieving that our members --
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know they will. i know that their colleagues call about -- care about the constitution of the united states, i know they believe in the separation of power, i know that they would not want a president, republican or democrat, to usurp their powers of the institution of which we serve. i know we are committed to strengthening this congress of the united states which is the institution in which we all serve as part of the separation of powers, the checks and balances, the strength that we all bring as -- in the people's house and in the senate as well. i think all of my colleagues for signing on, to the leadership of , this is antro historic moment for our country
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area perhaps -- our country. perhaps it affords us the opportunity to have an all american civics lesson about the constitution of the united states, the protections contained therein including freedom of the press which is the strength of, the guardian of the gates of our democracy. thank you all for being here, thank you to our colleagues. [applause]
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>> c-span's vocal washington journal" live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning. a discussion about policy aimed at reducing the national debt.
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then we talk about u.s.-venezuela relations with frank morra. and emergency declaration the is our guest.y washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern tuesday morning. join the discussion. on theng up live tuesday c-span networks, the house returns at 10:00 a.m. on c-span for morning our speeches and a 12:00 p.m. to consider a resolution to block the president's national emergency declaration to build a wall on the southern border of the u.s. the senate continues work on a judicial nomination and on c-span3, the senate finance committee examines drug pricing in the u.s. with the ceos of major pharmaceutical