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tv   Washington Journal 02282019  CSPAN  February 28, 2019 6:59am-9:01am EST

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the case as we did in july. in retrospect, i think that we probably got that wrong. >> watch book tv this weekend on c-span2. some of what we are covering on thursday. the house gavels in at 9:00 eastern tuesday and votes on the gun background checks bill. live coverage on c-span. c-span2 is live with the senate in a debate on the nomination of andrew wheeler to have the environmental -- head to the environmental protection agency. on c-span3 story at 8:30 eastern, cpac, the conservative political action conference, as speakers that include mike lee and james lankford. at noon eastern, a house judiciary subcommittee hearing on the national emergencies act of 1976, which gives the president authority to declare a national emergency. c-span, washington journal is next with the latest
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of the u.s. north korea summit in hanoi, vietnam. live coverage of the house as members debate and vote on a gun background check bill. ♪ host: for the next two hours, we invite you to call us to discuss two major developments in vietnam. agreement --er the over the north korea nuclear program ends without an agreement in place. in the united states, it was the president's former attorney michael cohen who alluded he is assisting with investigations of esther trump -- of mr. trump. 9:00 a.m.nds at eastern standard time today. ,ou are invited to call up
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democrats, (202) 748-8000, republicans, (202) 748-8001, independents, (202) 748-8002. if you want to make comments, you can do so offer twitter at c-span wj. our facebook page is much earlier in the united states, about 12 hours difference in vietnam, the president and his team announcing that negotiate since -- that negotiations ending over the north korea nuclear program. here is a little from the press conference he held after that. [video clip] >> was the north korean demand of the lifting for some sections the real sticking point? summit?re be a third >> they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety. we could not be that. denuke a willing to large portion of the areas we
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wanted, what we could not give up all of the sanctions. we continue to work. we had to walk away from that particular suggestion. we had to walk away from that. >> will all of the sanctions that are currently in existence in maine? >> they -- in existence remain? >> they are in place. we have not given up anything. we will remain friends with chairman kim and north korea. they have tremendous potential. we are going to see. it was about sanctions. they wanted sanctions lifted, but they were not willing to do an area we wanted. they were willing to give us areas, but not the ones we wanted. host: that was the president from much earlier this morning. if you go to the website of the wall street journal, the andline reads, kim -- trump kim ends the summit.
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jonathan chang, good morning. hi.t: host: thank you for joining us. can you describe the relationship between the two countries? is there any animosity over the event, or do you think this will lead to more conversations? guest: it is hard to say. we only have one side of the story so far. we have not heard from north korea yet. is north korean state media usually how we hear from them. we do not know. if you take it from president -- president trump saying it ended with an agreement. they cannot get their interests on the same page. photosanders posted a
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showing the final handshake. if that is the case, perhaps this was just a momentary setback. maybe you need the one side to walk away to help kickoff a new round. trump's style of negotiation is very different from previous presidents, which is a very top-down approach. they learned quickly they are actually quite far apart. it is a question of how far apart they are. , whatwith that in mind happens now as far as negotiations? isst: i think what happens they get pompeo and maybe steve beacon, trying to get the channels going again. trying to figure out what went wrong and see if there is a way forward. perhaps it will end up looking
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more like what we expect from a traditional president with the lower channels ironing out issues and trying to get roughly on the same page before you get the big leaders involved. host: we saw south korea play a big part in the lead up to the summit. do they continue to have a role in this process? guest: president trump got on the phone with the president of south korea on air force one as he was flying off from hanoi. according to the read we got moonthe south korean side, was asked to take more of a role in keeping things going. he really supports engagement. he really wants to see north korea talking to the rest of the world, in particular the u.s.. that is something we can expect him to be very enthusiastic about. hanoi, have seen here in that underscores how much there
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really is a difference in policy. a difference in pacing and scheduling and what both sides want. those are things that no one, not the south korean president can resolve on his own. host: when we hear the president talk about this idea of kim jong-un willing to see the -- willing to see denuclearization in exchange of sanctions, what is the level of trust? is there a reality to that? kids: i do think the say -- the sanctions, this has been a demand for north korea. we do not know how much they are hurting for it. we have seen reporting that suggest they are not to hurt by it -- they are not too hurt by it. the disagreement over sanctions gets down to a question of trust . what they would say is, we are saddened that you --
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we need you to stop trying to hurt us economically and distress that way. there are many layers to this. it comes down to trust and to whether or not the u.s. has gotten enough leverage out of the maximum pressure campaign. host: jonathan chang who joins us as the role of the wall street journal's washington bureau chief. the summit ending without an agreement. thank you for your time this morning. guest: my pleasure. host: that will be just one of the topics we will engage in during the course of two hours. 'sat and michael cohen testimony. democrats, (202) 748-8000, republicans, (202) 748-8001, independents, (202) 748-8002. cindy will start us off this morning from connecticut on the republican line.
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caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i just wanted to comment on the whole atmosphere of what went on yesterday. kind of distracting was that hearing. i am glad the hearing took place. , they are just throwing out allegations. i would like to see some actual proof. i just do not appreciate allegations on either side. there is no concrete proof of anything. i just think we have turned into a country of faceless allegations -- baseless allegations. the great thing that he did, it
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as so refreshing to see normal, fair response to something. there has been so little of that. host: let's go to kentucky. the democrats line, hello. caller: hello, pedro. i o you for being rude the last time you called. host: do not even remember it, but thank you, and go ahead. caller: the comment i made to you, pedro, i saw when pelosi and schumer came out of the white house from the meeting. that, and i said had it on my computer, and after the postked to you, was gone. host: it is perfectly ok. did you want to comment on either the north -- north korea event yesterday or the
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michael cohen testimony? caller: michael cohen. i do not know if people can trust him or not. i watched the hearing yesterday. the truth will come out in the end. host: did anything from the hearing surprise you? caller: yes, what he was saying about the president because he worked for him for 30 years. he was not forced to be there. he got that job, and he could have quit at any time he felt like something is wrong. he is supposed to be a lawyer. he is supposed to know this stuff. from that is luna kentucky calling in. you can see the hearing if you go to our website at you can watch the hearing for yourself. michael cohen appears again today on capitol hill.
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this will be a closed session with the house intelligence committee. you heard one fewer talk about the back-and-forth nature. on the republican side it was dirty heist talking -- [video clip] >> i'm finally connecting the dots here with mr. davis and you. and frankly, the chairman and others to be rather stunning that there is an agenda for all this happening here today. believe frankly that that is to bring the president down. you made an oath last time you were here. that oath meant nothing to you then. we had an oath in this room about a month ago. it was, be clear that i will seek the truth, nothing but the truth, so help me god. that sounds like an oath to me. the chairman made that statement
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in this room last month. here we are today. our first big hearing with -- you, y'all know, a convicted liar. lying to congress, a criminal. i believe this witness is totally incompatible with the stated goal of having to seek the truth in this hearing. this is the first time in the history of congress we have someone testifying here who has already been convicted of lying to congress. congratulations for being the first in congress to do that. you havebelieve -- brought this committee to its knees in terms of losing its credibility. it is a shameful mockery of what our purpose is. i yield back. host: that full hearing available to you at in south carolina, the independent line. we will hear from steve.
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caller: i want to focus on a comment yesterday. i would like to be able to address a lack of a republican response. the reason i am focusing on this one, is because it is showing up more and more in the news. this comes from an independent who did not vote for trump. i voted for darrell castle. due to democrats behavior, i am beginning to back him more and more. the question was about him threatening people. he said, it was over 500 times. for the life of me, i do not see how a lawyer can get away with arbitrary word like that. why not a thousand? if i had been a republican, i would've said, why did it reach 100? over 500.w it was you know, if you were a communist out there or a
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democrat or anybody else, and somebody who is testifying in court and asked how bad you were to them and came up with an arbitrary figure like that, it is about an element of fairness here. it shows there is no fairness. it would've been much more credible to say, i do not know how many times it was. instead of saying, i know it was over 500. host: ok, james in illinois. democrats line. caller: are you talking to me? host: yes, you are on. caller: a lot of these callers call in and they are all socialism and socialism. trump is over in korea and it is capitalism. the model of vietnam is textile industry. he has some the criminals in this organization, trump. you hire someone to lie, you are
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a liar too. just to put things in perspective. host: victor off of twitter says relating the two events saying, he went there and got nothing? kim jong-un played him again. you can make your comments off of twitter. you can focus -- you can post on our facebook page. we will end our show at 9:00 this morning when the house comes in. until then, we will show you press conference in vietnam. we will also show you portions of the hearing from yesterday. john in warrington, virginia on the republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call. regarding trump walking away, i think that was great. rogersphilosopher kenny told us, you got to know when till hold them, when to fold them, and when to walk away. that is exactly what he did.
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it worked for reagan with the washington's. -- reagan with the russians. it worked out. russia collapsed. unfortunately, that is what is going to happen to north korea if they do not step up and do a total denuclearization. as far as the michael cohen testimony, the guy is a convicted liar. it seems to me more or less that that is what the democrats are going for. it started with the supreme court hearing for brett kavanaugh. herstine blase ford with testimony. you had the whole jussie smolle tt hoax. it is just more of that with cohen. democrats are out to get
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republicans. host: rick off of twitter, and it comes to the testimony yesterday, what did cohen say was not credible. feel free to list them in order. it was in vietnam where the president was asked about the testimony? [video clip] >> while this was going on, the drama back in washington. your lawyer who works view -- who works for you, he called you a liar, a conman, a racist. what is your risk bonds -- what is your response? >> it is incorrect. i tried to watch as much as i could. i have a little bit bedded -- a little bit busy. i think having a fake hearing like that and having it in the middle of this important summit is really a terrible thing. they could have made it two days later or next week, and it would've been even better. they would have had more time. having it during the important
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summit is sort of incredible. he lied a lot. it was interesting because he did not lie about one thing. he said no collusion with the russian hoax. i said, i wonder why he did not just lie about that too. i was impressed he did not say, i think there was collusion. he said no collusion. i was a little impressed by that, frankly. he could have gone all out. he only went about 95% instead of 100%. the fact is, there is no collusion. i call it the witchhunt. this should never happen to another president. this is so bad for our country. you look at this whole hoax. i call it the russian witchhunt. i now add the word hoax. it is a very bad thing for our country. i was impressed with the fact that he -- the most important question up there was the one on
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collusion. he said he saw no collusion. we will see what happens. it was pretty shameful, i think. host: from potomac, maryland, this is mary. caller: i would go so far as to -- that his testimony yesterday showed how much he loves his country, how brave and courageous the man is. he has nothing to gain but setting a straight to know -- setting us straight to know exactly what trump is all about. he accepted the fact that he was mesmerized. it is very believable because 's water carriers in mike meadows and jim jordan are
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exactly that. -- have youlied counted how much trump lies every day of his life? he is not convicted because -- obvious toe very people who are willing to think for themselves. mindsake up their own instead of listening to fox news and what trump has to say. host: that is mary in maryland calling about the michael cohen testimony. in the usa today, and op-ed from peas, why you the can build -- the piece, why you can believe michael cohen. he says, upstanding citizens cannot participate in crimes. the best witnesses to a criminal
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conspiracy are people who have been involved in the conspiracy. they are criminals, but more important, they are eyewitnesses. he personally observed the activities of his co-conspirators including his boss, donald trump. he adds, to be fair, it is reasonable to believe that michael cohen hopes his testimony will get him a reduced sentence. it does not mean that what yes to say is untrue. testifying falsely to congress a second time to be the one way to ensure that prosecutors would not give him any credit. he had an incentive to be truthful. you can read more of that in usa today. kyle is next in maryland. go ahead. caller: thank you for what you do. i would like to ask the other callers who called in, saying there was no proof yesterday. michael cohen presented not only the check signed by donald trump for the hush money, but he also
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permit -- he also presented information about the trump properties eared -- about the trump properties. trump maintained him for 10 years, he obviously liked what he did. appreciate it. host: this is the wall street journal. their editorial page's take on yesterday. unveiled few new details. he says he was present in mr. trump's office when roger stone called to say that he personally leak with julian assange. there is no evidence that mr. stone ever communicated with julian assange. the indictment makes no such claim.
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the editors adding that the day was a reminder that the americans elected a president in 2016 who spent decades in the sleazy or corners of new york and tabloid life. banditght in a beltway with paul manafort. republicans knew this when they nominated mr. trump. matter,r does especially in president. -- in presidents. bonnie is next from maryland. caller: i watched some of that, but i could not stomach jim jordan any longer. it was so pathetic. not one time did the republicans follow up on any questions. the democrats did, but not the republicans. all jordan did was try to stop the hearing so that trump could
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not -- so anything could not be told on trump. trump is such a liar. meadows, they are enablers. they are enabling him to rely -- to lie, cheat, steal and get aware that. as far -- get away with that. i think they should follow the money. who knows what kind of deal he made with north korea. his daughter last year alone had 53 trademarks in china. two already this year it -- this year. host: here is representative jim jordan from yesterday. [video clip] >> your chairmanship will always be identified with this hearing. we all need to understand what this is. this is the michael cohen hearing presented by lanny
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davis. lanny davis choreographed the whole darn thing. the clintons best friend. loyalist operative. lanny davis put this all together. he told our staff. he told the committee staff. he said the hearing was his idea. he had to talk michael cohen into coming. he had to persuade the chairman to actually have it. he told us it took two months to get the job done. here we are. he talked him into it. this might be the first time someone convicted of lying to congress has appeared again so quickly in front of congress. certainly, it is the first time a convicted perjurer has been brought back to be a star witness in a hearing. there is a reason this is a first. no other committee would do it. think about this, with michael cohen here, this committee, we have lots of lawyers on this committee. this committee is encouraging a
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witness to violate attorney-client privilege. when we legitimize honesty, we delegitimize this institution. host: you can comment on this hearing from yesterday featuring michael cohen. you can comment on the summit in vietnam over north korea's nuclear program with no deal in place. those things up for discussion until i program end -- until our program ends at 9:00. caller: jim jordan is a despicable person. he is getting to be as bad as ted cruz. cohen was completely truth really yesterday. the reason donald trump asked why did he lie about the russian thing was because he was telling the truth. demonstrated his racism yesterday when he paraded that black woman in front of
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everybody. he has the gall to say that he had black relatives that nobody knows about. how come nobody knows about it? especially elijah cummings. now, the one thing i took out of this whole thing, and i think the rest of america should pay attention because i believe the fix has been put in already. , there willn said not be a peaceful transfer of power. intentionsp has no of giving up the presidency. that is why he is trying to get this emergency thing through. he knows congress is not going to stop it. neither will they stop him when he says, the election was faced, and this is a national emergency, and i am not giving up the presidency. this is his first way to being a dictator. host: about jim jordan, rod
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get them,ing go tiger. you can add thoughts on twitter on twitter and facebook. tony in pleasantville, new jersey. the democrats line. caller: good morning, c-span. really quick, i wanted to say two things. the republicans are mad. they are trying to blend the democrats. they are mad because -- blame the democrats. they are bad because this man decided to stop lying. he wanted to redeem himself. yeti thing i wanted to say was, -- the other thing i wanted to say was, that way to get donald trump is to keep following the tax returns. remember what happened to al capone? he is already admitting he has not pay taxes in years. the democrats should be going after them tax returns. we can cut through the whole chase with this other nonsense.
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host: it was at yesterday's a hearing -- yesterday's hearing that michael cohen mentioned cooperating with prosecutors in new york. you can see the hearing at our website at in georgia, the republican line. randy, hello. just respond to the last caller, there is a lot informed andt are think that when it comes to tax returns that the irs has not already looked at the returns. now to my point, you showed a clip earlier, i believe it was hice of georgia. you cut it off before the major point that i got out of this hearing. it was that michael cohen --ually stated that his team
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that lanny davis and his team met with eliza coming and democrats -- elijah cummings and democrats. as far as the democrats, it is kind of just a dog and pony show. host: we will go next to rob in missouri. rob, hello. caller: good morning, everyone. thent to talk about both testimony and the north korean summit in terms of the impact it is going to have on 2020. i cannot think anything substantive is going to come out of either one of these two events. i think it is going to solidify what people think about trump both and especially on the democrat's. -- on the democrat's side. i think it is just a dog and pony show. north korea is not going to give
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up their nukes. that is how kim is going to stay in power. that is not going to happen. as far as the testimony, i think it is revealing about the person that trump is. i think that is the important thing. i do not think he is saying anything new and earthshaking. i think it does reveal the character of the man. this guy was his lawyer for over 10 years. he knows something. i do not think that anybody can hold some lee disregard -- can completely disregard that. host: off of twitter, right reaction, one man is trying to man isr peace, the other lying to congress somewhere. it was yesterday in vietnam, early does kim jong-un take questions from reporters. it was during an exchange as the summit was taking place, he responded to a question from a reporter. here is a bit of that exchange. [video clip]
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>> if i am not willing to do that, i would not be here right now. int: we will go next to andy laurel, maryland. about: i wanted to talk the north korea summit as well as the michael cohen thing. i was afraid that donald trump would try to make news to distract from the hearing by making a deal. that would have been bad for the country. i'm glad he walked away because that showed there is some reason with whoever is helping guide his decision that he had -- that he did not just make some stupid deal that gave too many concessions away. host: louisiana is next.
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we will hear from lorraine in covington. caller: hi, i watched all the hearing. hearing toink the the korean summit. acrossichael cohen came or presented some documentation for what he was saying, as a whole, i think he came across as a cheap conmen. with two goalsan in mind. one is to bring down the president and then to write a book. he says he is going to write a book. he was asked the question directly. he said yes he is to make the money off of what he has accomplished or not. i guess what disturbed me the most is that this hearing took place while our president was in summit trying the
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to work for peace. of that ofnot only north korea and south korea, also the area surrounded -- surrounding it. he was working for peace. -- something so important why the summit -- i mean, why the michael cohen hearing during the summit was taking place. host: let's hear from the independent line. caller: i would like to comment and thethe testimony korean deal. i thought the republicans acted shamefully. it was just disgusting watching them in action. i thought these hearings was
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supposed to be when you come with an open mind and listen to the information and then you make a decision. they did not even have an open-minded all. their littlee with mind thinking trump does not do anything wrong. they never asked a decent question of him regarding any of the things he brought up. the payments, anything. tell byion, you could the accent, all white men from the south. democratic --fied that tells you a lot about where the country is going. host: milwaukee, wisconsin. democrat line. caller: i just wanted to comment on the hearing. i did watch the whole thing. i always believe we should stand behind our president.
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however, you have to look at the facts. this has been going on for two years. i feel that it was shameful the way that the republicans handled themselves. they did not ask one question regarding any of the checks, the bank statements. all they did was try to emphasize the fact that michael cohen is a liar. i always consider myself an independent. i even voted for reagan. however, at this point, i am leaning to change over to a democrat and do anything possible to get trump out of office. host: when exchange that took place yesterday reported by the wall street journal was questions about michael cohen assisting federal prosecutors in the southern district of new york. he testified about the last munication with -- the last
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communication with mr. trump. you can watch the whole hearing at here is a bit of that exchange. [video clip] >> i have a couple of other questions for you. when was the last communication with president trump or someone acting on his behalf? >> i do not have to specific date -- i do not have they spok -- i do not have this was a big date, but it was a while ago. >> you have the timeframe? >> i suspect it was within two months post the raid of my home. >> so early fall of last year? >> generally. >> what did he or his agent communicate to you? topic isunately, this something that is being investigated right now by the southern district of new york. i have been asked by them not to discuss and talk about these issues. >> fair enough.
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is there any other wrongdoing or illegal act that you are aware of regarding donald trump that we have not yet discussed today? >> yes, those are part of the investigation that is currently being looked at by the southern district of new york. host: off of our twitter feed, comments about the trip to vietnam. this is robert saying that liberals would rather fight north korea then let the president be successful. george says that kim got his photo op and sent the president home early. c-span wj is how you reach us on twitter. ace is in centerville, virginia. the democrat line. caller: can you hear me? host: you are on. caller: i look at this a little differently. it seemed to me that michael cohen was there to essentially , sooduce different evidence
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i guess they can get subpoenas. it seemed that he was all over the place initially. it seemed like everything he was saying, he was introducing to thepublic, so i guess democrats or the southern district could subpoena that stuff. i look at it a little differently. was -- with he did the beginning -- was the beginning of a whole new wave away from collusion but a whole guess get thei president. i do not know. like -- it did not seem right at first. host: ok. joel is next in north carolina.
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the democrat line. caller: good morning. i want to comment on the hearing yesterday. i hear a lot of people saying they should believe him because that's they should not believe him because he is a -- should not believe him because he is a convicted liar. look at all the other indictments and charges and what have you about the men or people surrounding trump. trump trees to have these type of men as his advisors? everyone is saying why did michael cohen stay with trump for 10 years? why did trump stay with him for debt -- for 10 years? michael cohen is a lawyer. we are putting him on some kind of pedestal that he should not lie. trump worked with this man for 10 years. he knows him just as much as cohen knows trump.
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host: from new mexico, the republican line. joseph, go ahead. caller: yes, i think to be honest with you, they hearing that was going on, it was nothing but a kangaroo court by the democratic party. the democrats know they put somebody up there that is going to lie and lie. that is all it was. the republicans, i love them. i love trump because they are really trying -- they are telling them that what you are saying is not the truth. that is why congress is putting him in prison because he lied to them. because he broke the laws, and he is punished. that is the same thing the democrats have been doing all this time. they have been lying. they have been trying to witchhunt. they have been trying to put the president down. they have been trying to terminate him.
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you should look at the democratic party. they do not care about nobody. they want to let everybody in here for free. that is not right. we are a republic. host: that is joseph in new mexico. the washington post offers its op-ed pages, one of the columnists rights this this morning about michael cohen. saying that he delivered nothing impeachable. president trump is a dishonest man, a pathological liar, and a racist. he directly used personal corporate and foundation funds -- three, he knew in advance that wikileaks would release the emails and continue to negotiate a project in moscow while saying he was not. the first set of allegations to the fireus logs
7:43 am
that has been burning in president trump's career. the southerny see district of new york where the attorney general's office is bringing charges if the investigation affirms enough of michael cohen's claim. michael cohen specifically said roger stone was not acting as the director and communicating with wikileaks. that statement alone is deming to the accusers. to the michael cohen had note knowledge -- had note knowledge -- he also said he could not answer any allegations that trump polluted with russia. again, you can see more of the exchanges from yesterday. we can only show you portions of them today. if you go to our website at
7:44 am, you will be able to see the whole hearing and take a look at that. is where you find that. democrats line from new york. hello. caller: good morning, pedro. my comment this morning is, many questions are answered in our country everyday by following the money. sometimes crimes are solved by following the money. couple years into the presidency, we do not know how john will trump is funded or who is behind him -- help donald trump is funded or who is behind him. sure what really be his motivation is or why we are doing the things we are doing. thatw they are working on being a mandate that all candidates must expose their taxes. with this guy, we need to find out. whole day of the
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testimony, maybe that was one of the only good things to come out of it and that the committee can start to move forward to find out where his money and alliances are. jarrell is in maryland. the republican line. caller: two comments. regarding the summit, it is once again a complete waste of time. presidente, a u.s. meeting with the north korean president, legitimizing him. he has everything to gain. everyone on god's green earth knows that kim jong-un will never give up his nuclear weapons. why would he do that? regarding the michael cohen investigation yesterday, here we have a unique opportunity. this was trump's right-hand man for the last 10 years. what a unique opportunity to get
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insight on the man's heart and mind. all we want to do is call him a liar. yes, he lied. he is an admitted liar. he lied when he was pledging allegiance to trump. now that he no longer has whale -- no longer has loyalty to trump, he has no reason to lie. he is already going to prison. we have unique opportunity to get the truth. donald trump is who i thought he was. he is a big city slicker millionaire. what is ironic is that the salt of the earth americans will call him to the gates of hell. this is a man who have had in mind is big money, big city, abuses the common man to advance his own agenda. host: that is jarrell in maryland. out of vietnam, one-story appearing in the papers was the dinner that was leading up to the actual talks as part of the summit. as part of the dinner, four
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white house journalists were banned. reporters from the associated press, bloomberg news, los angeles times, and reuters were excluded from covering the dinner because of what press --retary sanders said were said was insensitivity. wasg the questions asked one about the testimony of michael cohen. included a reporter from the associated press. included -- also excluded was just in sync up lumber news froms justin sink bloomberg news. caller: i would like to comment on the summit. host: go ahead. caller: ok, what the biggest problem with the whole situation is is even if trump were to go and have this meeting with kim and he were -- and he would
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agree to everything, come on in and take all my nukes, nothing is going to happen until the house and senate passed a deal they agreed to. we know the house is never going to pass any deal donald trump makes with any country because what is going on with the usmca? this deal with canada and mexico. i do not see that deal getting passed. whole situation with michael andn, he goes in there saying donald trump never expected to win. he was just trying to pump up his brand for when he gets out. palliationrns about was at least part -- concerns about retaliation was part of the testimony yesterday. here are of that portion. [video clip] , he has over 60
7:49 am
million followers. when mr. trump turned over in the campaign and said i can shoot somebody on 5th avenue and get away with it, i want to be clear. he is not joking. he is telling you the truth. you do not know him. i do. i sat next to this man for 10 years. i watched his back. i am the one who started the campaign. i am the one who continued in 2015 to promote him. so many things i thought he could do that i just great. he can, and he is doing things that are great. the destruction of our stability to one another is out of -- our stability to one another is out of control. when he goes on twitter and start reading and my parents and my wife, does he think is going to happen? messagending out this that he can do whatever he wants.
7:50 am
-- his hopemething was to intimidate me. i thank everybody who joined and said this is not right. >> have you ever seen esther trump personally threaten people with physical harm? -- have you ever seen mr. trump personally threaten people with physical harm? >> no, with others. >> he had to hire them? >> i am not sure he had to hire them. they were already working there. every day, most of us knew we were coming in and we were going to live for him on something. that became the norm. that is exactly what is happening right now in this country. it is exactly what is happening in government. host: for the viewer you asked about the u.s. -- who asked aret the usmca, the tariffs
7:51 am
holding up that deal, one of the names coming out of the hearing was matt gaetz who sent -- matt gaetz. mr. the daily beast saying that because of that, he is under -- this is the daily beast saying that because of that, he is under investigation. roll call reporting that in light of everything that is back lashthat facing for a tweet that he appeared to accuse him of infidelity, now urging supporters to leave the michael cohen family alone. family members should be off-limits from tax -- from attacks. teach we did that on wednesday night. mary from sarasota, fard appeared the independent line. florida on the
7:52 am
independent line. caller: i have to tell you i was really underwhelmed. hasink that michael cohen been someone who is an opportunist. i think that backfired on him. as far as what the president's character is, we knew what donald trump was when we elected him. i do not mind that a private man made a fortune. i do object to people like the clintons and the obamas and maxine waters, so-called public servants, that have made themselves millionaires while they were supposedly serving the people. host: when you say that michael cohen and his testimony backfired, what leads you to that conclusion? caller: i think he admitted he was an unregistered foreign agent. this is someone that has always been for himself.
7:53 am
guise of being someone's lawyer, he betrayed his profession. andares only for himself covering his own behind. that is what he cares about. host: let's go to diana in tennessee. caller: i watched the michael cohen testimony. my comment is, i believe that whether you vote democrat or republican, that once the congress and the house and everything they do, they are working for me as the people. they are working for me as an individual. i want to know the truth to whatever end. if president trump did nothing wrong, let's find that out. do not be afraid to ask the questions that the republican people should have been asking on my behalf. always be working
7:54 am
for us no matter what. if the president is corrupt, ok, he is corrupt. do your job. republican and democrat. you are in there, and i am not. you are making the decision for me. i want you to work for me and find out the truth to whatever end. host: that is diana in tennessee. referring back to mark meadows, the caller had made the comment about the ford contract. -- about the foreign contracts. saying that he did this on wednesday claiming he violated the foreign agent registration act by not disclosing his contract. -- who violated the registration act by illegally lobbying with out registering. wednesday, he
7:55 am
talks about blind loyalty. is real loyalty is to the almighty dollar. this story saying that a source close to meadows told fox news that he has consulting on behalf of the bta bank and a pharmaceutical company. from deborah in alabama, good morning. you are next. caller: yes. say.e a few things to too believe it is ridiculous let a convicted liar have the word over a man who holds the highest office in our country. i will be 68 years old in april. i have never seen any president do as much for our country as this man has. thing, to me, he is the most efficient i've ever seen. i support him. i support his policies. i believe he does --
7:56 am
host: david in maryland. the democrats line. caller: i look at it this way. i talked to a man yesterday. anybody out there who is a parent who has a child gets involved in something like school -- something in school and they get wrapped up in something and tell lies and say, i am sorry i lied to you. once a liar always a liar, i think he is redeeming himself and the things he did. it took in 10 years to realize it. i think that is why he was fired because he stopped going along' with trumps -- with trump's ways of doing things. as long as you do what he says, he praises you. if you go against him, he has negative things to say about you. if there is something bad about
7:57 am
him or anything, he attacks you. i really do think that is why he conspired that he was fired because -- why he was fired because he probably cannot sleep anymore and decided he could not go along with this. he was fired because of it. all of republicans yesterday, all they want to do is establish the things he has already said. it reminds me of m&m and eight mile. host: cliff in tennessee. the publican line. -- republican line. caller: we have been seeing this for two years where the press -- this is the end for trump. the testimony is revealed. he says nothing. michael cohen is not a smoking gun. since when did america start loving the scumbag lawyers? what is going on here is trump
7:58 am
is so effective on the one hand. democratser hand, the have painted themselves into a corner where they are about to -- host: joe up next. washington, d.c. on the independent line. i think he hung up. let's go to cliff in tennessee. good morning. apologies for that. dorothy in florida. good morning. caller: yes, good morning. i was just calling. like one caller said, why should we believe cohen? what does donald trump have on the republicans? everyone needs to know what is going on in this world.
7:59 am
we have kids and grandkids behind. we need to know what is going on in this world. as for the republicans to be holding back, like it is nothing, they have kids and grandkids that have to live in this world. dorothy in tampa, florida. her about the last hour, we have been taking your calls on one of two stories that took place yesterday. one was the summit over the north korea nuclear program ending in vietnam without an agreement pleat -- without an agreement in place. the other was the michael cohen testimony. you can comment on that for one more hour. here is how you can call us. for republicans. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8002.
8:00 am
one of the events that took place during the testimony was an appearance by lynn pat who was described by housing apartment official. she was referred tomeadows. she said she received an invitation from mr. meadows to appear at hearing. under a photograph of her smiling with mr. cohen at the trump grill, she described mr. cohen as one of her best friends for over a decade. "i am sad michael would once again on a world stage let the unsubstantiated claims, particularly those of bigotry and racism against a man who is single elderly -- single-handedly raised five children." she said the statement submitted was identical to the caption on her instagram photo. that instance prompted an exchange between mark meadows and rashida tlaib, saying the
8:01 am
appearance of mistimed that m -- ms. patton was a racist act. [video] >> there is nothing more personal to me than my relationship -- my nieces and nephews are people of color. not many people know that. you know that, mr. chairman. to indicate that i asked someone who was a personal friend of the trump family who has worked for him, who knows this particular individual, she is coming in to be a prop, data sugge that it is racist to suggest i asked her to come in here for that reason. the president's own person. she is a family member. she loves this family. she came in because she fell if the president was getting falsely accused. mr. chairman, you and i have a personal relationship that is not based on color.
8:02 am
direction down this is wrong, mr. chairman. >> i want to thank the gentleman for what you have stated. who ise is anyone sensitive with regard to race, it is me. sun of a former sharecropper. they were basically slaves. i get it. ms.stened carefully to tulli, and i will not put words in her mouth, but i think she said she was not calling you a racist. i thought that we could clarify that. meadows, you-- mr. know of all the people on this committee, i have said it and have gotten in trouble for it. you are one of my best friends. i know that shocks a lot of people. >> and likewise, mr. chairman.
8:03 am
>> and you are. i can see and feel your pain. i feel it. and so -- i don't think she intended to call you that. that kind of pain and frustration. did you have a statement? >> to my colleague, that was not my intention and i do apologize if that is what it sounded like. i said someone in general -- as everybody knows, i am pretty direct. if i wanted to say that, i would have. thank you, mr. chairman, for allowing me to clarify. that was not referring to you at all as a racist. >> i think it's in a woman for her comment. i think the chairman -- i think the gentlewoman for her comment. i think the chairman.
8:04 am
host: the best way to see it for yourself is to go to our website at we have the whole thing available for you to view when you can. that will be available at our website. renee in pennsylvania, democrats line. caller: how are you? i watched the hearings yesterday and i found cohen to be credible. i think he went along with trump for many years and he came to a point that he got sick of it. he hasas the racism, , justover and over time like the coast guard, he did not come out and make a comment for a while but then he made a brief comment. the comment he made about charlottesville, and in that woman who stood up there and said no, he is a friend.
8:05 am
amoroso has known him for a long time. she has a different view. i believe cohen. if cohen is such a terrible person, what does that make trump? a lot of the stuff he did was the stuff trump wanted him to do. host: illinois, independently. caller: good morning, pedro. i have found michael cohen to be credible. i have been studying donald trump for the last three years ever since i knew he was going to run for president. he is corrupt. people call and they say things like we knew what he was when we voted for him. well, we can't go by that. only one third of the country voted for him in the first place and he got in there. he is corrupt and people are ok with it. michael cohen spoke up. he is trying to do something good for the country. he is doing good by what he did
8:06 am
yesterday. i applaud him for that. donald trump is not good for the usa. he has done nothing. tax thing and we are all trying to deal with them right now. host: gloria in north carolina, republican line. caller: yes, i would like to comment on mr. cohen. you can look at anybody's expressions and you can tell a lot if they are lying. i don't believe a word the man said. if donald trump was so bad, why didn't he stop representing him? not only that, i am so sick and tired of hearing racist, racist. i don't care what color people's skin is. i don't look at that. i look at their inner heart.
8:07 am
partyow, the democratic -- i have been a democrat all my life until i voted for donald trump. we needed a change. the democratic party has got so corrupt that i am ashamed for anybody to know i voted for them. host: david is next in tennessee, democrats line. -- i usually don't call. why are these adults acting like children up there? regardless of what party you belong to, we need to act but adults and heal the country. i don't see any way i'm watching congressman or any person on that panel acting like -- you can't act like that in public. if i went to my job acting like that, i would not have a job the next day. for some reason it is the new norm. that is my only comment.
8:08 am
the acting of everybody of the. host: isaiah, you are next up. caller: our you doing this morning? -- how are you doing this morning? can you give me a moment? i want to give my opinion. host: you are on now. go ahead. caller: sure, cohen is a liar. trump is a liar. it don't make much difference because that is who they have been since i have been on the planet. now foro to jail right murder and they don't got no evidence until somebody comes it, youand say you did won't get an arrest warrant. you have to prove yourself in court. somebody saying donald trump did something, he automatically should just -- you have a
8:09 am
warrant because some of he says they did. for the rest of us it's all the time. host: from california, this is deborah in victorville. caller: hi, good morning. i want to make this statement clear that i'm a black woman. i am 64-year-old. the black community, we know what that stood for bringing in a black woman. that is an insult to our intelligence. for those grown men, mostly from the south where slavery was, they would use that and they want to come back and say one person -- just because he got one black person on his staff or had her on his staff, he's not racist. thats already admitted people are tired of racism. bring up the conversation and
8:10 am
let's talk about it. leading up to the summit that was concluded today, dealing directly without vietnam itself was dealing with the government. the vietnamese government is picking up but have for 100 rooms, about $150,000. that's in addition to the cost of securing the safety of the leaders. the potential rewards are significant. hosting this summit is a chance for the country to elevate it standing as it is looking for more foreign partners the counter the rising regional influence of its northern neighbor china. large billboards around the city roleoff annoy's -- hanoi's as host. and australian was deported on monday. regular people are getting into the swing of things. around the historic heart of the city, many vietnamese turned up in national costume on tuesday.
8:11 am
vehicle drovelity around with a point popping up in the sunroof to show off his new kim jong-un haircut. in minneapolis, independent line. caller: after taking my call. -- i think the cohen the summit was a big -- i did not even bother to watch that. i knew nothing was going to come about. i wonder what you did not play the clip where cohen talked about the racist remarks and the racist attitude trump showed. he played the clip from that exchange between the congressman. i have a father-in-law for the biracial kid, granddaughter and a white granddaughter. he is not racist per se but he does have bias. the light
8:12 am
granddaughter over the black one all the time. just because you have friends at higher stature and you get along, you respect that comment from the other guy, that does not mean you are not racist. you are biased. you can still be prejudiced and racist and respect somebody stature. i don't understand what cohen was talking about. host: cheryl in fort worth, texas, republican line. caller: how are you today? all i have to say is the congress yesterday was a cohen thing. it is unfortunate because it looked like a game they were playing, how to make our president with bad again. the thing about it is calling people racist and accusing people of things when you don't
8:13 am
even really know the person, they should act with more maturity and a koran -- decorum and set an example for the american people. people are entitled to their own , but it our own biases is really a thing. we have lost god in our lives. host: (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. (202) 748-8002 for independents. you can call us in the 45 minutes before we go to the house. if you want to post on social media, it is @cspanwj. you can also post on her facebook page for the remainder of our time. many have commented on the michael cohen hearings yesterday. you can also comment on the president's's trip to vietnam for the north korea summit. those topics up for discussion. in washington, d.c., democrats
8:14 am
line. hello. this is craig. caller: yes, this is craig. i wanted to say to some of the people who called saying cohen is line, look, cohen is not lying. he is facing time in jail so he is under oath now. if they catch him telling any kind of lies, he will give more time. people need to wake up to realize this president is corrupt. he is racist. believe me, people. this man is really corrupt. he does a lot of bad things. host: rosemary is next in pennsylvania, republican line. caller: as a former republican, i am now an independent, i did not watch it yesterday because i should have felt
8:15 am
the interview on another day when president trump was not going to vietnam. to speak with kim jong-un. what i do think is that they are trying to set up president trump for an impeachment investigation. that was the whole purpose. this is like a start. and also, if democrats think he is credible, well, cohen also said there was no collusion. host: rosemary in pennsylvania calling off the twitter feed. the cohen hearing was nothing but political theater. it was amusing to watch, nothing more. twitter setf another good thing was finally republicans are held accountable for their decade-long racist attack on president obama. if you want to make comments on twitter, that is ready can do so
8:16 am
at @cspanwj. maine, joseph, hello? caller: i wanted to make a couple of comments. he said mexico will pay for the wall. hello? host: north korea or the cohen hearing. either of those topics. go ahead. caller: if president trump was serious about north korea before he went, he would have told the american people what he was going to get chairman can -- kim to form a treaty on. but he don't tell anyone because he don't have a plan. that guy is a liar. he tells you he will have mexico pay for the wall. it is a lie. he don't say that anymore. but he said it to want to go before the election in november. host: craig in prince george, virginia, democrats line. caller: good morning, pedro.
8:17 am
i want to make two comments. you know anything about -- if you parallel this with the godfather, you have tom, a --yer and his concilia the fact he has been to korea twice. he suspended the exercises from the joint military exercise from all the armies of the world. i was stationed in the peninsula of korea. those are very vital for the security of the country. hey have seemed to forgotten has not reinstated those exercises. that should be one of the first things we do. he can say he cares about the security of this country but he is lowering our security and lowering our military. that is all i got to say. the man is a con artist.
8:18 am
host: even as this goes on the work of congress goes on this week. it was yesterday the house took a vote, one of two planned votes to look at the topic of gun registration. hill reports eight house republicans voted with democrats on wednesday to support legislation that would require universal background checks for gun sales. a number of republicans voted for the bill. five of them. pete king of new york, as well as brian fitzpatrick, fred upton and chris smith, and three more republicans joined them to support the final passage on wednesday. one of the instances that happened on the floor yesterday, members of congress heard democrat representative lucy mcbath. she lost an unarmed teenage sun to gun violence and she advocates for changes. she was followed by steve
8:19 am
scalise, he himself a victim of gun violence. [video] >> as many of you may know, gun violence is an issue that is deeply personal for me. gun violence prevention and a desire to make meaningful change is the very reason i am here today. in this legislative body speaking to everyone of you. in 2012, my sun was shot and killed by a man who opened fire on a car of unarmed teenagers at a gas station in jacksonville, florida. my son was only 17 years of age. jordan would've turned 24 this month. after my sons death, i dedicated my entire life to advocating for common sense gun safety solutions. it was the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school and parkland, florida last year that finally motivated me to join this legislative body. the overwhelming bipartisan
8:20 am
support for universal background checks symbolizes the power of advocacy and the incredible power of the survivors. family members and students who have shared their stories as they advocate for commonsense gun safety solutions and demand we act to address gun violence. >> let's look at what these bills would do. we had identified many problems with this bill that we were trying to improve. every one of those was shut out by the democrat majority who wanted to try to stifle the opposing side's debate because they think just saying background checks makes this a good bill. let's talk about what this bill will do to make criminals, felons out of law-abiding citizens. if you love your gun to a friend your guns bill -- loan to a friend under this bill and
8:21 am
they want to go to the shooting range to see of this is the right kind of gun to protect themselves under the second amendment, loaning your gun to that friend would make you a felon subject to a year in jail. subject to $100,000 fine, mr. chairman. we tried to fix that. bishop that amendment out -- they shut that amendment out. host: one of the sidebars that took place in the house as they consider that piece of legislation. another piece up today. follow what is going on at during this time, north korea and the michael cohen testimonial for discussion. mike, hello. caller: good morning. i have a comment on scalia. you think he would be an advocate to try to get something done but things happen for a reason. president for anybody
8:22 am
lies to you, the think you are stupid. he continues to lie and say the same thing over and over and over. he don't respect you anything to her stupid. republicans continue to back a fool and continued to back a man that thinks they are the stupidest people on the planet. -- othericans can't republicans can do this job well. he is getting rid of all the immigrants and the people that love to see immigrants getting out of this country are the ones that continue to back him. host: teresa in new york, republican line. observation.e an they say he had no motive to go in there yesterday and testify. he certainly has a motive when his wife is facing bank fraud, too. i think he is set up by the democrats, probably robert mueller.
8:23 am
y after 10 years of working for trump all of a sudden he is a racist? when you know someone is a racist, you get away from them. this is nothing but a sham and the democratic party. they are wasting taxpayer dollars and a tired of it. host: one of the comments made , why he decided to eventually stop working for the president. [video] >> what was the breaking point at which you decided to start telling the truth? >> there are several factors. charlottesville, watching the daily destruction of our civility to one another. putting up silly things like this. really on the coming of congress -- i'm becoming -- unthe coming of congress. it is that behavior i am
8:24 am
responsible for. i do the same thing you are doing now for 10 years. i protected mr. trump for 10 years. the fact you pull up a news article that has no value to it and you want to use that as the way to discredit me, that i'm not the person he called at three clock in the morning would make you an accurate. in actuality it would make you a liar, which puts you in the same position i am in. i can only want people the more people that follow mr. trump as i did blindly are going to suffer the same consequences i'm suffering. host: let's go to charlotte, north carolina. ronny. go ahead. caller: how are you doing? i want to say this to republicans and democrats. when you point the finger, you have three fingers pointing back at you. the father, the sun and the holy
8:25 am
spirit. we need to start changing people's hearts. we start judging one another. that's a problem i have with everything that went on yesterday. thank you and have a blessed day. in new jersey, independent line. caller: thank you for taking my call. affairsa sad state of that i saw yesterday in congress. more importantly the president, at least he is trying to do something in korea. i was born when my dad was fighting in korea. 65 years ago. at least he is trying to fix a solution at a time when china is playing in and that whole area is starting to dominate the world. i applaud the fact he is trying and i don't think we expect any kind of short-term results. talk is important. what happened yesterday, the timing was wrong. the fact that democrats really did kind of win.
8:26 am
i looked at the other news programs and nobody is talking about what president trump did in vietnam, but only about the cohen story. you have got to put the lawyer in the proper perspective. he got caught up in a lot of power and he liked it. he made a lot of money and he got caught and he's on a lot of trouble -- in a lot of trouble in blaming everybody but himself. i think -- i'm not a fan of how trump does some things, but he's trying to do what he can. the republicans -- the democrats tying everything to racism. what happens between the woman and the man was appalling. i pray for it to be better. host: one of the storylines they came up press conference of the president's visit vietnam was reported on by the hill. the president said on thursday he believes kim jong-un was not
8:27 am
responsible for the death of otto warmbier. he died upon returning to the u.s. he previously took credit for the release. he used his death the pressure kim over human rights saying he was tortured beyond belief. human rights have not been a major theme at her to summit meetings. the president was asked about that in a press conference that took place in hanoi earlier this morning. [video] you have a personal relationship with the valley of otto warmbier. you talked about kim jong-un being my friend. you said you have a great relationship. have you confronted kim jong-un about otto warmbier staff? -- r's death?ier
8:28 am
>> i don't think it was in his interest at all. i know the family. i think they are incredible family. what happened was horrible. i believe something bad happened to him and i don't think the top leadership knew about it. when they had to send him home -- by the way, i got the prisoners back. i got the hostages back. otto was one of the hostages but he came back in a shape that was not even to be talked about. i find it -- i thought it was horrible. the others came back extremely healthy. otto came back in a condition that was terrible. i did speak about it. that he woulde have allowed that to happen. it was not his advantage to allow that to happen. those prisons are rough places. that things happen.
8:29 am
-- bad things happen. i don't believe he knew about it. >> did he tell you he did not? >> i spoke to him, he felt badly. he knew it later. you got a lot of people. of the country, a lot of people. in those prisons and the scams you have a lot of people. some really bad things happened to otoo. -- otto. he tells me he did not know about it and i will take him at his word. host: we have about one half hour left until we go to the house of representatives at 9:00. if you want to call and comment on either the events that took place in hanoi with his north korean summit or the michael cohen hearing yesterday, call us at (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. independents, (202) 748-8002. if you go to the website of the
8:30 am
atlantic, an attorney and former federal prosecutor has a piece taking a look at some of the cross examinations from yesterday's hearing. everyone involved in the house of representatives reform committee hearing on wednesday needed a good lawyer. lawyer,cohen, disbarred needed a trial lawyer to rein in his mugging for the camera, taking cheap shots at his detractors and remind them of the limits of his own credibility. house democrats needed a good trial lawyer, too, teach them how to handle a morally bankrupt collaborating witness -- cooperating witness. he can still offer useful information. if your friendly, the jury thinks you have fallen for a con artist. republicans needed a moderately bright mock trial participant to tell you how to do anything. cross examination is hard, not
8:31 am
just barking at the witness. republicans could have marshaled cohen's many sins to undermine his statements. they repeatedly went back to yelled.admitted and the effect was begun some pathetic man modestly more sympathetic. if you go to the atlantic website, you can see the conclusions of can white -- ken white over the prosecution technique yesterday. we will hear from mary. carolina -- in south euro and? in southn -- mary carolina? caller: as a christian woman i am glad and proud of bush -- i mean trump. that guy yesterday, he already hung himself. he tried to lie a lot about
8:32 am
trump. that was not right. he was backed up by democrats. i feel sorry for our country if the democrats ever get into office. they are terrible people. host: ralph, go ahead. route from sterling, michigan. caller: hello. the reason i'm calling is when trump was running for president he was yelling at obama for taking trips. he keeps taking trips indolence is a word about it, spending millions and millions of dollars and nobody says nothing. now he wants to have the biggest party in washington. if he don't have money, why do you want to spend all that money? host: apologies from that. pro -- from wisconsin, brad. caller: my wife and i watched
8:33 am
the cohen trial yesterday. one thing that came to us was for america, i feel like this is watching the nuremberg trials go all over again right in america. now you have michael cohen who will be a good person saying i do what i was doing -- i knew what i was doing was wrong. i'm going to jail but i will not die at the gallows. that is kind of what this reminds us of. what is really funny is how they put out a new movie called it could happen here. a friend pointed me go to the rallies, i said is like going to the bund. you can see the things coming. you don't know what to think. if he is a liar. he did some bad things but the one person they came after his taxes.
8:34 am
$100 on a super bowl pool, did you climate? this is like watching the nuernberg rallies. host: rich in ohio, republican line. caller: there were a lot of interesting points. this thing you have is no deal on north korea. which is we do to help this get solved? -- the lesson in negotiation is, tell me what went on yesterday. the deal that is going on. win,g to get credit for a is critical. this might be the dominant that sets all the other dominoes or the other way around. what are we doing to help this situation? we are doing everything to screw up our quarterback. rich from ohio.
8:35 am
the washington times reports the president is set to appear the 20 19th conservative political action conference. this is a tweet from the conference. we will share his vision of what miss america great. this is the annual event of conservatives held in maryland. the president was scheduled to meet with north korean dictator in vietnam. he will appear at c-pac wednesday through saturday. it will be his third consecutive appearance by a sitting president. temperature c-span -- the covers -pac, there is c the chairman talking to mark meadows. you can't hear the audio because i suspect he is talking about some event that took yesterday -- that took place yesterday.
8:36 am
our coverage has already begun. you can see more of that on c-span3,, in our c-span radio app. brenda from missouri. caller: thank you for taking my call. yes, i watched the hearings. i did believe michael cohen. i think our president has no honor, no morals. see how quick he took the side of kim jong-un on the death of that young man they sent home brain dead. you americans, he will throw you under the bus too. host: florida, independent line, good morning. caller: i was calling because i watched the hearings. might take away on this -- my take away on this is there is fraud. in regards to irs filings. he did it in regards to irs
8:37 am
filings to try to get bank loans, and also just to make himself look good out of vanity purposes. this just speaks volumes to what is going to come up next. i believe all the files from the deutsche bank seizures are going to really show the light as to and hows emboldened to, far he is willing to go in regards to misrepresenting his "well." -- "wealth." host: one of the people who had a chance as questions yesterday was congressman clay higgins, a former louisiana police officer. he talked with mr. cohen about his testimony and what he had to offer. [video] i am sorry for what your family is going through. i feel for your family. a man's mouth is this instruction and his lips are the
8:38 am
snare of his soul. i see you, a man trapped in that. i must tell you i have arrested several thousand men, and you remind me of many of them. the ones that immediately become humble and remorseful at the time they are actually booked. inle they are incarcerated and they returned to their former selves from they are back on the street. respectful to your family and what they're going through, that is my sense of you consider. -- that is my sense of you, good sir. host: barbara on the republican line. caller: a couple of comments about the korean summit and the cohen testimony yesterday. i think it impact of the korean summit. i think the republicans were harmed in the country was harmed by having these hearings conducted well the president was trying to make a deal.
8:39 am
felt like hekim would get a deal because the president wanted to make up for what was happening in the country. i let the president walked away. as -- i am glad the president walked away. as far as the testimony, clearly cohen violated the attorney canon of ethics. the you expect to be recorded? clients and record third parties when they speak to him unless he wanted to hold it over there had? -- heads? it was interesting to us the democratic representatives on the questions cohen. they look so disappointed when they could i get the answer they wanted, regarding collusion, hurting his wife, a love child and so forth. i was very disturbed by cohen making reference to his in-laws being survivors of the holocaust. that had no purpose or point in
8:40 am
being brought up and it is disgraceful. host: that is barbara in miami. michael cohen started this process appearing on the senate side enclosed testimony. you heard from him yesterday. he comes back to capitol hill today for one more day of testimony. that will be closed as well before the house intelligence committee. stories may stem from the testimony defending a new leaks information out. that as part of michael cohen's tour this week of capitol hill. we are talking about the hearing that featured congressmen questioning him. you can comment on that and on the events in north korea -- in vietnam over north korea's nuclear program. the house comes in at 9:00 this morning. we will leave you from the show and go to that one when that happens. it is the that,
8:41 am
second day of legislation when it comes to gun background checks. you can watch out for that happening and go to our website at to find out more. from florida, democrats line, linda. hello. caller: thank you for c-span. i just wanted a couple of comments on the north korean summit going backward. said he takesp kim jong-un at his word regarding the death of otto warmbier. president trump said he takes prove net's word regarding the fact that putin -- putin at his word in that there was no interference of election. he takes the word of the crown prints in the death of jamal khashoggi. he said both sides had to do with the killing in
8:42 am
charlottesville. lastly, president trump said that he takes his own word over the journal -- general. when will we wake up, america? we are losing our nation left and right. host: gustavo. caller: always a pleasure. i think personally the cohen situation, and me being a former marine and law enforcement -- i listened to the law enforcement guy yesterday. when you are a lawyer you work for your client. there is nothing else. you don't do anything unless your client says do so. not necessarily doing anything on his own. if he did, it was to protect. a pd.c. cop -- i am cop. fed law supersedes everything
8:43 am
going on around this country in this world. going listened to the men after that lawyer and prosecuting him on the spot, i thought it was so disrespectful and disgraceful. our country and let the world know how corrupt and how disorganized we are as americans. take care of yourself, pedro. host: if you go to the website of the hill, bradley blakeman has this piece when it comes to michael cohen. he plays the role of judas for the house committee. an fact a client asked attorney to do something that could be seen as a legal imposes an obligation on the attorney not to expose his client to liability. last august, he pleaded guilty to a federal crimes, five counts of tax evasion, one count of
8:44 am
making a false statement to a ,inancial is to show in accepting unlawful corporate contribution. by his own admission was a terrible lawyer. he violated attorney-client privilege and recorded conversations without the prior knowledge of the client, without the client's permission, keeping records segregated to use against the client if he felt he needed to. the president relied on his attorney's advised. no client should be held liable for the criminal acts of his attorney. if all this is true, the person who allegedly extorted money from a presidential candidate in an effort to influence the national election was never charged with numerous crimes, his did cohen not advise is client to contact the fbi? stephen in oklahoma, republican line. caller: good morning, pager.
8:45 am
-- pedro. this investigation was started by the best paid for by hillary clinton and all their friends. they had illegal subpoenas done for hillary clinton, paid for by opposing parties. when president obama was still in office. host: how does that relate to the testimony yesterday? caller: cohen's lawyer is lanny davis, a long time democratic bigwig lawyer and close friend of the clintons. that is all you need to know. nobody brought it up all morning. it is all scripted and a understand cohen is trying to get his sentence reduced. he is trying to get his sentence reduced.
8:46 am
probably getting it down to a year. i don't blame him for that. host: let's get it dave in pennsylvania, independent line. caller: good morning, pedro. i was not going to call in, but vietnam,e president in many kim jong-un -- complementing kim jong-un, i looked at several things. jong-un speaks fluent english. he grew up in connecticut. at all thected public events. i knew nothing was going to happen for the second time. in terms of cohen, the biggest winners were elijah cummings, representative -- and cohen.
8:47 am
this man is going to jail for helping trump. back,d to get our country as elijah cummings said. host: let's hear from massachusetts, robert. hello. caller: good morning. i would like to say a few things. president has traumatized this country. the reason i'm saying that, we are sticking each other but we do not see the problems we are facing. who supporters are becauseohen said that he did not say collision. they do not want to face the truth of certain things. you have to look at facts. nobody wants to look at facts.
8:48 am
the country is divided, for the world is divided. it's about color, it's about class. trump is not about helping the middle class. -- he gave us cohen. now we hate cohen because the guy wants to change the life he was backing up a guy who made him do certain things. he lied. that people do not understand we have to take our country back. he used a black girl as a prop and people saying -- host: we will leave it there. if you go back a couple of weeks to the washington post, they took a look at the 1976 national emergencies act and the president's use of it for his border wall thing. after teething it for months, the president officially declared the national emergency.
8:49 am
what is a national emergency? in 1976, congress passed the act that permitted the president to announce a national emergency. it offers no specific definition of "emergency,'allows the president to declare one entirely in his or her discretion by declaring a national emergency. he avails himself or herself to dozens of specialized laws he otherwise cannot access. it could last up to a year unless it is renewed. i hearing on the actual beheading today in the house judiciary under the subcommittee on constitution and civil rights and civil liberties. if you're interested in learning how the act works and how it might apply to the current date and the president's interest in using it, watch the hearing starting at noon on c-span3. you can monitor it at
8:50 am
, an hour c-span radio app. don from michigan, republican line. caller: good morning. i would like to make a suggestion. i don't do good on a short notice. if he said the day ahead with you going to talk about, it would give somebody like me to choose the right of what i have to say. i will just say that when it comes to korea, all the democrats should read bill clinton's book. at the end of it he gives boatloads of food and oil and stacks of money. they never checked anything. at the end of his book he writes, we found out just before i left office they had never done with they were supposed to do and they complain. he has not given anything at. when it comes to buying --
8:51 am
heng, the city lied about -- lied about mexico paying for the wall. yeah, he did. but obama lied about troops. he was going to have the troops home in 90 days. than 180 days. by the time he was out of office all the troops were still there. he had troops in libya and syria. korea,kor -- back to -- caller: all the people raising hell ought to think back to their own president. that's all on saying. host: that is don in michigan. thank you for that suggestion. perhaps we can make it happen. rufus in louisiana, democrats line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have a comment on the north korean deal.
8:52 am
he did not have a plan before going. that is why he failed. as far as cohen -- host: go ahead. caller: as far as the cohen deal, the republicans should be ashamed of themselves. we are watching this country go to the tubes. a liar and a cheat is ruining this country and they are destroying this country right in front of everybody. that is my comment. host: that is rufus in louisiana. there were a lot of events on capitol hill yesterday. , and a look at the measles outbreak in the united states. experts coming in for that hearing and the question by legislators. gives during the hearing that a protest broke out. here is some of that from yesterday.
8:53 am
[video] [crowd talking] >> [indiscernible] host: go to our website at to see the content of that hearing and the protests. virginia is next, republican line. john, go ahead. caller: two quick comments.
8:54 am
on korea, i am glad the president pulled out without signing anything we would regret later on. the problem is the koreans know what the president did in regard to iran. you have people in his of administration talking about overthrowing the iranian government. i'm sure the north koreans are thinking about that. that will be a real problem trying to get an agreement. and can if i rob a bank view as a lawyer and say i robbed a bank, get me off, that's one thing. if i go to you and say i want to rob a bank, you are supposed to sit there and say you can't really do that. that is where cohen should have been the lawyer and said whatever you want, fine, but i will do it legally and he didn't do it. host: that is john in virginia. hanoi out of, south korea -- out of hanoi, south korea said he regretted there was no
8:55 am
agreement on thursday. two sides had made meaningful progress. president trump walked away because kim made unacceptable demands. the south korean presidential office said trump and kim made more meaningful progress than ever and trump's willingness to continue dialogue would brighten prospects for another meeting. tim is next in alabama. caller: good morning. i watched some of the hearing yesterday. one of the things i took note of was mark meadows. he had his black woman standing behind him. is not aat trump racist because he has a black person in his administration. i would just like you to show the video of mark meadows from 2012 in front of a crowd stating
8:56 am
that he should send president obama back to kenya. but mark meadows is not a racist. i would like you to show that video and let it speak for itself. host: ralph in north carolina, democrats line. caller: good morning. you all are smoking this morning. i watched andrew napolitano yesterday on fox. he said mr. trump was possibly looking at four felonies. this is a republican tv network and he leans towards the republicans. four want to go when we look at north korea, i was sitting in a barbershop. i always wanted to know what went on during the korean war. this man said he was a soldier. blood running off the side of the mountain.
8:57 am
host: darrell on the independent line. hello. caller: it is kind of interesting that cohen's testimony is accepted, but this lawyer who has been in charge for his part in crimes is simply informing the public of the other partner in crime we seem to be bothered by that. we are just getting the truth finally. thank you, pedro. host: kathleen in tennessee, democrats line. caller: good morning. thank you for being here. i wanted to say a few things. people believe only what they want to believe because they believe they are too smart to be scanned. cohen has nothing to lose. he is going to prison. even after his office was raided , he was so for trump. trump has something to lose,
8:58 am
power and money. cohen has lost power, money, respect and credibility. the issue with trump is people who think they know trump, they don't. america did not get to know trump before he became potus. his lifestyle and cheating, lying, covering up and using michael cohen to do it, paying plural. mistresses, f host: olivia beavers is showing michael cohen is coming in for a third day of testimony. this is a closed session but he's arriving at the house intel committee. i'm sorry, go ahead. caller: his private lifestyle of cheating and lying and covering it up and using his personal attorney michael cohen to pay off his mistresses. structuring payments during the campaign for a cover-up is
8:59 am
illegal. never rent formp president, it would be a private matter. he waited for the payoff because he is cheap. pay because he did not to lose the presidency when he was winning primaries. host: we have to leave it there. we are just about to go to the house. catherine from georgia, go ahead. caller: the republicans performed their usual lockstep programed role as dictated by their leaders. each representative viciously attacked cohen as a liar and a cheat whose veracity is zero. not one asked pruitt of questions, and a certain not one carries a -- here's a l -- cares a lick about trump's constant line. host: last call. we have been talking about the cohen testimony in the korean
9:00 am
summit. you can go to our website at now we take it to the house of representatives. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. february 28, 2019. i hereby appoint the honorable judy chu to act as sro tempore on this day. signed, nancy pelosi, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by our chaplain, father conroy. chaplain conroy: let us pray. eternal god to whom we see what we could be and what we can can become, thank you for giving us another day. with so many


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