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tv   Sen. Ted Cruz R-TX at Conservative Political Action Conference  CSPAN  March 1, 2019 9:40pm-10:01pm EST

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>> ladies and gentlemen, our next topic, nationhood and the border crisis, a conversation with senator ted cruz and rich lowry of the national review. >> [applause] rich: good morning everyone and welcome to our conversation with
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the newly elected senator from texas, ted cruz. >> [applause] rich: i'm rich lowry, editor of national review. as some of you might know, had a complicated relationship with donald trump. we had a bit of a breakthrough a while ago. i went back to my office and found this brown envelope from the white house on my desk. i opened up the envelope and it is this ripped out copy of one of my columns in the new york post. i consider the new york post the nation's newspaper. most importantly, the president considers the new york post the nation's newspaper. i wrote about how donald trump was such a dominating political and cultural presence, there is no escaping him, even for republicans who want to try to. i thought it had a lot of incisive commentary. made no impression on him.
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was he paid attention to the headline that said "there is only trump." it,rote a big arrow to "rich, so true. -donald j. trump." >> [laughter] rich: we will talk about the border crisis. one thing that came out of the shutdown contention and building a border at the barrier was a smoked out foundational issue, where you had top democrats, nancy pelosi among them, saying walls themselves are immoral. you have democrats comparing our border barrier to the berlin wall, the border of the totalitarian society meant to keep its people inside rather than people coming illegally from outside. whatraised the question, are you going to do with the
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barrier we have? someone you know a lot about, robert francis o'rourke, said in an interview, yeah, let's break down the bulldozers and knock down the border wall in el paso, texas. sen. cruz: i think there is a technical description from what is going on, which is the democrats have gone bat crap crazy. is a political science term of art. if you look at the medical dictionary, it is under b. it is in fact a psychosis. they are getting more and more extreme on every issue. think back to the state of the union. the state of the union was a display of just how reticle democrats have gotten -- radical democrats have gotten. they sat there embracing late-term abortion.
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some of us are old enough to remember bill clinton saying he wanted abortion safe, legal, and rare. at least he was emphasizing rare. now the democratic party is for late term abortion, or if you are ralph northam, after birth. that is crazy stuff. on immigration, you used to have democrats say, yes we should secure the border and have amnesty. position,he democrat and a lot of republicans. now their position is no, let everybody in and have amnesty. it is disconnected. if you look at the fight over border wall, it was not about substance. and everyhuck schumer single democrat in the senate voted for 350 miles of new border wall.
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the shutdown we had a month ago was over 234 miles of border wall. same new border wall. i'm not smart enough to explain how you are willing to shut the government done to stop 234 miles of new wall. it is emotional and the visceral hate. they don't have an argument. here is their reasoning, trump equals walls, we the democrats hate trump, therefore no wall. that's it. >> [applause] you, becauseask one of my great frustrations watching this play out is republicans had unified control of government in washington dc, if i'm not mistaken, for two years. how is it that we only came to
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focus on achieving one of the president's signature promises when nancy pelosi was becoming speaker of the house? what happened in the prior two years there wasn't funding for the barrier? sen. cruz: it is a very good question, let me say both good and bad. let's start with the good. with republican majorities in both houses, i think we won some big victories. we passed a historic tax cut, the biggest cut of a generation. that included, among other things, repealing the obamacare individual mandate. >> [applause] sen. cruz: we have repealed job killing regulations and we are seeing the lowest unemployment in 50 years. we are seeing wages going up. we are seeing the lowest african-american unemployment that has ever been recorded.
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we are seeing the lowest hispanic employment ever recorded, which is why the mainstream media won't cover those facts at all. >> [shouting] sen. cruz: i am getting there. i am going to talk about the good first. we have also seen strong constitutionalist judges confirmed. on foreign policy, we are in the midst of the biggest military rebuild since reagan. we moved our embassy to jerusalem and pulled out of the iranian nuclear deal. those are victories that as conservatives, we are grateful to be able to deliver on. you asked rightly, why didn't we finished the job on immigration? why didn't we deliver on more promises? i agree with you. we should have done much more. last summer starting in august, i did a long presentation to
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senate republicans which said if you look at history, unified control of the federal government, both houses of congress and the presidency, it is exceptionally rare for republicans. it happened a total of eight years since world war ii. everyone recognizes there is a chance we will lose at least one house of congress in november. at the time there were 183 days to go. i entitled the presentation carpe diem, seize the day. if we have 180 days left to legislate, let's do that. lets use vehicles the democrats can't filibuster. let's use budget reconciliation, which you remember was the vehicle we passed the tax cut on in 2017. what matters about reconciliation is it is immune from the filibuster, so you can pass legislation and the democrats can't stop it.
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i urged the vice president and the administration, let's take up a budget reconciliation and found the wall -- fund the wall. hadnt you to imagine, if we had that fight and you had seen elizabeth warren screaming on the senate floor to stop it, bernie sanders pulling out whatever little here he has in his head. it culminated with republicans standing together, funding and building the wall. i don't think we would have lost the house of representative. >> [applause] rich: let's dig a little deeper. in the border fight, you saw some foundational issues surfaced. the one that is deepest here is the question whether we should have borders, and the question of the legitimacy of the nation
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and the nationstate, and of nationalism. there is a loose notion that nationalism is something the prussians came up with. in the western world, the foundational nation was ancient israel. god says to abraham, i will make of thee a great nation, and he does. you read in numbers, enormous passages where god sets out the borders of israel like he is a surveyor, go down this hill here, over here. what is amazing is there is a distinct people with a distinct territory, and they never give up the idea of a nation, no matter what catastrophes befall them. you have jews revolting against rome to reestablish their nation. amazingly two millennia later, they do succeed in reestablishing their nation. in 1982, the prime minister of
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israel, they find the phones of ine of the jewish rebels the -- bones of some of the jewish rebels against the romans. dears fathers, we are here in this place, and we will never leave ever again. in a nutshell, that is nationalism. that is concerned for your own nation. i am curious how you thought of this issue donald trump has brought to the fore, he has been criticized all over the world, saying there is something wrong with this attitude toward the nation. sen. cruz: the very opening words of the movie "the godfather" -- >> i know it was you! sen. cruz: that is a little bit later. the opening words are "i believe in america."
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i believe in america. one of the things that drives the media and drives the far left crazy about president trump is that he is willing to actually stand up and defend america. >> [applause] there are many pathologies that afflict the left, but one of them is a fundamental and there's -- assment aboutmbarr america's greatness. you saw that with obama, going on a worldwide apology tour. those on the left are in their wrist about our prosperity, embarassed about our freedom. if anyone happened to see it, in an idiotic rant -- you are
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wondering who -- this particular one was built more -- bill maher. he had this rant, red states want to be blue states. we are the cool people, and they want to be just like us. let me point out, it was that arrogant condescending smug superiority that is why hillary clinton lost and donald trump won in 2016. >> [cheers and applause] leadcruz: and if desire to interacting with your fellow citizens, saying you guys are a bunch of dumb ignorant rubes that need to listen to me, that is not perhaps the best message. as a texan, i can say authoritatively no texan has desired to be from any other state or any other country in the history of the universe.
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>> [applause] in fact, people from the blue state california are moving. sen. cruz: the blue states with high regulation, their people are fleeing because they don't have jobs. when new york chased amazon out because a bunch of new york socialists -- let's pause for a second. what on earth was amazon doing? where do you want to base your second headquarters? i know, new york city. you almost deserve the pestilence that happens to you if you go into that willingly. what do you think they will do when we get there? aoc said, you have to focus on the 3 billion-dollar windfall that will occur. you can decommission and a lot of cows with that kind of money. sen. cruz: magic money.
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let me say i support cows. i hope to see peta supporting the democratic party now that democrats want to kill all the -- the republican party now that democrats want to kill only cows. when i comes to defendingt america, we are a nation of immigrants. my dad came from cuba with nothing, but when you come to america as an immigrant, you want to be part of, you want to be an american. being the child of an immigrant makes you love and value and cherish the incredible freedom that is this country. >> [applause] rich: we are all gearing up for 2020. it will be an absolute war. you have a tough race in 2018, unexpectedly in a lot of ways. how has what happened in texas
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in 2018 a preview for what we might see nationally in 2020? sen. cruz: it foreshadows what we will see across the country. in my texas reelection campaign, the under -- the other side raised $80 million. it became the most expensive senate race in hard money in the history of the united states. what does it mean to be outspent 3-to-1? our campaign had a total of 18 campaign staffers. beto o'rourke's campaign had 805. that's the differential we saw on the ground. what the democrats managed to do in texas, they increased democratic turnout more than 100%. it went from, in 2014, the last off cycle election, it was 1.8 million. they raised it all the way to 4
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million. fortunately we turned out 4.2 million republicans. that was the margin of victory. what is the lesson for 2020? we will see the left turn out in massive numbers. that differential will be the battle for the country. let me close by saying, the young people of cpac, it will take every one of you speaking out, volunteering, energizing, giving money, using your voice, because we are going to see a crazed assault from the left, more unhinged than anything we have seen. there is also the good news. if we turn commonsense conservatives out, we can win. >> [applause] and gentlemen, ted cruz. thank you very much. ♪ >> and we will have more from
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cpac tomorrow with live coverage of president trump's speech here on c-span at 11:30 eastern. we will bring it to you at and on the c-span radio app. >> this weekend, book tv will be live from the 11th annual tucson festival of books, from the grounds of the university of arizona, starting saturday at noon eastern featuring republican strategist rick wilson with his new book. and then the book "american present: an undercover journey into the business of punishment." " indianapolis: the true story of the worst sea disaster in naval history and the fight to man."ate an innocent then a professor with his book "the end of myth, from the
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frontier to the border wall in the mind of america." sunday live coverage continues at 3:00 p.m. eastern with a journalist and his book "heartland: birth of a movement." a newsweek political correspondent with her book "golden handcuffs: the secret history of trump's women." and the book "a girl's guide to missiles." our coverage of the 11th annual tucson festival of books >> this weekend on book tv, author and political commentator heather mcdonald, and former fbi director andrew mccabe. sunday at noon eastern. heather mcdonald will take calls, facebook questions,
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sunday at 9:00 p.m. on "afterwards" andrew mccabe discussing his book "the threat." by new yorkiewed times reporter adam goldman. >> i spent a lot of time thinking about the decisions we made and the reasons behind those decisions, and how we thought about those decisions at the time. i tried to be honest in my reassessment, did we get it right or not? jim'sggest issues, announcement in july about our conclusion of the case in a public way that departed from president. and jim's decision to notify congress in october about the reopening of the case because of the emails on anthony weiner's laptop. in retrospect, i


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