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tv   President Trump at Conservative Political Action Conference  CSPAN  March 2, 2019 11:38am-12:08pm EST

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applause]and >> we take you live to maryland where president is about to address the cpac conference. this is his third appearance as a sitting president. >> we will make america a wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again and we will make america great again. [cheers and applause] >> conservatives gather at cpac
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to take aim at what seems to be there in a -- new favorite >> the moment america becomes a socialist country is a moment that america ceases to be america. >> they want to take your pickup truck, they want to rebuild your home, they want to take away your hamburgers. this is what stalin dropped about. case,, separation of powers, they are hard to find at cpac. a man who may help us discover what the play is, cpac chairman matt slap. >> great to be back with you. we are getting some ambient sound. let's do a little plus and minus. make the pitch about the
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socialism thing. is his hyperbole or are you going to make a real case? it's a little shocking for some of us. the same is what makes america great, going back to some foundational principles. as a result of a result of the 2018 election there is a new strategy. bernie is not standing alone. electing democrats who are embracing socialism. socialism has failed so extravagantly all over the globe. think thean people idea of the embracing socialism is can provisional -- controversial. worry -- when a lot of election.
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they are going to run it from if you goe left to >> all in and calling it socialism ,re you vote -- vulnerable people saying we want to get health care to more people and jobs to more people in the lower income brexit -- bracket. there is something enticing about telling people you are going to do things for free for them. you have to figure out the cost. it seems extreme most of the policy provisions are having. where are the american people on this? i would argue after eight years of obama many people liked president obama but they thought his economic policies created a soft economy and took away their economic prosperity. one of the reasons donald trump
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one is he was able to wipe away voters. the right track numbers are much higher than they have been any time since the obama administration. i could be wrong on all these things, and it could be that america wants to embrace socialism. called on things that are more popular -- that's politics. if you are talking about conservatives policies and the return to those, one is fiscal conservative. you didn't pay for this tax cut here this will hit the deficit and it already is. the tax checks that people are getting back are not what we are expecting. that was a conservative bedrock
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principle. you guys want along with it. i'd love to respond to that. i think both parties deserve to be horse whipped over their accounts of refrain but we will balance the budget. >> you guys controlled congress. i'm not going to push back to aggressively on this. >> we have to do a better job of restraining spending. those chickens will come home to roost. it is a mistake after eight years of obama stec nations it wasn't the right thing to do. when he got in there he got us out of that hole and the economy is continuing to grow. ,> i worked for president bush we had a housing collapse and there is no question that obama
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inherited a wrecked economy. regulations and obamacare and all the federal overreach did not allow us to grow at a rate that made the difference to the middle class and to the poor. people were worse off. why do people turn to donald trump? they turned to him because in america in presidential elections this matter. people felt a pinch in their pocketbook. the tax cut -- it wasn't paid for -- >> let's look at something that is clear on the corporate side one of the highest income tax rates in the entire world. >> not an effective rate.
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because of the loopholes and what they pay they were about the middle of the pack. >> there's a reason why people feel better about their economic situation, there's a reason why we are growing at a more rapid rate. all of those things are very positive and helping america. happen, iftinues to we restrain profits and spending we can do something about that debt. is overseeing the budget. we will see what happens. .ruth and character mike pence who spoke at seized president hasthis made a mockery of the lyrical
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discourse, decency and truth telling and you know it. >> i don't know that. he just said kim jong-un and -- >> that chapter that mike pence wrote is a chapter i edited it. the speech that ronald reagan gave. -- to say that donald trump is a dishonest political leader -- he is a rare politician. not true. >> please. how can you reject that? what you are going to argue is that there are times when facts are wrong.
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he said he had nothing to do with jared's security clearance and he did. he said too many people voted illegally and they didn't he lies all the time. itwe just came out of congressional investigation. >> are you going to make the argument that there is not a huge voter fraud problem in america? people voted illegally? don't call him a liar. there is a big number in california. he lies all the time and you know it. >> i don't know it. >> when president obama went to cairo, and said -- let me do the question.
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you're not going to let me talk. >> this is services third -- in a row. arabiaeves in saudi about not having anything to do with ted shoji. -- cut schalke. now silence. here is what i know. certainhat there are outlets that want to focus on things they think are things they think are incorrect. the president was clear with the american voter about what he said he would do. he wasn't lying. to put intodone is place what he said he would do. with are thefaced inaccuracies that some people say along the way. talk with like to each and every one of those.
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withdid he say he would do the north korean dictator, that he would bring back the economy? that he would build a wall? i wish you well at cpac and you are also -- always welcome on the show. you are always welcome, be well and i will see you.
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in a few minutes the president will address this cpac conference. later today we will bring you another event from brooklyn, new york, crowd gathered on the campus of brooklyn college. bernie sanders will announce his campaign to be the democratic nominee for president. wait for the president to speak at the conference here is a preview from today's washington general -- washington journal.
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host: from senator sanders today. we will hear him argue that he candidate. electable he won't use that war. he sketches out a campaign that in terms of volunteers and small donors. he will talk about growing up in brooklyn and how it made him realize the power of an active government. it is been a conversation for the last couple of days. it's a bit over design. this is the most he leaned into that. it's not just in response to donald trump, remember harold schulz who also grew up in sanders has said bernie
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is the kind of candidate that would make him run as an independent. making this he announcement in brooklyn and do you see any difference that he will take this time that he didn't when he ran against president clinton? the brooklyn announcement is part of the -- he is starting alabama -- all of that is meant to emphasize ist some people on his team that he grew up in the civil rights era and was an activist, has a story to tell about how he tried to shape american life as a young man. they are trying to emphasize
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that early in the problem being he was running against hillary clinton last time. that's the biographical stuff. you hear a lot from his supporters. he would have won the election -- he willbecause make the same moves to mollify voters. the argument is that he is going to be the most electable. strangely, even polling has shown that a lot of people don't believe that. they think for the first time somebody leading in the polls, when he gets scrutiny on his
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personal record, his finances thethings of that nature, vulnerability that would have been exposed not to mention an avowed socialist. democrats a big anchor to put on yourself. policies poll very well, like minimum wage, medicare for all. be that's allill noise, and we have another chance to put me in charge. a lot of the conversation after the election last year's is that bernie sanders ideas have been adopted by the party, a lot of what he was talking about in the democratic primary has early been adopted by the candidates. what will make him stand out if everybody is already talking
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about his ideas? guest: that's a good question. he is polling in the high teens or low 20's right now. is is one thing for kamala harris or elizabeth warren to support his policies but i was doing it 20 or 30 years ago. who do you trust to deliver? we will see how it goes. therewnside of that is are a lot of democratic primary -- clinton takes the responsibility for losing the
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and people ended up no oneg for third-party, knows has that bitterness in part of their base. it's way too early to predict how this will go. his consistency and his is basically in the position where donald trump was in 2016. >> we are waiting for president trump to arrive at cpac. thirds the presidents
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consecutive appearance at cpac and you are watching live coverage here on c-span.
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>> cpac has proven they are not afraid to serve controversy and i made an on-screen appearance. donald trump directed him to make contact with the russians, yes. >> that was not exactly true. >> i just hope my hair looked good. >> show me the ad. they did not run it. there is no case here. >> if the democrats are going after brett kavanaugh -- it is all one after the other, that is strange. >> that is outrageous. count. had a whip this is a disgusting abuse of power. let me agree with you. we could do it at the same volume. am i talking too loud? >> are you saying i am a liar?
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>> i never call you a liar. if you drank truth serum you would -- >> that is a clever way of calling me a liar. >> stop, that is absurd. >> i find that the silliest argument i've ever heard. you are suffering credibility because you have against conservatives. >> the president is driving them down. >> when he tells -- >> look at the polls. you are the seller. >> that is not fair. the opinion in the media is on the rise. >> that is quite an accomplishment. >> they act like they are better, like they are the truth tellers. was he trying to get information to pass back to the united states government? was he doing those three things? come on, let's go both ways. >> this is what blows my mind.
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as you know, i asked questions of you. >> call it out. was it over the line? will you call it out? >> matt, i ask the questions here. >> i will blame matt. here is something you did on lou dobbs. >> do you watch lou dobbs? this is good. >> ima pro-immigration republican. >> you do not sound like it. >> maybe you should meet my wife. >> can i talk? >> the larger issue is the fear mongering. the fear mongering. >> there is no fear mongering. is therefore thousand people coming to our country illegally or not? you are not open to anything you do not agree on. >> then why am i on your show? believe if we cannot talk to each other on these platforms, our democracy is doomed.


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