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tv   President Trump at Conservative Political Action Conference  CSPAN  March 2, 2019 8:42pm-10:52pm EST

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further the mission. >> when experienced shanna adams -- onewith me was experienced shanna adams shared with me is she felt there were men around her who were trying to break her and see if a woman could really hack it. women aside and said, no matter what happens, start crying and you'd better keep up. men were feeling the going to try to test them and they did. and the woman kept up. kept >> president trump was the featured speaker on the final day of the annual conservative political action conference being held near washington, d.c. he spoke for just over two hours. ♪
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[cheers and applause] >> thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much also to a man named matsch lap. what a job he has done. cpac, i actually started quite a while ago cpac. i came here, probably made my first political speech. and i enjoyed it so much that it came back for a second one. then a third. and then i said, "what the hell, let's run for president." [cheers and applause]
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it is wonderful to be back with some of the great patriots, old friends and great, young conservatives. what a future you have. our movement and our future in our country is unlimited. what we have done together has never been done in the history, maybe even beyond our country, maybe in the history of our world. they came from the mountains and the valleys, and the cities, they came from all over and what we did in 2016, the election with a capital "e." it has never been done before and i think we will do it again in 2020 and of the numbers are going to be bigger. [loud cheers] >> usa, usa, usa, usa, usa, usa, usa, usa, usa.
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[crowd chanting] pres. trump: we all had to endure, we had 17 republicans, plus me. [laughter] pres. trump: and i was probably more of a conservative, than a republican, people do not understand that. they didn't understand it. i think now with what we have done with the judiciary, i think they get it very well and it is driving the other side crazy. but we all had to endure, remember? how many times did you hear for months and months, there is no way to 270. there is no way to 270. they couldn't get me there, we might as well have given up. but there was not any way to do 270. i went to maine and i got one,
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but we didn't need it. we won maine. remember? we won both in nebraska. we won in maine. we got the one, but we didn't need the one, because we didn't need the 270, we got more. [applause] pres. trump: a state called wisconsin. a state called michigan, where, by the way, fiat chrysler just announced a $4.5 billion incredible expansion and new plants, doubling their workforce. many car companies have moved back to michigan and are continuing to do so. big numbers, nobody ever thought they would see that happen. so i think we are going to do even better in 2020. i think we will do numbers
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people have not seen for a long time. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: the men and women here today are on the front lines of protecting america's interests, defending america's values, and reclaiming our nation's priceless heritage. it is true. [applause] pres. trump: with your help, we are reversing decades of blunders and betrayals. these are serious, serious betrayals to our nation and to do everything we stand for. it has been done by the failed ruling class that enriched foreign countries at our expense. it was not america first, in many cases it was america last. those days are over, long over. [cheers]
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[applause] >> trump, trump, trump. pres. trump: america is winning again. america is respected again. and the world knows it. when i meet with prime ministers, with presidents, and i get along with them, because they know that was his taken place over many years, long before the obama administration, they cannot believe themselves that they got away with it. they cannot believe it. an impossible thing. and they like me. and the reason they like me -- [applause] pres. trump: they tell me.
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they say, mr. president -- president xi of china, we have a great relationship, i say, "how is it possible that you got away with this for so long?" and he said, "because nobody ever asked us to change." it is true. when they charge 40% tariffs on our cars going into china, and we charge them nothing coming into our country. when they raise their tariff from 10% to 25%, then to 40%. and they said to me, we expected that somebody would call and say, you cannot do that. nobody called, so we left it. and i do not blame them. we should have been doing the same thing to them. but we didn't. [applause]
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pres. trump: what? hard to believe. it's hard to believe. but now things are different. now we are negotiating with china. they wouldn't negotiate with previous administrations. but i found some very old laws from when our country was rich, really rich. the old tariff laws. we had to dust them off. you could hardly see them, it was so dusty. but they were not terminated. we started getting politically correct, even back then. i said, when we were doing the great things, what happened to those laws? and i checked. and i found 301, 382, i found one from 1938, where we could do what we have to do.
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but you know, they had a debate and it was really a rough time in our country. because we had so much money we didn't know what the hell to do with it. it was called the great tariff debate. mark will look this up. the problem is, if i make a little mistake, he will let us know on sunday night. i have to be very careful when i talk about this. [laughter] [applause] pres. trump: but it was the great tariff debate of 1888. and the debate was, we didn't know what to do with all the money we were making. we were so rich. and mckinley, prior to being
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president, he was very strong on protecting our assets, protecting our country. and he made statements that others cannot come into our country and steal our wealth and steal our jobs and build their country and not defend our country, we cannot do that, we can't ever allow that to happen. [loud cheers] [chanting] [indiscernible] pres. trump: you know, i don't know, maybe you know. i'm totally off script. thank you, darling. [laughter]
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[applause] pres. trump: you know, i am totally off script right now. and this is how i got elected, by being off script. [loud cheers] [chanting] pres. trump: if we do not go off script, our country is in big trouble, folks. we have to get it back. when i look at what is happening on the other side, i encourage it. i say, no, no, i think the new green deal, or whatever the hell they call it. the green new deal, i encourage it.
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i think it is really something that they should promote. [laughter] pres. trump: they should work hard on. it is something our country needs. desperately, they have to go out and get it, but i will take the other side of that argument, only because i am mandated to. but they should stay with that argument and never change. [laughter] [applause] pres. trump: no planes. no energy. when the window stops blowing, that is the end of your electric. let's hurry up. darling, is the wind blowing today? i would like to watch television, darling. [laughter] [applause]
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pres. trump: it is true. the great tariff debate of 1888. and then we had so much money, we could do whatever we wanted. we build forces that were incredible. and then they ended tariffs. they ended tariffs. somebody got stupid and they ended tariffs. they said it is ok for other nations to come in. i when i use a certain word, but everybody knows the word i want to use. should i use it? i won't do it. our great first lady always says, do not use certain words please. i said, but audience wanted me to do it. she said, don't to do it. if i do do that, they were not put the little preamble that i went through and they would just use the word you to say, isn't
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that terrible? i have learned, because with the fake news -- [boos] pres. trump: if you tell a joke, if you are sarcastic, if you are having fun with the audience, if you on live television with millions of people and 25,000 people in an arena and if you say something like, russia, please, if you can get the us, hillary clinton, emails, please, russia, please. [applause] pres. trump: please get us the emails, please. [applause] [chanting]
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so everybody is having a good time. i'm laughing, we are all having fun, and that fake cnn and others say he asked russia to go get the emails. horrible. i saw it, like, two weeks ago. i'm watching, and they are talking about one of the points -- he asked russia for the emails. these people are sick, and i'm telling you, they know the game. they know the game, and they play it dirty, dirty or than anybody has ever played the game, dirtier than it has ever been played. the thing we have done is very special because of tariffs. i know there are people in the republican party and even conservatives, good conservatives don't like tariffs. i'm not liking or not liking. the greatest negotiating tool in the history of our country. mine
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greatest negotiating tool in the history of our country. do you think china would be sending their top representatives over? right now, china is paying 25% tariffs on $50 billion worth of technology goods. i was then going to charge them 25% on $200 billion. not like 200 million, 200 with a b, billion. 200 billion. i was nice because we are having a very strong negotiation. xi.ll this to president likeld never be talking this, in theory, it could hurt your negotiating theory. i left it at 10% on 200 billion and here is the beauty. we lost so much money with china, $500 billion a year.
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is such a disaster, it is $507 billion a year. china. just one country. china is one country. $507 billion for many years. the beauty is this, i have $250 billion more to put tariffs on. the numbers are staggering. right now, dollars, are pouring into our treasury. are those of you who have not done the research, if you look of the 25%, our country, as it turns out, the cousin has been on there for a while, i am in no rush because i am fine with this. points, we have paid for four points and china has paid for 21 points. tax --e said, it is a not really.
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what china and other countries do, sometimes, they will subsidize it. so the taxes incredible. what it is be on everything else, i can negotiate. but then you have senators and a few congressmen, but not mark meadows. [loud cheers] pres. trump: mark and jim jordan. [applause] want to namei every one of those couple of hundred people. we do have a lot. i want to name every damn one of them. they have been fighting. i see mark in the audience. with his wife. he would be nowhere without her. [applause] pres. trump: right? but they fight so hard on this
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witchhunt, this phony deal that they put together. this phony thing that looks like it is dying so they don't have anything with russia. there is no collusion. now they have morphed into, let's inspect every deal he has ever done. we will go into his finances. we will check his deals. these people are sick. [laughter] littlerump: i saw a shifty shift yesterday. went into ame he meeting and he said, we are going to look into his finances. where did that come from, he always talks about russia. collusion with russia. the collusion delusion. [laughter] pres. trump: so now we are waiting for a report, and we are finding out whether or not and who we are dealing with. we are waiting for a report by people who weren't elected. we had the greatest election.
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in all fairness, i used to hear andrew jackson. this is greater than the election of andrew jackson. people say that, i am not saying that. this is the equivalent of reagan. they used to go to ronald reagan, dummy started really doing well and there were coming from everywhere to vote. those red pats, and white ones -- hats, and white ones. the key is in what it says. make america great again. [cheers and applause] we had the: but, greatest of all time. now we have people that lost. unfortunately, you put the wrong people in a couple of positions, and they leave people for a long time that should not be there, and all of a sudden they are trying to take you out with bullshit. [loud cheers] [chanting]
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pres. trump: robert mueller never received a vote, and neither did the person that appointed him. as you know, the attorney general says, i am going to recuse myself. [laughter] pres. trump: i said, why the hell didn't he tell me that before i put him in. and he recused himself. the poison -- the person that appointed robert mueller never received a bow. robert mueller put 13 of the angriest democrats in the history of our country on the commission. how do you do that? these are angry, angry people. you take a look at them. one of them was involved with the hillary clinton foundation, running it.
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, perhaps, thes worst reputation of any human being i have ever seen. all killers. in fact, it would have been better for them if they put half-and-half and robert mueller can do whatever he wants, which he will probably do. but you will have conflicts. i had a nasty business transaction with robert mueller a number of years ago. i said, why isn't that mentioned? he wanted the job as fbi director. mentioned?hat jim komi, -- comey. lying james komi is his best friend. is his best- comey friend. those are a few of the conflicts. other than that, it is wonderful. everybody is waiting. i thought a it this morning, mark. i heard you made an incredible
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speech and statement today. i heard it was incredible. i will see it later, i guarantee i will be watching it later. of the great inventions in history, it is called tivo. thannk it is better television because television is practically useless without tivo. i will be watching it later, mark. that got no votes, but i heard this morning, president trump is waiting for the robert mueller report. i said, let me get this right. general recuses himself and i do not fire him. no exception. that is the other thing. rights, you use your power, if you use article two, it is called obstruction, but only for trump, nobody else.
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,he attorney general is weak ineffective, and does not do what he should have done. ,omebody that never got a vote writes a powerful letter, komi -- about comey. every single democrat said comey should be fired. republican said -- every -- in fact, when i fired comey i said, first lady, i said, melania, i am doing something today because it has to be done. he is bad. guy. a bad, bad he has been proven with all of the emails in the text. -- texts. it is going to be so popular. it is going to be bipartisan.
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every democrat hates him. every republican hates them. he did a herbal job in the f -- horrible job in the fbi. the people in the fbi are incredible people, not the fleas on top. [applause] and, and i said to the first lady. i said, but you know the good news? the good news is that, this is going to be so bipartisan, everybody is going to love it. so we fire comey. and schumer, who calls for his resignation many times, augusta believe that day, because he still have not gotten over getting his ass kicked. i believe that they called for his resignation. a, the greatdest
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genius of campaigns. he called for the comey resignation. mark, would you say virtually almost every democrat says he is doing a good job? , a good news,ia this would be a popular thing. i fire a bad cop, i fire a dirty cop, then the democrats say, how dare he fire him. how dare he do this. that is where we are, folks. that is where we are. we are in the swamp of washington, d.c. but you know what, we are winning and they are not. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: so, just to finish.
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matt isell you, loving this. he is saying, this is a lot more than we paid for. normally read a few pages and you say, bye, folks. we are all in love together. we have done something that nobody has ever done. [loud cheers] pres. trump: no, it is easy. [applause] pres. trump: a great friend of mine from new york, he is a stone cold killer. he is a brutal man. he is actually not even a good friend of mine because he would turn on me in a few seconds. but he is a very rich guy. said, what are you going to speak about today? i said, i don't know.
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he said, i just heard you have the biggest crowds in the history of cpac. they are all over. they are in many hotel rooms all over the place. you are just better at real estate than they are. [cheers and applause] [chanting] this guy, you all love his name, very rich guy -- richll know his name, very guy, he has a problem with public speaking. if you has to speak with more than five people, he chokes. [laughter] pres. trump: he cannot breathe. are you ok? he kills people for a living, mentally and financially. an audience of mine is like ... he says to me, how the hell do you do that? i said it is easy.
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there is so much love in this room, it is easy to talk. you can talk your heart out. there is love in this room. it is easy. [applause] pres. trump: it is easy. it is easy. from theve had that day i came down with your first lady on the escalator in from tower. it has been easy. and you know what, we never had an mdc. we went out and helped ted cruz. we held so many people. i will tell you what, if we did not do those 32 rallies. it was not easy. in texas, we had 109,000 people sign up. we use the euston rockets arena. -- houston rockets arena. we were sending notices, please,
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don't come. usually, people are beg ging. empty seat. an the washington post, a guy named article, he got hours early, he took pictures of an empty arena. he put out a note, not very good crowd size, mr. president. and i never thought, because i don't follow the guy, that thousands of people that were in that arena, 25,000 people outside that could not got in, he got there for five hours early because he does not fly private. you know. [laughter] pres. trump: maybe it is because of the carbon footprint. it must be the carbon footprint. he got there hours early. and, the place had not started taking people.
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so, there was virtually nobody. whatever it was, 18,000. he took pictures. you know who got even? our people. we had people sitting on the stairwells, we had people sitting in every seat. i don't think we have had an empty seat since we announced. and from the day we came down the escalator, i really do not think we have had an empty seat at any arena, at any stadium, it has been an incredible thing. that is why i say, this has never, ever happened before. now we have to verify it in 2020 with an even bigger victory. [cheers and applause] [chanting]
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pres. trump: by the way, just to finish the story. the great sarah huckabee, and mercedes. mercedes, thank you. i always say they are good people. much better than i am. they always say, don't bring it up. though fight. fight.e -- don't everyone understands. remember the empty arena. and ashington post particular writer had to do -- i thought he was going to get fired. if that was a conservative, he would have been fired on the spot. he would've been humiliated for what he did because it was fake news. nobody was in the arena. there were thousands outside but they had not opened the gates yet. our did the same thing at
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big inauguration speech. you take a look at those crowds. i watched one of the evening shows, it is ridiculous how horrible they are. how mean, how horrible. i watched it by mistake. [laughter] from trump: they showed, the white house on the way down, wereshowed -- there people, nobody has ever seen it. the capital, down to the washington monument. i saw pictures and there were no people. those pictures were taken hours before. right? they always mention crowd size. he talks about crowd size. so i am constantly bugging mercedes. i say mercedes and sarah, show them the pictures. show them and compare them with
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what they put on television. those pictures were taken hours before. remember this also, not that obama would ever do this, but we had fencing all the way down to the washington monument and it was raining. it was wet and the grass was wet. women and men, and i consider them totally equally. probably, with the men i know it is easier for the women to make the walk. they had to walk all the way down. they had to walk with high heels. they had to walk all the way down to the washington monument and then back. i looked and i made a speech. i said, before i got on i said to the people sitting next to me, i have never seen anything like this. look at that crowd. it was wide. we had a crowd, i have never seen anything like it. i have to live with it. crowd size.
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it is all a phony deal, folks. i saw a picture, just the other night, of practically no people. hours before our great day. that was a great day for us. that was a great, great day. people came from all over. people came from all over. [applause] pres. trump: sarah said, and mercedes said, sir, it does not matter, nobody cares. i said, but i care and people care. people care. is, i willoing to do give it to the great one. i will give him the picture, then i will show you where they showed an empty field. you can see it is very dark because the sun is starting to rise. you can have some fun. you get right -- you are going to get big ratings on your show.
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sunday night, everybody. sunday night. 10:00. [loud cheers] pres. trump: i knew that, actually, but thank you. into what iet back am here for. do not fall asleep. do not fall asleep. somebody said, oh, the speech you made, sir, the state of the union speech was incredible. [cheers and applause] said, that wasey so great. , i said -- i did, i got great reviews, even from some of the really bad ones out there. by the following morning they had to change because ahead people called and said, what are you doing? a lot of it is not the people on television, it is their bosses. some day we will have to figure
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out why that is. if you are building a great country, you have the best employment and unemployment numbers -- more people are working today and the united states than ever before in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] say, whymp: and you are they upset by that? why? why are they upset by that? 30,000 pages of job killing regulations from the federal register, that is an all-time record of the history of the united states for eight years and in one case, more. -- largesthe largish package of tax cuts and reforms in american history. [applause] pres. trump: we got rid of the individual mandate, which is a big deal.
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which should lead to the ending of the disaster known as obamacare. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: the great state of and it was case based on the individual mandate. now that it is gone, i don't know how they will rule against it. we will have to find out. it will be in the supreme court of the united states, i hope. we will get together with the democrats and come up with really great health care. really great health care. one of the other things we did an hour tax package is anwar. the largest field in the world, oil and gas. want to get it approved for a certain reason because i thought somebody treated me very badly. i do not get that vote very often.
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then i get a call from a friend of mine. he is in the oil business. he really is a knowledgeable guy when it comes to oil and gas. -- and theye, hey all call me mr. president. for 35 years people say hey don. now they call me, mr. president, sir, how are you? i have a friend, very rich guy, good builder, he calls me all my life, hey don, how are you doing. i have known him since kindergarten. mr. i get a call, president, how are you, sir. i said, richard, light in a. [laughter] pres. trump: call me donald. i don't want to say it because i don't want my wife to hear the number. that is true.
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it is actually true. he said, i have known your husband for 65 years. i said, don't say that. say, 20, 25, 30, don't say 65 years. richard, call me donald like you always do. call me don. ok. ok, don. two minutes later, mr. president. but maybe that is a good thing. that is called respect for the office. [applause] and that was not in the script either, mark. but we are renegotiating, right
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deals thatle trade we are cracking down. we are really doing a number cracking down on countries that cheap. standing -- cheat. standing up for the american workers for the first time in many, many decades. [applause] pres. trump: many decades. our workers have been treated horribly. announces they are closing their plant in michigan, pennsylvania, or ohio. they are closing, they are closing a plant. they are going to move to mexico, china, a will move to somewhere else, fire all their workers. then they sell their cars, no tax, no nothing. those days are all gone, foklks. they are all gone. new deal with mexico and canada called the u.s. mca --
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amca, it is very hard for company to fire its 4000 workers and move to mexico or some other location. they can do it, i guess, if they want, but it is costly. it is painful. i have been talking about this for a long time. say, it is on us like we are giving them an incentive to leave our country. again, i am for america first. that was not for america first. [applause] pres. trump: we have great companies that are now moving .ack to our country they are coming back in. and by the way. building the wall, we are finishing the wall, we got a lot of money.
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[cheers and applause] [chanting] pres. trump: there will be some people in the room that do not like this. we are down to 3.7% unemployment. the lowest number in a long time. think of this, i got all these companies moving in. they need workers. we have to bring people into our plants.for all these that is not necessarily what i would say during the campaign because i never knew we would be as successful as we have been. companies are coming back into our country. now we want people to come in. we need workers to come in, but they have to come in legally and through merit. merit. merit.
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merit. [applause] [chanting] [chanting usa] pres. trump: they have to come in through merit. they have to be people that can help us, that can love our country, not hate our country. we have people in congress, right now, we have people in congress that hate our country. [booing] pres. trump: and you know that. we can name every one of them if they want. they hate our country. sad. when i see some of the
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statements being made, it is very, very sad. and find out, how did they do in their country? just ask them. did they do well, where they succeeding? somebody would say, that is terrible that he would bring that up. i don't care. how did they do in their country? not so good. not so good. .ut we need workers we have to bring in workers. one other thing, because we have a lot of people here that are important people. we have some senators, we have some congressmen. when a senator tells us that he i amfree trader, so in my, a fair trader, i am a free trade are. but when a senator said we cannot do tariffs. or at a minimum, we are able to use this tremendous power that i found. nobody even knew it existed. i am able to use it, at a
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minimum, to negotiate great and fair trade. it would not even talk to us because it is so one-sided. $800year we lost almost billion on trade. it is not sustainable. you cannot do that. now we are making great trade deals. when some of the senators, good people, i think they are good people. i say, india is a very high tariff nation. they charge of us a lot. we send the motorcycles to india, it is 100% tariff. when india sends a motorcycle to as, we brilliantly charge them nothing. i want a reciprocal tax or i want to charge a tax. it is called the merit tax. but it is called the reciprocal tax. i have had a lot of people, lindsey graham, i said, lindsay
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-- it is not the thing he is most adept at, but he is smart. i said, lindsay, if they charge us 100 i would like to reciprocate. he goes, that makes sense to me. then he gets onto things that he likes and finds interesting. he is a smart guy. he said, i will never forget, it took me about a minute, which is a long time, i did a bad description. chargearge 100, we nothing. now we have reciprocal. that is 100. what happens now for those that think about tariffs and don't like tariffs, for whatever reason, that is ok. you willf 100 and 100, have zero and zero so you don't have any tariffs. [applause] pres. trump: that is going to happen. on have to start working some of the senators that can approve this deal. i said, i want to charge india
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-- as an example i am using india. nobody knows what they are doing in washington. india is a very, very high tariff, and they charge tremendous numbers. iey charge 100, so i say, will not charge 100, but i will charge 25%. i hear there is turmoil in the senate because we are charging 25%. i call the guys and say, they are charging us 100 for the exact same product i want to charge them 25, i feel so foolish charging 25 because it should be 100. i am doing 25 only because of you. i want to get your support. not free trade. where do these people come from? [laughter] where? where do they come from? i need your help. i need your help, the voters help. where do they come from?
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so, it can only be one of two or three things. number one, i know they are very smart people. i even mike some of them. -- like some of them. but they are smart, so we take that out of the equation. i know they do not have evil intentions. the other thing could be, i guess, maybe, these companies are all willing to buy people. these people are very generous. campaign contributions are very generous people. can that be possible? i do not think so. i hope not. we are talking about our country. we cannot allow a country to charge is 100% and we get nothing for the same exact product. for one thing, they do not respect us. they think we are stupido. [laughter] pres. trump: let me tell you something, the world respects
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our country again. they respect us. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: america is now like never before. other countries are doing very poorly. other countries are doing very poorly, that makes it even harder for us to be successful. a gentleman that likes raising interest rates in the fed. [booing] pres. trump: we have a gentleman that was quantitative tightening in the fed. we have a gentleman that likes a very strong dollar in the fed. things -- andose we want a strong dollar, but let's be reasonable. you understand. with all of that, we are doing great. can you imagine if we left
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interest rates where they were? there is no inflation, essentially. could you imagine if we left interest rates where they were? if we did not do quantitative tightening. taking money out of the market. a little bitad to lower dollar? little bit. i want a strong dollar. i want a dollar that will be great for our country, not a dollar that is so strong that it is prohibited for us to be dealing with other nations and to be taking their business. [applause] pres. trump: since the election that,e created a number if i would have said during the campaign, the fake news would have said this is crazy. , including new jobs
9:36 pm
over 600,000 brand-new manufacturing jobs that were never going to come back to our country. [cheers and applause] [whistling] pres. trump: these are jobs that were never coming back. remember? not to talk badly about the other administration, but if that theory went forward, with crooked hillary winning the election, instead of being up almost 50% with the stock market, you would have been down 50%. it was headed down. it was going to be a disaster. we have nearly 5 million americans that have been lifted off of food stamps. nobody ever thought that was possible. [cheers and applause] the unemployment lowest ineached the over 51 years.
9:37 pm
african american -- and you have heard me say this many times -- hispanic american, asian americans unemployment rates are up there all time historic lows. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: an african-american income has reached an all-time high. when i am on the debate stage with one of these maniacs. [laughter] trains top: i mean, hawaii. how do you get to europe? we don't use airplanes anymore. we saw what i am doing in california. they have a fast train. the festering goes from san francisco to los angeles -- fast
9:38 pm
train goes from los angeles to san francisco. it is over budgeted by hundreds of billions of dollars. the new governor, nice guy. when i am with him face-to-face, nice guy. when he speaks about me, nice -- not so nice. he said, you are a great president and are doing a great job. check the phone records at the white house. everybody else does. check them. [applause] pres. trump: check them. i think they need some force money. money.agement -- forest the management of the forest is really bad. we can't keep sending billions of billings and losing hundreds of lives. we have to clean it up. it is called management. when a tree falls, you cannot let the environmentalists say ake that tree
9:39 pm
out. it is like a matchstick. every once in a while you have to remove the leaves. a guy smoking a cigarette throws it away, he does not mean it. the thing catches on fire and you lose 400,000 acres and people are killed. you have to have management. he called me up for weeks ago or so. he said, you are a great president and you are one of the smartest people i have ever met. that is what he said. will he admitted? no, i doubt it. but that is what he said. and you are doing a great job. then he did say something about additional money for the fighter. -- for the fire. that is ok. we have great talks. gavin newsom. nice guy. politicians say things to your face. are doing aer they news conference and they say,
9:40 pm
where did back i come from. -- where did that guy come from? but everybody and our country right now, because of our great new economy is doing well, except for the never trumpers. but they are on mount the mouth resuscitation. [cheers and applause] mouth resuscitation. [cheers and applause] mouth,rump: mouth to they are hanging in. not only never trumpers. they are basically dishonest people. whether you like me or not, if my name is smith instead of you tell them i put in over 100 federal judges, it will soon be 100 federal judges and to supreme court judges a 17 appellate judges,
9:41 pm
that we have the best economy and our history. the best employment numbers and unemployment numbers in our history. that we have cut more regulations in two years than any president has ever done. that we have taking care of our point $7with one billion. -- $1.7 billion. [applause] pres. trump: think of what we did. think of what we did with our military. think of the numbers that we have for our military. we have numbers, nobody has ever heard of these numbers before. -- you are problem all cross cutters. we have to take care of our military. we have to. [applause] pres. trump: $700 billion we
9:42 pm
spent, and that was the first year. billion.d year, $716 now, i have no choice. i would like to spend much less. obama was spending much less, but our military was being depleted. he was fighting an endless war that never ends. of the -- in100% syria. one edge of percent. [cheers and applause] -- 100%. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: we will leave a small group of guys, but we want to bring our people back home. we want to bring our people back home. it is time. we are going to be inferior for five months, we ended up for syria for fiven months, we ended up for five years. we want to fix our bridges,
9:43 pm
highways, roads, schools, we want to fix our country up. it is time. general, how long before we get 100% of the caliphate -- 100%? he said, sir, two years. i said i cannot take it to years. i flew to iraq. i stayed in the white house for months and months because i wanted the democrats to get back from their vacations from hawaii and these other places. [laughter] pres. trump: i figured it would look good if i stayed in the white house. i figured it would look good. so, i stayed in the white house. i will tell you what. florida, wife, go to enjoy your christmas. i stayed for thanksgiving. i was in the white house for months.
9:44 pm
months. i had cabin fever in the white house. but if you got a have cabin fever, that is the place to do it. i was there for a number of months. through christmas. i spent my new year's all by myself. don't cry. and about 500 men and women outside with machine guns. i never saw so many beautiful looking machine guns. i would look at that equipment and say, man, they sit in the trees, they sit on the lawn. people do not know how big the white house is. it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. i made a lot of money with luxury. this building, it is in 1799. comes i saynt xi
9:45 pm
1799 like it is old. to him it is like a brand-new house. in china they go back a thousand years. that is like a new residence. i sat in the white house for except, i months, took a day off. i flew to a lovely place called iraq. i flew at night, and i got there at night, and i said to myself, this is interesting. they said, sir, all of the lights in the plane are going off. i say, why? because we are getting ready to land, we are an hour out. we turn the lights out, put the shades down. air force one. -- ie landing and i go up like to sit with pilots. i respect people that know what they are doing.
9:46 pm
these are the best in the world. [applause] the pilot says, sir, we are landing in one and a half minutes. i said, there is no runway. the runway is right up there. i say, i don't see it or it i have pretty good vision. at least, for my age. for my age i have great vision. i don't have vision like a 35-year-old captain. he said, it is up there. i said, how about this, should we lift up and try it? anyways, he says it right up there, it we land. there is practically no lights. these are little pin spots. i said, think of this. we spent $7 trillion in the middle east and we cannot land a plane with the lights on. [laughter] pres. trump: 20 years later, how
9:47 pm
bad is that? how bad is that? how bad is that! $7 billion and we have to fly in with no lights. i met some incredible people. i met some incredible people. generals. one of them came from the operation in syria. i was upset with my generals because they were not getting it finished. i want the job done. i want to bring our people back home. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: it is not fair. so i met generals i did not know. general one, general two, general three. there is no person in hollywood that could play the role. these guys are like perfect people. i said, what is your name, sir, my name is reason. what the hell kind of a name. i said raisin like the fruit? what is your last name?
9:48 pm
cane. raisin cane. i said you have to be joking. i just made him a big star. whenlike i did with mattis i said, we will give you a good nick name because chaos is not a good nickname. so we changed his name and called him mad dog. but it was not working too well. i wanted to meet the people on the site. i learned more from soldiers than i do from generals. i hate to say it, i tell that to the generals all the time. i did not have to go there. i land in this airport, the most incredible thing, we must have spent $3 billion building it. it is one of the reasons i don't want to leave iraq so fast. e,have reason -- raisin can
9:49 pm
three other generals, i said, bring a camera, i am going to make a movie. i said to the generals, listen, we got to get out. i want to know, why is it going to take two years to knock off to present, 3%, or 4%? won't? tell me why it if we attack them in a different manner, we can do it faster. sir, we can have it totally finished in one week. i said, one week, i was told two years. we are only, sir, hitting them from a temporary base in syria. but if you gave us permission we could hit them from the back, from the side, from all over, they won't know what the hell hit them. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: they won't know
9:50 pm
what the hell hit them, sir. [applause] pres. trump: i said, why didn't my other generals tell me that? why didn't they tell me that? i said, did you tell them that? not our place to tell them. we have to take orders per you are the first one to ask us our opinion. -- we have to take orders. you are the first one to ask us our opinion. i said, i will get back to you soon raisin. i think you are great. i like you raisin cane. i said, we are in iraq. is in that very far away from -- i was here in a short time, i flew right in. he is taking a plane that goes 200,000 miles an hour. what you learned from being on a site, my father was a builder,
9:51 pm
he always used to say, nobody ever got rich by sitting behind a desk. [applause] pres. trump: it's true. he would say, you have to be on the site, you have to be with the contractors, you have to see if they are ripping you off. you have to collect every nail that is dropped. every piece of wood. you have to be on the site. you have to see while they are building. is out wall street or is a cricket? you have to -- is that wall rooked?or is it co you don't get rich by sitting behind a desk. i am in the white house and i was lonely. i said, let's go to iraq. [laughter] pres. trump: i had a hell of a meeting and iraq. those generals were great. they knew their stuff.
9:52 pm
they were gung ho. you talk central casting, it is incredible. they had a master sergeant. i could take him right now, bring him to hollywood, ricky military movie and he is the star of the movie. that didn't happen once before. remember? they brought a man in as a drill sergeant to teach them how to be a drill sergeant. the drill sergeant was so incredible that he ended up starring in the movie. he should've gotten the academy award. that is because hollywood discriminates against our people. you know the movie i am talking about, right? what was the movie? while we are making great strides, and our country is doing as well, and may be in many ways, better than it has ever done before. democrat lawmakers are now embracing socialism. they want to replace individual rights with total government
9:53 pm
domination. [booing] pres. trump: just this week, more than 100 democrats in congress signed up for a socialist takeover of american health care. edeir radical government runn plan, if you call it that, would lead to colossal tax increases. increases like you have never take awaye, and private coverage from over 180 million americans. we have some great private coverage. we have initiated some incredible plans, like the new cooperative plan. where you get better insurance that obamacare for a fraction of the cost. perhaps nothing is more extreme than the democrats plan to completely take over american energy. and completely destroy america's
9:54 pm
$100my through their new trillion green new deal. [booing] pres. trump: under the green new deal, which somebody described as a high school term paper written by a poor student. [laughter] pres. trump: who would believe it? it is so bad. i will be honest with you. it is saturday morning, i said, should we do a little more spin time? is everybody ok? i have not seen anybody. i know one thing, if mark gets up and leave, i will finish quickly because then i will know. i have not seen anyone leaving. i watched those doors. a lot of times -- one time the press said, people left. they went to the bathroom and then they came back. two people.
9:55 pm
they showed to mpc to in a stadium of 19,000. -- they showed two empty seats and a stadium of 19,000. they came back. they went to the bathroom. deal showedke news a picture on the front deal -- front page of these two empty seats. we never have empty seats. new deal would completely abolish the american oil natural gas and nuclear power industry's, of which we are now the leader in the world. we are the biggest in the world because of moves i have made. it happened over the lastt -- it happened over the last two years. we are trying to speed up pipelines in texas. we think we are close to getting them approved. probably another 30% to 40%.
9:56 pm
we need pipeline approval. we will have it quickly. it was going to be a or teen-15 your process. we will pick up 30% to 40%. their plan would remove every gas powered car from american roads. that is not so bad. they want you to have one car instead of two. and it should be electric. ok. help people, no more cars. i think the auto industry will not do too well. with the auto industry be good? i don't think so. it is not looking good. maybe you will see some bad stock prices if that passes. it would end air travel. you will get on a train, don't worry about it. it would force the destruction, or renovation of virtually every existing structure in the united states. new york city would have to rip
9:57 pm
down buildings and rebuild them again. i don't think so. this is the craziest plan. i see senators that are there for 20 years. white hair. i don't have white hair. [laughter] [applause] pres. trump: i don't have white hair. i see these white hairs, longtime senators standing behind this young woman and she is ranting and raving like a lunatic. these senators, yes, i agree with this. yes, i agree. the crazy female senator from the state of ohio. the state of hawaii, right? she is like, she is like a crazy person. what she said about men is so bad. what she said about men is so bad. she is standing in the hallway, and she did not note too much about the plan because she
9:58 pm
cannot understand that plan. which probably makes are smart, actually. this is the senator from hawaii. they are saying to her, what do you think? well, i don't know how people are going to get to hawaii, but i am in favor of the plan. i don't care. i don't get it! she is in favor of the plan. we can take boats. this is the new democrat platform. i do not want to talk them out of it. i don't. i don't. i swear i don't. this is a killer. i have to get off this subject. i want them to embrace this plan. i want them to sell the plan. i just want to be the republican who runs against them for that. [cheers and applause]
9:59 pm
pres. trump: i am going to regret this. this speech should have been delivered one near just one year from now, not now dammit. they will say, this guy is really playing for us. because i have destroyed her political career and now i won't get a chance to run against her and i would have loved that. i don't want to knock out all of the good stuff and end up with somebody that actually has talent. that wouldn't be fair. so i do like the green new deal. i respected greatly. -- i respect it greatly. [laughter] it should be part of the
10:00 pm
dialogue of the next election. [applause] and i think it has tremendous promise and tremendous potential for the future of our country. socialism is not about the environment, it is not about justice, it is not about virtue. socialism is about only one thing. it is called power for the ruling class, that is what it is. look at what is happening in venezuela and so many other places. all of us are here today because we know that the future does not belong to those who believe in socialism. [applause] yesterday a great
10:01 pm
speech from our vice president, mike pence, talking about this very subject and talking about it beautifully. [applause] the future belongs to those who have said it i before and i have said it again -- i have said it before and i will say it again. america will never be a socialist country. [applause] chanting "usa"] young americans, i love young americans. speaking of young americans,
10:02 pm
candace is getting married. [applause] you have been incredible. thank you. your whole group has been great. you are getting married seems like a nice guy to me. [laughter] congratulations. you have been so great. thank you very much, candace. job you are what a doing. where's charlie? where's charlie? where is charlie kirk? because he has done an incredible job. thank you very much, charlie. [applause] but young americans like you are americanhe revival of liberty, sovereignty and self-determination in the face of left-wing intolerance. the anger, the unbelievable anger, i see it every day.
10:03 pm
fortunately for you, it is mostly pointed at me. [laughter] you have the courage to speak the truth, to do what is right, and to fight for what you believe, and keep doing it. [applause] reject oppressive speech, censorship, political correctness, and every other attempt by the hard left to stop people from challenging ridiculous and dangerous ideas. these ideas are dangerous. [applause] we believe in free andch, including online including on-campus, and by the way, there is a young gentleman with us today [applause]
10:04 pm
there is a young gentleman. i turned on my television the other day and i saw somebody that was violently punched in the face, violently punched, and , iaid, that is disgusting would like to do a lot of things, but of course we would never do that. saidse if i ever had violence, they would say, donald trump attacked. i'm sure he's a lovely young man, he just had a temper tantrum. i have been there before with those people. i don't want to do it again. man's name is hayden williams. [applause] hayden? where is he? where is he? here please.up
10:05 pm
[applause] >> thank you. so at the leadership institute we are committed to making campuses great again. i thank you for letting me speak. it's great i'm being recognized. there are so may conservative students across the country who are facing discrimination, harassment and worse if they dare to speak up on campus. so i'm glad we could bring this to the forefront. if i would just like to say these socialist-progressives had their way that would put our constitution through the paper shredder in a heartbeat. it is more important than ever leadershipthe
10:06 pm
institute for campus reform to expose these abuses to the public. [applause] it becausetudents do they have a love of freedom, and a love for you, mr. president. so if you keep defending us, we will keep defending you. thank you. [applause] so here is the: one thing. i was going to call him, but i don't have to now. i have seen him. but here is the one thing. i learned a number of things. first of all, he can take a punch. muhammad ali can take a punch, he can take one, because you are not going to down, no matter how, that was a hell of a punch, he was a strong guy, but do you know what? you have got yourself a great lawyer. i know your lawyer. she is a great lawyer. tell her to do me a favor, sue
10:07 pm
him, he probably has nothing, but sue him forever. but sue the college, the university, [applause] ladies and gentlemen, he took a hard punch in the face for all of us. remember that. he took a punch for all of us. [applause] and we can never allow that to happen. heren closing with hayden, is the good news. he is going to be a very wealthy young man. [applause] go get them, hayden. [applause] today i am proud to announce that i will be very soon signing
10:08 pm
an executive order requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want federal resources. [applause] [crowd chanting "usa"] wantdent trump: if they our dollars, and we give it to them by the billions, they have got to allow people like hayden and many other great young people and old people to speak, free speech. [applause] will behey don't, it
10:09 pm
very costly. that will be signed very soon. every day we are restoring common sense and the timeless values that unite us all. we believe in the constitution and the rule of law. we believe in the first amendment right. and we believe in religious liberty. [applause] and we believe strongly in the second amendment and the right to keep and bear arms. [applause] which is under siege, folks. they have a lot of plans. it is under siege. be careful. but i protect you. i promise you that. i will protect you.
10:10 pm
because it all has to come through my office. and we hopefully are going to be here for six more years, so you are in good shape. [applause] we believe in the american dream, not in the socialist nightmare. and we believe in the words of in god weal motto, trust. [applause] every day my presidency will defend american families. we will defend america's workers , our great, great, cherished workers. and now we are taking care of, they are not losing their jobs, we are creating those jobs.
10:11 pm
we are not letting those companies destroy their lives anymore. we will defend to the american way of life and we will always borders,erica's because without borders, as i have said many times before, we don't have a country. [applause] the lawless chaos on our southern border provides a lucrative cash flow to some of the most dangerous criminal organizations on the planet, deadly cartels constantly, daily, hourly violate our borders and flood our cities with drugs that kill thousands and thousands of our citizens violently. what are these people talking about when they talk about the border, keep it open?
10:12 pm
keep what open? have you been there, have you seen? i just got back. i have been there many times. i have seen what is happening. i don't like it, but i have to tell you, the border patrol, our law enforcement, the job they do, and they don't have the backup of a wall in many cases. the job they do is incredible. [applause] these ruthless cartels terrorize innocent communities on both and spreade border instability throughout our hemisphere. when i was there two weeks ago, 26 people were killed very close to where i was, on the rio grande. it sounds nice, right? the rio grande? rough. rough stuff. 26 people were killed and they were buried right near where i was standing. and the paper doesn't write about it, the news doesn't write about it. in the last two years alone, ice
10:13 pm
officers made 266 thousand arrests. made 266 thousand arrests. i'm not talking about people coming in. they went out and arrested 266,000 people who have criminal records, and in some cases for murder. who the hell wants to do that? thank god they are doing it because i don't want to do it. it is dangerous. it is hard. but they love our country and they are tough people, but they includingountry, those charged or convicted of assaults,ely 100,000 30,000 sex crimes, 25,000 burglaries, 4000 kidnappings and 4000 violent murders. these are people that ice is going in and getting and either putting a jail or ideally, bringing them back to other countries and letting them put
10:14 pm
them in jail because we don't want them, we don't want to have to pay for them for another 50 years. we want them to pay a price, but we don't want to pay for them for 50 years. and all the nonsense that you hear about, the people coming in illegally are far better than the people that we have, it is not true, folks, it's false, it's false propaganda. [applause] from fair,study f-a-i-r, found that illegal aliens are incarcerated at three times the rate of legal residents. those are the numbers. and if you look at the prison population in federal prisons, these federal prisons are, the numbers are staggering, the numbers of illegals, far, far, far greater than any proportion of our population. but you don't hear that. you hear like, these are the greatest people in the world,
10:15 pm
just ask the angel moms how good are they, those great angel moms who are treated so badly, so badly. [applause] incredible people. but the simple reality is that every crime committed by an illegal immigrant is a crime that should never have happened in the first place. [applause] crisis is also a heartbreaking humanitarian tragedy. smugglers ands, human traffickers prey upon innocent women and children. one in three women is sexually assaulted on the dangerous journey north. myn i ran for president, first speech i mentioned the word rape. the press went after me. i couldn't believe it. i said, will it be like this always?
10:16 pm
the answer was, yes. it even got worse. from day one i mentioned word rape. if you look at that speech, that was so innocent compared to what is really happening. that was a very innocent speech compared to the real facts. illegal immigration is not compassionate, it is inhumane, unjust and cruel. [applause] the media fights me on this, but i say it. mothers who love their daughters, when the daughters are getting ready to make that k through tre mexico, and frankly i wish mexico would stop them at their northern border, i wish mexico would stop them, because you
10:17 pm
know, they have a border, they call it their southern border, it is 2000 miles down from our southern border. i wish mexico would stop them. but they have their own difficulties, frankly. i understand that. we are working along well with them and they are doing a lot of things to help us with asylum and other elements of what we are doing. but mothers who love their massives give them amounts of birth control pills, because they know their daughters are going to be raped on the way up to our southern border. think of that. true story. told to me by the border patrol. so true, and so sad. think of how people that is. think of how bad that is. those caravans, you look at those caravans and some are phenomenal people, but in those caravans you have stone-cold
10:18 pm
killers. you have the interview done by person who i think is back there, and what is it you want to silent for, why are you coming to america? murder. she goes, what? murder. i mean, what is going on is incredible and when those caravans are formed, do you think those countries that we used to give a lot of money to, i have cut it way back, way back, [applause] guatemala, honduras, el salvador, do you think they are giving us their best and finest? send our best people up to america, let's have our best people in the caravan so we can give america our greatest people. no, no, no. they give us some very bad people, people with big come along crime records, people with tremendous violence in their
10:19 pm
past. murderers, killers, drug dealers, human traffickers. they want to keep their good people because they are smart. it is so sad to see how stupid we have been. border patrol recently reported apprehending 7000 unlawful week on in a single just one part of the texas border, a couple of weeks ago. our immigration system is stretched far beyond the breaking point. to confront this national security crisis, last month i declared a national emergency. a national emergency. [applause] meant when i see these people,
10:20 pm
and they are good people, some senators, i will tell you, the house has been fantastic, the backing we have had from the been, i'mreally talking about in the last short amount of time, there is a lot of spirit in the house and i think in the senate, too, but we will have to see because we have a vote coming up and a lot of people are talking about precedent, precedent, that if we do this the democrats we use national emergency powers for something we don't want. they are going to do that anyway, folks. the best way to stop that is to make sure i win the election. that's the best way. [applause] they will do it anyway. they will do it anyway. i watch them. good people. they are friends of mine. we are very concerned with setting precedent. that is precedent, not president. precedent. we are very concerned about setting precedent. i'm very concerned with having murderers and drug traffickers
10:21 pm
and drugs and drug cartels pouring into our country. that is what i am concerned about. and the democrats, they are going to do whatever they do if they get into power and won't have a damn thing to do with whether or not we approve our national emergency. because let me tell you, they don't like it when i say it, but we are being invaded. we are being invaded by drugs, by people, by criminals, and we have to stop it. and we want people to come in, as i said before, but they have to come in legally and with merit. [applause] previous presidents have used the national-emergency power to promote democratic elections in belarus, to ensure political and to defend the
10:22 pm
sovereignty of lebanon. and do you know what? that's ok. lebanon is good. use it. but we needed right here in our country. we have to use it for our country. many emergency declarations have been used to protect people in faraway nations and distant lands. now we are protecting, finally, our people, you, our people. [applause] and we are proudly standing with the heroes of ice and border patrol and law enforcement. [applause] illegal immigration is also deeply unfair to american workers and taxpayers, including millions and millions of hard-working legal immigrants.
10:23 pm
if you care about helping immigrants and care about their success, if you care about reducing poverty and raising living standards, then you must andort a safe, strong, very, very secure border. we need an immigration policy that helps all americans thrive, flourish, prosper. we need an immigration policy that is going to be great for our corporations and our great companies. we need an immigration policy where people coming into our andtry can love our country love our fellow citizens. [applause] and this includes shutting down sanctuary cities. [applause]
10:24 pm
and we want to end catch and release. we catch them, we realize they are a criminal, and we have to release them. think of this. theycome onto our land, put one foot on our land, we now have to take them through a massive court trial. who does this? other countries say, get the hell out of here. we have to take them to court. we talk to them. if they are criminals or if they them, wewe release say, come back for a hearing in front of a judge. you know how many judges you need to do this? we have 900,000 people backlog. that is the good news. the bad news? nobody shows up. 3% of the people come back for a trial.
10:25 pm
it is insane. not my fault. i inherited this mess, but we are fixing it. we have to end chain migration and we have to cancel the visa lottery. no matter where they are born will benefit from the creation of a lawful immigration system. it is such, you talk about an emergency, our immigration system it is so broken, folks, it is so broken. it is so sad to see. it is incompetent. it is laughed at all over the world. we have people pouring in not just on the southern border from mexico, from china. they have a baby on our land. the baby becomes a citizen. welcome to the united states for hopefully 90 years. ok? and then the parents come in with the baby. this is crazy. they used to call it anchor babies but they don't use that term anymore because it doesn't sound nice. our laws are so crazy. one by one we are finding ways.
10:26 pm
you know, they call them loopholes, a lot of our laws loopholes, well i am finding loopholes to get around the loopholes, ok? because our congress can't act. they can't act. they just can't act. the democrats in congress don't want to touch any of it. visa lottery, that is where they put in the names, they put it in a lottery, and you pick, here is a wonderful person, wonderful. he killed four people. wonderful. and then they get in and we say, cameperson just into our country come he just robbed a store and killed somebody. how is that possible? because they send us the people they don't want. [applause] subsidy we give to other nations. immigration systems that prioritize the admission of those who can support themselves
10:27 pm
weancially and contribute, want people that can help themselves, that can support themselves. we have people coming in, we support them from the day they come in until the day they die. we can't do that as a country. we can't afford to do that as a country. [applause] sadly, on immigration and so many other issues, democrat lawmakers have totally abandoned the american mainstream, but that is going to be good for us in 2020. they are embracing open borders, socialism, and extreme, late-term abortion. [crowd booing] ne weeks ago lawmakers in new york cheered as they passed legislation allowing babies to wombs ofd from the their mothers right up until the very moment of death. then, in an act and a statement
10:28 pm
the likes of which i don't think i have ever heard, in virginia the governor, a democrat, stated that he would allow babies to be outside, heborn would wrap them, he would take care of them, and then he will talk to the mother and the father as to what to be done, and if they didn't want the child, who is now outside of the womb, long outside of the womb, they will execute the baby after birth. booing] they will execute the baby after birth, and that is one many people have never even heard of or thought about. this is a radical agenda by the democrats. and when you put something up as was just put up before the senate, everybody on the democrat side votes for it.
10:29 pm
by the way, i have to say one thing. they are lousy politicians and they have lousy policy. they have policy i could never but, but,wanted to, y always stickican together and the republicans don't. remember that. remember that. they always stick together, they voting block spirit we had a tremendous victory. we were given no credit. i can't go and campaign for all of the people in the house. it is too many. a guy like meadows wings by so many points he doesn't need any help. he doesn't need it. i said look, do you need any help, and he said no, i'm ok. he won by 30, 30 five. they are ok, these guys. you know the funny thing? trump, theat love ones that are really the trumpeters, like meadows, jordan, gaetz, so many of them,
10:30 pm
i can just name so many, they are the ones that win with a, it is like they don't even have an election, it is the ones that are sort of shy about a what we are low about, they get clobbered, they get clobbered. take a look. those of the ones that get clobbered. but the good news is that they are all starting to find that out. just this week senate democrats opposed legislation to prevent the killings of newborn infant children who survive abortions. votedlly every democrat against protecting these precious babies, every one. they vote in groups. and we did have that great victory. we went for 51 and two that we didn't like got out. they said they were retiring. they didn't retire. they were retired. [applause] these two senators
10:31 pm
have decided to retire. no, no, no. they're retired because they had like, very little support. like how about 5% and 8%? no, we did great. we had 53. we picked up in the senate. they were going to win the senate, remember? and i will tell you folks be i worked hard. i did. big, fat rallies. and those rallies brought us to a tremendous senate victory so that we can continue onward with our judges and our approval. [applause] and the fake news back there, they love to say, donald trump suffered a big defeat. first of all, we won the senate, it,h frankly, hate to say with all due respect, the senate for us, far more important. i really worked hard. but think of it. we won the senate and we had
10:32 pm
this like tremendous victory. we get no credit at all. wait until you see what happens. they say, donald trump suffered a humiliating defeat. i said, i wasn't running. , one of them,rs and i appreciate it, on one of the shows this commentator said, excuse me, he didn't run. not all our candidates were exactly great, let's face it. you know, you can only do so much. but wait until you see what is happening when i do run. and what they don't say is, governor of ohio, great guy, mike. mike was down six and one by seven in one day. he was down by six one day into the election, i went out, i campaigned, worked hard, made a speech, jim jordan was there, everybody was there, it was a fantastic crowd like this, like this, and all the people in the other ballrooms that are waiting
10:33 pm
for it, and he ended up winning. he was down by six. he won by seven. one day. then we had georgia, the governor of georgia, great guy, where is georgia? great guy. he was losing in the primary by 10. i got a call from david perdue and sonny perdue, two great guys, i said, let me check. i checked him. he was a trumper before trump was a trumper, and i said, i love this guy. he is down by 10, he won by 40. can you believe that? i endorsed him. he won by 40. race againsttough the new star of the democrat party, not democratic, it is democrat. we have to do that. you know it sounds prettier when we use democratic, i even like, i hate to say this in the speech, the democrat party, because it doesn't sound good,
10:34 pm
but that is all the more reason i use it. they should change it because it sounds much better, rhetorically is much better, much better. but then he had an election against their star, who followed me after the state of the union address. i didn't think she was great. [laughter] but she is their star. and who showed up? oprah winfrey, michelle obama and president obama. and they campaigned for her and they work so hard, and all our man had was trump. .nd we kicked there ass [applause] their ass.icked [applause] true. [applause] we had a rally at the airport
10:35 pm
where 55,000 people showed up to the airport. they hade hangar, three other hangars that were full, the problem was the press, oo goodve the press to ge a location. but we had 50,000 people show up. and i said you are going to win the election he wanted very easily against their star. and then david perdue is going to win easily in 2020. then we had florida. and many others. candidate eight, ron desantis -- we have a candidate, ron desantis, a friend, a friend of many of us in this room, but nobody knew he was running. he was running in the primary against somebody that was easily going to win. he was get jeweled to be the
10:36 pm
next governor of florida -- he nextcheduled to be the governor of florida. but ron has been with me on this witchhunt, defending me against these phony charges about russia, russia, russia, russia. my wife says, you never spoke to anybody from russia, don? and i say, you know, that's right. but ron defended me. when people defend me i defend them. so i came. that's why i am a like mark -- that is why i like mark. that is why i like mark leven. i'm not sure that many people love him, he is tough as hell. but i like mark. so ron desantis calls up and can i have your endorsement. i said ron, you are at three, your opponent, the commissioner, he has $22 million in the bank, his phone number is a very good, he is up in the 20's or 30's, and i said ron, don't make me do
10:37 pm
this, ron. sir, i can win. all right, ron, here we go. because i know if he loses, which almost never happens when i door somebody, almost never, only one time and that was because it in the middle of the day of the election, nobody knew i did it come i got home and said, nobody knew trump endorsed him, but we rarely rarely lose, and i said all right i will do it. three to 60, to 60. [applause] and then he ran against a guy who had unbelievable support. he had every celebrity going to florida. he had money all over the place, and ron was in their pitching and i was in there pitching with him, and we now have a great governor in the state of florida. [applause] mention many others, other governors, many other
10:38 pm
states, but i am not going to bore you with it. and i think, i really think that it is incredible what we did in the midterms. i think it's incredible. governor of florida. governor of ohio. remember, you can't win unless you win the state of ohio. got the governor of ohio. and he's great. as we defend american values at home we are also defending american security abroad. we have secured all sorts of funding, all sorts of record everything, and we will never forget our military. we will never forget our veterans. we are taking care of our veterans like they have never been taken care of before. we just got them choice so now they can go see a doctor. [applause] now they can go and see a doctor instead of waiting online for weeks and weeks and weeks.
10:39 pm
and we got them accountability. you couldn't fire anybody in the v.a. you had sadists. you had people that took advantage of our veterans. there were sadists. they were sick people. you couldn't fire them. you had thieves that were stealing, openly stealing. you couldn't fire them. i got a bill passed, the v.a. accountability. now you look at the guy and say, get the hell out of here, you are fired, get i out. theyy had it for 40 years, tried to get it. for 40 years they tried to get it. nva choice, they thought, for many, many decades they were trying to get v.a. choice. they couldn't get it. now instead of waiting online for two days, nine days, three weeks, people were dying, people
10:40 pm
that weren't very sick would be dead by the time they saw i doctor six weeks later -- they saw a doctor six weeks later. now these veterans, if there is a big weight, they go outside, they go to a local doctor, we pay the bills, they get better, everybody is happy and we actually save a lot of money, if you can believe it. and i got that approved after 44 years of being unable to get it approved for our veterans. we love our veterans. [applause] just and finishing up, as you know i just returned from vietnam, where i had very reductive meetings with chairman kim jong-un. very productive. we get along. goodve developed a relationship, very good, and made great, historic progress. i get a kick out of all these people in previous administrations, donald trump
10:41 pm
should not under any circumstances be doing this or that. telling me how to negotiate. these guys died. one administration gave billions of dollars to him and we got nothing. and we haven't given them anything yet. i look forward to may doing something at some point, but i know one thing. i'm going to get other countries to give, maybe not us, but i'm going to get other countries to give. if if it all works out fine, at all works out, fine. but i had to walk, because every once in a while you have to walk, because the deal wasn't a deal that was acceptable to me. i don't like these deals that politicians make. they make a deal just for the sake of doing it. i don't want to do this. i want to deal that other works are let's not make it. but the one thing we have done is we have no testing, no missiles going up, no rockets going up, no nuclear testing. we got our great people back. we got our great, great people,
10:42 pm
and that includes our beautiful, beautiful otto. warmbier, whose parents i have gotten to know, and are incredible. and i'm in such a horrible position because in one way i have to negotiate. and the other way, i love mr. and missus warmbier, and i love otto, and it is a very, very delicate balance. he was a special young man and to see what happened, so bad, it was so bad. and a lot of what i do with and anyto north korea, success that we hopefully have, and we have had a lot, given no credit, they don't remember that in the last days of the obama administration rockets were flying all over the place, nuclear testing was going on, mountains were being, these were big mountains, they were being shoved over three or four inches, people thought it was massive earthquakes and then they found out, no, that was
10:43 pm
nuclear weapons, nuclear testing. backch, we got the remains of a lot of our soldiers from many, many years ago. [applause] mike pence was in hawaii, it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies. we have made a lot of. we have made a lot of progress and we will continue to make progress. and i really think what we are doing there is very important. we actually had a walk and i think we had a very good meeting. in fact, when i came home they put out a statement that dolling to much less on the sanction front. but you see, that is not what happened there. so already i think we are negotiating. and i will tell you this, north korea has an incredible, brilliant economic future if they make a deal, they don't have any economic future if they have nuclear weapons. it is really a bad thing for them. so we will see how it all goes, but i think it is going well. i think we learned a lot over the last couple of days, and
10:44 pm
again, the relationship seems to be very, very strong, and that is an important thing, especially when we are dealing with this kind of situation. [applause] watched as your -- for years you watched as your leaders apologized for america. you saw that, we loved to apologize. no. i'm not apologizing. now you have a president who is standing up for america after decades of building up foreign nations. we are finally building up our nation and we are doing it with american hands, american grit, and with beautiful, beautiful american steel. [applause] we are fighting to ensure that every young american inherits the same blessings and the same
10:45 pm
boundless opportunity that our ancestors fought to secure with all of their heart, might and soul. now, more than ever, we need the proud men and women of cpac, and i want to thank everybody here because it is incredible, your organization is incredible, match, per sadie's, incredible. incredible, matt, mercedes, and credible. we need your enthusiasm. we need your commitment. we need your incredible spirit. on the fourth of july we are having an washington, d.c., a great tribute to america. calm. you can all fourth of july. keep it open. we want to bring millions of people into the city and we want people to come who love our country. those are the people we want. the fourth of july. [applause]
10:46 pm
a salute to america. now is the time to embrace the promise of our history. now is the time to defend our american legacy. and now is the time to seize our glorious destiny. and by the way, i'm watching those doors. not one person has left and i have been up your long time. is that ok? he said, i love it. don't leave. not one person. if you here tomorrow, people left. nobody left early. there hasn't been one person but when you read it, you just say, fake news. this magnificent nation will always be the hall of those who -- always be the home of those who cherish life, love liberty and defend the sacred rights given to us by almighty god. onether we are one people,
10:47 pm
forevernd one nation united behind one great american flag. [applause] thank you to everybody in this room and to all of the other rooms, and all over the country. we are hooked in all over the country. thank you very much. i want to thank cpac. what a job they have done. and a job matt should hlapp and his family have done in bringing this to a level as never seen before. thank you, very much. ♪ ["you can't always get what you want" being played]
10:48 pm
>> well i saw her today at the reception, a glass of wine in her hand. i knew she was going to meet her connection, at her feet was a footloose man. you can't was get what you want. you can't always get what you want. you can't always get what you want. but you'll find some time, you just might find you get what you need. ♪ >> on newsmakers, nebraska
10:49 pm
governor pete ricketts talks about governors elections happening this year and the 2020 presidential race. >> i'm supporting the president and his reelection campaign. no doubt about that. >> what advice would you give governor hogan? : anynor ricketts republican who is thinking about running for president, wait until the president gets past this reelection cycle. >> it is funny because a lot of republicans in the gubernatorial cite hogan as a model for the future of the party. this is a governor thinking about running for president and at the same time the incumbent president, also a republican, has less than ideal poll numbers. explain how you square that, if hogan is an example we should look to as how republicans should run their states and how
10:50 pm
they should act on the national stage, and at the same time challenge the incumbent governor, who you are supporting? governor ricketts: governor hogan is doing a fantastic job in maryland. his reelection, i think it's the second time of a republican being reelected there since the civil war maybe. that stat is close if not exact. so he has done a very good job and his estate has done a wonderful job. i want to give him all the credit in the world, but so has president trump. you'd be hard-pressed to find an administration that has a compass more than the first two years of the trump administration in the past century. his tax cuts and jobs act, the work he has done renegotiating some of these trade relationships, the work he has done with regard to the court, thinks he has done to cut regulations, i think it is 22 regulations cut for every one regulation put in place. those things are really impressive with regard to him delivering on campaign promises, and look at the growth.
10:51 pm
at the end of the day get baxter -- it gets back to results. >> newsmakers with nebraska governor pete ricketts, chair of the national governors association, at 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> the 116th congress is the most educated group ever with , 72% of lawmakers earning a graduate degree. c-span spoke with several of the new faces. dan meuser is new to washington but not to politics. , he served as the state secretary of revenue. he also helped to build a medical equipment company with his family. where didn meuser, you grow up? rep. meuser: i grew up in new york. my father was a police officer. we grew up in a middle-class


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