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tv   Democratic Weekly Address  CSPAN  March 3, 2019 2:16am-2:23am EST

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♪ the white house is not produce a weekly address by president. there was a democratic address, urging the senate to vote for a house bill blocking president temer declaration.
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>> tom udall here, senator from new mexico, a proud border state. the can tell you the president's rhetoric on the border is not based in reality. there is no national security emergency at the border. have the lowest number of undocumented immigrants living in our country in over a debt. the majority of drugs are arriving at our ports of entry, -- tem.een the -- that the border have dropped dramatically and the majority are seeking asylum. the facts on the ground do not justify the president's declaration. four border states like mine, this is a land grab, and attempt to seize away private land. branches, on family divide communities, destroy fragile landscapes.
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but this is no longer a question of whether or not support the president's wall. this is a question of whether you will defend our constitutional system. thankfully, congress has a historic opportunity, a full vote on a joint resolution to terminate this unlawful national emergency declaration. about theis week house passed this resolution with my partisans of. next, it is the senate's turn to vote. i encourage members of both parties, republicans and democrats, to join us to stand up for the separation of powers. any president to take us down this dangerous path , cutting out the role of progress -- congress. the fact is that congress rejected president trump's billion to fund
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a massive boardwalk. it was not for lack of trying on the president's part. government fore 35 days to try and get this money, hurting families all across this country who are still recovering. i am on the appropriations committee. we have the power of the purse. we decide how taxpayer money is spent. now, the president wants to come in and raid money we have designated for the military to finance his wall. this is simply a matter of where the president and congress have disagreed. now, the president is trying to decree. congress by at the end of this day, this is not about party, it is about whether you want to open this pandora's box and allow presidents to ransack critical funds at will. what precedent would this set?
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that is a question every member of the senate needs to ask themselves. on newsmaker, the nebraska governor talks about the governor's elections happening this year and the 2020 presidential race or it. >> i will be supporting the president, no doubt about that that's it. >> what advice would you give governor hogan? i would say at a republican thinking about president, they should wait until the president gets passed this religion cycle. >> i wanted to follow up on the. >> it is funny, because a lot of republicans in the gubernatorial arena like to cite hogan as an example and model for the future of the party. this is a governor who is actively thinking about running for president, and at the same time, the incumbent president and also a republican, has less
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than ideal poll numbers. you explain how you square that? if hogan is an example of what we should look to for how republicans should run their states and how they should act. at the same time, challenge the incumbent governor. writes, so first of all, governor hogan is doing a fantastic job in his reelection, the second time a republican has been reelected there since the civil war, the status close, it's not exact. but so has president trump. you cannot find an administration that is accomplished more than the trump administration. they about his tax cuts don't think about the work he has done on renegotiating trade thing about the work he has done with therd to the court for
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things he is done to cut regulations, 22 regulations for everyone put in place. those are all things that are really impressive with regard to him delivering on campaign promises. and look at the growth. at the end of the day, it gets back to results. with nebraska governor pete ricketts, chair of the republican governors association sunday at a special time of 10:45 a.m. and 6 p.m. eastern on c-span. on tuesday, federal reserve chairman jerome powell testified on the state of the economy and monetary policy before the senate banking committee aired he also discussed the u.s. debt limit and the federal reserve's actions in relation to bank mergers. this is two and a half hours.


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