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  Pres. Trump Kim Jong Un Meeting  CSPAN  March 3, 2019 2:17pm-2:22pm EST

2:17 pm
discusses house democratic efforts to regulate rating agencies. join the discussion. no highlights this week's meeting in vietnam between president trump and north korean president kim jong-un. the two leaders left there summit prematurely as they were not able to reach a nuclear deal. [indiscernible] secretary clinton: -- >>
2:18 pm
language -- foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] thank you.: it's an honor to be with chairman kim.
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out thee really rolled red carpet. they are honored to have us. it is so great to be with you. we had a very successful first summit. i thought it was very successful. some people would like to see it go quicker. be happy with what we are doing. but i felt the first time was a great success. this one hopefully will be equal or greater. we made a lot of progress and i think the biggest progress was our relationship, is really a good one. >> [speaking foreign language]
2:20 pm
pres. trump: as i have said many times -- i say it to the press. i see it to anyone who wants to listen. i think your country has unbelievable economic potential. unbelievable, unlimited rig you will have a great pitcher and i look forward to watching it happen and helping it to happen and we will help it to happen. >> [speaking foreign language]
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pres. trump: thank you all very much. we appreciate it. we are going to go have dinner and we have some big meeting scheduled tomorrow and we will see you, i guess, at the news conference at some point during the day. thank you very much. [all talking at once] >> [indiscernible] [speaking foreign language] >> there are people who are welcoming this meeting. there are people who have remained skeptical about this meeting, but i am sure they have all said that they will be watching the moment of a sitting together, side by side.