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tv   Conservative Political Action Conference Discussion with Reps. Mark Meadows...  CSPAN  March 4, 2019 1:05am-1:24am EST

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all of you is when we go out , let's befight, smile happy warriors. [applause] >> thank you very much. and you. >> also speaking at the american conservative union annual conservative political conference were jim jordan and mark meadows of ohio. this runs about 15 minutes. [app] >> thank you. how about one for him? -- howut it caller: about it? how about one for him?
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did that video make you feel good? we know what we are up against. we know. they are being very clear these days. yesterday was a busy day for all of us. checking into the hotel, a lot of you were flying in, etc.. i happen to turn on tv late last night to get a glimpse of our democracy in action, with the hearing yesterday, with a certain guy who calls himself a lawyer. i never really heard of a lawyer secretly taping their own clients, but it's interesting. the terminology that gets used, and to both of you, i think you need to understand something. when you're in that hearing, and you are taking those stands, you are speaking for all of us. [applause]
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>> help us understand what is going on. >> no accident that last week, a mega-donor for the democrats organized a town hall in manhattan. chairman of the judiciary committee organizing his constituents, pushing them to push mr. nadler to start impeachment proceedings, and this week the same thing in chairman coverings district. yesterday was that time -- step one. the best thing they could come up with was the guy who's going to prison in two weeks for lying to congress. that is what this is all about. in spite of the great records president has, and i love the montage where he is talking about making america great again. think about this. think about the first two years
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of this presidency. cuts, the been economy growing at an unprecedented rate, unemployment at his lowest in 50 years. we are out of the iran deal. the hostages are home from north korea, new nafta agreement, and a president who at the state of the union stand up and talk about the sanctity of human life. democrats want to impeach him. it is crazy. that is what yesterday was about. knowt to be ready for it, it is coming, and stop it with the facts. >> congressman adams, we have some new sheriff in town that are supposedly running the house of representatives. ever run into the left. they aren't racing socialism.
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conservatives, not just the wonderful can service in this room but the millions who are watching america overseas and from across her own country, looking into the swamp and saying, what is going on? do you really think the democratic party is having a full embrace with socialism? >> they are embracing socialism, message, i talked to the president of the united states. maybe it started out this way. good morning, deplorables. how about that? he loves you guys. whether you're watching online or you are here this morning, it is the forgotten man and woman that this president is here to represent. here's representing all of us. but it's all about trying to change who we are as a nation. it is time we quit apologizing for our greatness. we are a great country, and we need to celebrate it.
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here's is the interesting thing, though. with this green new deal, they are trying to get rid of all the cows. but i've got good news. chick-fil-a stock will go way up because we will be eating more chicken. we can laugh a little bit about it, but this is a serious thing. because really what is happening is, they are trying to lay the foundation for true impeachment. jim was talking about it. it's not just impeachment, it's talking about everything that is foundational to who we are. we don't have to look any further than venezuela. bernie sandersg who was talking about, it is good to be in line to wait for food. give me a break. in venezuela, they are wondering if they have enough rabbits to feed their people. we've got to get to a point where we celebrate capitalism and understand that in america,
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it doesn't matter who you are, where you came from, that the american dream is available for everybody. i have lived the american dream, and quite frankly, it is available to each and every person. if we start this socialism, i guess oak ostia cortez is doing it in her office, where she is saying that she is upping the amount of money she's paying for staff assistants, she is not going to have a single problem getting a staff assistant and washington, d.c.. she may have a problem getting some of those people at the upper portion, but real socialism doesn't just take the money that we pay to employees and compress it. it actually would take her salary and compress it. if she is really serious about it, maybe she needs to put her money in there. >> you might want to drop that.
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how bout of bowing everyone in congress has to pay their associates the same amount. >> people are worried, as your colleague and friend says, the whole embrace of socialism, we could market, but it is also quite serious, when you look at the democrats who are lining up to be her next president, our next president. we have never seen this before. who achieve the presidency ran as centrists, all of them. now they are running as people embracing a failed and dangerous ideology. give us some hope about what republicans in congress can do to fight back. >> we've just got to tell the truth and face the facts here. they are going to be running against on the trunk, and they are not going to beat him. president trump is going to clean their clock, in my judgment. he is going to win. understand how radical they have been.
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think about this. they cheer on cap or nick when he disrespects -- colin kaepernick when he disrespects the flag. watersso embrace maxine when she says go out and harass anybody who supports the president. get in their face. this is how radical they are. and then their position, green new deal, think of what they are doing on just immigration. abolish eyes. arey pelosi said walls immoral. you had the leader of the party saying -- think about this. theperson they had give state of the union response after the president's amazing speech, nancy braeburn -- nancy abrams has said she is ok with noncitizens voting. so they take those radical positions, it's going to be no
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contest. american people are smart. the american dream, they like that and they will support president trump. >> statesmen are stepping up. tell me about adam schiff. there is a real statesmen there. what is it like? do you need some time to think? is a target rich environment, if you want to talk about adam schiff. he continues to go on, over and over again, saying he's got all this collusion evidence. what i say is, bring it on. because we know he doesn't have anything. we may behe one thing able to believe yesterday from michael: is the fact that he said there was no evidence of russian collusion. we call it for what it is.
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adam schiff, don't you think it would be a great idea to bring adam schiff here and have him debate jim jordan? what do you think about that? [applause] >> i would like him to bring all those documents with him. >> declassify the documents. we believe in transparency. declassify the documents. when you see it, you will realize that this president has been telling the truth when it comes to this whole hoax. but after yesterday, people are ding dong therm " witch is dead." >> adam schiff palled around with a very guy who is paid to put together the fake dossier. he has been talking with michael cohen about the topics that will be discussed today.
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this is scary. the clinton campaign paid a lot who hired a foreigner to put together the fake dossier that that the funnel to all different , who use that fbi document, dressed it up and made it appear to be legitimate intelligence, too good to a secret court to get a warrant to spy on the truck campaign. the american people didn't buy it. at scheme failed and they are trying this crazy impeachment thing that we just talked about. all we have to do is present the truth. present by our ideas are so much better. if we do that, donald trump will kick their tail the next election and we will win back the house. >> he will be more than ok in north carolina. we were going early on when the
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campaign was going, i was on the plane with donald trump. and by the way, he is the only president that went backwards when he got air force one. i just want to let you know that. we were traveling over and he says, how do you think we are going to do? its --dy is going to set say we're losing the carolina by five points. i said you're going to win it by more than three points. he reminds me that he wanted by 3.5 points and i was wrong. but the recent polls have him way ahead. ,s actually more popular because he has fulfilled his campaign promises that he promised all of us. that is why. what a novel concept. just do what you say. it never hurts to do what you said you would do. there is nothing he has done that he didn't talk about, and it drives people crazy.
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they want to tell you he is dishonest or this or that. what is dishonest about going in front of huge rallies and saying i want to build a wall and secure the southern border. ripn't think we should babies out of the womb before they are born. >> one of the big thing for me is when president after president said they were going to move the embassy to jerusalem. this president did it, and it was about time. >> the bottom line is this town doesn't like the president because this town is not used to people coming here and doing what they said. but the american people appreciate that very fact. it is something i appreciate. i wish every single american could have time to sit down and
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talk with the president. >> they will have that privilege on saturday. [applause] >> he is on air force one. are you excited about the president coming here? [applause] just going to say when you are all round the president, you can sense the love he has for our troops, for law enforcement come you can just feel it. that is what you want in a commander in chief. someone who is going to fight for it and to what they said. >> we are really proud of this collaboration, what is going on with conservatives all across the country. sitting here today might not even call ourselves conservatives. a lot of people are looking at the country and saying we try this recipe of socialism for eight years under obama. it didn't turn out so good.
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if you are poor in america, chances are, your life got worse . if you are middle class in america, tenses are you were stuck and you didn't see advancement. what i encourage you to do throughout this conference and throughout the rest of the year, reach out to these people. they are trying to find a home politically. accept them. they might disagree with you on an issue here are there. they might not understand every part of our conservative philosophy but if they are with us on a couple of key issues, that is an important alliance. >> i think the interesting thing is, when we start to unify around what truly makes us great, the little things don't matter quite as much. deplorable,l you but most people will call you adorable patriots. just remember that.
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>> and not have a new theme from deplorable to adorable. great, we america know how special we are. jim jordan can tell us what he thinks makes america great. >> you have liberty, freedom, the first amendment, your right to practice your faith the way you think the good lord wants you to. that's what makes america special. it is great that an organization like cpac has been protecting those fundamental liberties over and over again. these two members of congress are here today, there are not two more important people to protecting our values than d's. encourage him to keep up the fight. >> thank you, god bless you.
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[applause] >> tomorrow labor secretary robert acosta, kelly an conway and republican senator joanie ernst of iowa are speaking at the national legislative complex. they're expected to talk about the opioid epidemic. live tomorrow at 9:20 eastern on c-span2. >> month night on "the communicators." we're in capitol hill with john thune who chairs the science subcommittee and bob leta to discuss high speed broadband service, privacy laws, 5g and
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net neutrality. >> very much interested in 5g, spectrum, and self-driving vehicles an privacy which has a potential have a big bipartisan part of this congress. i think both sides the house and the senate and republican and democrat -- republicans and democrats realize we've got to have some sort of national data privacy standard or law that will protect people's personal information. >> we had a wonderful meeting on privacy. and one of the big issues out there and you're absolutely right, we can't have states doing your own thing. you can't have 50 states coming up with this. it just won't work. we've got to have a national standard throughout to make sure everybody understands. >> watch monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span2. >> now, a review of recent events from australia's


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