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  President Trump Delivers Remarks to National Association of Attorneys...  CSPAN  March 4, 2019 6:44pm-7:00pm EST

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events that shaped our leader, challenges they faced, and the legacies they had left behind. , theshed by public affairs presidents will be on shelves april 23, but you can preorder your copy in the hardcover or e-book today at /thepresidents or wherever books are sold. [applause] announcer: earlier this afternoon, trump spoke to the national association of attorneys general at the white house. white house priorities, the opioid epidemic, and what is being done to combat human trafficking. this is 10 minutes. [applause] pres. trump: thank you, please. thank you very much. our stated to welcome attorneys general back to the
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white house. we, were together last year and i said i'm inviting you back. a lot of progress has been made and, vice president, thank you for being here. me begin by saying our hearts go out to everyone affected by the devastating alabama, georgia, and the surrounding states. especially to the families of those who tragically lost their lives. i've spoken with governor id and we are working closely with officials throughout the region to get our communities back on their feet. attorney general marshall and carr, when you get home, told the people of the great states of alabama and georgia that america has their backs. we have a call into brine cap and we have let them know, and the governor, and everyone, that we are with you 100%. thank you very much.
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100%, we will be there. i want to thank your national association president, attorney general jeff landry, a friend of mine. we are grateful to be joined by our fantastic new attorney general, bill barr, thank you. today, we join together to strengthen the vital partnership among state and local and federal law enforcement. only by working together can we ensure security for every justicey and deliver for every citizen. i want to take a moment to send a message on behalf of everyone in this room to all law enforcement personnel across america, you are loved, cherished, and respected by the american people more than you will ever know. more than you will ever know. tw's ago, onefice of my highest priorities was to reduce violent crime. my nugget, before
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violent crime was up substantially. murders had increased by more than 20%. reason, my administration resurrected project safe neighborhoods, bringing together citizens groups, sheriffs, and police departments to put dangerous offenders behind bars. while supporting crime prevention and reentry programs. part of the reason we are doing well is that people are getting jobs because the economy may be the strongest it has ever been and all of your states are doing well. i think we have the strongest economy, perhaps lever, -- perhaps ever. if you look it african americans, asian americans, hispanic americans, the lowest unemployment rate historically ever. that helps a lot with what you do. deployed 200 new violent
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crime prosecutors, charged a record number of firearm offenders, and last year, we prosecuted the most violent criminals ever. ever in our history, also. with your help and leadership, violent crime is now going down, for the first time in a long time. murders in america's largest cities dropped by 7% between 2016 and 2017. last year, we passed historical deflation to combat the opioid crisis. veryealing with china on a big trade deal, as you probably have read and heard. some of you are involved, but i talked to president -- i told president xi that it can't let fentanyl into our country. almost 100% comes from china. it is devastating. he has promised to, and they are in the process of doing.
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him for his word, make it a criminal act at the highest level, which in china, that means the death penalty. that will have a massive impact on fentanyl coming in to our country from china. this legislation expands life saving treatment and authorizes funding for local law enforcement to help those badly addicted get the treatment they need. our state attorneys general launching both initiatives to fight this epidemic. rockledge,, leslie great job you're doing, has taken on the drug companies, launched a groundbreaking education program, and trained local law enforcement to investigate and prosecute those responsible for the opioid , i want too les thank you very much. defeat this deadly epidemic, america's southern border must be urgently and strongly secured.
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.e fight wars 6000 miles away we spend billions and billions of dollars, but we don't control our own border. drug trafficking and human traffickers exploit our poorest border, to finance ruthless operations across our hands here -- our hemisphere. one in four migrant women is sexually assaulted on the dangerous journey north. terminal cartels terrorize innocent people on both sides of the border. thousands of our citizens are killed by lethal narcotics. die.0 people that is just a small portion of it. hard-working people of every background pay the price for lack of border control and security. and the last tw's, my office has made 266,000 arrests of aliens
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-- last two years, i office has made 266,000 rest of aliens. any thousand sex crimes and 4000 murders. our brave ice officers are on the front lines, protecting our communities. support theys heroes of law enforcement, and we all support law enforcement in every way. sanctuary cities that released known criminal aliens put all americans at risk. iron to everyone to make sure your states and cities are cooperating with the department of homeland security in their lifesaving mission. we all share the same righteous goal, a future where every american, both immigrant and u.s. born, can thrive in safety, dignity, harmony, and peace. i was proud to sign historic bipartisan criminal justice
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reform into law, and i want to thank the national association of attorneys general for everything you did to help pass this first step act. and a special thanks to attorney karel -- carl. where's carl? thank you very much. carl was really fantastic, from district of columbia. general,n attorney thank you very much. stand up, josh. that's great. from a great place, north carolina. fromy friend ken paxton texas. together, we are making our communities safer, future brighter, and people more prosperous than ever before. this is what our state and federal partnership is all
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about. we are very proud of this. thank you all for your friendship and your partnership and leadership, extraordinarily tax extraordinary leadership, really. ,- extraordinary leadership really. you are doing a special and important job and everybody appreciates it. i would to lead that list. great job. thank you everybody. [applause]
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[applause] >> mr. president, [indiscernible] announcer: this week, the house begins debate on hr one, a bill that wouldn't make changes to voting rights, campaign finance, and ethics rules. elijah cummings and jim jordan are the ranking members of the house oversight committee and they held a hearing recently on what is in the bill. we will show you that hearing tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. here is a preview. >> thank you, chair. let's play a game. less play a lightning round game. i will be the bad guy, which i'm sure half the room would agree with anyway, and i want to get
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away with as much as bad things as possible. i dealer -- ideally to advance my interests, even if it means putting my interests at of the american people. way, i have been listed all of you as my co-conspirators, so you will help me legally get away with all of this. mrs. hobart flynn, i want to run. thatwant to run a campaign is entirely funded by corporate political action committees, is there anything that leaguer plea -- legally prevented from doing that? >> no. >> so there is nothing stopping me from being entirely funded by corporate packs from the fossil fuel industry, the health care industry, big pharma, entirely, 100%, funded. let's say i'm a really bad guy, and let's say i have skeletons
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in my closet that i need to cover up so i can get elected. it trueh, it is -- is that you wrote this piece for the washington post entitled " these payments to women were unseemly, that doesn't mean they were illegal." >> i can't see the piece but i wrote a piece under that headline in a post, so i assume that is right. >> so short of hush money, i can do a ton of things and it is totally legal for me to pay people off. the money is considered speech. money funded campaign to pay off folks i need to pay off and get elected. now i'm in, i have the power to draft lobby and shape the laws that govern the united states of america. now, is there any hard limit i have, perhaps this is over flynn, is there any hard level i have in terms what -- what legislation i'm allowed to
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touch? are there any limits on the laws i can write or influence, especially if -- based on the special interest funds i excepted to finance my campaign to get me elected in the first place? >> there is no limit. funded byn be totally big pharma, oil and gas, right big pharma laws, and there is no limit to that, whatsoever? >> awesome -- that's right. >> awesome. the last thing i want to do is get rich with as little work as possible. that's what i'm trying to do as the bad guy. is there anything preventing me from holding stock, say, in a oil or gas company and writing laws to deregulate that that industry -- deregulate that industry and that could potentially cause the stock value to soar and accrue a lot of money in that time. >> you could do that. >> so i could do that now with the way our current laws are set
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up? >> yes. >> great. is, one of myon last questions is is it possible that any elements of this story applies our current government and current public servants right now? >> yes. >> yes. >> so we have a system that is fundamentally broken. we have these influences existing in his body, which means these influences are here in this committee, shaping the questions asked of you all right now. announcer: that was part of a hearing held recently about hr one, a bill on voting rights, campaign finance, and ethics rules, which the house is set to debate this week. you can see the entire hearing economic rpm eastern on c-span. other primetime programming on c-span2, or marts from the labor secretary, kellyanne conway, and
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and i was center -- an iowa on a national association of countries legislative conference. drug companies testify on prescription drug pricing. announcer: next on the russian and basinger to the u.s. and u.s. relations with his country. koreanusses the peninsula scintillation, the war in syria, and 2016 election interference, and this is an hour. -- election interference at the stimson foundation. this is an hour. >> on the president and ceo here at stimson