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  President Trump Tours Storm Damage in Alabama  CSPAN  March 9, 2019 5:22am-5:55am EST

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announcer: president trump and first lady melania trump toured areas in lee county, alabama, damaged by tornadoes. the president met with alabama governor kay ivey, and also met emergency officials and visited a local church and met with residents, signed bibles and
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hats and pay president trump: thank you,
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folks. [indiscernible]
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>> thank you all so much. >> how are you this morning? >> i am doing better today. president trump: she is doing great. >> mr. president, what did you see from the air? president trump: i saw this. it is hard to believe. helped. we when early you saw things that you wouldn't believe. we saw the same thing. catherine has done an incredible job, and the governor has done an incredible job, and we really appreciate it. >> we thank you and the first lady for taking time to come and see how important it is for people to work together and stand up together. when we do that together, we wind up being stronger together. we thank you for that. president trump: thank you. >> volunteer support have been impressive. over 1200 folks have already volunteered from all over the state and they will continue.
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president trump: have done an incredible job. i also want to thank our people from fema, very quick acting. >> we have at least 200 here in lee county. they came and they are willing to work and do anything they can for these people. we appreciate that very much. the support that we had, state and local, our local responders and the sheriff, it is just unimaginable. director brian hastings has been with me the entire time and you can't afford to staff enough people for something like this all the time, so we needed a group that was big enough and fast enough, and how you do it is through the governor telling them to do whatever you have to do. i got word that early on governor, you said, whatever you need to do, you have it.
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>> the president told us that you were thinking about us, and working with fema to coordinate that emergency disaster approval, and you responded quite favorably, and fema has been on top of things from day one. >> they have. >> we are very grateful. president trump: thank you, fellas. thank you. [indiscernible]
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>> we always hug one another. >> thank you. >> yes, sir. >> thank you. >> can i get a little hug? [laughter]
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president trump: was he wearing that? >> not at the time. this is what he wore. this is his bible. i found it. thank you. president trump: take care of yourself. >> ok. >> be careful.
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>> this happened over here. >> governor ivey, thank you. [indiscernible] president trump: what would happen if you were here?
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[laughter] >> thank you. >> i am. such a pleasure to have you.
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[laughter] >> figure out who that was. [laughter] >> thank you. president trump: i want to thank everybody. it has been an incredible ordeal what you have gone through. the first responders, so many first responders right here. you have been incredible.
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law enforcement has been incredible. you did not need law enforcement, what they did was so great. there is love, great love. your governor is here, your senators are here right now with us. secretary nielsen. we just said, you did an a+ job. fema is here doing a great job, i think you know that. we said we will lay it out, these are incredible people. we just met some of the survivors and family members. with the have been through is incredible. one woman lost 10 people in her family. an incredible woman. i said, how did it go? she said, i lost 10 people. a couple of others lost two and three. i have never seen anything like it. i want to thank you on behalf of the first lady and myself for the job you are doing. you are incredible people. we couldn't get here fast enough. i wanted to get here the day it happened but the governor told us to give her a little more
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time. we need a little more time. already, the job is really great, the job you have done. so, thank you very much. fema is laying it out, they're all here. they are all heart. a lot of folks coming in. secretary, want to thank you for a great job. and thank all of the folks at fema. tell them to stay as long as they have to stay, whatever it is. also, a lot of the folks get aid, and we are providing all the aid. you will see the fema people, let them know as soon as you can, because a lot of people don't know that. they really need aid in this case. again, we love you all. we thank you all. we love the state of alabama. georgia got hit a little bit and we will be talking about that later. we met the governor, we met with him a little while ago, he is very engaged. thank you. on behalf of the country. on behalf of the united states we want to thank you very much.
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>> thank you! [cheers and applause] [indiscernible] >> mr. president? can i get a selfie?
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[cheers and applause] >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much.
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[cheers and applause] >> mr. president?
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>> we love our first lady. thank you. nice to meet you. >> thank you. [cheers and applause] trump: thank you, everybody. >> thank you. president trump: thank you for the job you've done. >> thank you. >> mr. president, can i get a picture?
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>> thank you. >> mr. president? >> thank you, mr. president. thank you so much. president trump: thank you all very much. >> thank you. thank you for coming out. president trump: thank you. >> mr. president? [cheers and applause] >> u.s.a.! u.s.a.! u.s.a.!
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u.s.a.! u.s.a.! [cheers and applause] >> thank you.
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candidate wins the popular vote. watch washington journal live at 7:00 eastern this morning, join the discussion. fromnight, producers frontline the facebook dilemma talk about their investigation into the social media platform and its impact on global privacy and democracy. stanford university hosted the event and you can watch it tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span. tonight on book tv, the claremont institute's john discusses unmasking the administrative state. to theress has adapted administrative state but nobody understood at that time that in accepting the legitimacy of the administrative state, you had necessity of establishing separation of powers as a viable way of
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working on national government. >> 11:00 eastern tonight, the 20th annual frederick douglass , the winnersarded are never caught and "the dawn of detroit." 9:00, alabama democratic senator doug jones because his prosecution of kkk members involved in the birmingham church bombing that killed four black girls, his book is called "bending toward justice." >> the motive was to stop the desegregation? >> five days before, i think. >> that gives you the theme of the trials. >> no question, it was the year of the child. april and may of that year, and
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birmingham, which started the process, the school integration, hope was alive in many quarters but for some in birmingham they saw their segregation sliding away and had to take matters into their own hand. >> watch book tv this weekend on c-span2. >> nancy pelosi talked with david rubenstein at the economic club of washington, d.c., outlining her legislative agenda and looking to the 2020 elections. this is one hour. >> can i have your attention, please. thank you. let me give a brief introduction to our special guest today and then we're going to have a scufplgts as i mentioned earlier, the speaker had the good fortune to be born in baltimore. her father was the mayor of baltimore. when i was growing up. he served three terms as mayor and five tms