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tv   Speaker Pelosi Democrats on Passage of H.R. 1  CSPAN  March 10, 2019 5:09pm-5:27pm EDT

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in response, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer issued a statement that refers to the government shutdown earlier this year and says, "congress refused to fund the presidents wall and he was forced to admit defeat and reopen the government. the same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again. we hope you learned his lesson." passagee friday's final , house speaker nancy pelosi spoke. she was joined by congressman john sarbanes, the primary author of the bill.
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mr. sarbanes: i'm john sarbanes from maryland's third district. happy to be with you here today. in a few short moments, my colleagues are going to walk back from these steps and into the house of representatives chamber and cast our votes for h.r. 1, for the people act. for months, really for decades, millions of americans have been looking at washington and feeling like they have been left out and left behind. they see the influence that big money and special interests have up here in washington and they feel like their voice doesn't matter. they see ethics and accountability problems and they want to feel good about government and those who serve in offices of public trust. and too many americans have faced this challenge where getting to the ballot box every two years is like running an obstacle course and said to us, we want our government back and our democracy back and want to feel included in how america
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makes decisions. h.r. 1 is designed to do that, restore ethics and accountability to fight back against the interests of big money in our politics and make it easier, not harder, to register and vote in america. we are proud to have assembled h.r. 1, for the people act to restore the voice of the american people and to return to a government of, by and for the people. with that, i want to turn it over and introduce zoe lofgren, the chair of the house administration committee who brought this bill to the floor today. ms. lofgren: i thank john sarbanes for his amazing leadership on this legislation and speaker pelosi and our fabulous freshmen class. we have a mandate to return power to the people.
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one senator said this is a power grab. yes, it is. it is a power grab for the american people. now as the manager and chair of the committee of house administration with primary jurisdiction over this, i want to highlight the transparent and deliberative manner this bill has proceeded through the house. the for the people act was introduced on january 3. the bill has been posted online and available for public review for 65 days. six house committees held bipartisan public hearings to review and debate the measures. more than 19 hours of testimony. the committee on house administration marked up the bill in regular order 10 days ago and we have a c.b.o. score from the house administration provisions and yesterday, c.b.o. score for all the rest. 182 amendments were offered for
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h.r. 1. 72 amendments, i think some kind of record, were made in order for floor consideration including 14 republican and bipartisan amendments and as of last night, five of those have been adopted. this bill has been brought to a vote in the most open and transparent manner. this house has seen in years. contrast this open and deliberative process to that of the house republican's h.r. 1 in the last congress. their massive tax giveaway to corporations and the nation's wealthiest 1%. their h.r. 1 proceeded through the house without a single hearing. their h.r. 1 was crafted behind closed doors and wasn't made available to the public until just days before the committee markup. their h.r. 1 through a $1.5 trillion hole in our deficit. the differences are clear. our bill h.r. 1, the for the people act, will clean up corruption in washington and will make it easier to vote.
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will give every day americans more power in our democracy. so i'm going to run to the floor to finish managing this bill. but before i do, i would like to introduce someone who has brought new energy and great insight from the private sector, freshman from california, the wonderful congresswoman katie hill. ms. hill: this is a historic moment and for my generation but especially those that follow all of us. this is when we take our democracy back. so many of us ran and so many of us were elected because we believed that our political system is broken. when we are facing the threats of climate change, but the laws currently benefit big oil companies and energy companies that are destroying our climate and destroying our environment rather than benefiting those of us and making sure we have a
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planet to pass onto the next generation. when our health care laws are benefiting pharmaceutical companies while americans struggle to pay for their health care. and when we are facing the most critical moment in our democracy and it is big corporations and special interests rather than each of us who has say and power, then we will not be able to solve the problems that we are facing. right now we get to go inside and vote and leave a legacy for those who follow us. this is the moment we came here for and so excited. and i'm excited to hand it over to my colleague from california, congressman josh harder. >> here's the stat that blew me home. d.c. is home to 11,000 registered lobbyists that is 25 lobbyists to every member of congress.
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i got invited to a dinner and get a chance to talk about some of the issues. i hear from the communities, health care, education, jobs. imagine my surprise when the only thing these lobbyists wanted to talk about is what would benefit their clients. this happens in this city every single day. thousands of lobbyists create an ecosystem of easy access and push their clients' aagenda as in front of our elected representatives. there is an alarming divide between washington and my district in california. it shows it is well too easy for lobbyists to crowd out the needs of our families in favor of their clients. my community has had enough of these backroom deals. this bill today is a step in the right direction to make sure we change that. so we came here for and we are excited to do in a couple of minutes. thank you and over to my colleague from new jersey, mr. andy kim.
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mr. kim: i'm andy kim and i am congressman for new jersey's 3rd congressional district. it is no exaggeration to say i would not be standing here if it weren't for the passion of the american people and reason i chose to run. my neighbors lost trust in a government that they no longer thought was working for them. they sent me here to reassert the core democracy is the citizen not the dollar sign. the voice of the american people must not be drowned out by dark money held by the few instead of the many. and most importantly they sent me here and all of us here to get something done about it. in a few minutes, we will seize that chance and make that change and i ask we do not take steps on the house floor as republicans and democrats but we are 435 individuals from all corners of our nation of the
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people. entrusted by our neighbors, by the people, and we should be simultaneously humbled by this opportunity to deliver on this promise to build a better nation for the people. thank you. \[cheers and applause] mr. phillips: dean phillips from the frozen minnesota 3rd. today is a new beginning and i'm so proud to be so proud to be part of the most diverse freshman class. we come from different backgrounds, races, religions, perspectives and political ideologies but everything we have heard throughout years of campaigning is people lost faith in the integrity of our political system. we heard say the size of the contribution should not equate to the size of your representation.
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they say that elected officials should be held to the highest ethical standards in the world. and said this should be a nation that makes it easier to vote not make it harder to vote. as congresswoman lofgren said, mr. mcconnell has said this is a power grab. and she is right, power grab for the people. also a power grab from special interests and return of power to the common interests. i'm so excited. the most exciting moment to vote on this bill and it is my honor to introduce my colleague and dear friend, joe neguse -- it is my honor and privilege to honor to introduce the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. [cheers and applause] speaker pelosi: it's my honor to stand in for joe neguse. i thank the freshmen for the
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message they delivered on the campaign trail, for the determination they have brought to the congress of the united states. we are so excited today as i think you can detect on this cold day on the outside, we will go inside where the political climate will be much warmer for the american people because of the action that we will take today. we are thrilled to be here again on the steps of the capitol, waving our flag. this is outstanding freshmen class in the show of great unity. freshmen made a difference ensuring that the priorities of their communities would be the priorities of the congress. now today, we are honoring the people's trust, transformative h.r. 1 for the people act. as has been said, h.r. 1
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restores the people's faith that government works for the public interest, the people's interest, not the special interests. that faith, that confidence is a treasure, fundamental to our democracy that people believe, they believe that actions taken here will be in their interest. that is what this legislation will help to restore. it ends the big dark special interest money in politics and empowers small donors and grassroots, ensures clean, fair elections and fights voter suppression. it cleans up corruption, returning integrity to washington, d.c., let us be very clear. this is a vote we are taking today, but it is a fight we will not end until we win it, because
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it is the very fight for the constitution. it honors the vision of our founders to the american people that their interests are served. and so when we break the grip of special interests and put the people back in the hands of the people. let me salute our colleague john lewis and we will hear from him on the floor shortly, the fight that he made for expanding the opportunities for voting in our country. we're all in his debt. but not only the sacrifices he and so many others made, but also the brilliance he has brought to this legislation in the form of provisions to end voter suppression which exists in our country. so sadly. and let us thank john sarbanes. he had a vision. [applause]
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he has a vision that honors the vision of our founders about a democracy. he knows the subject very well and therefore has a plan, a strategic plan to take us to today. and in the course of the campaign, the freshmen connected with the american people who told them that they wanted their voices to be heard, what great messengers our freshman class, the messengers they are to the congress, for the people. this is, in our view, a historic day, a pivotal day, a day that will make a difference as we go forward. and as congressman phillips said, yes, it is a power grab, a power grab on behalf of the people. let us look to the senate and say, when we pass this bill, it's not just what happens on this floor.
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it's the message it sends to the american people, our inside maneuvering will have succeeded today because of the outside mobilization of the american people, for the people. senate, when you receive this bill, you will be receiving the aspirations and the mobilization, the persistence, the relentlessness of the american people to have government work for them for the people. so this is a fight we are engaged in. we are not going to end it until we win and we can save a lot of time by the senate just agreeing for the people agenda. let's hear it for the freshmen class and all the difference they are making for the people. has our friend joe neguse here? well, we will hear from him on the floor of the house. it's pretty exciting. let's go to the floor, take the
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vote, send it to the senate and hopefully have it passed to the president's desk again for the people. let us wave our flags. [applause] thank you all very much. ", the firstakers person to serve as assistant speaker of the house. he talks about the anti-hate resolution passed by the house, the democratic approach to special counselor robert wheeler , and the investigations of president trump. " penn stateon "q&a, professor discusses her book "lady first." the stuffstounded by
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sarah poked it in the way she is -- asserted her power. she wrote letters to a supreme court justice and members of congress that were completely confident, one hundred percent about politics, and were not noticeably different from a letter that a male would write. they wrote that to her in the same vein. ."night on c-span's "q&a >> c-span continues its freshman profile series with a handful of new lawmakers. announcer: brian steil, a republican from wisconsin who succeeded paul ryan, who retired at the end of the 115th congress. he represented the first district for years. congressman steil was a staffer for paul ryan and was on the university of wisconsin board of regents.


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