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tv   Presidents 2020 Budget Delivery  CSPAN  March 11, 2019 10:08pm-10:11pm EDT

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afghanistan." >> it was the same eyes i saw in , and working at the pentagon and the state department in between those times. it was no difference in the , their desires was to win politically or to win for political reasons. everything else was secondary. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on "q&a." >> earlier today, president trump had his 2020 budget request to livered to congress. the $4.7 trillion proposal calls for a 5% increase in military spending and more than $8 billion in border wall construction along the southern border. other provisions include changes to medicare payments and medicaid requirements, as well as cuts to education,
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environmental programs, and foreign aid. the proposal aims to balance the budget in 15 years. you can learn more about the budget request by going to and clicking the link at the top of our webpage. >> [cameras clicking] >> in a written statement, nancy pelosi called spending cuts under the president's proposal rule and shortsighted, and went on to say the budget is a statement of values and once again, president trump has shown how little he values the health
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and well-being of families across america. senate minority leader carol similar response, saying in part the trump administration's budget would take our country backward and we can rather than strengthen our middle class. >> acting budget director gave more details on the budget request at monday's white house briefing. afterwards, press secretary sarah sanders asked -- answered questions about u.s.-china relations and the recent anti-semitism talks. sarah: good afternoon. president trump's 2020 budget, which was released today, builds upon incredible success and keeps his promises to the american people and continues the president's pro-job creation policies, keeps taxes low and combats the opioid epidemic, protects our nation


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