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tv   Top Republican Judiciary Lawmakers on 116th Priorities  CSPAN  March 14, 2019 12:15pm-12:51pm EDT

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those opposed, no. the ayes have it. the motion is adopted. accordingly, the house standses adjourned
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>> f.b.i. tip line said this guy is about to plowsm the cops went out to his house saying this man's unstable. red flag legislation exists in indiana and other places. it allows the police to petition the court and the burden will be on them to prove that the person in question has become a danger to themselves and others to intervene to not only deal with the gun issue, but try to get him some help. and the states where this has worked, suicide rates are down. and in the cruz case, it would have given the cops an opportunity to grab this guy. got to be due process, not going to take your guns. those who own guns to make sure
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that any emergency situation where somebody is clearly exhibiting violent behavior or tendencies toward it, that we can intervene and their rights can be restored. i want to do it to incentivize the states, not pass a federal law, to go down this road unique to them. on the social conservative side, we are one of seven countries that allow abortion on demand. i want to get out of the club. very seldom is it good to be in club with them anything. the fifth month of a pregnancy, medical books encourage the parents the fifth they can become to associate our voice, recognize your voice. this is really a procedure.
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there's a reason there are only seven countries and why are we one of them? medical science says to save the baby's life in the 20-week period, you need to provide anesthesia to the baby because the baby can feel pain. roe v. wade prohibits government action in the first trimester and the government will have a say on medical viability. this would create a new legal theory to protect the unborn. cause the baby feels pain, which is undeniable medical science, then there is a compelling state interest to protect the child from excruciating death. new theory, i think most of americans will be with us and we ill have a hearing and a vote.
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situationcarter-paige should bother every american. the dosier, all of this stuff coming out. the work in the house is beginning to bear fruit. mueller is going to complete his report soon, i think. we'll see what he finds. he was allowed to do niss job, not many democrats care to do much beyond that. that is unacceptable. i have supported mueller doing his job without political interference. i promise everybody in the country that in the senate, we are going to have hearings about the fisa process. we are going to find out did mr. orr tell mccabe and others you should not rely on this product. did they get the warrant any
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way. did the court adequately know the source of the document. without the document could you have gotten the warrant? this is a very big deal. the clinton email investigation pre-determined because if you want her to win, how can you indict her? did they ignore evidence about classified information to get a result they wanted politically? did they take a mole hill of evidence against trump to open up the investigation as an insurance policy in case he won? i don't know. but what i've heard bothers the hell out of me. we are going to get to the bottom of that the best we can. and we'll do other stuff, too. thanks. [laughter] [applause]
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mr. collins: as you just heard, i'm glad the senate is in the personnel business. we are in the street fighting business. i was a big fan of all the rocky movies. and it's a gutter war on moscow. on that side, we adapted to. i'm going to follow up on a few things. one for those who knows me and i'm happy to share it, because there are ways we can get stuff done. i believe legislating is the lost art of washington, d.c.,. they come up here and legislating not on there. last year's criminal justice reform, the bill that i had started and worked in the senate to get it done. the cloud act, which we worked on together. it was a huge bill, privacy with
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our law enforcement communities. had great help over there. those are the things we can look at. immigration, i agree completely, ylum -- one of those -- we actually complete the illegal transaction. what happens many times those kids are given to a resident here in the united states who may be illegal. so like a parent will contract with a coyote to bring their children. they send the child across. and the way our law is written, they will give them to a relative or someone in the country even if they are here illegally. we are completing the end of the transaction here. we are bringing the child to the parent at the end of the day. those are things that i agree from border folks. unfortunately on our side, it's less than legislation, at least early on, but more about
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investigations and this is what we have had to deal with. when they do try to legislate, they are terribly bad at it. i'm not just talking policy, i can disagree about what they believe, but when you come to the floor and just have no clue what your legislation does, i call on h.r. 8, which i'm glad the gun bill is going no where. i have an m.v.p. bill that gets to the red flag that we are working across the aisle and have had interest from democrats. we given things to prevent parkland but making political points. h.r. 8, actually the sponsor of h.r. 8 came to the floor and our folks actually saw it provided a fine up to $100,000. and kep saying, and then the
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sponsor of the bill made -- took a mike for a second and made a catty comment. the bill itself is only up to $1,000. one problem, he's wrong. we pointed this out. and i had to walk them through the statute and basing their decision on the federal sentencing guidelines which happened in booker, are they mandatory or advisory? they are advisory. and when you looked -- the way the bill was written, we were right. their counsel was sitting behind mr. nadler with a code book in his lap. i think we should do that before we get to the floor. actually know what you are doing. but they didn't care. we are going to pass it. they gutted the bill. a lot of things, h.r. 1, the big piece of legislation. we changed the world. we passed h.r. 1 to do all of
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the elections and now dark money is out except their own dark money and others. except there is one problem with h.r. 1. and congresswoman lofgren is a smart congresswoman and knows better. bill in ad a 600-paged house administration. we went through the document that you -- there was a drafting error and didn't catch it. if you stop anyone from voting, not anyone who has the right to vote, big difference. because saying anyone who is voting, if i stop a four-year-old from voting, i have committed a felony literally under h.r. 1. i hope you pick that up. you know this is something we had to deal with. and then we go into the investigations. i am glad to hear the senator and i'll answer three of his
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questions from just a moment ago. did bruce orr actualityly say that these are not verified. and i do have concerns about it. yes, he did? you know why? i released the transcript. did they take it to the fisa court. did they let the fisa court no? yes, they listed it every time they reuped the fisa application. clinton probe, released the lisa paige transcript, attorney general lynch said we are not going to indict her because we changed the standard of the law. this what is amazing. they took the standard out of the law and said we don't believe we can do anything with gross negligence and we are not going to charge her. in april and may before attorney general lynch has the meeting with the former president, she
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had already put down the rule that we are not going to go here even before ms. clinton was interviewed. in this transcript, even they could not understand why they were going against their own departmental policies while allowing key fact witnesses to sit in on these interviews. and speaking not transcribing, my chairman has an afin ti for former acting attorney general. he is trying to find something on the president. and what was frustrating for me. he went through many, many questions. chairman nadler said, you know, mr. whittaker, you did not do anything that we thought you may do. he admitted whittaker he didn't do anything to interfere with the investigation. but went out to the press and
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actually said in a statement that mr. whittaker, the question was did you discuss it with the attorney general? mr. nadler goes out to the press and implies that he talked about removing u.s. attorney including in his implication the southern district of new york, that was a falsehood. you answer from the negative. we had to clear that up. and we cleared that up yesterday. so, if we look forward, this is going to be a fight in the house. as i was just off the floor this morning, i want you to know from our side of the house, taxpayer dollars were well spent this morning. the democrats put forward a resolution, restated the regulations from the department of justice that the report from the attorney general should release he should legally be allowed to report. and they put that in a four,
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five-page resolution and that's what our rule bill was for the week. i sat there this morning and said i don't know why we are here. and we hope the republicans are said nothing the first law school's understanding. if this is where we are going in the house. we have a long road of us. that's where we're at right now. [applause] host: i want to get to your questions and because our team is brief. no speeches and end it with a question mark. you will have a microphone. start to put your hands up. i'll ask the first question, so congressman, 81 subpoenas have gathered-h congressman nadler seems to be looking at anybody
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who has been involved in trump world at any time in his business dealings and long before he even thought about the president? are there any limits? mr. collins: we are pointing out the fact, i didn't know jerry nadler was such a fisherman. and eninvite him to my lake let him catch bass. they are hedging about mueller. only 30 of those actually had to do with russia. two of them were the president's personal attorney. i would love to see the letter on what they are going to get. they are casting anything -- any of you shook the president's hand? you may be getting a letter, be careful.
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i don't know. but that's what we are seeing and what we have heard, but i ll say the chairman said ubpoenas will be on the way. [inaudible question] >> i don't think the microphone is on. >> how angry the american people are when they are at trump rallies screaming, lock her up. we have seen a two-tired justice did that people who
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federal crimes. do you think before the election, we will see an indictment of anybody. we know what mr. strzok did. are the american people going to 2020 with that angry or will we see any indictments? senator graham: i'm not into anger management. what you deserve are the facts. i'm not a prosecutor and not have an investigation resulting in an indictment. grassley and i referred several people to the justice department. we have a new attorney general. i think he is desireous we gain the reputation. so i think it is mr. huber from tah who is acting as a quasispecial counsel and mr. horowitz. we are going to look at it. i think the attorney general is
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going to look at it and let the chips fall where they may. but i think the main thing people are upset about is we are looking at one part of 2016. if the shoe was on the other foot, you had an f.b.i. agent and d.o.j. lawyer who hated clinton, wanted trump to win, reverse the facts, trump comes how are s down, hey, you doing interview, what it takes for a foreign agent to go to russia and get a dosier on clinton. it proved to be a bunch of garbage. somebody told them it was a bunch of garbage and got four different warrants on someone associated with the clinton campaign.
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what have we just learned? the double standard in the media. this would be front page news, 24 hours a day and only place you can find this is here and at fox, and that to me is very sad. mr. collins: we are going process.he and i released peter strzok's go to my twitter page. i want to help -- and he has the ability to gavel, i don't. and what we are seeing is a setup that was set up from one agenda and everything is outlined in these transcripts and we are seeing it. >> are you aware of the key part to china while america has weakened the rights of invent
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tors that china has strengthened them? senator graham: i can't know every detail, intellectual subcommittee is coons and till is, the chinese espionage act is one of the centerpieces of what we do is going to stop them to the extent that they are abusing our laws, immigration laws and making them pay a higher price. certainly easier to steal somebody's idea than it is to generate your own. i don't know if that answers question. mr. collins: you want to know what alleges that? if you want intellectual property taken back up in the house, we have to get that message out in 2020. the first thing is on my agenda. you lose protection on patents,
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you lose ideas. we are going to fall behind on inventions. senator graham: facebook, oogle, all this stuff, i'm a flip phone guy. do you know what you are getting, signing up for, is it really free. basically they are selling you. behavioral advertising, 90% of the advertising money in the world goes to two companies. internet, social media has been enriching our lives. the privacy area is going to be addressed so the consumer can better understand what is happening and how much your life is shared because you want a question answered on google or you want to talk to somebody's grand kid. the other thing is content, a lot of conservatives that the people policing do not share your values.
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maybe monopolies by choice but taking down radical thought, there are no guidelines. somebody needs to look at that when it comes to taking down content. the last thing is how the systems can be hijacked by foreign powers and terrorist roups. and we have got to deal with all this. one example about intellectual property. if you google tomorrow say "green book," they'll push you to a site where you can watch it for free. now google is not intending for that to happen, i suppose, but a mutual platform that can be a criminal -- hijacked by a criminal enterprise is something we have to look at. if you are worry about protecting intellectual property, music and movies for example and you got one of these search engines that can direct
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you to a site that is stolen, hen we need to deal with that. >> senator graham, are you planning to take any steps saudi arabia after yesterday's vote regarding the killing of the khashoggi? st any sanctions, anything like that? senator graham: from my point of view, the saudi alliance is strategicically important. i have been on the floor with senator mccain saying it's not a perfect place, but we need to preserve the relationship. bulwark against iran, sharing intelligence is very important and i introduced m.b.s. a couple of years ago at the 25th
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anniversary at the end of the first gulf war. and honored senator mccain and i was all in about m.b.s. and letting women drive, all good stuff. and along comes this. yemen war powers act, i never believed that it was constitutional. if congress doesn't like what the president is doing, cut off the funding. having said that, i believe m.b.s. was complicit. it could not have happened without him knowing, given his behavior towards other people, including mr. khashoggi. he imprisoned a lebanese prime minister and basically did a hostage video and had a quarantine against qatar, war in yemen with no end and goes on
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and on and on and ends with the ment l murder and dismember of an american resident who was a writer for the "washington post" and was slaughtered because he wrote something the guy didn't like, that's too much for me. i want a good relationship with saudi arabia but not at all costs. we do business with bad people all over the world. but you have to be a strategic alley, you have to act differently. if we give this guy a pass, what do we do in the future. there will be sanctions that i will support against m.b.s. not telling saudi arabia who to pick as their leader, but if you are going to be a strasteegic ally of the united states, this won't cut this.
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president trump has been terrific with israel, engaging to arabs. i have tried my best to help the kingdom. this is not a good way to be repaid. i've got to go, thank you all. [applause] host: congressman collins has a flight to catch. mr. collins: we can talk about the senate now. >> with regard to the border wall getting built, the emergency declaration is problematic at best. are there methods that people have thought of? mr. collins: there were really more up until january when the house flipped. number one on the declaration, something the senator just said
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and he and i talked about this. if we want -- this is what congress does. if we want to change the law, we have to change the law instead of making statements on things we don't like. let's make d.o.j. not enforce this instead of dealing with the law. the president under the statutory authority has the authority to do it. it's not a policy question but a political question. and the republicans in the senate are making a mistake by voting for this resolution. if you want to fix this, then work with the president to change the statute. working with the border wall itself is going to be more difficult because what we have found is folks that i have dealt with from the democratic side who voted for border wall money with the new generation coming in is a moral wrong.
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i just have a question for you here, for me, abortion is murder. abortion is a moral wrong. a moral wrong of a border wall, if you are going to say a wall is immoral, take down the existing wall. saying em have been that. i don't know what they are planning to do with that. almost entire house leadership, most of the members of the democratic party who have been here any length of time have voted for border wall money. but because the political rhetoric has gotten to such a fever pitch, they can't even have honest conversation. they say let's do technology as i told a lady at a telephone town hall, technology can watch you go across and she got mad at me, and she said i have a camera
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in front yard and back yard. i said ma'am, i agree with you, -- bet you lock your doors at night. in this case, we will get the ill. >> you mentioned criminal justice reform called the first step act. tell us what the second step would be. mr. collins: i'll tell you what it's not. hakeem jeffries and i started this work. we have opened the door to what i believe -- and i said many, many times, for conservatives and especially for those of us who look at it, i believe the conservative message is the best message for people not only from a financial stand point but from a moral and what is right stand. we believe in people and people
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have the internt right to do what they can do and stay out of it except to help as the government should. if we lay that out and don't allow the liberal message to say we have to let everybody free, drugs free, take that message, as long as we stick to what we have. working on sentencing reform and figure out why people come into the prison system and how we can get them out. that leads us into the next step. i sponsored a bill with chairman cummings in the house and mr. johnson about banning the box in federal contracts. it still doesn't allow someone to get a job or hide the fact that they had a criminal history, but it does get them past the first stage and after that they can decide if they want to or not. we have to give people a second
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chance. if they don't, they have prisons to go. we are looking at ex punkment laws for the younger offenders and continue looking at reasonable ways to deal with sentencing reforms and mandatory minimum issue we have in this country. i spoke to the just the tieses in the supreme court, the court had their judicial administrative folks and i said for the first time -- and this was underreported in the first step act, for the first time there has been a move again to give reasonable discretion back to judges. now, from a conservative -- that does bother me. not really when we are doing and put parameters in place but give reasonable accommodations to judicial discretion. and putting judges in place on
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the district court moving forward. that is where that discretion is needed and we had a broad coalition helping us. the ban the box and continuing that process and oversight of the first step act. it's a great thing and look forward to it. host: congressman, thank you so much. and thank you all for coming. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> u.s. senate will be voting today to block president trump's national emergency declaration
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and prevent unappropriated funds being used to construct a border wall. if approved, the president has said he will veto it. senator alexander said he will vote to disapprove the national emergency declaration. he said i support the president on border security, but his declaration to take $3.6 billion that congress has appropriated for military hospitals and schools is skinlt with the u.s. constitution that i swore an oath to support and defend. he said this declaration is a dangerous precedent. at least eight republicans have said they will vote in favor of the resolution. and you can follow the debate ve on our companion network, c-span 2. sunday night on "after words" georgetown university professor examines russia's foreign policy.
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sheer book "putin's world," interviewed by nevada congresswoman titus. >> are you more optimistic if we find common ground like arms control, that we can be a good partner with russia? >> putin's popularity has fallen by 40 points and public opinion data in russia shows the majority of russians want change. they want a better economic situation and many of those people understand that having this antagonistic relationship with the west is not the way to go if they want greater economic growth. >> 9:00 eastern on c-span 2. sunday on "que and a." >> i didn't think we would be
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talking about this war in afghanistan the way it has been escalated, the way it has escalated every year. the countless lives that have been wasted and the continuing suffering. hoe time for peace in afghanistan. >> was the same i had seen in iraq as well as when i worked on raq and afghan issues at the pentagon and state department. there were no difference in administration's, the desire was to win politically or win for political reasons, domestic political reasons. everything else was secondary. eastern. m. >> c-span


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